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Presenting Books as gifts for book lovers is the first thing will cross your mind if you are a book lover too, but actually you can gift books to who is not used to read much as well to encourage them to read .. Few people consider books among their choices while they think about gifts since they might not be sure if the gifted person is a book lover or fan or not. However, presenting an interesting book among the interests of the gifted person may encourage them to start reading when they feel overwhelmed by their smart devices, and they need to have a break from technology, so do not worry that much about gifting books as gifts but you should worry more about the domain and topic of the book, because the good book could be red by everyone, but the bad book could be not interesting to be red even for book lovers.

Although it is better to present paper books as gifts for book lovers, sometimes the preferable books of the gifted person might not be available in papers. By then, you can buy them an e-book, a PDF, and present it with the electronic reading device “Kindle” that can be bought online too.

Hence, choosing the type of the book is the most important as you can have different classifications, then you figure out which one does the book lover prefer. Briefly, we will state some of these classifications:

Buy from the following gifts list to present to any book lovers or reading lovers…

1. Age-Based Books

Young: Books with pictures are perfect for this age category; also you can present them some educational books about characters from history, or about wise stories that can benefit them in their life. Yet, some of these books are available in one set of stories and you can package it with a specific cover that carries their name to increase the kid’s enthusiasm as this book is made special for them.

Youths: At this stage, it is good for youth to read self-empowerment books, personality development, science fiction, tricks and novels.

Average Age: Encyclopedic books that are necessary in the library of the house such as different religious books and everything that a person needs to revisit from time to time to remember important topics.

Adults: It is easy to identify the interests of adult according to their daily routine, or according to the type of program they watch on TV; so you can choose a book that matches their interests.

Moreover, religious books can be offered too with other religious supplement ((with a rosary or a prayer rug)).

2. Occasional Books

Graduation: If the graduate is a reader then presenting books as gifts would be a great choice, as this kind of gift will last for long, and you can write some words to it to be remembered by, presenting books as gifts for book lovers of graduates should be about self-improvement, personal development, success stories and biographies.

Marriage: Books about raising kids, marriage life and house, cooking books, or health books.

Travel: Fast snacks recipe books, books about building skills like photography while traveling, or books about how to deal with other cultures

Work: Books about how to deal with the stressors at work, relaxation and mind relief books, books about insisting on success and continue to fail until success, how to avoid work routine, activeness and create new ideas, communication skills

Birthdays: Books about the problems of life, and books about habits of the most effective people.

3. Hobbies Books

Drawing: Books about drawing skills, types of drawing skills, biographies of famous painters

Design: Decoration design fans, architect design, robot or animation design; you can choose from a lot of books that work on skills development whether for beginners or advanced. Also, you can present books that teach how to install and work on design programs, and these books are available either in paper or as pdf books.

Sport: Books about health for sport practitioners, biographies of famous people in the domain of the gifted person, books about continue to fail until succeed, as sport practitioners might need mind skills training and not physical one!

Technical and scientific: Astronomy, environment, biology or physics.

Reading Belongings as Gifts for Gook Lovers…

The gift, or the book, relates to the domain that the book lover prefers; for instance, there are people who prefer poems or literature, and people who prefer science. So it is better to identify the preferences of the book lover. You can present also other tools related to reading:

4. Kindle

Although it is recommended to buy a paper book as a gifts for book lovers, but sometimes the best books that suit the gifted person may not be available as a hard copy; then you could buy a soft copy of the book over Internet. These books are called PDF books; so you can present the book with a reading device for reading electronic books “Kindle”. Mainly, Kindle is a special device to read books which you can buy online too. The screen of the device is especially designed for reading as it does not harm the eyes while reading for a long time unlike reading over laptops or tablets. Also, you can download hundreds of books on this device so it is like a portable library to facilitate reading any favorite book anywhere and anytime. And it is a special device for reading lovers because they get to continue reading outside home or while travelling, so it is a typical gift for book lovers.

5. Book Stand

A Book Stand or “A Quraan Stand”, Whether the book lovers are average age but get bored for holding the book for long, or he was an Elders who need these stands since their sight becomes weak, so they need to read in big books, which makes them heavier to be carried all the time, in both cases the Book stand will be proper gifts for book lovers.

6. Library Bookend

These bookends are placed post to the last book in the library in order to prevent the book from falling. Yet, bookends can be made of wood or metal, and they are available in attractive styles which makes them an interesting decoration piece next to the books.

7. Reading Glasses

Although it is hard to buy suitable lenses for the gifted person, you can present them a glasses frame so that they can get the proper lenses later. However, you should take into consideration that the frame suits the taste of the gifted person, so it is preferable to tell them in advance, or send them to choose what suits them.

8. Fabric Book Keeper

It is a fabric case that keeps the external appearance of the book while reading by the sea or outside home.

9. Books Bag

This is different from the schools bags, but it is proper to easily carry books on journeys or during travel.

10. Bookmarkers

It is a symbolic gift more than a major gift by itself and you can present it with another gift like a book. Bookmarks are available in many shapes so you could buy a metal bookmark that may suit the taste of the book lover such as a tree leaf, or a bookmark with colorful graffiti. Also you can present a group of bookmarks together since reading lovers usually read more than a book at the same time; so they realize the importance of bookmarks very well. And they will find it a special and symbolic gift.

11. Wireless Reading Light

It is a light with a clip to be fixed to the book or to the Kindle while reading. It lightens the pages of the book; so it is an appropriate gift for married readers who are used to ready before the fall asleep since this light does not bother the spouse.

12. Small Library or Library Shelves

It might be a small library to be placed in the bedroom, or to be the main library at home. Yet, you can present shelves for the wall library as a decorating piece. And for more information, kindly visit our special blog about libraries in order to refresh your ideas about small libraries and how to present them as gifts for book lovers.

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