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Is a calendar a good gift?

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Is a calendar a good gift?

Calendars have different types and shapes, some of them are wooden desk calendars that can be considered as a decorative desk piece, and others are paper ones that we usually record notes on.

So if you are wondering if calendars are a good gift ..

Yes, it is a good gift, but you have to choose the proper calender type for the right person or on the right occasion.

Where the wooden desk ones are proper to gift for coworkers or for your boss, or even for your dad to put in his desk as a nice decorative piece, whether they were blocks or cubes or planks shaped .. and in this case you can consider gifting calendar as a simple formal gift ..

On the other hand, the paper ones with pictures are good choice too, but they are proper more for family or to be placed in the house, where some of them are wall calendars made with big sizes to be a decorative piece on the wall with big picture or photo, and enough plank areas to add notes on it, and others are small desk ones.

And you can create a custom one for the family to be hung on the wall by adding a custom photo to it, and you can find many websites online providing a free customized wall or desk calendars, which make it a great housewarming gift, You just can search in google by “Custom Calendars” and you will find different website provides this service for you.

If you have chosen the wooden Calendar  – Cubes or Planks – it will be a special decorative piece for the office that gives an aesthetic and decorative touch at the same time. Mainly, it is used instead of paper calendars. Although all of us use electronic devices when we need to know the daily calendar, wooden cubes and slices are still one of the office accessories that you can present as a co-workers’ gift for those who have their own office or office space.

And it has either lunar or solar calendars. For lunar occasions, there is a special wooden strip; but the model of the solar calendar has all days of the year. Yet, dates can be changed by flipping the planks or the wooden cubes according to the day and the month, which makes the wooden calendar one of the gifts that can be presented to coworkers on their birthdays.  

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In which occasions you can gift occasion on

calendar-تقويمHousewarming gift: The wall paper calendar is a nice housewarming gift especially if it is customized one, so if you can custom the calendar to have a big family photo, then it will be even better, but if you can not then you can buy a big attractive wall calendar for the house.

Thank You Gift: It is a simple thank you gift with a formal touch, so you can present it for your coworkers as a Thank you gift.

Welcome Gift: Calendars are a great welcome gift for the new coworkers, where you do not already know him well so you just need to give him something simple and decorative for his desk, and in this case the wooden desk calendars will be the best.

New Born Baby Gift: You can include a custom wall calendar to the new born baby basket gift, by having the pic of the new born baby to .. and the mom will use it to record the important dates related to the baby for the first year.

Corporate gifts: This gift is a company type of gift, where many company custom ones for them to present to their client, or even to their employees .. So it is a good gift idea to present on behalf of your company.

Office Warming: Whether the gifted person was a family or friend or coworker, calendars are a good choice to give in office warming occasions, especially the wooden ones, where it is good to place on the desk or the office wall shelves as a decoration piece.

To whom you can present a calendar as a gift..

calendar-تقويمCoworker: It is a proper gift for coworkers, especially for the not close colleagues that you have to buy them a gift on an occasion and you have nothing in your mind.

Boss: Cubes or planks wooden calendars will be perfect and simple gift occasions to present for your boss.

Husband: If your husband had a new home office, you can give him one with the family photo on it, So he can record the important dates that he needs to remember or to record all the family appointments that he has to remember, like the doctors appointments …

Neighbor: It is a good gift for your new neighbor, where you can give him a big wall calendar as a housewarming gift.

Dad: The wooden calendar will be a nice gift for your dad’s home office.

Friends: It is a good gift to present to any gift as an office office warming gift.

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