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Birthday & Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Presenting Birthday gifts or Anniversary Gifts with elegant packaging to our beloved ones is something worthy thinking carefully because of the moral value that they express between the gifted person and the person who is giving the gift. Yet, gifting is not only a compliment, but also bringing greatest joy and happiness to the gifted people. Whereas we all love gifts and surprises, there is no better occasion than birthdays to present the most gorgeous gifts to our beloved ones, or even at marriage anniversaries in which couples can present unique gifts to each other. Moreover, there are a lot of Birthday gift ideas that might surprise the gifted person and be as a memorable gift. Many people may get confused while they are looking for new and different birthday gift ideas or anniversary gift ideas as birthdays and anniversaries are annual occasions. Therefore, you should ensure that you buy a unique gift every year for the same people who celebrate these occasions, unlike other occasions such as baby showers or graduation or moving to a new house and so on. As a result, you need to take more time in thinking about Birthday gift ideas or anniversary gift ideas that can be presented for your friends and beloved ones, with considering that the gift shall be unique and different.

Since we know how confused you will be when you think of presenting a new gift, we will present various gift ideas that can be presented in birthdays or anniversaries, as some of these gifts suit both men and women, and other gifts are special for each of them; also, if the gift is for young people then we will also present birthday gift ideas to suit the enthusiasm and adventures of youth.

Here is a list of the recommended gift ideas that you can present as Birthday Gifts or Anniversary Gifts.. Choose & Buy then Present …

Unisex Birthday Gifts Ideas & Anniversary Gift Ideas…

1. Perfumes

They are one of the first things that appear in your mind when thinking of gifts as they suit everybody. Despite of that you should not put it as your first choice as birthday gifts for your close beloved ones, as it will not look unique and different for them all the time, at the end it depends on the gifted person where some dads like perfumes so much so it might be a good birthday gifts for them as a first choice, but in general for those beloved ones we advice you to search first for something unique, However, it is a good choice as a Birthday gift in some other cases like to present it as a birthday gifts for coworkers or for a friend that you have a shallow relationship with, so  then you can consider it as a save choice for this occasion. On the other hand, It will make a great second anniversary gifts, where you can present other main anniversary gifts attached with a nice perfume gift as a secondary gift. Yet, there are hundreds of perfume types that might confuse you where you may not be able to figure out what the gifted person prefers; so consider your budget when buying the perfume and choose a famous brand within your budget limits. Also try to get one of the most sold perfumes from the chosen brand because you will guarantee that the smell of this perfume suits most tastes. After packaging the perfume in a suitable and elegant way, you will have your gift easily and quickly prepared. Generally, perfumes are one of the most proper gifts for different occasions as birthdays, anniversaries, graduation ceremonies or even congratulating someone for having a new job; thus, perfumes are your appropriate choice when you have no others.

Electronic gifts: You may need to set high budgets for this kind of gifts, especially if you want to buy devices of famous brands. But before buying this kind of gifts, you should realize something very important which is that the gifted person should be in need to the gift and does not have a similar one already. In other words, it will not be suitable to present expensive laptops as a birthday gifts to someone who has a laptop already in order to not waste your money on a useless gift. Thus, here are some examples on electronic gifts:

2. Laptop

It is a very practical Birthday gifts especially for teenagers who do not have their own laptops, where it might be more suitable as a birthday gift to your brothers, sisters or your kids; but you should search carefully to buy a laptop with better specs even if it is more expensive. However, if you could not find a high-specs laptop within your budget, do not think of buying a cheap laptop as it would be better to buy a gift from another category to guarantee the quality and the high value of the gift. Furthermore, laptops are appropriate birthday, anniversary, or graduation gift for people who do not have a laptop already, because it gives them more privacy and assistance in developing themselves in their new lives whether private or practical life.

3. Tablet

It is the most practical Birthday gift Idea  for browsing Internet compared to laptops or cellphones especially for housewives or men, where it might be hard to move with a laptop around the house; also the small screen of cellphones makes it hard to browse Internet for a long time as well. Therefore, tablets can be suitable anniversary gift ideas for wives. Also, the tablet is an appropriate birthday gift for children, where there are special tablets for kids by which they can play as the device has childish shapes and colors that suit kids. So the kid will not need to use their parents’ tablet which gives them more privacy.

4. Smartphones

There are hundreds of types and models of smartphones that can be presented as Birthday gifts or anniversary gifts, and they are preferable to be with advanced features in order to be used for all purposes. And choosing a cheap phone may not be the right choice in this category of gifts because mobiles nowadays are not only for making phone calls, but also for browsing Internet, sending emails, and taking photos. And if you want to present the smartphone as a birthday gift for one of your kids or teenage brothers, then they will need an advance featured cellphone so that they can use it for playing games too. You can easily buy this kind of gifts from any famous online store to present it as an anniversary gift without struggling in ordinary gift stores.

5. Digital Camera

Although many people nowadays use their mobiles to take photos more than ever, but journeys and adventures lovers who love taking photos prefer to use specialized digital camera as it has more features and selections than the best cameras of cellphones. Also, since it is a digital camera, then this gives the gifted person more flexibility to charge it. Moreover, it eases transferring the photos to the laptop or the memory by using a USB connector, so digital cameras are considered very special birthday gift ideas and anniversary gift ideas for photography lovers. 

6. Digital Fitness Watch

Some people might find this watch more useful than others do, especially sports lovers, where this watch can be used in measuring the heartbeat rate and calculating the steps. It is preferable to buy a watch that is compatible with the mobile of the gifted person, so that they can connect them easily via Bluetooth. Yet, this watch is one of the various gifts that could be presented to athletes or dieters. and you need to buy a good brand to be a proper birthday gift or anniversary gift to present.

7. Wireless Headphone

It is one of the electronic gifts that have a reasonable price, and at the same time, it is very practical for many people. Since many of us have smartphones and laptops, then the need to listen easily to music or to other audio files online and even to make phone calls has increased. Yet, these headphones can be used while being in transportation, driving the car, exercising in the gym, relaxing, and sleeping as there are several designs. All the aforementioned types of headphones are wireless in order to enable the person to listen freely. But first you should know what kind of headphones suits the gifted person activities, as there are headphones for athletes, which has mainstay behind the ears so it will not drop down during exercising and moving around. Yet, there are other headphones for sleeping which can be inside a cover or a head stripe that is made of soft cloth, so it will not drop while the gifted person lies down, and they are usually soft and delicate on the ears. Moreover, there are the traditional headphones that could be worn for longtime, which makes wireless headphones  practical birthday gifts ideas or anniversary gift ideas. Notably, these headphones are not expensive, besides being suitable to be presented in all other occasions for people who have smartphones, but first you should make sure that it is in accordance with the mobile of the gifted person.

8. Bluetooth Speaker

It enlarges the sound to very high and pure levels, and it can be connected to your mobile phone or computer via Bluetooth. This speaker is wireless which gives the gifted person more flexibility to move around the house without worrying about connecting the speaker with an electric plug. There are many types of speakers which are in the size of a hand palm, and this makes them suitable to be carried in any suitcase; so the gifted person can enjoy listening in high levels of sound while travelling or in journeys. Also, there are types of speakers that are waterproof and anti-shock, which makes them a typical teenagers’ birthday gift; because teenagers can use speakers safely without being worried that it might be damaged due to water drops, especially when they take the speaker with them outside home. Also, this speaker provides a special pleasure inside the teenagers’ rooms with its high and pure sound during relaxing time.

9. Wireless Mouse

It is a good gift to present as a birthday gift to a friend, specially among teenagers. where it enables the user to work on their computer or laptop from a distance that may reach up to 30 feet, without being worried about wires entanglement. Furthermore, the Bluetooth mouse works by batteries which may last up to six months; when the batteries are about to finish the Bluetooth warns you through the battery state indicator. This wireless mouse is a great birthday gift to computers lovers, where it allows them to move freely while they are working playing without being forced to sit on the desk all day.

10. Wireless Charger

It charges the mobile via Bluetooth once the user puts the mobile on the surface of the charger, which makes it a very practical Birthday gift idea for frequent users whether at work or in the house. Plus, the charger has a USB entrance to charge another electronic device through electrical connection; some kinds have several plugs for USB in order to use it for charging several devices at the same time, which makes the wireless charger a special birthday gift idea whether for coworkers or friends to save the effort of the gifted person in dealing with wires.

11. Gift Cards for Websites

They are different, new and valuable birthday gift ideas and anniversary gift ideas as well, as you can present cards to purchase from online stores. This card is an electronic card that can be charged with a fixed amount of money, and then presented as a gift attached with a note card that has some nice words. It is preferable when presenting gift cards for a particular website to ask the gifted person if they are used to shop from this website, whether it is a fashion website or for electronics. Yet, you can figure this out easily by asking the gifted person directly about their favorite websites that they like to shop from. So these cards are different and unique Birthday gifts that allow the gifted person to choose what they desire, prefer or need freely. Moreover, this kind of birthday gift is a good choice in case you get confused about what gift shall you present to your beloved ones, or if you don’t have enough time to purchase a gift. Notably, what features this Birth gift the most is that you can buy it online and use it online as well!

12. Kindle

Although it is recommended to buy a paper book as a Birthday gift, but sometimes the best books that suit the gifted person may not be available as a hard copy. Thus, you could buy a soft copy of the book online and present the PDF book with a reading device to read electronic books “kindle”. Kindle is a special device which you can get online to read books. The screen of the device is especially designed for reading as it does not harm the eyes when using for a long time unlike laptops or tablets. Also, you can download hundreds of books on the device so it is like a portable library in order to facilitate reading any favorite book anywhere and anytime. So it is a special and typical birthday or anniversary gift for reading lovers because they get to continue reading outside the house or while travelling.

13. Rosary

Some elderly like using rosaries as accessories or for other purposes in different types and colors. Yet, there are cheap rosaries that are made of plastic, wood or metal, and other precious types that are made of various gemstones such as amber, coral, turquoise and pearls in addition to silver rosaries, which makes them a proper Birthday gift that suits all budgets and tastes. Also, rosaries are precious gifts to be exchanged between couples as an anniversary gifts, or to friends as a birthday gifts, or even to parents or grandparents with or without an occasion.

14. Wooden Eyeglasses

Wearing them is not popular, which gives a special appearance to the person who is wearing them; plus, wooden eyeglasses suit both men and women and you can present wooden eyeglasses in different occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries and so on. There are many designs for wooden eyeglasses, like wooden glasses that are completely made of wood, and there are other eyeglasses that its arms are made of wood and the remaining of the frame is made of plastic. And when buying wooden glasses, you should make sure that the glasses are made of original wood, and not just painted with the color of wood, especially if you are buying the glasses online. Hence, bamboo is one of the most famous wood types for making wooden eyeglasses. And because wooden eyeglasses are totally handmade, you will never find two eyeglasses that have the same print. Moreover, they are special handmade gifts for people who love this kind of gifts which can be presented as birthday gifts for fashion lovers and for people who love to appear different and unique.

15. Wooden Watch

They are not very common, but they give a unique appearance whether they are worn with formal clothes like suits and work clothes, or with casual outfits. Also, wooden watch is lightweight and it has a warm touch unlike the metal watch which surface feels cold once you wear it. However, you should make sure that the watch is not just painted with a wood color, but it should be made of original wood. Notably, these watches are unique accessories and they can be presented to your beloved ones on their birthdays. Also, they are special anniversary gift idea between couples in their special occasions.

16. Mug or Cup

It is a special birthday gift idea for both men and women in all occasions as it can be presented as a birthday gift for coworkers, or for people with whom you don’t have a close relationship. Also, they can be presented as birthday gifts for your relatives and your beloved ones. So you can buy a mug or a cup with an attractive unique shape such as cups in the shape of a camera, a heart, a skull, or any other cute shape to present them as a unique birthday gift to your beloved ones.

17. Printed Cups or Plates or T-shirts

You can print pictures or special words to the gifted person on some objects such as cups, plates or t-shirts, so that your gift would be personal, special, and precious because of its emotional impact despite the fact that the printing is on an ordinary object. Therefore, objects that have special prints on them are considered a great birthday gift idea for everyone despite their different ages and their various occasions.

18. Mobile Desk Stand

It is one of the most practical phone accessories that can be put in the office as mobile phones have become indispensable in any business. Also, it is essential for everyone to have their mobile phone in front of them because they do not want to lose their phone in the chaos of work, especially when they need to use it. There are some mobile stands that have chargers, so the mobile or tablet can be recharging while it is not being used. Thus, the mobile desk stand is a practical birthday gift idea, besides being a decorative piece for the decoration of the office, whether it is the house office, or the work office. 

19. Leather Diary for Travelling

It is a diary with leather cover and as elegant band in order to give the diary the nature of ancient heritage. The leather cover protects the diary papers while the gifted person is holding it and moving, or when keeping it in the bag, because the leather covers the four sides of the diary. Furthermore, the leather diary is a special gift that can be presented to a colleague on their birthday, or to friends who love travelling so that they can write down their diaries and notes or even to draw. Some types of diaries are distinguished because the gifted person can add alternative papers if the papers of the diary are full, so that the diary users can keep it with them without the need to throw it away after its papers get full.

20. Portable Fruit Squeezer

They are cups made of stainless steel or acrylic, and these cups can be used as fruit squeezers that work by batteries to make about half a liter of juice and enjoy it anywhere. Furthermore, it is a special anniversary gift that can be presented in anniversaries to the husband if he travels a lot, because this squeezer can be kept easily in the user’s bag because it is small sized. There are other squeezers types that work by batteries which ease using them without the need to look for a power source, so it is a typical gift for fresh and natural juice fans and at the same time for people who travel a lot. This squeezer can be also used in mixing nutrients, eggs and children’s milk, in addition to energy and protein drinks for athletes, which makes it a practical multi-function gift.

21. Thermal Cup

It is a cup for hot or cold drinks to maintain its temperature while driving car, especially in the morning before going to work. And it is a special birthday gift for both men and women so that they can use it in their cars. Also, the thermal cup is considered a common gift among coworkers in formal occasions.

22. Leather Wallets

They are of the essential accessories for both men and women, so when presenting a wallet as a gift you should make sure that it is from a famous brand, or of a high quality. So we recommend wallets that are made of natural leather in order to last for a long time. As for men, all wallets nearly have the same size so that they would fit in their pants pockets, and wallets can be presented from sons to their parents or brothers as simple birthday gifts. As for women, wallets have various sizes because women can hold them in their hands or they can put the wallets in their bags, so there are small wallets that suit the size of a hand palm, and there are other big wallets that have more storage. As a result, you should make sure that you notice the size of the wallets that are owned by the gifted person to get a practical and suitable for them. Furthermore, wallets can be presented on mothers’ birthdays, or on birthdays of siblings or friends. And they can be presented in marriage anniversaries too. Notably, it can be attached with other gifts like pens or cufflinks, or you can present a set of a wallet, a keychain and a pen in an elegant box as a special birthday gifts for men.

23. Keychains

They are indispensable accessories to any man or woman; at least they will be used to carry the keys of the house or for the cars keys if the gifted person owns one. In addition to its aesthetic and modern looks which adds more elegance to the appearance of its holder; so it is a suitable birthday gift idea for many people all the time. Even when you want to present a precious birthday gifts, you can present key chains of gold or silver. Yet, there are hundreds of shapes and types of key chains which you can choose from; also they can be presented with other gifts in one box like a complete kit. Likewise, you can attach the key chains with a pen or a wallet or with cufflinks and other gifts which makes it a suitable anniversary gift ideas that can be presented among couples in their marriage anniversary, or it could be presented between coworkers. Key chains would be suitable gifts if the gifted person has bought a new car recently, and whether the car was new or old, presenting key chains that has the logo of the car brand would be nice and symbolic. And the keychain would have extra value if it could be used for another purpose, where you can buy a keychain that has remote sensing to figure out the keys place through the mobile if the gifted person has lost their keys, or a keychain that has a daily calendar or the calendar of fifty years, or maybe a keychain that has a small compass for people who travel a lot especially in their cars, or even a keychain that can measure tires pressures so that the gifted person can figure out if their car needs inflating or not without the need to go to special places to inflate wheels. Therefore, key chains are cars accessories that the wife should put in her consideration when she wants to purchase an anniversary gift to her husband, especially once he buys a new car for the family. Moreover, key chains can be presented as a birthday gift to a friend or to a coworker.


24. Scarves

In winter special occasions, you can present a wool scarf to your male friends and acquaintances to protect them from the cold winter. And men scarves are usually in neutral colors such as black, brown, beige, blue and grey in magnitude and matronly designs. Some scarves may fit casual clothes, and others may fit suits and formal clothes, and others fit all types of clothes. As for women scarves, they are either in cool colors or scarves with carvings, and bright colors to give a feminine touch to who is wearing it.

25. Gloves

They are winter accessories that many people do not buy despite being in need for them, especially people who work at night and move around a lot in the freezing cold; or even women where they can use gloves to protect their hands from getting dirty while moving outdoors. As a result, it would be very suitable to present gloves to your beloved ones to keep their hands warm. Yet, consider that the gloves match their outfit to compliment their fashion in winter. You can choose buying waterproof gloves that protect its user’s hands in winter rainy days, and it is recommended to buy fashionable that fit with the clothes of the gifted person; for instance, you will find that people who wear leather or denim outfits will prefer leather gloves more than canvas gloves. It would be preferred to choose gloves of a neutral color to suit all winter clothes and outfits of the gifted person. Moreover, you may take into your consideration that young men prefer leather gloves, while young ladies prefer velvet gloves. As for kids, it is recommended to present them colorful gloves in winter especially wool gloves with bright and attractive colors. Therefore, gloves can be appropriate birthday gift ideas that can be presented only in winter especially for countries in which gloves might be used daily in cold weather.

26. Umbrellas

Although winter usually refers to cold and frost, but sometimes rain and snow may be what features it. Despite that we all love watching rain and snowfall, but at the same time we avoid walking under them because it may wet or spoil our clothes and personal objects. So this makes umbrellas one of the suitable gifts for winter, besides being a gift that can be used in summer, especially for women, in order to avoid scorching sun. However, umbrellas have various shapes and attractive colors; for instance, there are transparent umbrellas and others with neutral colors like black or umbrellas with bright colors for girls. Because it is not raining all the time in winter in some countries, then carrying the umbrella would be similar to a precaution most of the time; thus, consider purchasing an umbrella that can be carried in the hand bag or the backpack easily. There are umbrellas that can be folded where it can be so tiny and nearly in the size of a hand palm, so if you decide to buy an umbrella as a birthday gift, then it is preferable to buy a foldable one, so it could be carried easily in the gifted person’s bag.  

27. Bathrobes

It is a special anniversary gift for new married couples whether for men or women, and it might be more appropriate to present it among couples from the wife to her husband or vice versa or even between siblings. So avoid gifting bathrobes to friends in their traditional occasions unless you want to congratulate them in their marriage.

28. Bean Bags

They are chairs that take the shape of the body when sitting on. What features them most from traditional chairs is that the bean bags provide a different sitting and recreation position. Also they can be placed in any room in the house as the user desires because they are lightweight which eases moving them from one room to another. Additionally, they are very suitable for lovers of changing the places of relaxation and recreation, whether in front of the television or in a room away from children, or even for reading or thinking and meditation. There are bean bags that are made of leather, in addition to cloth bean bags that suit the different decoration in the house. So bean bags are considered a special and different gift for lovers of relaxation and recreation. Moreover, there are small sized bean bags that are especially made for children so that kids can sit on them and enjoy this furniture in their room.

29. Popcorn Maker

When watching movies or matches in the house, there will be a need to make popcorn easily and quickly.  So a popcorn maker would be a great birthday gifts for popcorn fans as it works by electricity and you can put the raw popcorn in it and wait for a few minutes to get the popcorn ready without adding any oil, which makes this machine a healthy gift that suit dieters too. Also, it is a very special birthday gift or anniversary gift from the husband to his wife to increase her enjoyment while watching TV.

30. Icecream Maker

It is a valuable and nice birthday gift because it can be used for making ice cream in the house easily and in a short time that reaches fifteen minutes only; so the gifted person will have great ice cream that can be served immediately. The first feature for this ice cream maker is the speed in mixing the ingredients as we have mentioned before, and the second feature is that it can be easily used by following the steps for making ice cream. The third and the most important feature is that the gifted person can have natural ice cream that is free of preservatives and artificial flavors. Also the gifted person can remove the machine parts and clean them easily. It is amazing to know that some ice cream machines are attached with a recipes booklet, and these recipes can be easily and quickly prepared, so that the gifted person can make delicious ice cream in different flavors like vanilla, chocolate or strawberry and mango. So this booklet is a prototype of ice cream making books. Another feature for this machine is that the gifted person can use it to mix fresh fruit with frozen yogurt for example. Consequently, it would be great to present this machine as a birthday gift for lovers of ice cream, so that they can eat healthy ice cream instead of the manufacturer ice cream that is full of sugar and harmful preservatives.

31. Drone With a Camera

They are special drones that are attached with a camera; and they are used for flying and photographing the relatively faraway places, whether to photograph children in the park or in their outer areas, or even to photograph adults who love adventures. Yet, this drone can be used for different purposes such as: photographing the nature, documenting journeys and adventures, taking a selfie from the air while climbing mountains or being on safaris. Therefore, this drone is a special multi-function gift which can be presented as birthday gifts for adventure lovers.

32. Books

Presenting books is one of the most precious Birthday gift ideas, but at the same time you need to be careful while you are choosing the books in order to choose books that suit the gifted person. However, this requires your research to figure out the interests of the gifted person, besides knowing what is suitable for them. You can present books to people who are passionate about reading in their birthdays, and that is by choosing a group of rare books or the latest versions for the favorite authors of the gifted person. As for people who are not passionate about reading, then you can give them books written about specific domains that they care about, whether these books were about their occupational fields or personal hobbies like books about healthy diets or fashion and so on.

33. Writing Messages or Words on Glass or Wood

It would be a great decorative piece for the house or the office, and you can choose writing special words of the occasion in which you want to present a gift in. So it would be a beautiful memory like love and affection words when celebrating the first anniversary between couples. Yet, you might write general words or quotes that the gifted person believes in, so that the gifted person can put the gift as a decorative piece for long term and not only for a particular occasion.   

34. Digital Electronic Scale

Dieters and athletes usually need to calculate their weight constantly, especially calculating the percentage of fats in the body to follow up the progress in their diet as doctors recommend obese people to be on a diet in order to lose weight as part of their treatment to help them on healing from diseases. So it is preferable to use digital scales to measure fats percentage unlike traditional scales. The digital electronic scale works through electromagnetic pulse to measure the percentage of fats and protein in the human body, and there are scales of famous brands at an affordable price, so if the patient needs to lose weight due to medical necessity, or if obesity is one of the disease causes, then presenting a digital scale as a gift would be one of the best birthday gift ideas to support the patient morally, and this will help them commit to the treatment. As a result, the digital scale would be a special birthday gift for visiting patients.

35. Coffee Making Machine

Coffee Making Machines differ in its shapes and types, where there are machines that are especially used for one type of coffee, and there are machines that make several types of coffee at the same time such as the Nespresso machine, and machines that need only water to make coffee, and other machines that use water plus fresh and powdered milk. So let us present each coffee machine which might be presented as birthday gifts for coffee and Nescafé lovers.

36. Nespresso Machine as a Gift

It is one of the luxurious and valuable birthday gifts for lovers of all coffee kinds as it makes Turkish coffee, Nescafé, latte coffee, cappuccino, hot and cold mocha coffee, and other kinds. Also, this machine can make both hot and cold drinks and it mixes water with fresh milk plus evaporated and condensed milk to make various types of coffee such as nespresso, Nescafé, plus Turkish and French coffee. What features this machine from the espresso machine is that it has capsules that are called nespresso capsules in order to add various coffee flavors.

37. Espresso Machine as a Gift

It is one of the elegant and inexpensive gifts, and it is slightly different from the nespresso machine where it does not need capsules, especially if it is a big machine for the house. Yet, there are other small and special espresso machines that can be used while travelling because the gifted person can carry it in their bag. Notably, this small machine makes espresso by adding a small capsule to it, so it is the favorite coffee machine for many people. And the small version of the machine is very appropriate to be presented as a birthday gift to use it in making fresh coffee inside and outside the house.

38. Cruise

They are romantic journeys for relaxation more than adventures as cruises might be on shipboard, or a yacht that has a restaurant. The ship sails for several hours if the journey is short or for several days if it is a long journey to wander between several locations or cities. Moreover, cruise is a special anniversary gifts for new-married couples so that they can celebrate their anniversary or birthdays, or it can be presented as a gift to someone who wants to go on a journey for relaxation and recreation away from the hustle of the city.    

39. Restaurant Reservation

You can present a free reservation in a fancy or special restaurant to the couple, so that they can celebrate the birthday of one of them or celebrate their anniversary, whether they were new-married couple or for any couple who wants to entertain themselves in their weekend to relieve the pressure of work, and the struggle in life.

40. Athletic Equipment

It is nice of you to present athletic equipment or necessities to your beloved ones in their different occasions, especially if you know that the gifted person is a sport fan. Yet, such gifts can show the gifted person that you care about their health, fitness and appearance. However, they require high budgets, so it is often a gift to very close people such as siblings, parents, husband or wife more than a gift that can be presented to friends. There are different gift ideas that include athletic devices and equipment that you can present to your beloved ones in order to encourage them to do sports constantly, even in the house if their time doesn’t allow them to go to the gym. These gifts include electric walking machines, where the gifted person can walk or run in their free time while being at house. Also, you can present an indoor training bike that can be used for slimming in addition to fitness, or even you can present tools to practice yoga for yoga loves to help them on achieving serenity of mind and meditation. Therefore, you can choose these equipment and athletic tools as birthday gifts for sports lovers. 

If you want to buy a gift that is related to fashion, then it is preferable to look for fashion accessories to present as gifts like bags or hats, instead of the main clothes like t-shirts, or dresses in order to avoid any mistake in the size or the model unless you know exactly the size and the taste of the gifted person. Yet, you made a deal with the store so that the gifted person can replace the clothes later with a suitable size. Here are some gift ideas for fashion accessories which you can purchase:

41. Sport Shoes for Walking and Light Workout

They are included in sport clothes that can be suitable birthday gifts for sports lovers in general, whether in the gym or for walking in the fresh air. And you can present sport shoes to your friends and siblings who are interested in sports. There are many types of sport shoes including: Adidas, Nike, Bata, Puma and many other types, and these sport shoes are especially for walking where they have different cork layers in their designs which are different than traditional shoes. Mainly, the layers absorb the foot collision with the ground, and this gives the gifted person an unprecedented leisure. Moreover, it helps them to walk in a healthy way for long distances. As a result, sport shoes can be suitable birthday gifts for athletes, or even for normal people who love wearing comfortable shoes. 

42. Smart Winter Hat

It is a hat for winter usually made of wool, and attached with a Bluetooth headset that is compatible with most smartphones to enjoy the favorite songs and music while wearing it, both indoors during leisure time or outdoors while walking, hiking, or day-to-day walks such as going to work or shopping. And it can work up to three continuous hours, plus that the distance of the Bluetooth signal reaches up to ten meters. You can remove the headset easily to wash the wool hat and return it back after it dries. Also, they are available in markets in multiple colors to suit men or women and to satisfy all tastes in order to become one of the special anniversary gift ideas for men and women in winter.

43. Wool Ice Cap

Presenting handmade wool ice capes as birthday gifts would be special in winter, and if you know how to knit triko or crochet, you can present a wool crochet hat that is made of your own hands, which increases the moral value of your gift. These wool ice caps are suitable birthday gifts for adults and kids. At the same time they can be presented to friends or coworkers.

Cars Accessories Birthday Gift Ideas…

They suit men and women, who own cars, but they are more common as gifts for men. Yet, car accessories are valuable birthday gifts for people who spend long time driving their cars whether when they go to work, or to finish their tasks, or even for daily use, and these gifts include:

44. Car Mirror Hangings

They include a lot of different shapes and types, where the hanging might be a rosary or a chain that has a decorative model at its end. Also, it might have the first letter of the gifted person’s name. These cars hangings are attractive decorative pieces that are suitable for private cars, which make them suitable birthday gift idea that can be presented in all car owners. These cars hangings are also featured in their reasonable price which makes them affordable gifts for everyone.

45. Massage Pillow

It can be placed to the upper part of the driver’s chair, and it massages the driver’s neck while they are driving. Therefore, these massage pillows are useful and fun gifts at the same time.

46. Massage Chair for Cars

It is one of the very special birthday gift ideas for cars owners, where the massage chair can be placed on the driver’s chair to massage their back and buttocks while they are driving. Yet, it is an electric chair and it can be connected to the lighter of the car. This massage chair is very beneficial for people who drive their cars for long durations, where it helps them to activate their bodies and to revitalize their blood circulation constantly. Moreover, this chair is very suitable gift to the husband in his marriage anniversary, or it can be presented as a birthday gift to a friend who drives cars a lot.

47. Portable Car Fridge

It is a suitable birthday gift for people who travel much and go in many journeys, so that they can use the fridge to keep their drinks or snacks. This fridge is very suitable to be presented in summer, especially in very hot countries, so that families can take it with them in their long journeys. Also, the portable fridge can be presented as a birthday gift to the husband, or to friends who like doing wild adventures in their cars.

48. Sunglasses

If the gifted person has sunglasses already, then extra eyeglasses would be good addition so that they can use them in their car while driving and leave them in the car until they need to use them again. Sunglasses can be classified as cars accessories that can be presented in all occasions whether to friends or coworkers; but you should make sure that it is allowed to replace the sunglasses in case the gifted person wanted to change them with sunglasses that suit their face and taste.

49. Desktop Hourglass

This kind of clocks could be presented as personal decorative piece to be placed in the office of the gifted person. However, it can be used for fun and entertaining or to count down for a certain activity such as exercising or cooking. There are timers that are accurate where it gives the time that is near to the actual time but with a little variation in minutes, and there are sand timers for ten or thirty or sixty minutes for instance; also there are other sand timers that have duration of just a minute or two. Yet, this kind of sand timers can be used by children to calculate the time for washing their teeth to enjoy the colorful design or the funny shapes of these timers; so they encourage children to complete washing their teeth in the recommended time, which is a minute at least. So sand timers are suitable birthday gifts for all ages, and also for lovers of historical and classical memorials, where sand timers takes them back to the ancient times where sand timers were the only way to figure out time.

50. Electronic Selfie Stick

This stick is distinguished because it is not only used to take selfies, but also it is very suitable for bloggers and people who love recording personal videos for YouTube or Facebook or even blogs. Since this is an autonomous and electronic stick, and with high technology, then it is considered a typical selfie stick for recording videos while moving without the emergence of any vibrations in the videos or photos. Thus, it is a typical birthday gift or anniversary gift and a practical tool with high technology for people who record videos or take selfies constantly. Furthermore, the electronic selfie stick is appropriate for people who have their own YouTube channels or Facebook pages or blogs.

Birthday and Anniversary Gift Ideas for Men

There are several gift ideas that can be presented to men, and they are related to men’s interests in the first place. Mainly, you might find that the suitable gifts for men are mostly related to cars accessories or smart devices such as mobiles. Furthermore, Men gifts may also be fashion accessories such as watches, ties and so on. Here we will introduce birthdays and anniversaries gift ideas that wives can present:

Gift Ideas for Men’s Personal Use: There are some accessories and equipment that men use daily, so presenting one of these gifts would be a good choice whether as an anniversary gift from the wife to her husband, or as a birthday gift from men to their friends and this includes: 

Electric Shaving Machine: It is one of the most popular gift ideas for men. If you decided to buy a shaving machine then you should buy what suits the gifted person as there are types of shaving machines for trimming the chin, and other types for shaving the chin and smoothing it completely. In addition to other shaving machines that have different levels for shaving, so you should pay attention in order to choose the shaving machine that suits the shape and the use of the gifted person. Moreover, it is preferable to buy a wireless and waterproof shaving machine because it has most of the features that the gifted person would desire. Thus, shaving machines are special birthday gift idea to a friend or to the husband in the anniversary. 

Pens or a Set That Includes a pen with a keychain or a rosary or a wallet: Although nowadays we use electronic devices most of the time to write down our notes and thoughts, but using pens is something indispensable where pens remain a very good classical gift. Yet, in order to add more value to your gift you might think of buying a set that has several gifts, including a pen and a keychain, or a set that is consisted of a pen with a rosary or a wallet and other things. And such gifts are usually presented in an attractive and elegant pack where you put all the objects in it so that they could be presented as an integrated gift, which makes it a special birthday gift that include several objects to your beloved ones. Furthermore, such gifts can be suitable birthday gifts for coworkers because they are considered more formal gifts. Also, it is a gift that can be presented to parents and friends too.

Men Rings: many men like wearing silver rings or of gemstones in different shapes. However, men’s rings are designed free of engravings, most of the time, or they might have very few engravings to suit men. Also, men rings come in several neutral colors including the most popular one which is black to express the dignity of the person who is wearing the ring; likewise, rings give a unique appearance. Moreover, rings are special accessories only for few men, since many other men do not prefer wearing them at all. So you should make sure that the gifted person is used to wear rings and likes them in order to not get a useless gift.

Ties: They are a good formal birthday gifts for people who wear uniforms a lot, whether at work or on different occasions. And ties are suitable gifts to parents or to coworkers because they are formal gifts, or they can be presented from the wife to her husband when they celebrate their marriage anniversary, because all men need to wear ties with suits. Ties are different in their designs, colors and production materials according to the taste and the style of the person who is wearing the tie. Thus, it is preferable to buy ties of neutral colors which suit all clothes colors such as black or grey. Furthermore, you should choose simple ties or ties that have very simple engravings to guarantee that your gift suits the taste of the gifted person. Moreover, you should ensure that your gift can be worn with most colors and types of formal clothes that the gifted person has.

Cufflinks: They are usually sold as a complete set that has two identical buttons, either by themselves or attached with a tie or a tie pen, or attached with a pen that has the same engravings on the cufflinks so that they form a complete set together which increases the value of your multi-part gift. Cufflinks are usually made of metal materials that are scuff-resistance. Furthermore, cufflinks might be made of silver to increase their value. However, they are available of several famous brands like Diamond Moon, Nieto Marani, and Dahnag with various models that have countless embroidered, which add more elegance and sophistication to suits. These cufflinks can be presented in their fancy pockets, which make them special birthday gifts for men who wear suits and for coworkers in their various occasions. Yet, wife can present cufflinks to her husband in their marriage anniversary.

Handmade Bracelets: Some men like to wear wooden or leather bracelets as accessories, where they are handmade bracelets that come in different shapes and designs. The most popular ones are those bracelets that are made of wooden beads and linked together using a thread, so they are suitable birthday gift ideas that can be presented between siblings or friends. In addition to the elegant and casual appearance of these bracelets, they are also cheap which makes them an affordable birthday gift idea. Yet, they are handmade bracelets which increases their luxury and value. Mainly, bracelets suit people who are used to wear them, so before buying a bracelet as a gift you should make sure that the gifted person usually wears this kind of accessories.

Handbags: There are formal bags, and other informal ones that suit casual bags lovers. However, young men usually prefer casual handbags because they can carry them as a cross body bag; also this kind of bags can be worn with casual clothes which have different look to suits and formal clothes. This kind of men bags are usually with modern models and bright colors. Also, they can be made of several materials including canvas and leather.

Whether they were formal or informal ones, the leather ones add a luxury elegant look.

Messenger Bags: They are small bags that can be worn around the body or on the shoulder and they are used to carry accessories and small personal belongings such as wallets, power banks or sunglasses. These bags are very practical for travelling so that passengers can safely keep their passport and personal documents in. Moreover, the messenger bags have enough space for a tablet and its related things. Therefore, the messenger bag is considered a suitable birthday gift for men who travel a lot for long distances.

Waist Bag: It is a wide pouch that can be closed tightly, and it can be put on the waist where men often use it in their journeys or while they are walking around with their friends. This bag is practical for short travels so that men can use it to keep their belongings in and be comfortable without the need to put their objects in their pockets. Also, men use waist bags in order to avoid forgetting any of their objects like keys, cellphone or their headphones due to not arranging them in the bag. Moreover, men can keep their passports and ID cards in it when they travel so that they can reach them easily, which makes waist bags suitable birthday gifts for men.

Wooden Calendar (Cubes or Planks): It is a special decorative gift for the office, and it has either lunar or solar calendars. For lunar occasions, there is a special wooden strip; but the model of the solar calendar has all days of the year. Yet, dates can be changed by flipping the planks or the wooden cubes according to the day and the month, which makes the wooden calendar one of the gifts that can be presented as a birthday gifts for coworkers.

Fish Aquarium: It is a small aquarium that can be used to decorate the offices, in which the gifted person can put few small goldfish. There are aquariums that make soundscapes and work on batteries. Also, these aquariums have a water pump to add water to the aquarium. Yet, other kinds of aquariums have colorful illumination that makes water sparkle to get an attractive appearance; control panels are usually attached to control the levels and the directions of the illumination and the water pump as well. Furthermore, there are other kinds of aquariums which have a place to put different stationary in, and they are attached with a digital screen that shows time, date and temperature. As a result, fish aquarium is a great multi-function office gift which suits all people. And it is a unique and non-traditional anniversary gift for the husband, plus that aquariums can be presented as birthday gifts for friends.

A Book Shaped Hidden Secret Locker: You can present a secret locker in the shape of a book to people who keep their very precious or important objects in their offices as they can place the locker between books on the shelves of the library in order to fake it. Yet, the locker is usually made of metal and covered with resistant plastic; and it is also attached with an inner lock. Moreover, this locker is a different and non-traditional birthday gift, but you should warn the gifted person that people should not see them while using it in order to keep it safe.

Newton’s Cradle Pendulum: It is a unique decorative piece that suits all kinds of offices whether it is a house office or the work office. This pendulum can be presented to your male friends or relatives on their various occasions so that they can put it as a decorative piece on the office. Furthermore, they can use it as an entertaining tool to reduce stress and anxiety, which makes Newton’s cradle pendulum a suitable birthday gift for coworkers.

Renting a Sports Car: If your brother or husband admires driving sports cars but they cannot afford one, you can rent a luxurious car for one day and give it to the gifted person on his birthday so that he can enjoy a special driving experience. Although this is one of the fun gifts but you should make sure that the gifted person is fully responsible and that he has adequate experience in driving so that he will not hurt himself or others or even the car. 

Bicycles: When mentioning bicycle you may only think that they are fun gifts for kids only, but in fact bicycles are valuable and practical sports gifts for adults too as long as there are safe paths in which adults can ride bicycle in. Yet, to buy a unique and special birthday gift, you should probably buy a sports bicycle that has multi speeds and potentials so the gifted person can use it in mountains, cliffs and winding roads. However, if it is difficult to store the bicycle in the house, we recommend that you buy a foldable bicycle so it could be stored easily without taking much space. Furthermore, the foldable bicycle can be transferred in the car easily so the gifted person can take it on holidays, or they can ride it in far places from the house which may be more appropriate and far from the traffic. If the gifted person lives in a coastal city, you can present them a beach bicycle in order to enable them to ride it on sand easily as these bikes have wide tires that prevent them from instilling in the sand. Moreover, beach bicycles are designed especially so they will not rust due to exposure to water while wandering by the sea. Consequently, it is not just a sports bicycle but it is also a fun birthday gifts that can be presented for both adults and kids.

Matches tickets: They are suitable gifts for lovers of attending matches, and also for people who are used to attend matches by themselves as tickets are available for all kinds of sports.  Moreover, you can purchase tickets for important matches of the favorite team of the gifted person and then you can present these tickets to them.

Fishing Trips: They are suitable for adventures fans especially for people who love fishing. And fishing trips might be interesting and exciting to people. If the gifted person wasn’t lucky enough to go on this adventure before, then giving them the chance to go on one of these journeys would amuse them and put them through a new and non-traditional experience. There are many kinds of trips including short trips that take 4-6 hours, and they are usually on a small boat that can accommodate approximately 10 people. Yet, the boat can be equipped with fishing poles and essential fishing equipment so that passengers will not struggle in the process of preparing and buying equipment that they may not use much. Moreover, the gifted person can take several friends with them or they might meet new friends. There are other long journeys that take days in the sea where such journeys can be on a big fishing ship which is equipped with different and advanced fishing equipment. Usually, long trips last from week to ten days, and they are considered great summer adventures. Therefore, these fishing trips can be suitable birthday gifts for lovers of new and exciting adventures or to be a fun time as an anniversary gift..

Camping Journey: If the gifted person was a camping lover or a fresh-graduate, and you want to present them a new and special adventure then you may present them a journey for camping either inside the country or outside it. Generally speaking, camping journeys are usually less expensive than other journeys that may last for several days, because camping does not require high expenses or a reservation in big hotels. Yet, it would be enough to pay the expenses of the camping journey and the daily expenses of the gifted person, especially if the journey organizers can provide tents and camping equipment as it is in many countries. Therefore, camping journeys are a good birthday gift idea that suit teenagers to equip them with some life experiences and to give them the chance to be on a new and exciting adventure. 

Trampoline: If you are looking for sports equipment for the house where they can increase the enjoyment of the family, then a trampoline would be a very special choice as it enables people to jump safely and easily in the backyard. Some types of trampolines are surrounded with a net fence in order to increase its safety and protect the player from injury. In other words, the net will protect players from falling to the ground and crashing with heavyweight furniture. You can choose your gift from several kinds, shapes and sizes according to what suits the gifted people and according to who is going to play on the trampoline since adults’ trampolines are bigger and can tolerate loads more than children’s trampolines do.

Various Sportswears: You can present sportswear as gifts including t-shirts of famous players from famous clubs that the gifted person is fan of. Yet, these t-shirts should be from famous sports brands like Adidas, Nike and others so the gifted person can wear your gift while they are doing sports in the house, the gym or in public parks. Therefore, sportswear is a suitable gift for both teenagers and kids.

Leather Cap: It is suitable for winter more than summer as the gifted person can wear it to protect themselves against rain and to warm their head, besides staying stylish and attractive at the same time. However, leather caps should not be worn in summer since hot sun rays may damage the leather. Leather caps are distinguished because they are more formal compared to traditional sports caps. Furthermore, leather caps can be worn with uniforms and suits when needed, so leather caps can be presented as birthday gifts to colleagues and friends. Leather caps are often simple and do not contain inscriptions or decorations, but they require more preservation to maintain their luster, as it may be damaged or spoiled by the abundance of dust or by frequent use.

Canvas Hat: It is the common men’s cap. Yet, it is preferable when presenting a traditional cap to be from a famous brand to increase its value, such as Nike or Adidas or other fashion brands. Furthermore, canvas hats suit young people and kids who love sports.

Men’s Belts: Choosing this gift depends on the style of the gifted person and what clothes he usually wears. So if his main clothes are casual then you can gift him a leather denim belt that suits his pants. However, if his work requires wearing uniforms much then you can choose a belt that can be worn with suits and formal clothes. Also, belts from famous brands usually come in a special and unique pocket which makes it more attractive as a birthday gift or as a gift from the wife to her husband on their anniversary. Moreover, belts are fashion accessories that you can easily buy, and they are cheap and valuable at the same time. But you should consider buying belts that are made of natural leather to maintain the value of your gift and to allow the gifted person to use it as much as possible. 

Men’s Kaftan: It is a very suitable birthday gift idea for elderly people or parents or even grandparents, where many people wear kaftans when they leave their houses as they give warmth and free movement. Kaftans add a touch of dignity and elegance at the same time to who is wearing them, so they are considered proper Birthday gift idea for parents and grandparents.

Adults Electronic Games as Birthday Gifts

PlayStation or Xbox: It is a suitable birthday gift idea for adults and kids who love video games and do not have their own PlayStation or Xbox, or for people who do not have the latest version of the PlayStation or the X box. It is preferable to buy the latest versions of this gift because it will last for a long time and the gifted person will probably not change the device for a year or two. Yet, you can buy Birthday gifts from another category if your budget doesn’t allow you to buy a proper gift with good specification from this category.

Virtual Reality Glasses: They are also known as VR glasses or 3D glasses because they are provided with 3D technology. Yet, they are used either for playing games or for watching movies. The virtual reality glasses embody the playing environment or the movie as if you are inside it; and once you turn right or left you will see the surroundings inside the game as if you are already there. It is a modern gift that can be presented to your sons in their birthdays, and you should think seriously about it if you have set a big budget for the Birthday gift.

Wireless Gaming Headset: If the gifted person has a PlayStation already, then purchasing wireless headsets, which are considered PlayStation accessories, can be suitable Birthday gifts. Wireless gaming headsets are different from traditional headsets because they cover the whole ears which allow the user to have a unique experience when one raises the sound as they desire without being concerned that they might bother other people in the house.

CD for Modern Digital Games: You must choose the games that suit the gifted person, whether they were speed, adventure or fighting games according to the taste of the gifted person. This gift is a special birthday gift for teenagers or to the husband if he loves PlayStation.

Anniversary & Birthday Gift Ideas for Women & Girls

Birthday gift ideas for girls: Husbands sometimes may get confused when they think of a gift that might suit their wives, whether it was a birthday gift, or an anniversary gift. In fact it might be much easier if the husband looks for gifts from women’s perspective in order to find many ideas for moral gifts which may be more precious than material gifts. Yet, simple gifts can be more precious if they are presented in a good way with some nice words; for example, flowers, chocolate, bear toys and stuffed toys with some nice romantic words on a card. These symbolic gifts are the most popular gifts from men to women; on the contrary, men would not prefer to receive bear toys or roses from their wives because this kind of gifts is not suitable for men. So men’s gift ideas to women are unique and special in many cases. Furthermore, there are many shops that can prepare women’s gifts which eases ordering them on the phone, and then presenting the gift to the gifted girl or women. And this kind of gifts are one of the best types for pampering and flirting, so it is recommended to attach one of the moral gifts with the main material gift like jewelry or clothes and so on in order to increase the value of your gift. The moral gifts include flower, chocolate, stuffed toys and so on. We will present some material gifts that can be considered when buying a gift for your wife or for girls in general on their birthdays:      

Gift Ideas for Personal Care: these options will be very special as birthday gifts for women:

Feet Massager: This device massages the feet to help relaxing the feet muscles, and this massager suits people who stand up or walk for long distances. Also, feet massager is a suitable Birthday gift for the wife so that she can use it to relax after a long and hard day when working outside the house or inside it.

Handheld Massager: It is a device that can be used to massage different body parts including back, buttocks and other parts that cannot be reached by other massage machines. Moreover, the handheld massager is small sized so it can be moved easily and put in the travelling bag. Furthermore, the handheld massager is lightweight and can be easily used as the gifted person can hold it and pass it on the body parts so that she can enjoy few minutes of massage in order to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Hair Straightener: Many men and women would rather choose the straight hair instead of the curly, and one of the best ways for straightening hair is by using a special hair straightener. Moreover, the hair straightener is very useful to guarantee that the hair style remains the same and to keep it straight even if the weather is humid. Thus, presenting a hair straightener as a Birthday gift is a suitable gift despite the hair type of the gifted person. Also, hair straighteners are valuable anniversary gifts or birthday gifts for women whether for your wife, sisters or your friends.

Hair dryer with Steam: Many women like to change their look by changing their hair style, but it might be difficult to do that during the weekly work as it is hard to find enough long time to change the style of the hair. Also, using a hair dryer with steam might help to accomplish that as the steam gives moisture and softness to dry the hair; so the hair dryer is considered a suitable birthday gift for women among friends or as anniversary gift from the husband to his wife.

Facial Steamer: Some ladies like to exposure their faces to steam to enhance its health and freshness, so the facial steamer is a special device for personal care which many people may not have. Therefore, we recommend purchasing a facial steamer as a birthday gifts for personal care which can be presented on many occasions.

Makeup and Perfumes as Gifts: You can present make up and perfumes as birthday gifts for  girls such as eyeshadow palettes, mascara, lipsticks including liquid lipstick, or a various collection of makeup of good brands; you can pack them nicely as well. Moreover, you can present perfumes with your gift to make it a birthday gift of multi parts, or you can present perfumes by themselves. It is preferable to present famous perfumes from well-known brands and to choose the most popular perfumes of these brands if you do not know the favorite perfume of the gifted person. Furthermore, you can purchase a collection of body splashes and a body lotion with a strong scent. These body lotions and splashes usually are available in one pocket that can be presented as a birthday gift for girls after packaging it, where you can present such gifts and attach them with a nice flowers bouquet or a big toy. This gift can be also presented to girls who are about to get married. 

Women’s Hats: Women in winter could wear hats or ice caps that are made of wool or fur to warm their heads; thus, presenting a hat would be something special and different as a birthday gifts. The hat might be knitted of triko or crochet, and it also may be decorated with some handmade wool bow ties or flowers which give hats an additional feminine touch.

Scarves: They can be presented in summer and winter, so you can purchase a scarf that can be worn in the favorite season of the gifted girl. Also you can present her two scarves together, one of them is heavy for winter and the other scarf may be lighter to suit summer. Therefore, scarves are suitable Birthday gifts or anniversary gifts as well.

Women’s Bags: It is preferable to buy bags from famous brands, or bags that are similar in the style to the bags that the gifted person already has, in order to avoid the major difference in tastes. Furthermore, you can present a bag that is different from the gifted person’s bags such as crochets or denim bags, so the gifted person would have a complete collection in her bags drawer.

Brooches: They are one of the very special fashion accessories, in addition to being the favorite accessories for many men and women, even though brooches are mostly used by women. Brooches are distinguished with a variety of shapes and production materials as there are metal, silver, gold and even diamond ones. Furthermore, there are brooches encrusted with gemstones or crystals. In addition to the valuable materials of the gemstones, you will find hundreds of shapes that you can choose from. Likewise, there are brooches in the shape of birds, flowers and other embroidered shapes, or even letters that match the first letter of the gifted person’s name, or in words shapes and so on, which adds more beauty and elegance to the appearance of the gifted person. Therefore, brooches can be precious and unique birthday gifts for women or anniversary gifts.

Blanket Jacket: Severe cold in winter might spoil the enjoyment of watching TV, and the person might get baffled between the continuation of watching or going to their bed to warm up. However, if they do not have a television in the bedroom, blanket jacket is a great gift in winter for TV viewers; it can be worn as a jacket above the clothes, and this jacket is not long so it will not impede movement because it can be worn as a cape so it covers the whole body to give redoubled warmth while moving from one room to another. Moreover, blanket jackets are distinguished because they are loose and easily worn; yet, the material of the blanket jacket is similar to the bed blanket. As a result, blanket jackets are one of the best gifts in winter as they can be presented to your wife, mother, sisters or even friends.     

Jewelry: They are one of the greatest and most popular birthday gift ideas for women as naturally women and girls love all kinds of jewelry especially if they are gold. So you can present a ring, a bracelet, a necklace, an earring, or maybe a complete kit of jewelry which are considered great anniversary gift ideas for wife. Also, you can purchase jewelry that are encrusted with gemstones such as sapphire, emerald and coral, which makes your gift a special memorable anniversary gift. And since all women love jewelry, this kind of gifts will be suitable in all occasions within the small family members, or from the husband to his wife, or even among friends. However, jewelry might not be suitable coworkers gifts, or people with whom you do not have a strong relationship with because jewelries are gifts of a personal nature.

Jewelry Box: They are available in various shapes and different production materials in the markets such as modern and classic; and they are perfect birthday gifts for wife or as an anniversary gifts and as a second gift with a jewelry piece. Moreover, there are different colors and sizes of jewelry boxes in the market in order to enable the gifted woman to nicely keep her jewelry. Also, the gifted person can add jewelry as much as desired. However, there are boxes that accommodate a whole jewelry kit and others for a specific piece such as necklaces, rings, earrings and so on. Furthermore, there are boxes in very elegant shapes and fancy production materials such as velvet boxes of silver, wood or metal. Therefore, jewelry boxes are suitable decorative pieces and very practical gifts in ladies’ bedrooms.

Women Watches with Bracelets: Some women may not like to wear traditional watches because mobile phones have become an alternative for watches nowadays. Yet, women may prefer watches in the shape of a bracelet so it would be an accessory besides being a watch. As a result, it is recommended to buy a watch with a bracelet as a Birthday gifts in order not to risk with the unwillingness of the gifted person to wear the gift if it was a traditional watch. However, if it is presented to your wife, it is preferable to buy a golden one.

Bear toys and Stuffed Toys and Puppets: Some gifts keep their glamour and popularity overtime. Among these gifts we have the stuffed puppets that are still popular with their various shapes and kinds. Yet, there are toys that are usually presented to both, adults and kids, such as bear toys and stuffed toys; while other types are only presented to kids like stuffed toys of princesses. As for adults, bears toys are distinguished due to their beautiful shape and soft texture in order to grab the admiration of women and kids. Furthermore, bear toys can be presented as birthday gifts, marriage anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, or even as a graduation gift. Also, you can present bears toys without any occasion to your wife or children, since bear toys are kids’ friends in order to enhance their imagination.

Emoji Cushions: Who does not love those smiley yellow faces that add joy and vitality to our daily conversations! However, they can also be used in making decor cushions with different faces to express happiness, love or fun and all other exciting expressions and they are available in very funny shapes. Emoji cushions are considered sofa cushions too which are used as decorations for furniture mainly because they add fun to it. Also, they are of the preferred types to girls and children in particular for what they have of soft texture, bright colors; also they add joy and fun when the gifted girl hugs them, or lay down on them while she is watching TV in the living room or in the bedroom. Therefore, emoji cushions are one of the most joyful gifts to be presented to kids or adults. Also, they are considered a special gift for the wife whether by their own, or while being attached with flowers or other main gifts.

Flowers and Roses Bouquets: They are considered popular birthday gift ideas for women on anniversaries despite the various shapes and types. Yet, flowers bouquets can be presented by themselves or attached with the main gift, but you can make them a special gift by choosing the favorite flowers type in the favorite colors of the gifted person. Furthermore, it is preferred to attach the flowers bouquet with a perfume that is made of the same type of flowers, which makes flowers bouquets special birthday and anniversary gifts for women.

Chocolate: They are one of the most suitable Birthday gifts for women or girls, because somehow most girls love chocolate and that what makes it a suitable birthday gifts or anniversary gift. Yet, chocolate can be attached with the main gift or as a gift by itself. Also, you can decorate a flowers box and sprinkle some chocolate pieces in it, or you can preset a big box that include different kinds of chocolate with flowers bouquet and helium balloons to add a romantic touch to your gift.

Metal Rose: They can be presented in an elegant box with a small card that has some nice words. The rose might be in different colors and not just gold or silver as rose colors vary between red, blue, pink, purple and other colors. Moreover, the metal roses are distinguished in their bright shapes so they can be considered decorative pieces, besides being one of the special mementos anniversary gift for wife or as a birthday gift for her.

Stuffed Toys for Cars: They are suitable for women mainly for those who own cars, because of their love to use such toys to add more fun to their cars. Yet, these toys can be put on the car interior dashboard, or by using bigger toys to be put on the car seats.

Birds: If the gifted person is interested in birds and taking care of them, whether an adult or a kid, it would be great to present her something related to her hobby. Likewise, gifts that are related to birds include presenting the birds themselves, or presenting the needed equipment for taking care of birds whether in their cages or in their special houses. Moreover, such gifts can be presented in several occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or as a pampering gift on the special occasions among couples or friends. Therefore, this gift is considered a great gift that can be also presented to children who love birds.

Pets: Presenting an animal like a kitten or a turtle would have a great impact on the gifted person especially on little girls, because this enhances the importance of taking care of others; in addition to being a source of fun and enjoyment inside the house. Therefore, pets are gift ideas for fun and enjoyment for both adults and kids. Moreover, pets can be considered educational gifts, which makes them suitable birthday gifts, or anniversary gifts if the gifted girl or woman loves pets.

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