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Pillow Gifts & Smiley Faces Cushions – What a Gift

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Presenting cushions or pillows remains a good choice despite the many and varied gifts as it adds a touch of humor or fun such as emoji (smiley) cushions, and it helps giving some psychological comfort during relaxation time like cushions with magnificent landscape. According to scientists’ classification, the three most stressful stages in human life are marriage, divorce and moving to a new house; so pillows are considered one of the most stress relieving things during relaxation and innovation times when moving to a new house. With its softness and attractiveness, it adds a personal touch to the person’s furniture. So adding some bed cushions or soft delightful sofa cushions to the furniture is worthy the consideration as one of home decoration gifts.

It is also appropriate to be presented in many other different occasions as you can present to new married couples cushions with drawings and words that celebrate and bless their new life.

It also can be presented on birthdays by choosing one of the luminous cushion which contain some attractive drawings and graphics such as the drawings of luminous candles. Moreover, when celebrating a newborn or to children, you can offer cushions with cartoon characters and delightful colors to suit their rooms. One of the main things that feature this kind of gifts is that it suits old and young, male and females. However, each personality has its own cushion, and if you are looking for a cushion that has a particular idea and you could not find what fulfill your desire in the markets this leads you to think in designing a cushion or a pillow particularly to suit the taste of the gifted person and their home decoration. Plus, a lot of people confirm that they feel much happier when receiving a present that they could use on the long term instead of instant gifts that lose its shine by time. So do not let trends distract you from buying a useful and beautiful gift such as the cheerful and elegant pillows and cushions.

In this article, you will find gift ideas of various pillows and cushions of different shapes and colors crochet cushions, brocaded pillows plus medical cushions and pillows. However, following few steps enables you to present the suitable cushion or pillow to the right person. 

Pillow Gifts & Cushions Gifts

Emoji Cushions

Who does not love those smiley yellow faces that add joy and vitality to our daily conversations! However, they can also be used in making decor cushions with different faces to express happiness, love or fun and all other exciting expressions and they are available in very funny shapes. Emoji cushions are considered sofa cushions too which are used as decorations for classic furniture. Plus they are used as decorations for modern furniture to add a touch of fun to it. It is one of the preferred types to girls and children in particular for what it has of soft texture, bright colors and what it adds of joy and fun. The most popular type of these cushions is the one with red hearts and smiley faces; so they are special gifts between friends, siblings or engaged people on birthdays instead of buying dolls and other stuffed traditional gift toys. It is also appropriate for children because it is a great way to decorate their rooms and seating areas.

Polyester Cushions

You can also give a gift of luxury sofa cushions made of polyester. This cushion is suitable for decoration, especially because you can print any picture you want on it which makes it a personal gift that is printed especially for the gifted person; however, make sure that the image suits the taste of the gifted so it is not only a nice gesture but also practical at the same time.

Velour Pillows

A lot of girls love velour pillows for what it has of soft, fancy and elegant texture. So they are unique cushions and pillows for decoration especially those with feminine colors such as pink and fuchsia. Its soft and fluffy texture is comfortable for leaning, and its fancy appearance is suitable for girls’ bedrooms as it makes it a luxurious sofa cushion.

Velvet Cushions Gifts

They are modern cushions made of chamois cloth which are also available as luminous cushions. That is why they are considered a unique and non-traditional gift. It is a great choice for new married couples because it gives a romantic lightening to the sofa or the couch. Also, it is appropriate for children who are afraid of darkness where you can replace the night lamp with children’s luminous cushions. You can also buy pillows with the drawings and pictures you want which might be candle pictures so it shines with the light emitted from them. We recommend you to pick out pillows with cartoon drawings if the gift is for children. 

Golden and Silver Cushion Gifts

There is no doubt that some of our friends and acquaintances are lovers of simplicity and do not prefer cushions with many embroidery and inscriptions like crochet cushions. And maybe they prefer simple modern cushions but attractive at the same time. Then the most appropriate gift for them would be the deluxe sofa cushions with neutral colors such as gold or silver. Such cushions are suitable for modern decor and its color does not conflict with the rest of the furniture.

Words Cushions

You can pick one type of cushions with written words and sentences on it which might be very suitable as a cushion gift. Mainly, you can find writings such as wisdom expressions, quotes, celebrated words, enthusiastic and motivational expressions, or love and appreciating expressions; so it is a proper gift for simplicity fans. Moreover, there are decoration pillows for special occasions, such as mother’s day or wedding anniversary. You can also make a cushion particularly with the expressions and words you want like congratulation words or the date of a special memory, or beautiful inscriptions so that these cushions become embroidered and plaid with words that the gifted person believes in order to represent a special memory of him.

Armrest for Trips

An excellent gift for people who travel a lot and for camping lovers too as they can take this armrest wherever they go, to ensure the safety of the back, body and neck especially when sitting on ground for long periods of time. There are many options and shapes of it especially those covered with cloth and luxurious fabrics which makes it a unique gift for men, lovers of safari or even for indoor usage while watching television. Mainly, it provides comfort and helps to relax while sitting on the sofa or couch.

Pillows for Pregnant Women

It is one of the medical pillows which is considered a great gift for your friend or pregnant sister or your wife. Presenting such a pillow for pregnant women is an awesome gift that helps her to get a much quieter and comfortable sleep. Pregnant pillows provide a healthy sitting position during watching television or reading. U-shaped pillows are one of the most popular pregnant pillows in which they restore the neck and spine, because it is adjacent to the back and maintains the straightness of spine while laying down. Also, it keeps the shoulders straight and it supports the knees; so it is one of the necessary medical pillows to any pregnant woman. In addition, it can be used after giving birth where these pillow gifts can be used as a lactation pillow and for sitting down the child. Also, the influence of this kind of pregnant pillows is similar to the neck pillow in terms of medical prevention.

Thermal Pillows Gift

When expecting winter, it is a good choice to present thermal pillows as gifts. Generally, presenting a gift that gives warmth and comfort to the person you love in bedtimes and relaxation shows the gifted person how much you care about them. Yet, these pillow gifts emit heat to suit the temperature of the atmosphere and can be adjusted depending on the user’s desire. We recommend you to purchase pillows that contain pockets so that their hands can be warm too. 

Neck Pillows Gifts for Travelling

Neck pillow is a medical pillow you can give as a gift for people who suffer from neck pain, or for those who take long journeys and need to sleep during it since this pillow supports the neck and shoulders. These pillows enable the person to sleep while travelling without having muscle strain or pain in the neck and vertebrae. So it is a special gift for people who travel a lot.

Pillows Covers

What if the gifted person has many decor pillows already? Well, then you can give them a new designed cover with attractive and non-traditional decorative patterns that suit their taste in order to be used with sleeping pillows, sofa cushions or even medical pillows. However, you can find very luxurious pillow covers that make the cushion a unique decorative piece in any place in the house.

Pillows Gifts and Cushions Gifts for Children

It is a suitable gift for children’s rooms especially when renewing the house or moving to a new one. It is preferable to pick pillows gifts and cushions with cheerful and stark colors; for instance, princesses’ drawings for little girls or superheroes drawings for little boys’ pillows. These pillows will increase their fun when going to sleep and such shapes can be used also as cushions for children sofas in their bedrooms.

Medical Gel Pillow Gift

This kind of medical pillows helps to decrease the human’s body temperature, so it is a perfect medical pillow to be presented as a gift in hot summer days and for patients too. Plus, it does not absorb dust which makes it an excellent medical pillow for asthma patients and people with allergies. What distinguishes any medical pillow from the traditional ones is that it keeps the neck vertebrae straight with the back vertebrae. As a result, the sleeper does not wake up feeling pain in the neck. There are two edges for each medical pillow; each edge with different height, one edge is slightly higher to fit people with big bodies and the other edge with lower height to fit people with small bodies.

Inflatable Pillow Gift

It is a great gift for travelling and camping fans as it does not take a large space in any camping tent and can be inflated by mouth when needed. Also, they are considered medical pillows as well, because they have a curvature that is suitable for the head and neck to maintain its user’s safety in different activities during camping.

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