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14 Coffee Gifts for Coffee Lovers

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How to buy coffee gifts for coffee lovers? .. Actually it depends on the rituals that the coffee lover like to have while he is having his coffee, but the sure part is, that if you are going to present gifts related to coffee for a coffee lover, it should be part of those coffee rituals that he usually has ..

Because coffee is on the top of the list of drinks and food that require special rituals for many coffee lovers; these rituals for some people start by grinding the coffee beans manually using small grinding machine, and then roasting it with roasting machine at home before adding it to the cup directly in order to get the best taste of the fresh beans of the coffee. And other people’s rituals are represented in the kind and the shape of their favorite coffee cup, and other rituals are in the coffee additives which add an extra special flavor and smell such as saffron. And other people have rituals that are related to the desserts that can be presented with the coffee such as the hot or cold homemade desserts, or by presenting dates and chocolate as an alternative for these desserts. Although rituals might be different but people’s extreme enjoyment in drinking coffee is the main reason behind their eagerness on drinking it.

So choosing one of the machines or tools that are used in making or drinking coffee would be completely a right choice as gifts for coffee lovers and all you need to know is the favorite coffee type for the gifted person and some of his rituals and then choose what suits him; and here we are ready to help you in this. Mainly, there are two types of coffee gifts that may be suitable for coffee lovers:

1) Coffee Machine: It differs based on the coffee type that we want to make, like nespresso, espresso, or Turkish coffee and other types.
2) Coffee tools: Such as cups, thermos, grinder, coffee roaster and so on.

In this essay, we will present these types in some details to help you figure out the available options, so that you can choose a coffee gift from them to present it to the coffee lover.

Please find our recommended coffee gift ideas that you can buy from to present to any coffee lover…

1. Coffee Machines

Coffee making machines are different according to shape and type. In general, there are machines that are specially used for one type of coffee, and there are machines that make several types of coffee at the same time such as the nespresso machine. Also, there are machines that need only water to make coffee, and other machines that use water plus fresh and powdered milk. So let us present each coffee machine which might be presented as coffee gifts for coffee lovers.

2. Nespresso Machine

It is a machine for making nestle coffee and it is one of the luxurious and valuable coffee gifts for lovers of all coffee kinds. In fact, it makes Turkish coffee, Nescafé, latte coffee, cappuccino, hot and cold mocha coffee, and other kinds. Also, this machine can make both hot and cold drinks and it mixes water with fresh milk plus evaporated and condensed milk to make various types of coffee such as nespresso, Nescafé, Turkish and French coffee. What features this machine from the espresso machine is that it has capsules that are called nespresso capsules that add various coffee flavors.

3. Espresso Machine

It is one of the elegant and inexpensive coffee gifts but it is slightly different from the nespresso machine as it does not need capsules; however, it is the favorite coffee machine for many people, and it might be used for making several coffee types such as the Turkish coffee, latte, espresso, Nescafé and cappuccino.

4. Turkish Coffee Machine

Turkish coffee is the favorite type of coffee for many people so it will not be practical to present them a Nescafe or an espresso machine as a gift. And the Turkish coffee machine is an electric coffee pot that mixes water, sugar, and coffee beans together. One of the greatest features of this machine is that it does not need a bonfire to make Turkish coffee; so it is a suitable gift for people who travel a lot and even at work as it enables the gifted person to drink Turkish coffee anywhere as far as they can use electricity.

5. Dark Coffee Maker

It is a machine for making dark coffee that is originally made from roasted coffee beans in the coffee roaster. It is a simple electric machine that might be in the shape of a nice coffee pot and it is a very simple and inexpensive coffee gift.

6. Coffee Cups

Some coffee cups have a very attractive shape so they can be used as a decorative piece on the desk or the table; for instance, peacock or guitar cups, a camera lens cup or even one in a heart shape. Yet, when presenting a coffee cup as a gift you should not present a cup in a traditional shape, but you should choose a cup that will be the favorite coffee cup for the gifted person. Of course the size and type of the cup differs depending on the coffee type that the gifted person prefers; for example, Turkish coffee can be drunk in a small cup, so you should not present a cup with a capacity of 60 – 90 ml as a gift for drinking Turkish coffee, and in some kinds of coffee it is the opposite.

7. Coffee Thermos

Thermos for Preserving the heat of coffee, It is one of the beautiful coffee gifts that suit houses, cars and travelling; in general, it is good for being outdoor as it preserves coffee and hot drinks for a long time.

8. Coffee Table

It is one suitable coffee gifts especially if we do not have a coffee corner in the house. Mainly, you can put a tray that has tools for making coffee such as the coffee machine, grinder, coffee cups, sugar, coffee beans and powdered or fresh milk. And it could be placed close to the relaxation chairs in the house to increase enjoyment in coffee.

9. Self-stirring Coffee Cup

It is one of the new and great gifts as you add the ingredients for making coffee in it and then you press a button in the cup that mixes the ingredients and moves it in circular motions through a small motor that works by batteries in the bottom of the cup. So this cup does not need a spoon at all because it stirs the ingredients automatically, which makes this coffee cup a suitable choice for travelling and journeys or even for the car.

10. Coffee Garnishing Tools

They are special tools for making beautiful shapes on the coffee foam form top; and they are metal or plastic rings that are empty from the middle, and in several shapes such as bears, roses, etc. Mainly, this tool is placed on the top of the coffee cup and then you can sprinkle it with chocolate or Nescafé powder to serve your coffee with different shapes.

11. Coffee Decorating Pen

It is a pen that can be filled with cocoa powder or chocolate, and then you can use it to draw on the cappuccino or latte. This pen does light shakes when writing which pushes the powder out as if it is an ink. So it is a special coffee gifts for coffee lovers to have some fun while they are drinking coffee.

12. Coffee Maker Box

It is a box that includes all the tools for making coffee together such as the cup, or the mug, the manual coffee machine, a coffee grinder, plus a siphon coffee maker.

13. Coffee Pot

It is a gift that can be presented to the housewife where it can be used to make traditional coffee on the stove. Yet, what features this pot as a coffee gift is your choice of a unique and special pot such as a glass pot of Pyrex as it gives a great view when the water boils.

14. Coffee Grinder

It is a special coffee gifts for coffee lovers or in-fact only some of them who love grinding coffee beans by themselves and it is available as an electric machine too where you only have to put the coffee beans in it. Moreover, there is the manual grinder that could be used daily to grind coffee through rotary arms that work similar to a wheat grinder.

15. Coffee Roaster

It is a special coffee gift for professionals in making coffee. Yet, it is more essential for people who love grinding coffee in the house so that they can roast coffee directly after grinding it. Generally, it could be attached with the coffee grinder as a complimentary gift for lovers of making coffee from scratch.

Coffee types…

If you have decided to buy a coffee machine as a gift, then you should know the difference between coffee types and how to make each type, so that you could choose the suitable machine for the gifted person, and we will present the difference between coffee types briefly;

How to make Turkish coffee: It can be made by adding a tablespoon of Turkish coffee beans to a cup of water in a coffee pot, then stirring it while the stove is on until it is about to boil and then it is ready.

How to make French coffee: It can be made by adding coffee beans and milk to the water in a coffee pot, and stirring them until boiling then you turn the stove off and serve it immediately.

How to make espresso: You need an espresso machine to make this great drink where it has dark and rich foam.

How to make mocha: It can be made using a coffee maker. Yet, to make a cup of mocha you need equal amounts of espresso coffee and chocolate syrup, plus half the amount of evaporated milk and whipped cream.

How to make latte: Latte is coffee with milk, so you can make it using an espresso machine. You need an amount of espresso with a whole cup of milk and whipped cream.

How to make cappuccino: You can make cappuccino by mixing equal amounts of coffee beans or espresso with evaporated and whipped milk.

How to make Nescafé: You can make it in several ways as you can add Nescafé to boiling milk and you add sugar as desired; it is made almost the same way of making tea.

Coffee Dessert…

It can be served with coffee, especially if it is plain coffee, and it can be made in the house or you could replace it with dates or chocolate. Yet, coffee desserts are divided into two kinds: cold and hot dessert:

Hot coffee dessert (soufflé): It consists of milk, cream and Oreo biscuits and they are all mixed together without any additions. Then, they are put in a mold and to the oven for 10 minutes.

Cold coffee dessert: It consists of the same ingredients for hot coffee dessert but with adding a suitable kind of coffee or Nescafé or both of them, then you put the mixture in the fridge for 2 hours, and it is served cold.

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