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Home Decor Gifts are one of the best gift choices to present as Housewarming gifts.. Generally, we feel confused to choose the proper gift for our friends, relatives or acquaintances as housewarming gift, furnishing the marriage house, or establishing a new office for work. Yet, decoration pieces are the most appropriate gifts to decorate the walls and rooms of their homes and offices. So in this article we will try to show you a variety of decor gift ideas to decorate apartments and offices in order to help you get your decorating gift between furniture for the main rooms such as bedrooms, kids rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, or even offices; and to get more information, keep reading the article and identify these types of decor gifts and how to present them for your friends and relatives.

Home Decor Gifts

Vases and Flower Pots

They are essential among the decorations of the house; although vases are traditional pieces, the outstanding development in its colors and designs makes them always a wonderful decor gift. Mainly, there are vases of ceramic, glass, crystal, metal and wooden in countless colors and designs. So you have to choose the type that matches the most types of decorations such as the classic and the modern as well in order to give the gifted person the flexibility to put your gift of flower pots or vases anywhere at home or in the office, and to make sure that it fits with other pieces of decoration already owned.

Artificial Flower Bouquets

Although they are not natural flowers, they are considered among the distinctive home decor gifts as they are permanent unlike natural flowers that do not live long. Moreover, they save the efforts of the needed cleaning and caring for natural plants; in addition, you can choose between hundreds of shapes and colors that will add a distinctive, beautiful and delightful touch to the place and its residents.

Various Picture Frames

Individuals need to decorate their house with their memorial pictures that honor their moments of happiness or to keep some attractive paintings that increase the beauty of the house. So presenting picture frames as a home decor gifts is an amazing action that they will appreciate. Mainly, they are available in different shapes, designs and types and if you attach in it a memorial image of a happy moment that they may have forgotten, it will be a symbolic valuable decor gift.

A Distinctive Door Mat

You can choose one that has funny or nice words and shapes in order to present an impressive gift for those who are moving to a new house.

Modern Carpets & Rugs

It is one of the distinctive pieces of home decorations as they are featured by their modern designs that correspond to modern home decorations so they vary between regular geometric designs and chaotic ones; also, they are available in quiet or bright colors. However, they are affordable and less expensive than the classic or handmade carpets.

Mirrors for the Corners and the Rooms

It is a basic decorative piece of apartment decorations that can be used in various rooms, especially in small apartments, which gives a wide appearance to the room and allows the distribution of lighting well. So if the gifted person lives in a small apartment, it is preferable to present a long mirror for them as a distinctive home decor gifts. Also, mobile mirrors are available in your choices as they have a special holder in order to be placed or installed in the appropriate place, bedroom for example, or any other place in the house.

Decorating Carpets

You can present this kind of carpet to your friends or relatives to be used to decorate the floor of their house in the living room, in the guest room or even in the office. In general, these carpets are not big in size; but they are available in different cheerful colors to match all rooms in the house such as the living room, guest room or kids’ room.

Kilim Carpet

If the gifted person is a handicraft fan, and they prefer feeling the rural and nomadic life, you can present them the Kilim carpet that people in the countryside are famous of. These carpets give the appearance of natural simplicity to the house and they can be used as a piece of decorations in various rooms of the house as it can be merged with bedroom or children’s room decorations. Moreover, these carpets can be hung on the wall to give a beautiful appearance and to be a piece of wall decoration.

Curtains Decorations

Curtain decorations are essential pieces of home decoration as they decorate the facade of each window. Also they can be used between rooms or open spaces and corridors inside the house such as lounges and corridors rooms. Yet, when presenting a decor gift of curtains, it is preferable to not get a main curtain at home in order to avoid the risk of inadequacy. Therefore, you can buy crystal curtains or children’s room curtains with cartoon shapes which will be cheerful and suitable for gifting. However, you should take into consideration to get colors that fit with the paint and the wall decorations; and they are available in the markets in different designs and fibers to match all tastes and decorations.

Wall Decor Gifts

Wall Shelves

They are practical home decor gifts of wall decorations which can be used in apartment decorations instead of hanged libraries in order to occupy vacant places and put different things on those shelves. Also, they give a beautiful and attractive appearance to the walls of apartments and offices; and sometimes they are used instead of tables. Likewise, you can use a wall shelf instead of a TV table and use another shelf instead of a vase table and another instead of small decorative libraries.

Wall Clock

It is essential among the decorations of the house and it should be in each room in order to know the time during the day; also it is important for the decoration or an office. Thus, if you do not know what to present as a decor gift, the wall clock is your brilliant choice. It is available in different types and shapes that fit the decoration of the lace where it will be put; similarly, there are clocks in the shape of a heart with romantic fade lights to be in the bedrooms and there are others with cookers shapes and cooking tools for kitchen’s decorations. Moreover, there are the pets or cartoon characters shapes to fit the kids’ room; and the classical clocks are there to be in the living room, the guest room or in the office. So your job is to choose what fits the decoration of the gifted house.


Paintings are essentials among wall decorations whether within the homes or office decorations. They include original paintings of the great artists which are usually expensive and there are also medium-value monetary paintings which are usually imitations of the original paintings or for unknown artists. Yet, you can choose between the two types to suit your budget and the taste of the gifted person to get a suitable home decor gift or as an office decor gift.

Bedrooms Decor Gifts

Jewelry Box

If you would like to present a special personal gift to one of your female relatives or friends, you can choose a unique jewelry’s box to be placed before her mirror in her room in order to keep her accessories and jewelries safe. Mainly, it would be an amazing personal gift and it is available in different shapes and materials such as the modern and the classic boxes to fit all tastes.


It is an essential decoration piece for bedrooms. So if the gifted people are newly married couples, you can present them romantic bedspreads imprinted with hearts and love expressions. Yet, if the gifted person is single, you can present a precious bedspread in their favorite color or imprinted with prints or impressive statements. Moreover, for kids you can present bedspreads with cartoon characters and in bright colors.

Bedrooms Lampshades

Lampshades are essential in the decoration of the bedroom, especially for couples, as they have faded romantic lights. Yet, there are different types of lampshades; for instance, there are the classic and the romantic ones that draw shadows on the wall of rainbows, stars, moons, flowers and roses. So they are very distinctive gifts as home decorations.

Wall Hanger

They are important wall decorations for bedrooms as they provide an additional place outside the closet to keep cloths, accessories, bags and women handbags. Also they can be used instead of closets while decorating small bedrooms so they are a distinctive practical decor gift.

Ground Hangers

They are long ground-based hangers that can be placed inside the bedroom or the office. They are different from the wall hangers as they can be moved from one place to another and they do not need to be fixed; and usually they have a distinctive decorating shape.

Wooden Figures

Kids Rooms Decor Gifts

In general, you can present a wooden train that carries the letters of the kid’s name to decorate the kid’s room; also you can present figures of a plane or a car that can be used as a decorating piece on a table or the desk. So they are impressive decorations that can always be used for exchanging gifts.

An Achievement Board

It is a colorful board with bright and attractive colors that is usually suitable for sports fans of kids and adults in order to encourage them to continue practicing and gaining more awards.

Kids Room Carpets

They are essential decorations in the kids’ rooms as they have bright colors that inspire the kids. Also these carpets are small-sized to not impede kids while playing. Moreover, they have characters that are related to cartoons or animals that kids prefer and usually kids’ carpets are easily washed and cleaned. Yet, there are special carpets for kids that represent games such as the snake and ladder which makes the decoration of the room different and attractive.

Office Decorations Gifts

Sun and Sand Office Clock

This type of office clock is intended primarily as decorative pieces as it may not reflect real-time often but it is used for decoration or for counting down an activity. Yet, there are also types that provide a close approximation to the truth in a number of different minutes; for instance, there are sand clocks for ten minutes, thirty minutes or sixty minutes. Thus, they are great gifts for lovers of historical and classical souvenirs as they bring them back to ancient times where the sun and sand clock was the only way to know the time.

Office Stuff Organizer

It is one of the most practical and suitable gifts for office decorations or for gifting your coworkers. It has organized places to put pens, mobile, charger, headphones, watches and other accessories, as well as the wallet and many other tools that may be lost among the rest of the stuff on the desk.

Chess table or Billiard Desk

Wooden chess and billiard decorations are ideal gifts for the office as they give a decorative appearance to the desk or a table next to it. Yet, they may allow the gift recipient to play their favorite game during their daily leisure time.

Desk Lampshades

Sometimes people might need extensive lights while working to get a clearer vision so desk lampshades can be used for this purpose. There are various kinds of desk lampshades such as the modern ones that suit modern offices or the classic ones for classic fans. Also there are the sunny lampshades that store sunlight in the morning to illuminate at night which saves electricity. Additionally, there are types of lampshades that serve as an air freshener besides lighting and other wireless lampshades that are practical as it can be transported and used anywhere without the need of a nearby electrical source.

Kitchens and Bathrooms Decor Gifts

Bathroom Carpet Kit

They are important to complete the decoration of the bathroom; because the bathroom is the most water-leaking place, carpet kit should be of proof water material that is not affected by wetness. So it is usually made of plastic or waterproof animal hair and it consists of four pieces of carpets in different sizes; two separate pieces are placed throughout the bathroom, one piece under the hand wash basin and one piece next to the bathtub.

Kitchen Carpet

It is a decorative piece that is used to complete the decoration of the kitchen. Mainly, it keeps the kitchen floor clean, prevents the cold in winter and protects against slipping on the ground due to water and oil. So if you are thinking to present a kitchen carpet as a gift, it is better to get it in dark colors to handle dirt and kitchen work.

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