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Gifting is somehow confusing to most of us; however, bags are always suitable gifts for everyone. Yet, you should consider the needs and the hobbies of the gifted person, in addition to their tastes in fashion or accessory as well; for instance, some prefer practical products, while others prefer famous brands of bags, small sized or leather ones. So you can identify that by the style of the gifted person or by asking people who know them. Similarly, gender is another factor to be considered whether you buy gifts for men, women or children, as men usually do not prefer brands unlike women, which means that you can present men local manufactured bags and handicraft bags for women. Since there are numerous types of bags, briefly we will state types and ideas about bags that suit most people as gifts:

Men Bags: Backpacks, laptop bags, suitcases, smart suitcases, belt bags, postman bags, gym bags, special sport bags, camping and climbing bags.

Women bags: Hand bags, smart suitcases, cosmetic bags, Birth Hospital bags, crochet bags, leather bags.

Kids Bags: Schools Bags.

In this article, we will introduce you to the mentioned bags and how to present them as gifts according to the tastes and needs of gifted people:



This is the easiest type of bag to be carried while moving or in transportation. Likewise, bag holders usually prefer backpacks if they move frequently in order to accommodate several tools just like their own laptop, or other stuff as well. Yet, some backpacks are only for laptops.


Handbags are either formal for work or casual for other usages. Yet, youths usually prefer casual handbags which they can carry as cross bags since it fits their casual clothes more. Mainly, these casual masculine bags have modern designs with bright colors and made of leather or fabric.

Laptop Bags

It is suitable for people who use their laptops frequently, or for those who travel a lot. Yet, there are only two styles of it, the first one is mainly to keep the laptop inside and it has aside pockets to carry some papers or accessories; the second style is a backpack with spaces to accommodate books, clothes or accessories in order to be used to go to university, work, or to travel.

Fanny Bags

It is a wide pouch that can be firmly sealed and tied around the waist. It is usually used in traveling, on journeys, or while hanging out with friends in order to keep their keys and other personal stuff in it. So the belt bag enables them to move freely and keep their stuff safely.

Postmen Bags

It is a small bag that can be tied around the body or over the shoulder, similar to the belt bag but bigger in size. You can keep stuff that cannot be carried in the belt bag such as the tablet or the power bank. Yet, postmen bags are light, small, and easy to be carried.


If the gifted person is a travel fan, or they move a lot due to their work, it is appropriate to present them a suitcase among these two types: 

  • The first type is the traditional large suitcases of which some have wheels in order to be dragged easily.
  • The second type is the pre-mentioned camping bags which can accommodate the whole stuff needed for journeys and camping. Also, these bags can be carried as backpacks while traveling even if it is not an adventure in order to facilitate movement.

It is more preferable to buy a suitcase different from the ordinary ones, since the gifted person might have one already. Nowadays, there are smart suitcases that facilitate the efforts of the passenger; yet, they are not widely used which gives the passenger special distinctions such as: 

Smart suitcases connect to the passenger’s phone via Bluetooth so it walks beside the passenger without the need to be held, and it stops when the passenger stops. Thus, it saves the passenger’s efforts when moving within the airport specially if the distance between the gate and the aircraft door is long.

  • Smart suitcases can be locked firmly via phone, and it can be located as well by being connected to the passenger’s phone. And these characteristics are very important in case the suitcase is missed in the airport.
  • Smart suitcases have a big pocket to place the laptop in without the need to open the main bag. Moreover, it has a plug to charge the phone via an external power plug without opening the bag.
  • Smart suitcases have an upper pad to be as a table and to place the laptop on it; so passengers can work on their laptop comfortably while sitting in the lounge.

Mainly, suitcases are different in styles and sizes according to its use; for instance, bags that accompany the passenger to the aircraft are different from ones that are placed inside the aircraft baggage store according to the size and the weight. Moreover, suitcases are varied in brands, styles and colors. So if you are gifting a fashion fan girl, it is preferable to choose a suitcase with bright recent-trendy colors like blue or green. However, make sure that the suitcase is light weighted and resistant at the same time. Also consider the resizing and expanding feature to accommodate several things without exceeding the allowed luggage. Yet, it is better to buy famous branded bags even if it is not expensive since famous branded bags guarantee the security of suitcases in order to avoid damage while traveling.

Men Bags

Generally, bags are not an important piece in men’s appearance unless they need to use it. However, sometimes they have to carry different types of bags for many purposes so we will introduce you to some men bags’ brands to be presented as gifts to your friends or relatives: 

Leather Bags

It is used for formal appearance to keep papers, documents, or the laptop. Yet, it is a proper gift for people who move around a lot with a work bag. And there are several styles of it like handbags or backpacks, and in specific two colors which are black and brown.

Camera Bags

It is a bag to safely keep cameras for external photography fans or to keep the camera while traveling. Yet, the bag has a space to accommodate other accessories such as lenses, SD cards, lens cleaners, etc…

Women Bags as Gifts

Women’s bags are one of the most important accessories for women to be fashionable. Usually, women carry bags that go with their clothes and express their personality outside the home. Yet, you should consider a few things when choosing a bag to be presented to your friends or relatives, such as the color, the size, the brand, or the style. So it is related to the way the bag is going to be used; and here are types of bags that could be offered as gifts: 


Women’s handbags are different in size and shape; for instance, small ones with geometric shapes defined as square and rectangle suit short women, while medium and large-sized bags in circular shapes suit tall women. As for the colors, there are a lot of different and varied colors; yet, you might not know what color suits the gifted woman. So it is appropriate to choose a handbag of a neutral color to suit different clothing colors such as white, black, and brown.

Although handbags are the most common ones for women, there are other brands and types to be used as gifts such as: backpacks, small leather shoulder bags and crochet ones. However, famous brand bags are most preferable for women.

Birth Hospital Bags

If the gifted woman is pregnant or has a newborn baby, you can present her a birth bag Generally, it is a large-sized bag of fabric in which baby stuff can be carried. Likewise, it has a nice design to accommodate easily and neatly baby stuff to be used outside the home; thus, it is the proper practical gift for moms.

Baby Bags

It has different brands and it is made of fabric; yet, the purpose is to carry the baby not their stuff. Mainly, this bag is used to safely hold the baby in an easy way inside or outside the home. So it is preferable to present this kind of gift pre-birth in order to be ready for usage directly post-birth.

Sport Bags

If the gifted person practices a specific sport, it would be better to present a gift related to this sport; so you can present a special sports bag that is designed especially for the practitioners of this sport. Also, it is proper for their daily use in order to accommodate several related tools and here we will state some of these bags:

Soccer Bag

It is designed with an external big pocket to keep the soccer ball in it in order to easily get out the ball without messing with the other stuff in the bag.

Swimming Bags

They are waterproof bags in order to protect their content while swimming. Usually, these bags are used most by mountain canoeing fans since these people swim to cross lakes in the mountains.  Yet, these bags can be tied to the body while swimming and they accommodate long-hiking stuff, food, drink and other needs. However, the swimming bag can be also used for fishing or rowing fans as it keeps their personal stuff and their food away from water since it has a different pockets for the phone, cloths, or other tools. Also the bag can be locked firmly to keep the water out. Moreover, it does not sink if it drops out the boat; thus, it is a brilliant gift form swimming, fishing and water surfing fans.

Gym Bags

Similarly, this bag has separate pockets for wet clothes. Yet, it has a specific external pocket for the water bottle, protein shaker in order to facilitate usage when needed.

Tennis Bags

These bags are designed to accommodate tennis rackets and other tools like tennis balls and water bottles. The bag has a special design as it is wide from the side of the racket and narrow from the other side.

Golf Bags

It is appropriate for golf tools in the right rectangle shape. Because it has a big size, it has also wheels to drag it.

Billiard Bag

They are appropriate to carry the billiard sticks with a shoulder hold to facilitate movement.

Camping, hiking, and Climbing Bags

These are specific bags for external adventure lovers as they are designed to add and hang supplies such as clothes, food, and drinks, for different activities like camping, hiking, and climbing. Yet, some of these bags have a tiny hose connected to a water container in the main bag so the camper can drink water easily while walking. Moreover, the camper can hang and fix the sleeping bag and the foldable tent to the main bag, in addition to their laptop where some bags have a specific place for it. As a result, this bag is considered a typical gift for camping and external adventure lovers.

As a result, if you prefer to present a bag as a gift, you should consider the needs and the hobbies of the gifted man in order to choose the best type for them.

Kids Bags as Gifts

Some people might think that kids do not pay attention to the types of bags and especially baby girl bags or school bags; in contrast, kids’ bags are important as well. For example, kids always carry their school bags during the school day, so if you present them with a distinguished and attractive bag, they will be so pleasant. Likewise, you can present a wheeled bag so they can drag it or carry it over their shoulders, which makes it a precious gift for them. Importantly, gifts influence kids more than adults because they have pure hearts and they are more affected by gifts. So we will introduce several ideas about how to present kids bags:

Girls Bags

Young girls prefer to carry handbags in order to act like adults and to be part of their world. Uniquely, you can see girls carrying feminine handbags trying to imitate their mothers or their older sisters. Thus, girl-special handbags are designed in cartoon characters or fine graphics that suit their ages, and bags are usually of plastic or fabric.

School Bags

This is the proper gift for kids with the approach of the school new year in order to encourage them to start their school. Yet, it is not only for sons or daughters but also for your relatives or friends’ kids. However, consider talking with their parents to not present them a repetitive gift. There are different brands of school bags such as:

  • The ordinary backpacks with different shapes and sizes.
  • The wheeled bags look like suitcases.
  • The shoulder bag that teenagers prefer to carry; yet, it needs more attention and effort to be carried which makes it inappropriate for kids.

 However, when choosing a school bag as a gift for one of the family or friends’ kids, consider the age of the gifted kid; for instance, younger kids need smaller bags in order to suit their ability to carry it. Also, they do not have a lot of school stuff so they do not need bigger bags. You should consider the brand of the school bag as well, as it should be good in order to tolerate the kid’s movement. Usually, pupils need multi-pocket bags to separate books, notebooks, pens, food, and water bottles in special pockets for each. Children’s preferences vary according to their age when choosing the style of the school bag; for instance, young children prefer school bags with cartoons such as fighting and racing cars for boys and Disney princesses for girls. Conversely, teenage students prefer a bag without cartoons as it shows a childish appearance which they try to rebel against at this age. Generally, it is preferable to choose attractive colored bags and not in bright colors in order to avoid dirt, dust, and color change.

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