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هدايا ميداليات مفاتيح Keychains


Keychain is an irreplaceable accessory to any man or woman; at least he will use it to carry the keys of the house, or for his car’s keys if he owns one. in addition to its aesthetic and modern look which adds more elegance to the appearance of its holder, which make it a suitable gift for many people all the time, This makes keychains gifts are suitable for many people in all times, even when you want to present a precious gift, where there are chains of gold or silver that make it an accessory of jewelries. In this article, we will present some ideas of keychain as gifts that you can give to your friends or acquaintances in their occasions, such as birthday or graduation gifts and so on, so stay with us to see the different kinds of keychain that you can present as a gift.​

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1. Gemstones Keychains

This kind of keychains carries designed models of gemstones such as agate, onyx, emeralds, turquoise and coral. So it is not a traditional metal keychain; it is usually silver or gold keychain that matches the value of the precious stones it carries, which makes it a valuable and expensive keychain gifts.

2. Golden Keychain

It is a gold keychain especially for women, because it has the luster of precious gold and unique women’s designs, such as small models for shoes, women’s bags, hearts, butterflies and other women’s objects. So it is a great key rings gifts to be presented to all women.  

3. Silver Keychains

Silver keychains are one of the most valuable gifts for men, so if you are presenting a keychain gift to a male friend or acquaintance, then a silver keychain would always be a good choice. There are many shapes and colors of it; for instance, there are the pure silver keychain that has only silver in its composition and it is the most expensive type. Also there is the silver keychain in which silver is limited on the outer paint while originally it is made of cheaper materials such as copper, which lowers its price. The models that the silver keychain carries are various; some has the dagger shapes, guns, animals or birds that men prefer such as dogs, falcons, lions, scorpions and other shapes, so you should choose what suits the taste of your gift receiver.

4. Bluetooth Keychain

It tracks things or people to protect them from being lost, such as children or elderly people with Alzheimer, in addition to using it to protect valuable objects such as bags, keys, etc. By connecting the keychain to the mobile via Bluetooth, and then putting the keychain with the person or the precious object, if the mobile is approximately ten meters away from the chain, it will send a warning to its holder that the keychain is away from the mobile, making it a great Keychain gift to forgetful people so they will not lose their valuable objects again. They will not lose their precious objects again.

5. Laser or Flashlight Keychain

It is a suitable gift for people who stay a lot in dark or outer open places at night. Mainly, it is accompanied with a cylindrical part that works as a led flashlight to illuminate the dark places. And you can choose a keychain Gift with laser pointer that can be used to point at presentations or for having fun with it by pointing at other things.

6. Flash Memory Keychain

It is a great gift for hard workers and computer geeks to be used while working on computers or laptops as it allows them to save their important files always with them in the flash memory that is attached to their keychain. This makes them feel safe and secure that their flash memory will not be lost, and that it is at their disposal whenever they need it.

7. Keychain with Photo Frame

It is a keychain that is attached to a tiny photo frame that allows its holder to put a beloved photo in, whether it is a family picture or an image of the spouse, kids or parents. You can present this kind of keychains as a gift and put a photo of you and the gifted person together on a happy occasion so the gift will have a moral value too.

8. Keychain with Pills Box

It is a great keychain gift to elderly people or patients who take medications at specific times during the day as it allows them to keep their medications always with them to avoid forgetting it when leaving the house. Generally, the keychain is attached to a small medicine preservative made of strong and waterproof aluminum to keep the medication safe. 

9. Keychain with Cartoon Character

It is a suitable gift for both, kids and teenagers, or adults who watch cartoons. These key chains have the shapes of famous cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Sponge Bob, Disney Princesses and others. You can present such kind of keychain gifts by checking out what character the gifted person prefers and then presenting the chain that has this character.

10. Letters Keychain

You can present this kind of gifts by choosing the keychain that has the first letter of the name of your gift receiver. It is usually in English letters which makes it a great personal gift; also it is available of different materials like metal, wood, silver, gold, etc.

11. Models Keychains

This kind of keychains is designed on the shapes of various models in life, such as butterflies, birds, animals, cars, bikes, watches, and other models. They are available as metal and wooden key chains, silver or golden ones. It would be a distinctive keychain gift if it reflects its receiver interests.

12. Keychains for Spouses

It is a kit consisted of two keychains, for example one of them has the shape of a heart with an empty place to put a key in, and the other has the shape of the key that is put in the heart with love expression embossed on the two key chains. Or it might be in the shape of two hearts that you can put one inside the other, and it is a magnificent gift between lovers on their special occasions as each one can keep a keychain of the kit. These key chains can be made of metal, silver, and gold.

13. Half-Century Keychain

It is a keychain designed in a circular shape, which moves in the form of a result that has a calendar of fifty years, and it can be manually set. It is a great gift between friends and lovers, because it implies that the person who is giving the keychain gift is interested in spending those years with the gift receiver.

14. Keychain with Keys Organizer

It is a keychain designed to keep and organize the keys in it as it has two sides and the keys are between them as if the two sides cover the keys. This way, the holder of them will avoid scratching other objects in their pocket such as the screen of their cellphone, or to avoid rupturing the trouser pocket because of the sharp edges keys. This chain is made of aluminum and other high quality materials to afford using it for longer time, plus it allows the addition of up to 20 keys in it and organizes then in an elegant way, which makes it the gift of a practical and multi purpose for keychain holders.

15. Keychains with Cars Logos

Keychains of Famous Brands of Cars Logos, this kind of keychains is designed in various forms for logos of famous cars brands such as Chevrolet, Ford, and other brands. You can present this kind of keychain gifts by choosing the logo of the owned car of the gifted person, or the logo of the car they wish to own one day in order to become a special gift for them.

16. Keychains in the shape of car parts

Keychains in the Form of Car Parts, Car keychains of this type differ depending on the shapes it represents; for example, the form of handbrake, the steering wheel, the engine, etc. It is a suitable gift for car owners to put their keys in; it is also characterized by its lightweight and high quality besides its elegant shape. It is available as traditional metal chain, also as silver or a gold chain which makes it a great keychain gift for cars lovers.

17. Keychain with Tire Pressure Gauge

Car Keychain to Measure Tires Pressure, it is a magnificent gift for car owners, because it is attached with a small device to measure air pressure in the wheels tiers. It has a digital screen with an accurate indicator of the air pressure. It is also featured by its small size so it could be carried in the pocket easily, which allows the owner of the car to figure out if the car wheels need inflation or not easily without going to places for inflating wheels.

18. Leather Keychains

It is a suitable gift for automatic cars owners, where the keychain is normally attached with a leather case to keep the remote of the car. And that leather case has the logos of several cars brands, so you can pick what has the logo of the car that is owned by the gifted person. Some of its kinds are made of precious natural leather which makes it more expensive than if you choose the ordinary one.

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