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هدايا-تخرج Graduation Gifts


We always feel confused when thinking about graduation gifts because they are not frequent or usual gifts. When we become desperate of thinking of a gift, usually we buy the ordinary gifts as if graduation is a normal occasion. However, we should hold on a second here and think about fresh-graduate people as they are starting a total new life stage; so our gift should reflect our care and support to those graduates on their goals and ambitions. So this article will quickly spotlight some different gifts that will provide ideas for graduation gifts which will help to improve our way of thinking about the suitable graduation gifts.

Graduation Presents for new appearance

It would be very suitable when you buy a graduation present to purchase a gift that gives the fresh graduate a new appearance and it makes them look different in the new stage of their life. And this might be accomplished using simple gifts and non-expensive ones, and here are some grad gift ideas that are related to fashion.

Handmade Wooden Sunglasses or Eyeglasses

Wearing them is something non-popular, which makes the person who is wearing them have a special appearance; plus, they suit all tastes. There are many designs for sunglasses, like wooden glasses that are completely made of wood, and others in which arms are made of wood and the remaining of the frame is made of plastic. And when buying wooden glasses as graduation gifts for her and for him, you should make sure that the glasses are made of the original wood and not just painted with the color of wood especially if you are buying the glasses online. Yet, bamboo is one of the most famous wood types for making sunglasses. And because wooden sunglasses are totally handmade, you will never find two sunglasses that have the same print so they are suitable grad presents for handicrafts fans. So if you decide to buy wooden sunglasses as a graduation gift, it is preferable to buy a wooden case with the sunglasses in order to increases their elegance, that is if the sunglasses were not attached with a wooden case already, and this will facilitate moving with it outside the house in a unique look.

Wooden Watch

They are not very common too, but they give a unique appearance whether they are worn with formal clothes like suits and work clothes, or with casual outfits. Mainly, the wooden watch is lightweight and with a warm touch, unlike the metal one which surface feels cold once you wear it, which makes it a great graduation gift for him and for him other than the traditional watches. However, you should make sure that the watch is not just painted with a wood color but it should be made of the original wood to be unique accessories that suit any person who wants to start a new stage in their life.

Handmade Wooden Mobile Case

A wooden phone case would be a unique and different graduation gift since the color of the wood is always attractive in accessories, and you can gift it as a second accessory to other main accessories if you felt that it would not be proper as the main graduation gift, so you can gift a set or a collection of wooden small gifts together to present as a new kind of graduation present for a new appearance for him and for her.


A casual or formal blazer would be important to any person after graduation, whether to wear it when going to job interviews, for daily work, or to wear it when going to parties and occasions, so having a new blazer is essential for the new graduates, so you can put this gift idea as one of the graduation gifts for him that you should think of.

Graduation gifts for Self-improvement

In the after-university stage, each one thinks of developing their personality, or their personal skills; so you can help them to accomplish that by presenting valuable graduation presents that might help.


You can buy a famous book or books for self-improvement as graduation gifts, for example, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, or books for time management, and others for body language, or memory skills improvement. Mainly, this kind of book will occupy a place for a long time in the library of the gifted person in order to be a reference to them. Also, this book has a real value tangible, which can be felt in the hand, and not an electronic one.

Self- Improvement Courses

It might be suitable to buy a participate in self-improvement courses for some people in order to allow them to improve themselves through interacting with various group works. However, this kind of graduation gift might not suit everyone; likewise, some might prefer giving them books. So do not present such gifts as graduation presents unless you are aware that the new graduate is interested in these courses and you can identify that by asking them directly about their opinions.

Cooking Books

You can present such books to make fast food for both men and women as within the limited time that we have during our work, we all get confused about how to eat healthy and quick meals at work, or after getting back from work. So this kind of grad gifts is good especially for single people and for fresh-graduates when moving to other cities for work.

Books About Success Stories

Books about the most successful personalities in the world are often attractive and inspiring to new-graduates to start their lives. So you could present the fresh-graduate a book as a graduation gift about a success story in the field that they aspire to promote in such as business, technology, or media.

Gym Voucher or a Sport Machine

Although proficiency is the first criterion in the labor market, the elegant appearance makes any job more suitable for both men and women. So you can present a voucher to practice in a gym for women only so that the gift would suit the gifted girl. Yet, for men, you can ask the gifted person first because he will probably prefer the gym that his friends are members of it.

Graduation Presents for Personality Improvement

You can consider this kind of graduation presents as adventure gifts and they are probably more suitable for males. Mainly, these gifts are among the most suitable ones that improve the personality of the fresh-graduates as they enable them to deal with new environments and situations; plus, they help them to interact with new people to increase their life experience. And here are some ideas:

Camping Journeys

This includes journeys inside and outside the country as the gifted person can spend a few days on a journey to be self-dependent in the wildlife. Plus, this kind of grad gifts increases their chance to get away from the luxurious life and hustle of the city by preparing food on coal and sleeping in tents on the ground.

Climbing & Hiking Journeys

Journeys for Mountains climbing and walking for long distances, They can be a journey for one day or several days as group members climb mountains or walk in the plains for long distances. Yet, each participant in the group has their own backpack that includes food, drink, and other essential needs.

Sport Challenges

Some of them are seasonal such as Spartan race or Tough Mudder. Yet, these types of races take place in deserts or forests and they depend on physical strength and fitness. Also, they can teach the participants to be patient and challenged and you can know their locations and dates from their special websites.

Tourism and Discovery Free Trips

These journeys can be inside or outside the country where the person can go by themselves or with friends to a city or to a new country in order to look around and discover the features and topography of the city without being led by anyone, this kind of the graduation presents grant the gifted person new life experience he needs in this stage of life.

Graduation Presents for Practical Life

The rhythm of fast life after graduation is totally different from it at university, especially after spending a much longer time outside the house, so here are some grad gift ideas that the fresh-graduate might need in this situation.


The old laptop of the university might not be suitable anymore, especially if the graduate’s major depends on the computer such as programming and designing. And if your budget for the graduation presents is high, then an advanced laptop would be a suitable choice to help the fresh-graduate on accomplishing their work quickly and easily.

Wireless Headphones

The listener might use them when going to work whether by transportation, or by car, in order to make phone calls easily or even to listen to some electronic books or music. And small wireless headphones for the pocket such as iPod or iPhone headphones are easily carried and they are quick, unlike regular wired headphones.

Mailman Bag or Shoulders Bag

Many people may need it to store their essential needs when they are getting outside the house such as a diary, power bank, sun glasses, or even to carry the lunch box when going to work.

Power Bank

When spending much time outside the house, the gifted person will definitely need to recharge their electronic devices, so a power bank would be a suitable present.

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