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The Best Gift Ideas are Handmade Gifts or Handcrafted Gifts

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Handmade gifts & Handcrafted Gifts are always a valuable gift Ideas with special glamour even if the handmade gift was small and simple, and handicrafts usually reflect the hours of working and effort that was made by people to make a small product that benefit people in exchange for money; and this is what increases our support and appreciation to all handicrafts which might be for practical use, for decoration or as an accessory. The implementers on the production of handicrafts and handmade products are real artists who do drawing, engraving, shaping and designing by their own hands and with high skills that are hard to ordinary people. It is all about talent and creativity, in addition to hard working, time and effort. But if the gifted person is a handicrafts lover, presenting them a handmade gifts would be the optimal choice because the gifted person will appreciate the symbolic and real value of the gift, and that is why you may spend more time looking for special hand made gift ideas that may suit the gifted person. And you can choose a gift from many choices that include crochet bags or handmade wool clothes, in addition to the antiques, vases and models, handmade carpets and furniture. So in this article we will spotlight some kinds of handmade gifts that you can buy and present as a gift to you beloved ones.

Handmade Gifts and Handcrafted Gifts to Present…

1. Handmade Wooden Watch

Although wooden watches are not very popular, but they give a unique appearance whether with formal clothes like suits and work clothes, or with casual outfits. And the wooden watches are unlike the metal ones as they are lightweight and they have a warm touch. Yet, you should make sure that the watch is made from original wood and not just painted in wood color so it will not lose its shine and elegance. And because wooden watches are handmade of natural wood, you will find each watch different in its shape, and you will never find two watches that have the same print as each one is made from a different tree branch which features it from other kinds of watches.

2. Handmade Wooden Eyeglasses

It is one of the very special and non-popular accessories that add a total different look when wearing them as the color of wood is featured by its luxury and beauty; also, these glasses are remarkable ones and they are usually made of bamboo. There are many designs for eyeglasses like wooden glasses which are completely made of wood, and there are other glasses that wood is only used to make the arms. Mainly, wooden glasses are better and more suitable as gifts because they are handmade. Yet, it is recommended to make sure that the glasses are made of original wood and not just painted with the color of wood in order to get a valuable handmade gift. These eyeglasses are suitable for people who have myopia because they wear glasses to maintain their sight or just to follow fashion. Moreover, these glasses fit both men and women, which makes them suitable handmade gifts for everyone.

3. Handmade Bracelets

They are bracelets that come in different shapes and designs, and the most popular ones are those bracelets that are made of handmade wooden beads. In general, they are linked together using a thread, which makes these bracelets an attractive accessory also they are suitable gifts that can be presented between siblings or friends. In addition to the elegant and casual appearance of these bracelets, they are cheap! So they are considered an affordable gift. Also, these bracelets are luxurious because they are handmade. Likewise, you can present them as a handmade gift in a jewelry box that is wrapped in suitable gifts cover.

4. Handmade Wooden Box

They have a charming, classical and traditional glamour and they have various uses which make them precious handmade gift ideas. Mainly, they can be used as a personal box so ladies can use it as a jewelry box, or as a box for memories to save valuable personal stuff. Also you can use the box as a decorative piece in the house library, in the office, in the living room or in the guest room. You can choose between different shapes of wooden boxes; for instance, you can buy a box that has the shape of an old treasure box for gemstones, or you can buy a box that is inlaid with stones and colorful glass. Moreover, you can also buy a box that is female dominated and decorated with colorful colors like red or pink, or you can buy a box with a modern look as a gift in order to be put as a decoration for the office or in the house library. Consequently, the ideas for presenting wooden boxes as gifts are very different and various, whether the boxes were handmade or not, so be certain that this gift is a valuable and suitable for decoration.

5. Handmade Carpets

They are one of the most valuable and beautiful gifts especially for handicrafts lovers despite its simplicity to me a housewarming gift. Many people love handmade carpets more than other kinds of carpets. And if you want to buy a handmade carpet then you can find many carpets that are made of natural cotton, which might be designed in a modern way, or in a classical attractive way. Also, the gifted person can put the carpets in the house hallway or in the living room to add a touch of warmth to the rest of the furniture. However, handmade carpets that have landscape drawings might be used as paintings for walls as they are small sized in general. Yet, if the carpets are big, they can be put on the whole wall as wallpapers and we will present some handmade carpets that are available in the market:

6. Kilim

It is one of the most popular carpets and they are made of hand woven wool. Mainly, these carpets are featured by their rural designs with light colors and graffiti; and the drawings on these carpets are various like old drawings and rural landscape drawings which suit the wooden floors, tiles and the furniture that is made of leather and cloth as these carpets add the sense of rural simplicity the house.

7. Aubusson Carpets

They are handmade wool carpets which are made of triko and they are featured by their softness. Plus, these carpets do not collect the regular fur and they are available in various colors. So they are suitable gifts for handicrafts and triko lovers at the same time.

8. Handmade Cups

They are glass cups that have some decorations, drawings and colors on its external surface. Yet, these drawings and decorations are handmade which adds a charming touch of beauty and luxury to the handmade cups and they are suitable handmade gifts for new-married couples or for people who are moving to a new house as housewarming gifts.

9. Handmade Vases

You can buy a vase that have some handmade colorful decorations and that features this kind of vases from other traditional ones. Yet, the handmade vases are one of the decorative special gifts for roses and flowers lovers.

10. Handmade Copper Lantern

Copper lanterns are one of the special lightings especially if it has Moroccan or Turkish inscriptions which give a luxurious and fancy classical shape. These lanterns could be also used as a decorative lighting on tables in the house, or they could be suspended in the hallways; so you could purchase handicrafts of these lanterns to present them as handcrafted gifts for classical decoration lovers and for people who appreciate handicrafts. And lanterns are suitable as handmade gifts on many occasions during the year as their use is not limited to a specific time, and they could be used as decorative elements in the house, either in the living room or even in the balcony. Thus, you could buy a handmade copper lantern which adds a special glamor and value to your handmade gift.

11. Handmade Crochet Bags

All women love triko and crochet works which are considered the primary product in various handicrafts. And handmade crochet bags are definitely one of the very elegant accessories for women especially in their daytime movements, and these bags are special handmade gifts between girls and women. In fact, such bags are considered unique and different from traditional ones so every lady must have a crochet bag within her bags collection in order to use it when she wants to appear in a new and different look.

12. Handmade Wooden Plate

Catering tools is what fascinates housewives most. Although wooden dishes may not suit presenting all types of food in it, but they are considered special dishes to decorate the dining table. And it would be more elegant if you add a wooden spoon, a fork, and a wooden cup with the wooden dish because together they will create an attractive decoration for the guest room. Also they can be put together while they are empty on the dining room as decorative pieces in order to increase the beauty of the table. Mainly, wooden plates can be more valuable gifts if they are handmade, so they would be special unrepeatable decorative pieces. Yet, they can also be used daily; however, you should avoid putting with very hot food and drinks in them to avoid breaking or cracking the dishes.

13. Handmade Table Lampshades

Handmade lampshades are featured by their shape that suits the classical decoration of the house. These lampshades might be engraved or colored by hand; also the hand made light cover is embroidered and engraved by hand. Yet, you can also put the lampshade as a masterpiece or a handmade unique model on a shelf in the living room of the house so lampshades are suitable handmade gifts for new married couples and friends who love handicrafts.

14. Handmade Wooden Mobile Case

Although there are hundreds shapes and designs of phones covers and cases, a wooden phone case would be a unique and different accessory to be presented. Generally, these cases add more luxury and sophistication with their special wooden color to the mobile, so purchasing a handmade phone case is a suitable handmade gift idea for people who have bought new phones recently.

15. Handmade Bracelet for Smart Watch

Although watches and traditional bracelets are accessories by themselves, but there are some people who prefer combining the two accessories in one piece. And that is by removing the traditional strap of the watch, whether it is a traditional watch or a smart one that has a touchscreen, and then replacing the strap with handmade beads and threads bracelet in order to make the watch and the bracelet a single decorative and non-traditional piece. This accessory combines modernity since it has the digital watch with the classical and patrimonial look from the handmade bracelet of beads and threads. So buying a smart watch with a handmade bracelet makes your handmade gift very unique and it will give the gifted person a different and special look from others.

16. Handmade Crochet Dress

Women who love handicrafts might want to own some handmade clothes that are made of crochet for example or other kinds of cloth, which might be embroidered by hands to increase the value. Mainly, this piece of clothing might be a crochet dress or a crochet scarf that would give the woman a new and different look when wearing it.

17. Handmade Model

A model that could be put on the office, in the library or on a table in the house would be a suitable gift sometimes. Yet, models are available in different and various types, but valuable gifts for many people are those that are handmade. In general, the models include the shape of a copper motorcycle, or a copper car and they are totally handmade so they are the perfect gift for people who like these vehicles. Moreover, these models add a touch of creativity and they express the passion and personality of the gifted person so that these models can be special handmade decorative pieces.

18. Encyclopedia for Handicrafts

If the gifted person is passionate about handicrafts and they like to make them by themselves, you could present some books and encyclopedias that explain and teach how to create and make handicrafts such as making handcrafted gifts, faience, models and other entertaining handicrafts that the housewife can make instead of buying them.

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