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Illumination is one of the most decorative elements of any place, whether its source is lamps, lampshades, chandeliers or even flashlights. So it is one of the most important choices when buying gifts and you can easily notice this importance in restaurants and hotel rooms, where you will notice the use of lightning in decorative designs. Whether the illumination was direct or indirect, it remains one of the main factors to add the sense of luxury. Likewise, this is obvious in using large or small lampshades or by using chandeliers that are suspended to the ceilings or side lights, or perhaps by the use of candles all over the place to add a touch of romance and calm atmosphere. So it is not just about the size and strength of illumination, but also it is in how to distribute it and its impact.

The importance of lighting as a main decorative element for houses or offices lies in its strong impact on the person’s mood and concentration. For example, doctors’ advice not to allow children to study in the opposite direction of lamps or towards bulbs where lighting is direct on the children’s eyes, because this will hurt their eyes and reduce their concentration while studying. Also when coming back home after a hard day, the body cannot handle the strong direct lighting around it and this may increase the person’s stress. So it is recommended to buy a faint and indirect lighting to help them on relaxation and recreation. So you could buy a lampshade with indirect lighting or decorative lamps or candles as gifts, not only to add a decorative touch to the house and office of the gifted person, but also to help on relaxation and recreation during work, or after a long hard day.

So you can present different types of illumination fixtures that are used in interior designs for your friends, relatives and acquaintances on their various occasions, especially if they are decorating their houses or moving to new ones, or even working on changing the decoration of their present houses or offices.

In this article, we will focus on some illumination fixtures that are used in interior designs, plus how to choose them and present them as gifts, where illumination fixtures differ to cover various needs, and they are in this article as follows.

Modern interiors lampshades as gifts

You can present modern interiors lampshades as gifts to a friend or a relative, especially if they are decorating their own house, moving to a new one, or even changing their house decorations with modern ones, and here are some ideas:

Large Ground Light

 It is a modern long-standing lampshade that can be placed between interior chairs, or in the corners of the interior room; it can be placed to the ground with a long metal holder that usually carries a lamp or two. It is also surrounded by a light cover to make the illumination indirect surrounding the room, and this indirect lighting is enough to all the room, which makes it very suitable for reading. You can control the illumination and the shutting of each lamp separately in the light that has multi-lamp, and this kind of lampshades is a very suitable gift for residents of new houses and for those who are renewing their house decorations.

Smart Magical Lamps in Many Colors

It is a modern lampshade for interiors and it is featured by having 16 colors or more for illumination. It also has a remote control to determine its colors, intensity, and various positions which differ between the faint, accelerated, flashlight and light illumination. The lampshade can be connected to any ordinary bulb plug in the house, and it is very suitable in celebrations and feasts. So it is a great gift for people who host many feasts and parties in their house or for who is about to celebrate a special occasion in the house.

Candles Lamps

They are lamps inside candles models so when lightening them up, they send light and faint illumination that gives the impact and the feeling of candles. Plus, they are magnificent decorative lamps to be purchased as gifts in order to put them on disks or offices to add more warmth to the rooms.

Pendant Lamp

It is a modern interior lamp which might be already in every house. It has a glass lamp which is suspended to the ceiling with a metal holder of various shapes and colors and it adds modernity to the house. Yet, you can agree with the gifted person to choose what suits their taste or house when decorating it or moving to a new one in order to get a proper gift for them. 

If the gifted person spends much time working in the office, then choosing office lampshades as gifts to be placed in the workplace, the house or the office would be a special gift idea. Plus, it is suitable for students to use it on their disks in their rooms, and here are some ideas that may help you:

Modern Office Lampshade

It is usually one of the main elements for modern office decorations as many kinds of these lampshades are featured because they are made of simple rotating aluminum. Plus, its illumination intensity is adjustable and usually based on led lamps. So it is a special gift for those who prefer simple and practical decoration elements at the same time.

Wireless Office Lamp

These lampshades are featured because it is moveable and can be used in various places and positions easily. Yet, it does not bother its user with wires like regular lampshades. Plus, it does not restrict its users with places that have near plugs, which makes it a very practical gift whether for reading in any place in the house, or for working and studying on desks. So it is a perfect gift for people who prefer using wireless fixtures.

Office Lampshades of Himalayan Salt

It is one of the most valuable gifts; and it can compete with any crystal lampshade in terms of its striking beauty and remarkable illumination. It is made of salt that is extracted from the Himalaya Mountains and it is the finest and purest of natural rocks salts in the world. Yet, office lampshades of this kind are hand-sculpted, so you will never find two pieces have the same print, which makes it a unique decorative piece for offices which will impress the lovers of antiques and handicrafts. Also, the exposure of Himalayan salt to heat produced from illuminating the lamp leads to the interaction of salt to purify the air, and it has many health benefits to the people who exist within the illumination of the office. And it is a valuable gift for nature lovers and its ambiance.

Aromatic Crystal Lampshade for Offices

They are decorative crystal lampshades. Besides illumination, the emitted temperature form illuminating the lampshade sends a nice smell from it.  Some of its kinds allow controlling its romance illumination on many levels, which gives a direct impact on the amount of perfume that is emitted from the lamp due to the intensity of lighting. So it is a special gift for perfumes lovers.

Bedrooms lampshades as gifts

If you want to present a friend, or a relative, a gift of bedrooms lampshades whether for their own bedrooms or for children’s rooms, then here are some ideas:

Moonlight Lampshade

It is a lampshade that can be used in the office or it could be considered as a bedroom lampshade. It is a lamp in the shape of a moon that is placed on a wooden holder, and its lighting is faint and similar to the moonlight. Although it has an attractive faint light, it is considered a wonderful decorative masterpiece by itself. So this kind of lampshades is a unique and suitable gift for offices, living rooms or children’s bedrooms.

Stars Lamp

It is a special gift for children’s bedrooms as it is a small nighty lamp that is rotatable and in a spherical shape that works by batteries. The lamp sends a five-meter-long lighting bar that forms a sky on the roof of the room in order to give a romantic and attractive atmosphere. It is particularly suitable for children’s rooms because they usually prefer to sleep in light lighting. The stars in the room ceiling will give them some joy and fun before sleeping. 

Rainbow Lampshade

It is a bedroom lampshade that is suitable to be a gift for children’s bedrooms. It emits illumination to the ceiling of the room in the shape of a rainbow to add an atmosphere of romance and joy. 

Led Illumination in the Shape of Roses

It is one of the unique bedroom lampshades that are featured by their flowery shapes which makes it an attractive decorative piece. Also it adds a romantic atmosphere to the room with its special illumination effects. It includes a manual light that works on batteries, and it can be put in flowers vases to add more fancy and elegant look for the house decorations.

Led lamps for houses as gifts

If one of your friends or relatives is furnishing their home or changing the electricity system in it, then decorative led lamps for homes would be a great gift. It saves electricity, and lives longer than the ordinary bulb; and here are some ideas for gift lamps for houses:

Smart Led Lights

These bulbs have a high-quality speaker that can be controlled remotely; it could be used for listening to music or as an alarm that works on Android devices. Thus, they can be placed beside relaxation chairs in the houses to enjoy mood music with some faint lights.

Decorative Led Lamps for Walls

It is a metal cylinder, or a box or circular shape that can be installed on the wall. Yet, it has side lights holes of all directions, which creates geometric or very attractive curved shapes on the wall by the light emitted from them. Thus, it forms beautiful aesthetic shapes on the surrounding area, which makes it a decorative piece of the walls in addition to being a light bulb; however, it can be used to decorate the walls instead of traditional murals.

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