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8 Hair Care Gift Ideas

هدايا العناية بالشعر Hair


Many people consider hair as a beauty crown for both men and women, plus that it gets the greatest attention of the spectators. As for women, taking care of their hair and maintaining its strength and health is one of their priorities, but men like besides taking care of their hair to take care of their chin as the beard adds more elegance and dignity to men and it has women’s admiration. Yet, since very few people do not pay good attention to their hair care, and a lot of people might not have the needed tools and necessities for that, so presenting products for hair care like a hair dryer for either men or women, a shaving machine or a strainer and other equipment is a good idea. Also, it is a suitable solution to solve the confusion that results when the person does not want to present repeated gifts and they want to present something special. There are many occasions on which you can present hair care essentials including birthday parties, graduation parties, and bachelor parties, but on top of this list of occasions comes marriage gifts for new couples, because the bride needs to be at her most elegance at the beginning of her marriage and she maintains her hair in a good condition all the day. So together we will present the most suitable gifts that are related to hair plus its health and beauty to give you the chance to choose the perfect gift to present to your beloved ones.

Haircare Essentials as Gifts…

Hair care essentials as gifts

Shaving Machine

Some men find difficulty in using razor blades because they cause cuts and scars, plus that the razor blades irritate the skin sometimes. Also, using a shaving machine helps to avoid having these cuts and it provides a soft and quick shaving at the same time. However, there are many types of shaving machines, including the chin shaving machine that shaves the chin completely and makes it as soft as it is when using the razor blade. Moreover, there is the special shaving machine for refining the chin as it comes with progressive combs to provide the appropriate length as the user wishes his chin to be. Additionally, you can find the hair clippers that might not be suitable to shave the chin as its user prefers, so your beard shaving machine should be suitable for how the gifted person is used to shave. The shaving machines differ depending on their mode of operation, where they include the traditional shaving machines that work using an electric cable, and other shaving machines that have chargers, and others are waterproof as you can use them in the shower, in addition to other kinds of shaving machines that have a packet or a small bag for travelling where it protects the machine and the clothes from any contamination. And if the shaving machine is not attached with a bag, then you can buy one to attach it with your main gift which is the shaving machine, so we recommend when buying a shaving machine as a gift to buy a special type that is different from shaving machines that the gifted person may already have. Yet, it is preferable to present him a machine that is specially for shaving the  beard and works by charging battery, and at the same time the machine could be waterproof which adds more leisure and enjoyment to the gifted person when using it.

Thermal Brush

It is a suitable gift for practical people and speed lovers because using the thermal brush in hairdressing saves time as it works on styling and smoothing hair at the same time. Generally, the thermal brush is easy to be used and it is similar to the traditional brush; but the thermal brush could be connected to electricity and heated so that it straightens the hair and softens it whenever you are using the brush.

Electric Brush

Many people face difficulty brushing and straighten their curly hair; yet, by using an ionic electric brush, this task becomes easier. Mainly, the e-brush may replace the use of the regular brush and the straightener as its design helps to allow its teeth to pass freely within the curly hair without worrying that the hair might get intertwined, or that the electric brush would get stuck to the hair.

Hair Dryer

It is one of the main equipment for hairdressing in any house, because the hairdryer is often necessary for adults and kids and for both men and women although it might be more necessary to women. Also, it could be used when getting off the house quickly after a shower, either for work or for other purposes, which forces the person to use the dryer in order to not leave with wet hair. Yet, this should not make you reluctant about buying a hairdryer because you might be afraid that the gifted person has a hairdryer already as it is useful to have more than one at home when there are many people who use it.

Hair Straightener

Many men and women prefer straight hair rather than curly, and one of the best ways to straighten hair is by using a special hair straightener. Eventually, a hair straightener is useful to guarantee that the hairstyle remains the same and the hair maintains down even when humidity fills the air. So presenting a hair straightener as a gift is a good choice regardless the hair type of the gifted person whether they are girls or women.

Hairdryer with Steam

Many women like to change their looks by changing their hair style. Yet, it might be difficult to do that during the weekly work as it is hard to find enough time for that; so using the hairdryer with steam might help to accomplish that. Actually, the steam gives moisture to the dry hair and gives it softness when needed, so the hairdryer is considered a suitable gift for busy people.

Many of us have that friend who does not know how to style her hair, and she always struggle when using any hair dryer. Sometimes she cannot match between using the hair dryer and the brush at the same time, so the different hair brushes that are attached to the dryer might help in dressing her hair in a suitable way. Mainly, the hairdryer is attached to different supplements to suit the different nature of hair. Nonetheless, it is preferable when buying a hairdryer brush to choose a relatively long one that can reach far places especially the scalp of the back of the head.

It is also recommended to buy a hairdryer that sends cold air too as many people make sure to take care of their hair and protect it from any damage; so they do not use any hair straightener or curler because these machines cause hair brittleness when using them constantly for a long term. Also, some people suffer from hair roughness due to hair paint or hair oxidation so they try to reduce this damage by using the cool shift of the hair dryer. Chiefly, cooling can style the hair without damaging it with heat, which helps to have healthy and good hair.

Beard Brush

Beard brush is an essential piece that should be owned by any man who likes to raise his beard, especially for those men who raise their beards few centimeters, where the very short beard that does not need brushing could be refined using a shaving machine. Also the brush is necessary for people who have long beards because they might need the brush for their beards before going to work or after waking up from sleep. And it is preferable to use a special brush to comb the beard and to take care of its shape, because its teeth are special for the beard since its hair is short compared to the head hair. Thus it is better to use it for the beard and it is recommended when buying a beard brush to choose a brush of a high quality so it will not cause any allergy, and one of the best beards brushes are those that are precisely handmade from wood.

Folding Pocket Comb

Many people suffer during long work hours or the long busy days at university, which leads to messing up their hair in the middle of the day. So it is good to present them a foldable pocket comb that can be presented on its own or as an additional gift to the main one. Mainly, this comb allows the person to repair their hairstyle at any time while being outside the house so it helps to be in a good appearance all day. Likewise, it is a gift that suits men more than women since men do not carry a bag for accessories, and it is easy for a man to put the comb in his trousers pocket or in his jacket without taking much space.

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