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Glasses are common gifts only among small family members, because tastes in choosing glasses differ from one to another, besides that its size may fit some faces and may not fit others. Yet, what makes it a greater challenge is that the majority of online glasses stores do not offer return policies, unlike cloths stores for example, in case the glasses do not fit. So it is recommended to ask the gifted person to choose what suits them and then you present it as a gift. Because glasses are hard gifts to be chosen, mostly they are exchanged among small family members as you can easily ask the gifted person to choose their suitable glasses, and then you either buy it for them, or you give them a voucher from an optical store in order to get it themselves. However, if they are eyeglasses or reading glasses, they will need to take medical measurements at a doctor clinic to add the suitable lenses to them.

Nevertheless there are glasses of a different kind that fit everybody, for example the glasses of virtual reality.  We use these glasses while playing games or watching movies and this type would be a precious gift for old and young lovers of PlayStation games and movies, which we will discuss later in this article.

And now We can briefly present some ideas of glasses gifts to help you in finding what suits you to buy.

Glasses as gift

Wooden Eyeglasses

Wearing them is not popular, which gives a special appearance to the person who is wearing them; plus, wooden eyeglasses suit both men and women and all tastes. Yet, there are many designs for wooden eyeglasses, like wooden glasses that are completely made of wood, and there are other eyeglasses that its arms are made of wood and the remaining of the frame is made of plastic. And when buying wooden glasses, you should make sure that the glasses are made of original wood, and not just painted with the color of wood, especially if you are buying the glasses online. Hence, bamboo is one of the most famous wood types for making wooden eyeglasses. And because wooden eyeglasses are totally handmade, you will never find two eyeglasses that have the same print. Moreover, they are special handmade gifts for people who love this kind of gifts which can be presented as birthday gift for fashion lovers and for people who love to appear different and unique.

Virtual Reality Glasses

They are also known as VR glasses, because they are provided with 3D technology and mainly used for playing games or watching movies. It embodies the playing environment or the movie as if you are inside it, and once you turn right or left you will see your surroundings inside the game like if you are already there. It is a modern gift that suits the sons, and you should think seriously about it if you have set a big budget for the gift.

Foldable Glasses

They are very suitable gifts for lovers of traveling and moving because they do not take much space when putting them in the bag or the pocket. It might be reading glasses that the gifted person will use for reading only, or they might be sunglasses where there is no need to wear them in interior areas; plus, it is a very practical gift for both men and women.

Sunglasses as Gifts

As you know there are numerous different shapes of sunglasses, and all you have to do is to choose a famous brand to buy a valuable gift of glasses. And because tastes in choosing glasses differ, you can buy a coupon from an opticians shop and present it as a gift so that the gifted person can buy what suits them.

Sports Sunglasses

It is characterized in its smooth shape which fits the shape of the face, and it might have a holder to prevent it from falling during violent movements. Sports sunglasses are necessary in some sports such as biking in order to protect the eyes of the biker from air impurities or sun while riding at high speeds. Generally for riding lovers in general, they are often made of anti-breakable plastic to protect the eyes during crashes.

Water Glasses

They are glasses for swimming lovers in swimming pools and beaches, because it provides the ability to see clearly under the water, and to protect the eyes from chlorine in swimming pools, and from sea salt while swimming and diving. It is a special gift for people who love spending summertime in swimming.

Reading glasses and Eyeglasses

Some people may need reading glasses or eyeglasses but they are too lazy to get one, we might all have seen a friend or a family member in this condition, so to motivate them to buy glasses, you can buy them one or you can offer them a coupon to get their suitable glasses from opticians shop. Yet, they will need to make little effort to find what suits them first. Here are some glasses types that you could buy from:

Traditional Eyeglasses

The variety in eyeglasses shapes is massive, which makes choosing eyeglasses as gifts much easier, whether for men or women or even children’s glasses. There are eyeglasses without frames, which its lenses are without frames completely to provide a clearer view, and it has an attractive and modern design. One of the most famous glasses brands is Ray-ban glasses. And when your gift is a famous brand, this will increase the moral value of it.

Reading Glasses as Gifts

This kind of glasses is needed more after the age of forty, which makes it a unique gift for parents and elderly people. And because it is for reading only, it is usually small-sized and it might be foldable too to facilitate carrying it in the pocket to be used when needed when getting out.​

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