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هدايا لمشاهدي التلفاز gifts for TV Watchers

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Many people love watching TV, and they spend long hours watching different shows including programs, movies, series and miscellany, and watching TV wouldn’t be the same without some drinks and snacks, besides the comfortable and fun seat in addition to other television accessories that add enjoyment and fun while watching TV. If one of your friends or relatives loves watching television constantly, then it would be suitable to present him means for extra fun and leisure when watching television. In this article, we will present different gift ideas for TV lovers in order to help you in choosing a gift for people of this kind.

Gifts that can be presented to TV lovers are divided into two categories: Gifts that are related to snacks and different drinks that can be consumed while watching television, and other gifts as television accessories to add enjoyment while watching a program, or a match or a favorite movie for the gifted person, in addition to other gifts to provide more leisure while sitting to watch TV, and we will present the ideas of these gifts in more details.

Gifts for Making Snacks while Watching Television…

1. French Fries Holder

It is a great gift for lovers of eating French fries while they are watching TV, where this holder is made of metal and it has a spiral cone of porcelain to contain the French fries or chips, and attached with two or three small plates to put different sauces in them, plus ketchup and mayonnaise to dip the fries in them, and this holder is one of the most special gifts for lovers of eating snacks while watching television, whether they were adults or children.

2. Popcorn Maker

When you watch movies or programs or matches in your house, you need to make popcorn easily and quickly, and popcorn maker would be a great gift for popcorn lovers, where this machine works by electricity and you can put the raw popcorn in it and wait for a few minutes to get the popcorn ready without adding any oil, which makes this machine a healthy gift that suit dieters too.

3. Ceramic Bowl for Popcorn

Popcorn is the favorite companionship for movies lovers as it has always been, so you can present a ceramic bowl for popcorn to your friends and relatives who like watching TV constantly, and they can use it instead of the carton cups that always get ruptured. Also, that ceramic bowl with its various shapes and bright colors could be a beautiful decorative piece in the television room, or in the kitchen besides using it for eating popcorn.

4. Dish for Serving Food

TV viewers may need to eat some snacks like sandwiches and salads while watching a movie or a match, so presenting a dish for serving food which can be easily carried as a gift would make your gift suitable for multiuse, and these dishes are available in the market in different types that include glass, Chinese, porcelain, plastic and metal dishes, and you should choose the types that are suitable for the gifted person, and it the same time they suit your budget that you have set for buying the gift.

Gifts for Having Drinks while Watching TV…

5. Thermos

Thermos to Preserve Drinks,TV viewers like to have drinks while watching TV, especially if they are watching TV for a long time, so a thermos for drinks would be a great gift because it will provide them with hot water to make a cup of tea, or coffee if those people are lovers of stimuli. Also, this thermos can provide people with cold water for drinking at any time in case they feel thirsty, especially on hot summer days. This thermos is available in different shapes, sizes, brands and capacities in the markets, and this includes thermos in the shape of an elegant teapot, or other attractive decorative pieces, which adds elegance to the decor of the television room.

6. Juice Jug

Various fruit juices are of the main drinks while watching TV, especially for children, so a juice jug will tolerate the gifted person to put a large enough amount of juice for many people, in order to drink from it many times while watching, and there are different types of juice jugs such as jugs in the shape of a single container that can be filled with one type of juice, and other jugs are divided vertically or horizontally to three or more sections, where each section is provided with a small tap in order to fill the jug with different kinds of juice.

7. Cups and Mugs

Drinking hot or cold drinks will increase the enjoyment of watching TV, especially when drinking in a special mug, and it is preferable to use cups with large sizes and handles while watching TV, in order to allow its holder to hold the cup easily if it has a hot drink in it without any mental concern of pouring the drink when getting excited while watching TV, so you should choose a collection of special mugs and cups as gifts, which might be suitable for most drinks, and at the same time the cups that have an elegant and attractive shape for constant daily use.

Television Accessories as Gifts…

8. Home Theater Speaker

They are stereo speakers that give loud and pure stereo voice, and it embodies a great movie atmosphere while watching TV or football games, which adds extra joy to watching TV, so this speaker is a great gift for viewers of movies and matches, where the clarity of voice and its details adds more fun.

9. Remote Controls Holder

It is a holder made of plastic or metal, and it has blanks or shelves to carry the remote controls, where you can collect the remote controls of the TV which might be plenty because of the different devices that could be used in the living room including TV, DVD, PlayStation in addition to the conditioner remote controls, plus you can save  the mobile with them. The remote control holder can be put on any table that is near to the viewer, or beside the television couch, and this holder is available in the market in different shapes which makes it a great gift for organizing the television room.

Gifts for a Comfortable Seat while Watching TV…

10. Cushions

They add comfort to anyone sits on the couch, and they can be used to prevent back aches. You will find cushions in many different designs and various shapes, some of them have drawings, and very bright colors to add joy and fun to the room. You can also print some sentences or gentle wisdom sayings on the cushions especially for the gifted person. Furthermore, classy and fancy cushions are suitable as gifts as long as they suit the décor of the sitting room and the television place.

11. Blanket Jacket

Severe cold in winter might spoil the enjoyment of watching TV, and the person might get confused between the continuation of watching or going to his bed to warm up, especially if he doesn’t have a television in the bedroom, that is why blanket jacket is a great gift in winter for TV viewers, where it can be worn as a jacket above the clothes, and this jacket is not long so it will not impede movement.

12. Elegant Blankets

Some people prefer to sleep and relax on the couch while they are watching TV, and in winter it would be suitable to present them elegant blankets to have warmth on the couch while they are watching their favorite shows until they sleep. These blankets are available in the market in many shapes and different designs, and there are special blankets for women that are made in the shape of a mermaid tail, so if the gifted person is a female then this blanket would be a great gift to her.

13. Couch Organizer

It is a holder that can be put on the couch hand where the gifted person can put the drink cup and the food plate on it, also this organizer usually has pockets on both sides which can be used to put the remote controls, eyeglasses, papers, important pens, newspapers and magazines in them, and this gathers all the objects in one place, and eases the process of reaching them by the viewer without being afraid of losing any of these objects, so this holder is a great gift for television viewers. 

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