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Although there are numerous types of gifts, some of them are always valid and do not lose their luster overtime, including cotton stuffed toys with multiple types and forms. In fact, some of them are famous of being proper for both, adults and children, such as teddy bears; and there are others that are suitable only for kids such as puppet dolls and stuffed cotton princesses. For adults, teddy bears were distinguished from others as a stuffed cotton toy to be presented because they have a beautiful and amiable appearance and a texture of the soft fabric that they are made of. Therefore, they are preferable for young people and women. Generally, teddy bears are used as gifts on different occasions such as birthdays, Valentines and graduation. However, they can be presented from the husband to his wife or kids because stuffed toys are the kid’s best friend since they develop their imagination; some kids might think that this toy protects them from disturbing fantasies before bed. Young girls also consider teddy bears as their secret keepers so they tell them what they don’t share with the people around them. Also, if the teddy bear is a gift from the husband to his wife, she will remember him day and night when she misses him as if he is there. And since teddy bear is associated with the girl’s childhood, guys prefer to present them the Valentine bear to remind them of their innocent childhood. In addition, having a stuffed bear, especially if it is a large teddy bear, is a popular fashion for girls. Therefore, they gift each other bears of different sizes because they know that it represents cherish and cuddle. On the other side, this type of gifts is available in many stores, even online ones; but the question is: which toy to choose and when to present it?

In the list below, we will introduce you to different kinds of teddy bears that suit your gifted people.

Presenting Stuffed Toys

Giant Cotton Bear

The best-stuffed toy for women is the large teddy bear, and it is better to get one as tall as the girl; actually, girls prefer large and fat stuffed teddy bear and they find it more attractive. Mainly, big teddy bears are Valentine’s gifts or wedding anniversary gifts. Moreover, presenting a large teddy bear is sometimes an innovative way for a marriage proposal as the ring hangs on the bear; or a large teddy bear with an internal recorder can ask “Would you marry me?”. Although teddy bears are available in several colors, girls prefer the pink or the white ones since the brown color does not fit the big bears, making the teddy bear looks more like a real bear than a toy or doll. For Valentine’s Day, many girls prefer teddy bears in red, the color of love, which makes teddy bears more attractive. Also, these are the best gift for girls to show off before their peers.

Cotton Panda

One of the most beautiful bear toys is the black and white teddy bear “panda”. The Panda Bear can also be used as Valentine’s Day bear because red ones are no longer the only valentine bears. Recently, pandas are becoming popular too among girls because of their innocent and lovely real shape. Moreover, they are being used in fashion, cups, and stationary; likewise, the panda bear is an excellent gift for girls in their twenties.

Cat-Shaped Stuffed Pillow

Some girls may not like to be gifted a large stuffed bear; yet, they prefer a velvet cat-shaped pillow for example as it has a cute shape. Also, they are excellent for birthdays, especially among friends or relatives, and they are more distinct than a teddy bear and more luxurious than other cotton toys.


You might think that the gifted person may not like stuffed toys or they have a lot from them, or simply you want to break the routine of gifting stuffed toys always. In this case, presenting a cushion can be a great idea. Mainly, they come in beautiful shapes and colors just like bears. One of the finest is the smiling face “Smiley” or the kiss and they can be used as a decorative piece that complements the office chair, living room sofa, couch or bed.

Gifts for Kids

There are many occasions on which the guest must bring a gift for children such as birthdays, parties of success, academic excellence, or moving to a new home. Many people feel confused about what to present! Well, one of the best things to offer is cotton toys, especially large stuffed toys. Actually, it’s an ideal choice because any stuffed toys are suitable for children of all ages and they help parents to keep their kids away from their computer and iPads screens.

Yet, in order to impress kids by the toy gift, you should present the suitable one for them; likewise, there are teddy bear for girls and teddy bear favored by boys, and there are toys suitable for young children and ones for older children.

Young Girls Toys

Young girls often prefer innocent, small, or animal-shaped toys such as:

Stuffed Bunny Toy

Young girls, up to the age of eight, love rabbits, and this toy is distinguished from the rest of the cotton ones by its soft texture and its fluff that is similar to the texture of a real rabbit!

Stuffed Squirrel Toy

Girls, up to the age of six, prefer real-like toys; and a squirrel is a lovely animal as it is innocent and harmless; so a squirrel toy is more distinctive than stuffed bears.

Toys for Young Boys

Young boys prefer toys with a clear sexual identity; they do not tend to play with feminine stuffed toys and they prefer something more masculine such as:

Stuffed Camel

It is one of the favorite cotton toys for boys, up to the age of 12, especially if the child has a toy group of soldiers besides cotton toys as he can imagine that his soldiers are on a mission in the desert and that they are riding camels.

Stuffed Dinosaur

Many boys become interested in historical times if they study that at school or watch a documentary; so a stuffed dinosaur is an excellent choice for boys up to the age of 11.

Stuffed Dog

While girls tend to have cats as cotton toys, boys prefer dogs. And a stuffed dog is suitable for boys up to 5 years old.

Stuffed Husky

It is a game for boys of all ages as they prefer the wild husky dog that looks like a wolf.

Big Hero Doll

Children often become very interested into cartoon characters and they feel very happy to get one of their favorite characters as a toy or a stuffed animal because they can touch and play with it; and the robot from Big Hero movie is the best choice to achieve this purpose and make kids happy.

Unisex Toys

Most cartoon characters are suitable for boys and girls alike, such as Sponge Bob toy, Tom and Jerry toys, Nemo the stuffed fish or any other animals that can be presented as large cotton toys or cute teddy bears such as horses or dressed dogs.

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