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Is an umbrella a good gift?

Umbrella gifts


Is an umbrella a good gift?

Yes, umbrellas are a good gift everywhere but chaina, because in their culture it is like a “breakup” sign, or may show the gifted person that relationship with them has fallen apart.

so if that is not something known in your culture or your gifted person think of, then you can consider it as a proper gift like any other kind of gifts ..

Is giving an umbrella as a gift bad luck?

Definitely not, but this idea just can from that the word “umbrella” in chinese sound the same as “to separate” or “break up”`, that is why they do not like the idea of gifting it .. so if you are dealing with chinese visitors or clients or fiends, then you have to be aware of that as a respect for his culture, and try to avoid even handling it to him as a help on rainy days, but you should not consider it as good luck yourself.

On the other hand, although winter usually refers to cold and frost, sometimes rain and snow may be what features it. Despite that we all love watching rain and snowfall, but at the same time we avoid walking under them because it may wet or spoil our clothes and personal objects. especially for women, in order to protect clothes from getting wet and to avoid the messy look due to that. 

And if you decided to make an umbrella to be your gift, then you will need to choose the proper one, where umbrellas have various shapes and attractive colors; for instance, there are transparent umbrellas and others with neutral colors like black or umbrellas with bright colors for girls. 

Because it is not raining all the time in winter in some countries, then carrying the umbrella would be similar to a precaution most of the time; thus, consider purchasing an umbrella that can be carried in the hand bag or the backpack easily without taking much space. There are umbrellas that can be folded where it can be so tiny and nearly in the size of a hand palm, so if you decide to buy an umbrella as a gift, then it is preferable to buy a foldable one, So this gift would be a practical gift for the gifted person, whether a man or a woman

Despite umbrellas one of the suitable gifts for winter, they are gifts that can be used in summer too in the hot countries, especially for women, in order to avoid scorching sun, and here you will need to mind the colors of the umbrellas, where in summer you can gift a light ones that can reflect the sun rays, and definitely you need to avoid the transparent ones, otherwise you umbrella gift will be used only in winter times. 

Windproof .. It is preferred always to choose a high quality umbrella that can not damage easily, where you can choose a windproof double vented umbrella, that flex slightly to withstand powerful gusts without turning inside out.

To whom you can give umbrella gifts?

Travelling lovers: Weather differs from one country to another, and the gifted person might travel to places where it rains heavily, or to places where the sun is intensive; so gifting those people an automatic umbrella is a great idea even if his home country or city does not rain much.

Coworkers: in the rainy countries or cities gifting an umbrella will be a good choice, especially if it is a formal environment where the gifted person needs to keep his elegance and look before clients and meetings. 

Women: umbrellas are good choice for women usually than men, where in some countries where the rains is not common and they are usually used to protect from sun, they are considered there more feminine, where me do not proper for the man’s look to carry an umbrella to protect him from the sun .. he can just wear a hat if needed.

Friends: It is a good gift idea to present to a friend if you know that she needs one or doesn’t have one already.Umbrella-شمسيةGrandparents: umbrella gifts are a good choice and practical at the same time to give in winter in the cold countries or in summer in the hot countries.

Other Types of Umbrellas to Gift..

House Garden Umbrellas: Garden umbrellas are one of the main furniture parts to locate the seating areas in gardens and they differ according to the size of the seating area, the size of the tables and the number of chairs that will be used next to them. It is a necessity even in winter, especially if the owners of the house spend a long time in the garden on their weekends as it protects them from direct sunlight while reading and relaxing.

Umbrella-شمسيةNotably, common types of umbrellas are made of fabric and metal, while there are also plastic garden umbrellas and wooden garden umbrellas. Yet, when you buy garden umbrellas, consider one that matches the floors of the gardens of the houses; nonetheless, they can be placed next to kids toys and swings to protect them from the sun while playing. 

Moreover, they can carry lamps to illuminate the home garden at night; so presenting garden umbrellas to friends or relatives who own private home gardens and haven’t yet furnished them is a good gift.

This kind of umbrellas usually are proper to gift only to the family member as a housewarming gift, if they already have a garden but not yet furnitured, and it is the kind of gift that you have to arrange with the gifted person before buying it, where maybe they have different plans, or do not prefer a garden umbrella with seats at all, they might like rocking couch instead.

Exercise umbrella: It is an umbrella that is fixed to the body and you can run with it so that the umbrella opens against the direction of running to resist the resulting air. This generates a greater resistance to the body of the trainee while running so the muscles are strengthening; the speed and fitness are increasing too.

This gift is proper to those who used to workout outdoors, and the training is a serious routine to him, because it is an advanced training equipment that not usually the amateurs use.

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