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Sofas & Couches as Gifts


Usually, the majority of attention would be focused on the main furniture pieces when furnishing a new house; and couches are one of the main and important furniture pieces in the house where you may find more than one for different sitting places. Mainly, couches can be put in the main living room, at the reception, in the bedroom and in the kids’ room. There are traditional couches for the house or the office than can be put in a specific place and there are other kinds of couches that are suitable for many places at the same time such as the inflatable couches that can be taken when travelling, camping or going to the beach. So presenting couches to a family member, whether to a brother or sister or even to parents, is appropriate when they move to a new house or for new-married couples.

You can choose between many types of couches which may suit all houses decorations but you should make sure that you purchase the couch that would suit the place in which the couch will be put in. likewise, it will not be suitable to present a leather couch to be placed in the balcony or the backyard because the sun and high temperature will damage it. So you should take you time choosing the suitable couch depending on the purpose; for example, you would like a couch for relaxation and recreation, a practical frequently-used couch for young people, a decorative couch for the reception, or even colorful couches for children with cartoon sketches on them to add more fun to the kids’ rooms! We will present briefly the couches types that you might find suitable as gifts for one of your beloved ones.

Inflatable Couches as Gifts

Inflatable Couches

This kind of couches can be inflated or discharged from air and folded when the gifted person is not using it, so they suit people who have small houses; because they can inflate the couches when there are many guests in the house and then fold it again when the guests leave. This kind of couches can be easily moved from one room to another as the user desires because the couch’s weight is only air, so even children can move them easily without being afraid of damaging the other furniture, or worried that the kids might hurt themselves. There are many shapes of couches that can accommodate many people and they fit different places in the house, for example:

Inflatable Corner Couch

It can be inflated and put in any place in the house to adequately as much as possible of people; also the couch would have an attractive decorative shape at the same time, which makes it a great gift for the new house, or for new-married couples.

Inflatable Pullout Couch

It is a couch with double benefits; the first benefit is that this couch can be discharged from air when it is not being used, or when the gifted person moves it from one place to another, so these couches are easy to store and transfer. The second benefit is that having a pullout couch represents an alternative for the extra bed in the house because the gifted person might need an extra place for sleeping when a friend or a relative visits; as a result, the foldable pullout couch is considered a good gift where it can be inflated only when there is a need to use it. What features this kind of couches is that they can be easily inflated as they are usually attached with a small inflator to inflate them in several minutes. Furthermore, Pullout couches can be put in the living room to use them daily as ordinary couches, and they can be pulled out to form a bed when there is a need to lay down while watching TV or playing PlayStation.

You will find two types of couches in the markets: the first one is a couch that can be pulled out to form a bed, and the other type is couches that are consisted of two pieces, the first piece is a sitting couch, and the other piece is similar to an extension that can be linked to the main couch when there is a need to extend the legs or to sleep. All the previous features make this couch a special gift for new-married couples or for people who have moved to a new house.

Inflatable Couch for Beaches, Safaris and Journeys

It is a couch which is made of waterproof nylon and it is a special gift for people who go to the beach a lot or for safari lovers. Generally, this couch can be inflated in a few seconds by grabbing its opening and moving the couch in the air so it would be inflated with air by itself, then the gifted person can shut it. What features this couch is that it could be put in any traveling bag or a backpack since it does not take much space after folding it. So it is the greatest couch to be used in journeys, camping, going to the beach, or relaxing by the swimming pool. This couch can be used for many purposes where it can be used as a couch for sleeping and relaxation or as a bean bag inside the house.

Inflatable Relaxation Couches

This type of couches is suitable for relaxation and recreation lovers. Yet, it is designed where the gifted person can lay down and extending legs as it has usually a back cushion that is slightly inclined to the back. So it is for relaxation and recreation in nap times or while reading a book or watching TV. Likewise, this couch is a special gift for the new houses or as a gift for the housewife so that she can put it in the living room or in the bedroom.  

Various Traditional Couches as Gifts

Leather Couches

They are very suitable for modern decoration as they are much used workplaces and many people prefer them in the living room to watch TV, to play PlayStation, or to watch matches with friends. Also, this kind of couches can be easily cleaned and polished if any food or drinks were poured on it, so if you consider buying this couch as a gift, then you should notice that leather couches might not suit summer unless the room in which the couch will be put in has an air conditioner.

Kids' Couches

Choosing a small and colorful couch for children would be suitable while looking for convenient furniture for children’s room especially if the cloth of the couch has the drawings of the children’s favorite cartoon. Kids can sit on it during the day instead of spending the time in their rooms on the bed or on the ground in order to watch TV or to play with friends. Also, this couch can give the child the chance to sit down and relax while reading their favorite stories or when having a short nap on the comfortable couch. Furthermore, this couch could be a good gift for newborn babies or for new-married couples.

Sofa Chair

It is a traditional sofa for the living room, but its bottom part can be pulled so that the gifted person can extend their legs out whenever they want to feel relaxed.

Couches for Relaxation

They are available in many types either as couches that could be used in the house or in the office as follows:

Bedroom Sofa for Relaxation

It is a couch that is designed for relaxation while reading a book or for laying down on it during the day or late at night.

Living room Sofa for Relaxation

They are available in different models that suit the living room and they can be considered an integral part of the interiors. Yet, the gifted person can control the back corner in this couch and the lower part of it can be pulled out like a footrest so that people can extend legs while watching TV or relaxing. 

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