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7 Types of Vases & Flowerpots to Gift

هدايا فازات ومزهريات ومزهرية


Almost, you cannot find a house without a flowerpot or a vase, even if it is empty. Any attractive and unique designed vase or flowerpot would be a special piece of decoration in the house. As can be seen, it adds more beauty to any room in which it is placed. Since offering vases or flowerpots as gifts to a person or a family shows your delicate sense and your fancy taste, thus, you should be careful while choosing a vase to be an antique piece or a work of art along with being a flower container. Do not forget that you should also choose vases that match the decoration of the target house; you can find modern vases and classic ones with different shapes, designs and materials. Here comes your talent to choose what fits the house or the office for which the gift is offered. Notably, you can buy glass, crystal, ceramic or metal vases and flowerpots with different sizes as well. At the same time, there are flowerpots to be placed on a table, or big size vases -half a wall length- to be placed on the floor.

The type of flowers that take place inside the vase varies depending on the vase itself; for example, natural flowers can be placed in glass vases mainly to add water to them; while other types like wooden vases can only accommodate artificial flowers that do not need water. Consequently, we will help you to choose and present vases as a special gift through some ideas and information about their types.

1. Glass Flowerpots and Vases Gifts

Presenting a glass vase does not mean an ordinary gift because there are some modern glass vases that are so charming and attractive. In addition, they are characterized by their transparency that reflects their colors so they sound more attractive with natural flowers rather than artificial ones. Buying a glass vase in the first place, with a tight neck and an average size, would be elegant and beautiful rather than getting a big one. In general, this type of vases would be offered for patients in the hospitals, or during an occasion with a bunch of natural flowers to be added to the decoration of the house or the office.

2. Crystal Flowerpots and Vases

Presenting crystal vases would be expensive for some people for the price may be as equal as the price of an antique piece. At the same time, they can be used for natural or artificial flowers and there are variety modern shapes of them that would be suitable for the decorations of modern houses. Nonetheless, if you do not have enough money to buy crystal vases, you can get a cheaper one that is made of crystal and glass as a gift. Consider that crystal vases can be presented to your close circle of friends or relatives as a precious gift for the new house or new couples.

3. Metal Flowerpots and Vases

The main characteristic of presenting a metal vase or flowerpot is that it is unbreakable unlike other kinds of vases like crystal, glass or ceramic ones. Mainly, metal vases are made of silver, bronze or copper to be used in decoration as a very precious piece of art. Moreover, you can find nice, modern, and metal vases in a shape of a bucket in view of being used for natural or artificial flowers. If they are meant to be outdoor vases, it is preferable to have big sizes of them. However, if the vases are meant to be indoor vases, the best solution is to get a big vase that takes place next to the wall. In this case, it is better to get artificial flowers with the vase to avoid the need to cleaning after watering and gardening; therefore, when you present a metal vase as a gift, you can fill it with some artificial flowers that are suitable to it. Yet, be careful to choose a stainless metal vase that is made of copper or steel in order to have a sustainable practical gift.

4. Ceramic Flowerpots and Vases

Some people prefer to present a ceramic flowerpot or a ceramic vase to be a classic gift that suits the decoration of a classic furnished house; for example, a flowerpot with traditional inscriptions and motifs or with your preferable word. While these types of vases are amazing ideas as gifts to be used like decorative pieces at home, at the same time it is not necessary to use them for natural or artificial flowers because without adding any flowers, a vase with inscriptions and motifs would be the best decorative piece to be placed around the house.

Indeed, you can also find modern ceramic vases that match the decoration and the furniture of modern houses as they can be placed on a table around the house. However, the big size ones can be placed directly on the floor without using a table to carry them.

On the other side, there is another type of ceramic vases that can be an untraditional gift for your friends or relatives to make their houses and offices full of joy and delight. They are the ceramic vases with incense sticks that make the space smells good. Certainly, you can have one at home too. Nonetheless, do not forget that you can light the incense sticks in ceramic vases only; that is why it is recommended for perfume fans.

5. Wooden Flowerpots and Vases

It is one of the special decorative gifts that can be presented without flowers. Sometimes it can be used with artificial flowers; it depends on the decor of the house or the office. Still, this kind of gifts is preferable for people who like to get decorative wooden pieces that give a luxurious and classical impression about the space. It would be even better if the vase carries any inscriptions or paintings as well. However, you should pay attention to whom you are presenting the wooden vase. If the person is a fan of natural flowers, then you should not present wooden vases because they cannot be filled with water otherwise they would be damaged.

6. Plastic Flowerpots and Vases

Plastic vases are preferable for most people who do not have a big budget to buy gifts because with a small amount of money, you can buy a very beautiful plastic flowerpot. As a matter of fact, it is easy to choose between hundred different shapes of vases with different sizes and colors taking into consideration that they are suitable for natural and artificial flowers. Moreover, they are not easily breakable; thus, they are the best choice for people who have kids at home.

7. Ceramic Plant Pots

Ceramic plant pots are one of the most special gifts for plant lovers since they can be offered with small seedlings that the target person prefers. Yet, these seedlings must be steady in the pot with clay soil. The good idea here is that when you present the plant pot and the seedling with the soil separately; the one who receives the gift enjoys planting them the way they likes.

However, the kind of the plants should be chosen according to its place. While buying a plant as a gift, take into consideration whether the plant pot will be placed inside the house; thus an indoor plant is needed, or whether the plant pot will be placed on the balcony, then an outdoor plant is needed. Of course, if the person who receives your gift does not like planting or the mud resulting from the natural plants, then you can present a plastic plant in a plastic pot whereas it is suitable at home and it does not require any extra cleaning for the house

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