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Why would you present travel gifts for travellers other than other type of gifts?!

We cannot deny that travel often has a special pleasure whether it is for the purpose of relaxation and tourism, or for work; but we should not miss that there is a part that many people do not prefer when they travel which is packing the suitcase as sometimes people discover that they need things which they do not have while they are packing, such as the suitcase itself, the accessories and personal objects. Travel needs might differ depending on the nature of the travel itself, so if the person travels frequently then their suitcase might include things that are different from the objects of the person who does not travel much; and considering what precedes, you should be initiative in buying some travel gifts of travel necessitates which the passenger may not have. Here, we will briefly indicate some gift ideas of travel needs as gifts which you can present as gifts for travellers and travel lovers.

Here are some gift ideas that you buy and present to any travelling lover…

1. Waterproof Shaving Machine

This kind of machines is very essential for men when they travel, because it can be used quickly. And there is no need to connect it with electricity while shaving because it works by batteries so it is good for some places where power sources might not be available. Moreover, it is waterproof so it can be easily washed and used while having a shower. so if you know that the traveller does not have one already, then you have to consider this gift when you start thinking in buying travel gifts for him.

2. Wireless Headphones

The passenger usually moves a lot when travelling and they might be concerned with their luggage; so they do not need more distraction while listening to music or making calls because of the headphones’ wires as they might impede the movement of the passenger. Most wireless headphones are featured by high range operation capability that reaches 12 continuous hours without the need to recharge them again, that is why buying a wireless headphones are so practical travel gifts for travellers.

3. Electronic Selfie Stick

Who does not know what is the selfi stick is ?! .. And it is so essential for photography lovers, so it will be a great travel gifts for travellers who obsessed with taking selfies, but we recommend to buy one that move electronically or automatically to be in the typical position for taking a selfie of the stick holder, It might cost much more, but it will make a great travel gift.

4. Power Bank

They are energy storage units to recharge electronic devices, because while travelling the passenger probably won’t find time to recharge the mobile, the tablet, the laptop or even the wireless headphones. At the same time, it is very necessary to have these devices charged so that they are available to be used, whether for emergencies or to browse information and data when needed, or even for having fun. Moreover, the passenger might need to complete some work at their free time while waiting during the journey. Thus, travellers for long distances should have a power bank to make sure that their devices are fully charged and choosing power banks as travel gifts for passengers would be a right choice.

Travel Essentials and Supplies as Travel Gifts…

5. Suitcases Scale

It is one of the main travel necessities for travellers who travel much, because the passenger may get disappointed many times when the airport staff calculate the weight of the suitcase, since the weight might exceed the weight limit and then passenger finds themselves forced to pay an unlisted fine. So gifting a scale for suitcases would save the suffering and the risk-taking on the gifted person because they would be able to identify the weight of their luggage before leaving. The luggage scale is usually a digital scale that gives the weight in digits accurately. Yet, the biggest advantage of this scale is that it is very small and lightweight which enables the passenger to put it in their suitcase to weigh the luggage when returning. Furthermore, since the suitcases scale is one of the most important travel essentials, and then you might consider buying it as travel gifts for travellers and travel lovers.

6. Pocket Perfume

They are small plastic perfume bottles that could be filled easily from the original bottle and they are featured by their small attractive size where they can be carried in the pocket so that the gifted person can use them when needed easily. Also they can be refilled to use them instead of the original big bottles to avoid breaking the glass perfume bottles while moving in travel and to prevent collisions especially when storing the luggage on the plane and so on. So it is a great travel gifts of travel necessities for people who love perfumes.

7. Travel Thermal Cup

It is a travel necessity especially for travellers who addict drinking tea and coffee. Actually, it enables them to keep their favorite drink hot for the longest possible time while they are travelling. This cup also keeps the temperature of cold drinks and protects them from acquiring heat, which makes it a great travel gift of travel necessitates.

8. Neck Pillow for Travelling

It is one of the most important necessitates for travel, because it enables the gifted person to sleep comfortably and deeply in a healthy way while travelling whether by car, train, plane, or by ships. And this pillow is usually made of soft cotton to comfort the gifted person and some kinds of them have a massage machine that can massage the neck while the gifted person is using it. So it is great travel gifts of travelling essentials for travellers who suffer from neck pains; yet, they have to travel for long distances.

9. Sleeping Mask

Passengers often need to sleep during their journey; yet, they might not be able to sleep because of the sunlight or because of the lights of the transportation. Notably, the eyes mask is an important object for travel where it allows the passenger to sleep deeply because it obscures the light. Moreover, it is comfortable on the eyes when it is worn especially the padded masks which are delicate on the eyes and the face. Thus, they can be good travel gifts for people who travel a lot for long distances.

10. Inflatable Pillows

It is a great travel gift of travelling essentials especially for travellers who spend their time outdoors and on camping journeys because these pillows allow them to have a comfortable sleep. Also it does not take much space in the suitcase because they are flat as the paper. Yet, when there is a need to use them they can be inflated by the mouth to be in the same size of the ordinary pillow.

11. Portable Led Illuminated Mirrors

Many people need to check their appearance while being on a journey or when they travel, especially after going through many weather conditions; so a lighted travel mirror is considered a great travel gift besides being one of the main essentials when girls travel in particular where they need to check their appearance. And this lighted mirror is featured in its small size as it could be put in any pocket in the clothes. Furthermore, it has about six or eight small led lamps on its both sides and it works on batteries which enable the gifted person to use the mirror in dark places; it could function as a flashlight.

12. Portable Quick Sewing Machine

It is a travel essential for people who travel as a family, because the passenger clothes may get cut at any moment due to a screw for example. Furthermore, it might be hard to find a place or tools for sewing, especially if the passenger will travel to another country with the family and they have kids. Yet, sometimes they might not have time to find a way to sew torn cloths, especially when they do not have an alternative to wear. So the portable quick sewing machine would be a suitable solution where it does not take much space in the luggage. Also, this machine works by batteries, so it does not need a permanent power source especially if the journey is to an open place like camping journeys for instance. Plus, it can be easily used because it does not require professionalism or any sewing skills. Also, the passenger can carry it easily by hands and it does not take much time in the completion of the work, which make it one of the travel gifts that you need to put in your consideration for both men and women.

13. Automatic Travel Umbrella

Weather differ from one country to another, and the gifted person might travel to places where it rains heavily, or to places where the sun is intensive; so gifting those travellers an automatic umbrella is a great travel gift idea. This umbrella can be opened automatically by pressing on the open button and there is no need to pull the umbrella up as we do in traditional umbrellas which may sometimes result in breaking the iron carriers of it. Also, the umbrella usually attached with a double cover to protect the gifted person from the heavy rain or intensive sun. Moreover, the double cover prevents the umbrella from flipping when severe winds blow and they are featured by their flexible designs and small sizes, with a cover that eases storing and carrying them in the suitcase. 

Suitcases as Travel Gifts…

Suitcases differ in their shapes and sizes depending on the purposes of use; for example, bags that the traveller can carry with them on the plane are different in size and weight from the bags which will be put in the luggage compartment.

Also, suitcases differ according to their brands, styles, and colors, and if you admire a girl who is obsessed with fashion then it is preferable to present her a suitcase with bright and courageous colors like blue and green shades, because they are so trendy nowadays.

One of the things that you should consider when you buy suitcases as gifts for travellers is that they should be lightweight and firm at the same time, so that the suitcase can tolerate the difficult travel conditions and will not be damaged or torn after using it once or twice. Furthermore, the suitcase should be expandable so that the gifted person can put many objects in it without being afraid that they might need an extra bag.

You can choose the type of the suitcase that you want to purchase as a travel gift as follows:  

14. Smart Suitcase

They are available nowadays to reduce the travel hardship in certain things during the journey; however, they are not very popular which makes them suitable travel gifts because smart suitcases will give the gifted person a special elegance when travelling. Also they may have the following features or some of them:

  • The smart suitcase can follow passengers by walking after them on its special wheels without being touched. And it stands by the passenger’s side automatically when stopping because it is connected via Bluetooth to the passenger’s mobile and it moves according to the passenger’s movement. So it saves effort while moving inside the airport, especially if the distance between the entrance of the airport and the plane is long.
  • The possibility of making sure that the suitcase lock is sealed through the mobile, besides figuring out the place of the suitcase because the smart suitcase can be connected to the passenger’s mobile via Bluetooth. Mainly, these are important features in case the passenger lost a bag in the airport.
  • The suitcase has a large pocket for the laptop so that the passenger can take it out without the need to open the main pocket of the suitcase. Also it has a plug to charge the phone through an external outlet in the bag without opening it.
  • The suitcase has an external board where the gifted person can open the board and put the laptop on it as if it is a table, which enables the passenger to continue their work on the laptop while sitting comfortably on a seat in the waiting area at the airport. 

15. Traditional Rolling Luggage

It is the traditional wheeled suitcase that has small wheels in its bottom to be moved and dragged using an adjustable handle. Actually, the passenger can adjust its length to suit to passenger instead of carrying the suitcase. These bags are made of different materials as there are duffel, leather and plastic bags. Yet, all of them are manufactured of high-quality material to tolerate the frequent movement and accidents, in addition to the collisions that may occur when storing the suitcases.     

 Sometimes this kind of suitcases can be sold as a complete kit that is consisted of three or four suitcases in the same color but with different sizes; so the kit is a suitable and practical travel gifts of travel essentials for travellers who travel a lot, especially for those who carry many objects when they travel, and also for travellers who travel as a family.

16. Laptop Bag

They are regular backpacks for the laptop, but they are considered the most appropriate type of laptop bags for travel because the hand or the shoulder bag for the laptop will not be a typical choice for the passenger in many cases. By using this backpack, the passenger can carry their other bags without being worried about an extra bag for the laptop in their hands. Furthermore, backpacks are usually suitable for carrying many objects more than the other types of laptop bags, which makes this kind of backpacks more practical travel gift for the gifted person. Also it is a special travel gift for travellers who work a lot on the computer, especially if the bag is of the latest models, which motivates the gifted person to use the new bag instead of his old one.

17. Travel Wallet

It is a small wallet that has many pockets particularly for keeping the important papers and documents such as the passport, credit cards, ID cards and money too. Mainly, the passenger can keep the former objects in an organized way in the suitcase instead of disarrange them in it or maybe losing them.

18. Waist Bag

It is a bag that can be put on the waist to carry the very essential objects such as the mobile, the passport and so on. Passenger can also keep their accessories and documents in the waist bag instead of putting them in their pocket so that they can move freely without worrying of losing any stuff, which makes it a good travel gift for travellers and campers.

19. Toiletry Bag

It is a small traveling bag for personal care tools such as the bath appliances, the tooth brush, the tooth paste and shaving machine for men or makeup for women. Notably, this bag has many pockets to carry each item individually. It also has a small zipper so that the passenger can open the bag easily and suspend it in the hotel room to use the tools without getting them out of the bag. Moreover, it is small sized which eases putting it in the main luggage or it can be carried easily by its own as a handbag. What features this bag is that it prevents mixing the personal objects with the clothes and other objects in the big bag or the suitcase just in case the personal care tools were wet. Thus, they are considered a suitable travel gifts for both men and women who travel a lot. 

20. Travel Organizer, Underwear and Socks Bag

It is a small travel bag for organizing the socks and underwear instead of disarrange them in the large suitcase where it has enteral pockets to organize the objects in it.

21. Shoe Organizer for the Traveling Bag

Shoes cannot be put exposed in the suitcase with the clothes for sure, where they might get the clothes dirty, or shoes might have unwanted bends or scratches as a result of the friction with the other objects inside the suitcase, especially if the gifted person is travelling for work because classical shoes need extra care to maintain its appearance and shine. So you can present a shoe travel bags to the passenger as a traveller gifts because it is considered a practical gift. These bags are available in different designs, shapes and sizes that suit all tastes; it also has a small thread so that the gifted person can suspend it in the hotel room or in the travel place in general. There are bags with big sizes that might accommodate up to 9 pairs of shoes, so it could be used by more than one family member at the same time. Furthermore, it could be used in the house to organize and keep the shoes in it after returning from travel.

22. Nylon Travel Luggage Organizer

They are a collection of nylon travel bags to store clothes, accessories, and different travel equipment in order to keep them organized inside the main suitcase. The collection usually consists of five travel bags in different sizes and they are available in various colors that satisfy all tastes.

Travel Supplies for Children as Travel Gifts…

If the gifted person has kids then they will accompany them when traveling so it would be suitable to present them travel supplies for children as travel gifts taking their age into account.

23. Portable Baby Stroller

If children are still in their early childhood, especially in the first two years then they will definitely need a baby stroller so that their parents can move with them easily. Yet, the traditional baby stroller can’t be taken when travelling because it can’t be packed in the suitcase; so a foldable baby stroller would be great travel gifts for children where it is lightweight and it can be dismantled and folded to be put in the luggage easily. Other kinds of strollers can be changed and transmitted into a car seat for children, where they have a headrest for infants and a cover to protect them from sun or heavy rain. 

24. Moveable Rocking Crib

Most hotel rooms may not include beds for children so it would be a great idea to present people who travel much and take their kids with them a portable rocking crib, mainly, it can be folded to form a small piece that could be put in the luggage easily. Also, this crib can be transferred into a chair that suit newborn babies and suit children till the age of 4. The crib also has games board that makes musical sounds to entertain the child when parents get busy during the journey.

25. Backpacks for Carrying Babies

It is suitable travel gifts for travellers who walk for long distances while they carry their babies and it is safe and practical tool for them.

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