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14 Get Well Soon Gift Ideas

Patients هدايا صحية وطبية لعيادة المريض


The importance of visiting a patient is not only about showing our sympathy and raising their morale, but also for making sure that we help them and meet their needs when necessary, or by providing the tools or means that may help them during their illness. Yet, you can present practical get well soon gifts while visiting and you can choose gifts based on the nature and the type of the patient’s illness; plus, you should choose what helps the patient to increase their leisure at the same time in addition to the usual symbolic get well soon gifts such as roses, flowers, chocolate and so on. You should consider other kinds of gifts that might be more valuable to the patient, and they would be the most suitable gifts especially if they are within the limits of your budget, and here are some get well soon gift ideas for visiting patients.

Accessories as Get Well Soon Gifts…

1. Bed Food Table

It is either a small table that can be put on the bed directly, and then you can put the food over it, or it is a wheeled table on the ground, which is designed in a curve way where its upper side represents the table and comes before the patient, and the lower side of the table, which is attached by wheels, is on the ground under the bed. Actually, this table is one of the get well soon gifts that facilitate serving and eating food for the patient and their family, and it suitable for those who have chronic diseases or for elderly people, especially if they are staying in bed for a long time until healing.

2. Computer Table for Bed

It is a table that you can put the laptop on it over the bed. Yet, it is suitable for both healthy and sick people as the patient can work and use Internet while being in bed and without leaving it. What features this table is that the patient could use it daily before sleeping or in the times of relaxation.

3. Massage Devices

If the patient is suffering from pain in the muscles whether in the back or the legs or any part of the body, then presenting a massage device would help them to get rid of these pains. It is also good get well soon gifts for elderly people. In general, patients can continue using this gift after healing for relaxation and recreation, and if you want to find out what are the suitable devices for massaging the different body parts, then you can check our essay about massage gifts in the previous essays in the gifts magazine.

4. Electric Steamer

Doctors recommend patients not to eat fatty food and to eat healthy food only as a prerequisite on the first days of healing, or to eat meals that are only poached. And since the patient cannot stand up for a long time for preparing healthy food by themselves, then gifting them an electric steam pot as get well soon gifts will hit two birds with one stone as it helps cooking healthy food to maintain the doctor’s medical prescription and committing to treatment; also, it saves time and effort. So it is a very suitable get well soon gift ideas for patients especially if they were women or housewives, where they usually cannot find someone to take care of them and prepare healthy food during their illness.

5. Robot Vacuum

If the patient is a housewife and needs to take care of her house while being sick, then you could present her a robot vacuum that sweeps the dirt of the house floor by its own, especially if the patient has many visitors and she is not be able to clean the house daily.

6. Pillbox Keychain

It is a traditional keychain that has a lockable tube and it is shorter than the hand finger; this keychain can be used to preserve the pills of the medicine so that the patients can take their medication during the day at work or outside the house. And by using this keychain, the patient guarantees preserving the pills of different medications safe until taking them on time instead of carrying the whole medicine container while moving.

7. Blanket Jacket

Winter diseases usually requires wearing very warm clothes that are heavy and comfortable inside the house until healing, so presenting a jacket to someone who has a fever or flu as get well soon gift would be as a speaking gift that says: ” you should take care more of yourself”. So presenting a jacket for the house would be the most suitable get well soon gift idea and the material of the home jacket is similar to the blanket so it could be worn as a cape in order to cover the whole body and provide warmth especially while moving between the rooms. Yet, this jacket is easily worn and it is loose so it will not impede the patient’s movement inside the house while wearing it. Thus, it is one of the best get well soon gift ideas for patients of fever and severe flu in winter.

8. Foldable Cane

It is a suitable get well soon gifts for patients with leg fractures, so they can lean on the cane while walking and it is good for elderlies as well. Mainly, the foldable cane is more special than the ordinary cane as it can be easily stored in any bag and it can be folded while sitting or while not using it.

Health Devices for Patients as Get Well Soon Gifts…

9. Air Filtration Device

It works on filtering the air from germs and from the smell of the patient’s medicines. In fact, this device filtrates the air constantly so that the patient can breathe healthy and pure air which accelerates the healing process. Also, you can control the device speed as some of them have three different speeds. Moreover, the device is featured by its lightweight which facilitates moving it from one room to another. Mainly, it is suitable get well soon gifts for patients with asthma and sinus congestion and other diseases that are related to the respiratory. Yet, the device is a medical device that can be used to prevent diseases in the case of having a patient at home.

10. Portable Electric Heater

One of the reasons for catching diseases such as fever or flu in winter is moving from a warm room to a cold one several times; so it is preferable to use Portable heater inside the house instead of using fixed heaters that are placed in one room only. Mainly, moveable heaters can be transferred to the other rooms when changing the seat as they are small sized and light weighted in order to allow the family members to move them from one place to another. So this heater is a good choice for get well soon gifts in winter especially for patients who do not have portable heaters at home.

11. Digital Electronic Scale

People who are on a diet and who are losing weight usually need to calculate their weight constantly, especially the percentage of fats in the body in order to follow up the progress of their diet. Sometimes doctors strongly recommend to be on diet or to lose weight as part of the treatment or to recover quickly. So it is preferable to buy a scale that measures the fat percentage in the body instead of the traditional scales. Fats measurement scale is a digital scale and some of its kinds can carry up to 150 kg. It works by electromagnetic pulses to measure the percentage of fat and protein in the body, and it is available in very famous brands and in a reasonable price. So if the patient needs to lose weight due to a medical condition or because obesity is a reason for being sick, then buying a fat measurement scale as a gift would be one of the best get well soon gift ideas choices that you should consider in order to help the patient commit to the treatment.

Medical Devices for Patients as Gifts…

12. Medical Pillow

There are some bones or muscles diseases that require sleeping in a right and safe position in order to heal. However, sometimes unhealthy sleeping position may cause pains such as neck, spine or shoulders pain, so sleeping on a medical pillow is necessary for patients of these diseases and for prevention. Thus, you can present a medical pillow as get well soon gifts for people who suffer from pains or symptoms of such diseases to help them on healing from bones and muscles pains.

13. Smart Thermometer

It is distinctive because it is electronic and can measure the temperature precisely in several seconds unlike the traditional thermometer which takes much time to get the right temperature. Mainly, taking the right temperature is considered a struggle especially with children so the smart thermometer is a good choice as it has a digital screen that shows the temperature readings easily and within seconds. Moreover, there are other kinds of thermometers that have a digital memory in order to save last reading; plus, they can be easily used for all ages, which allow children to read their own temperature by themselves, so it is a suitable get well soon gifts when visiting a patient.

14. Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood pressure monitors were often used manually and by using a stethoscope to measure blood pressure. Nowadays, it is becoming much easier by using an electronic device; it works by pressing on the start button only without any effort or pre-technical knowledge, which makes this device suitable for elderly people who do not know how to use electronic devices. This device works on batteries and it has an LCD screen to show the readings of measurements, time, date, and the battery status. Also, the monitor sends a warning in case of a possible arrhythmia; some kinds of the monitors have a clever memory that allows saving the measurements of two different people, plus the progress or degradation in the treatment. So if the gifted person is from the elderly people who use the traditional old blood pressure monitors, then presenting an electronic blood pressure monitor would be a typical get well soon gift idea for them as it saves much time and effort when using it for measuring, plus that it is featured by its high accuracy unlike the old monitors.

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