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14 Gifts for Book Lovers and Readers


Readers like to have special conditions when reading their favorite books. Some of them may prefer reading in the morning while drinking a cup of coffee; others prefer reading during relaxation time before going to bed after a long day, and other people like to read while they are sitting in their chair by the window. However, readers agree that when they have free time, they will spend it reading books and enjoying them. Regardless the books that have been read, whether they were a hard copy or a soft copy, you can be sure that readers will appreciate any gift that helps them to increase their joy while reading. So your gift could be a favorite book or an accessory that helps them creating an appropriate environment for reading to increase their leisure. So if the gifted person is a reading lover, then you should consider buying a book that increases the pleasure of reading, and we will help you with some gifts ideas for reading lovers to be considered when buying a gift.

Buy from the following gifts list to present to any book lovers or reading lovers…

1. Books

Generally, books are the optimal gift for reading lovers, with its various types and subjects, because it is a gift that never gets old whether for children or for adults. And even if we are living in the technology era and electronic books, paper books still have their own pleasure while reading which many people prefer to experience. However, to help you choose the suitable book as a gift, you can read our article about books as gifts in the gifts magazine.

2. Kindle

Although it is recommended to buy a paper book as a gift, but sometimes the best books that suit the gifted person may not be available as a hard copy; then you could buy a soft copy of the book over Internet. These books are called PDF books; so you can present the book with a reading device for reading electronic books “Kindle”. Mainly, Kindle is a special device to read books which you can buy online too. The screen of the device is especially designed for reading as it does not harm the eyes while reading for a long time unlike reading over laptops or tablets. Also, you can download hundreds of books on this device so it is like a portable library to facilitate reading any favorite book anywhere and anytime. And it is a special device for reading lovers because they get to continue reading outside home or while travelling, so it is a typical gift for them. 

3. Floor Lampshades

They are lampshades that are standing on the ground and it can be placed by the couch or by the reading chair. Yet, there are special lampshades for reading as it has two poles, one of the poles is up directed for lighting the room, and the other is down directed at about a 45 angle to spotlight towards the reader. You can control the light angle manually in some lights so it would be directed on the book to suit the reader who can control each light separately. So this kind of lampshades is a decorative piece that is used for lighting the room; likewise, it can be used for reading. Thus, it is a special gift for reading lovers.  

4. Reading Light Panel

All reading fans will find this light interesting, especially for night reading. And this light is a glass panel that can be placed on the paper where you read in order to lighten it and make the words shine due to light reflection. And what features this light mostly is that it is easy to be carried and moved all over the house and in the office, which makes it a totally different gift for reading lovers.

5. Bookmark

It is a symbolic gift more than a major gift by itself and you can present it with another gift like a book. Bookmarks are available in many shapes so you could buy a metal bookmark that may suit the taste of the gifted person such as a tree leaf, or a bookmark with colorful graffiti. Also you can present a group of bookmarks together since reading lovers usually read more than a book at the same time; so they realize the importance of bookmarks very well. And they will find it a special and symbolic gift.

6. Bean Bags

They are bags that take the form of the body when sitting on it, what features them than traditional chairs is that they provide a different sitting and relaxing position, and you can put the bean bag in any room of the house. The bean bags are featured in their lightweight so it can be easily moved from one room to another. Thus, they are suitable gifts for people who like changing their reading places constantly due to feeling bored. These bags are available in both, leather and cloth, and they are suitable for different house decorations, so it is a special and different gift for reading lovers.

7. Relaxation Chair for Bedrooms

It is a chair with a long base so that the person can lay down on it for reading and relaxing; they will sit without bothering others while reading or relaxing during the day. Plus, it is an attractive decorative piece inside the bedroom.

8. Relaxation Chair for Living Rooms

It is a relaxation chair that is somehow similar to interior chairs; yet, you can control the angle of the back cushion, and control the bottom base which you can extend your legs on it to increase your leisure. You can use this chair in the living room, also you can spread the chair back and base for relaxation and recreation. So it is a very practical gift for reading lovers, especially because it can be considered a decorative piece too.

9. Wireless Office Lamp

These lampshades are featured as they are portable and can easily be used in the office or on the desk. So the reader is not bothered by the wires especially if the plug is away from the place of reading. And regardless the lamp utilization as a useful light for studying or working in offices, it is also easy to be carried and put on the couch. Also it can be folded it in order to spotlight the pages of the book to give a comfortable and good vision without exhausting the eyes. Thus, it is a special gift for reading lovers or as a gift for the office or the new house.

10. Small Library

Every house might include a main library for books which is a necessary thing, but reading lovers like to have subsidiary libraries in their reading places such as bedrooms, living rooms or offices in order to place the current book that they are reading in it. Likewise, they can put the books that they are reading currently beside their reading chair or by their bed. And small subsidiary libraries are usually libraries with a decorative and attractive shape, and they would be precious pieces of furniture by themselves. However, these libraries are small sized so they can be moved easily inside one room or from one room to another if the reader wants to change their reading place. So you can purchase one of these libraries to present it as a gift for reading lovers. 

11. Books Table

Reading lovers might use small tables in their rooms to put their books on it while reading pauses or to put the coffee on the table while reading. Thus, it is one of the proper accessories in the house for reading lovers to place their books on temporarily instead of going to the main library of the house to put the book until getting back to read it again. There are many types of tables such as the moveable ones that have two shelves, where you can use the bottom shelve as a holder for books and coffee, and you can put other stuff on the upper shelve to facilitate moving the table. However, there are also other fixed tables that can be put beside couches and reading chairs and you can put the books that are being read currently on them; so these tables are one of the valuable gifts for reading lovers.

12. Glasses Frame

It is a suitable gift for people who wear eyeglasses especially elderly people as many people after the age of 40 might need glasses for reading even if the person does not wear eyeglasses originally. Yet, your gift might be more special if you bought wooden eyeglasses with a special elegance and glory. However, these eyeglasses are presented so the gifted person can add them later upon the doctor’s instructions. 

13. Books Pocket

A reader might want to read while going to work, to the park, to the beach or even to the café; yet, they do not want to carry a bag for a single book, so a book pocket would fulfill this purpose. This pocket is usually made of leather where you can put the book in the pocket and hold it with one hand like a book. Mainly, it protects the book while moving, and at the same time this pocket is small sized and elegant, which makes it a good gift for reading lovers. 

14. Bookends

They can be put after the final book in the library to prevent it from falling and in order to keep the books straight in the library harmoniously. However, these bookends are available of wood and metal and in an attractive decorative shapes; so it is a decorative piece by itself besides the books. Consequently, presenting bookends as gifts is a good gesture of your appreciation of the gifted person, and your knowledge of the importance of reading to the gifted person.

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