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It is barely rare to find a celebration of any occasion with no balloons, whether these balloons are used for decoration, or for playing which adds joy and fun to the celebration. Although it may not be appropriate to present only balloons as a gift, but you can add them as a great addition to your major gift, whether for adults or for kids. And of course balloons must be inflated or attached with inflators to save time and effort to do so. In this article, we will present some kinds of balloons that you can purchase as a balloon gift in some occasions, these balloons are in various shapes and colors like: helium balloons in shapes of alphabets, luminous helium balloons and even water balloons, and we will explain each type and how to present it as a gift. 

Parties balloons as Gifts

Luminous Helium Balloons

They are the latest type of helium balloons with eternal lamps that work on electricity or by charging and they last up to 48 hours. These balloons include colorful or transparent luminous ones. The colorful balloons are very suitable for decoration in birthdays especially kids birthday parties, because luminous helium balloons are very attractive and they look unusual to the eye; also balloons add more joy and fun to the party. So you can purchase them as a balloon gifts accompanied to your major gift that you will present in kids’ occasions. As for transparent luminous balloons, they add more elegance and magnificence to your gift. Thus, it is good to use them in formal occasions such as wedding balloons, especially in the occasions that are held in outdoor areas which depend on the beautiful scenery, light colors and low lightening.

Water Balloons

You can refer to them as games more than balloons, and usually, it is one of the wonderful gifts for kids in parties and journeys as you can fill it with water and children can throw it on each other. Plus, it is specially designed for this purpose because its size is suitable to hold each balloon with a single hand, and it blows up when throwing it and crashes into something. It usually comes with tools that are used to fill the balloon with water easily, so it is a fun gift for kids and also for adults in case of the existence of outdoor playground.

Cartoon Characters Balloons

They are available in multiple shapes and colors, either traditional balloons or helium balloons. And it is a main element in decorating children’s birthday parties, because it adds lots of joy. It is available in the markets in the form of some cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Nemo Fish, Kitty Cat, Disney Princesses and fighting heroes. Usually, helium balloons remain full of air for several days after the celebration and sometimes for weeks, which reminds the kid of their birthday whenever they see it puffed and hanged in their room. You can also put traditional birthday balloons together to form one of their beloved cartoon characters, or you could use long colorful and foldable balloons to form the shapes of butterflies, birds and kids’ favorite animals.

Numbers Helium Balloons

This type of balloons is designed where each balloon has a number from zero to nine, and each balloon is sold separately. It is one of the best ideas to be presented accompanied with the major gift in birthday parties, especially kids’ parties as you can present a birthday balloon of the number of their age. Also these balloons usually come in various and attractive colors and its common colors are gold, silver, black and blue.

Helium Balloons in the Shapes of Letters

They are balloons designed where each helium balloon has the shape of an alphabet letter. So we can form words and sentences that are easily read using this kind of helium balloons. Yet, they can be used as a decoration in different occasions; for example, you can write sentences like HAPPY BIRTHDAY to decorate a birthday party using helium balloons, or you can write sentences like HAPPY ANNIVERSARY in other occasions.

You can also write sentences such as NEW BABY or words like BOY, GIRL to decorate baby shower parties. They are almost available in all colors, so you can use them in the decorations of all occasions. That is why it is one of the greatest gifts to be presented beside your major gift.

Balloons Accessories

 There are some tools that are used to inflate balloons and tie them to have decorations and preparations for parties, and to decorate occasions and celebrations such as birthday parties and weddings in the shortest time. Hundreds of balloons are inflated in big family parties that absolutely need tools to save time and effort. So you should consider some tools if you decide to present lots of balloons to the gifted person to make large decorations. These tools include:

Helium Balloons Inflators

They are special inflators for helium balloons and usually sold by liter, where each liter of helium approximately puffs ten small balloons; the size of helium inflators differs between 3-4 liters to the single inflator.

Traditional Balloons Inflator

It inflates traditional balloons quickly without the effort of the breath, which takes time and effort that exhaust the one who is inflating. So balloons inflators are great gifts when preparing balloons for various family celebrations.

Balloons Stripes

They are used to tie the end of the balloons, to catch them or to connect them with each other in decorating birthday parties, or in designing decorations of balloons. These balloons are usually sold in colorful rollers, so you could buy rollers in colors that suit your balloons.

Balloons Stand

It is usually made of plastic where balloons can be put on and tied to it, whether these balloons were helium balloons, traditional air ones, or characters balloons for children. You may need to choose and find stands that are suitable for the place or the house or the party, in addition to choosing what is easy to be unscrewed and assembled again to facilitate storing and moving it for later.

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