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Wooden Gifts

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Wooden colors give a luxurious look to any wooden gifts. So imagine how luxurious the accessory would be if it’s made from genuine wood, not just a paint color. Whenever you buy a wooden gift for someone, I bet you would like to buy one for yourself, especially that some are not commonly used such as wooden glass frames and watches. Wooden gifts are not limited to personal products as you can own wooden decorative items that can beautify your office or home, as well as wooden household items such as eating and drinking utensils. In case the gifted like wooden products, you can choose between dozens of wooden gifts that will make your gift different and special. Listed below is a simple collection of wooden gift ideas:

Wooden Gift Ideas

Wooden eyeglass frames: Wearing wooden glass frames is uncommon which will make the wearer unique with a distinctive look. This gift of wood is suitable for men and women alike, and its variety can help in suiting all tastes. Some frames are fully wooden, others have only wooden temples and the other parts are made of plastic; however, when buying wooden glasses make sure that it is made of genuine wood and not just paint, especially if you are buying it online. One of the most famous wood types used to make wooden glasses is Bamboo, and fully wooden glasses are special because they are handmade; therefore, you can’t find two identical wooden glasses, and they are suitable for handicraft supporters.

Wooden glasses case: If you made up your mind to gift wooden glasses, it would be very convenient to buy a wooden case to make the wooden gift more distinctive, so that the wearer can carry it with a unique look.

Wooden watches: Wearing a wooden watch is also uncommon; however, it gives a distinct look whether it is worn with a formal or casual outfit. It is lightweight and has a warm feel compared to metal watches whose surface is cold when wearing. You also have to make sure that the watch is made of genuine wood and not just wooden paint.

Wooden phone case: A wooden phone case can give the phone a fancy look, whether the case is made of genuine wood or just wooden paint; however, we always recommend buying genuine wood as a gift.

Wooden laptop cover: If you are used to carrying your laptop outside your home or office, your laptop needs a cover to protect it from scratches and dirt. A wooden cover would be the best choice for its luxury!

Wood key chains: key chains are always the main option when it comes to buying accessories gifts. You can choose among hundreds of wooden shapes, and you can also buy a keychain as a secondary gift along with the main one.

Wooden bracelets and necklaces: women may want to wear a non-metal bracelet or necklace. In this case, you can gift a girl or a woman a bracelet or necklace engraved with the name of the gifted, or any words that you like, or even distinctive shapes and engravings would be a special wooden gift.

Wooden jewelry boxes: Wooden boxes have a special appearance and they are not only to keep jewelery, but also to keep souvenirs. Yet, they can be used as decorations on a book shelf at home especially if the box looks like a treasure box.

Wooden Bow: For those who would like always to wear bows to be distinctive at parties, they can wear the wooden one which will make them even more noticeable. Also, it is a suitable gift for kids. 

Wooden Candlestick: It is an amazing decorative piece to be in the library or in the office of the gifted person. Also it can be used in the living room so it is an amazing housewarming gift or for newly married couples.

Wooden Rocking Chair: It is for entertainment for both adults and kids; also it is one of the unique decorative gifts at home to rest after a long hard day.

Wooden Mug: Mainly it is used to drink cool milk because it is not suitable for hot beverages as they might damage the cup. Yet, wooden cups can be used for decoration when they are not used for drinking.

Wooden Wall Watch: It is an amazing decorative wooden gift idea for the wall especially if it imitates an old style.

Wooden Decorative figures:

  • Wooden Globe that rotates on a stand to be placed on the desk.
  • Wooden sailing ship to decorate a desk or a table.
  • Wooden vehicles like a car, a bycicle, a plane, etc… becaus ethese figures add a decorative appearance to the house.
  • Wooden thermometer which comes in different designs and could be hanged on the wall.
  • Ship steering wheel that is a distinctive decoration for walls.
  • Wooden world map that culd be hanged on the wall and it is an ideal gift t be in the house in the private office behind the desk.

Wooden Dinnerware:

  • Plates, spoons and forks of wood that give luxuriation to the meal.
  • Wooden tray in different shapes and sizes.
  • Wooden nuts keeper which is important in the living room.
  • Wooden fruit basket: some of them are foldable and in different decorative shapes.
  • Wooden dessert stand: it is preferable to be multi-shelved to put different desserts on each shelf.
  • Wooden dishes for kids: Most of them have animal shapes like a rabbit or a bear.

Wooden gifts are simple as they can be presented in a group like glasses, a watch and a wooden keychain and then use a wooden jewelry box to present them in it. So the wooden gift should not be wrapped because the wooden box achieves this purpose completely; thus, you can make sure that your wooden gift is unprecedented.

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