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What is a traveler’s notebook gift?

leather notebook gifts


Presenting Leather traveling notebooks as gifts is a good choice for all those who still like to record their notes by the old school way in a paper diary or journal.

Despite nowadays many people like better recording their notes on their cell phones or other digital devices, still the leather notebooks are a nice and useful gift for travelers, where the digital devices will need to be charged to be able to reach the notes on it, which is not completely safe in some urgent cases.

But still many people do not know what differs the traveling notebooks to the normal notebooks that we know .. so let us answer that briefly first ..

What is a traveler’s notebook gifts or traveler’s journal?

It is a diary with a leather cover and has an elegant band in order to give the diary the nature of ancient heritage. Plus they are a refillable leather journal, where the gifted person can add alternative papers if the papers of the diary are full. The leather cover protects the diary papers while the gifted person is holding it and moving, or when keeping it in the bag, because the leather covers the four sides of the diary. 

The travelers notebooks have many uses that make it a good choice to gift, where in addition to being a book to put all of your creative thoughts throughout your day, it also can be used as a sketchbook for drawing lovers. 

There are four features that distinguish the traveler’s notebook from the other types of notebooks ..

  1. One of the most remarkable things in the Traveller’s notebooks is the Vintage Luxurious Leather look that it has, where the beauty of the leather cover makes it unique, its leather cover gives it splendid and classical glamor which makes it a valuable leather gift..
  2. travelers journals have a leather cover with a nice way to lock, some have a nice leather ribbon wrap around the leather journal to keep it close, and others a brass clasp on the front face of the cover, and some can be closed with a key locker.
  3. They are a refillable leather journal, where the gifted person can add alternative papers if the papers of the diary are full, so that the diary users can keep it with them without the need to throw it away after its papers get full.
  4. Some types of Travellers leather journal have a side pocket inside to add the save the passport or little money during the journey.

Other Features that can make the Travelers leather book a great gift :

  • Genuine leather: You can choose a Leather Diary gift that has a genuine leather cover, which will give it an extra elegance that you always like to add to your gift.
  • Handmade Cover: Choosing travers notebooks that have handmade covers will make your gift more precious to the handmade lovers.
  • Antique: The attractive and vintage look that the Diary leather has, always makes it a nice antique piece that the gifted person can add to his wall shelves at home or on his home desk, plus, the elegant look makes it nice to move around with.
  • It can be personalized, where some shops can personalize your leather journal diary with a custom quote of your choice.

You can Gift the leather Diary as a gift set with other gift pieces, like leather keychain, or with a pen, and it will be so unique if you gift it with a quill Pen or fountain pen, which will make your gift set so elegant and unique as an office gift.


Pocket Diary Gift..

Some of the Leather notebooks are in the size of pocket, which makes it a perfect pocket gift, and for those pocket diaries you can choose a unique ones with an attractive metal cover or a leather cover with a fancy look to be an appropriate gift. You can also choose diaries with the colors and inscriptions that suit men and women; likewise, diaries with simple designs and inscriptions suit men, and colorful diaries with stark colors would suit women.

To whom you can Gift The Leather notebook gift

Travel Lovers:
You can say that it’s made for them already, where they can write down their diaries and important notes, even to use them in drawing and designing, and the leather cover makes it proper to be put in the handbags without any creases, plus, holding it for long time will not make the sweat of the hands damages the papers as the leather cover is perfect for that.

Teachers: You can give it to your teachers in the university or school to move with an elegant leather notebook or diary in lectures.

Coworkers: leather diary is a special gift that can be presented to a work colleague on their birthdays, and they can be used for outdoor meetings with clients or conferences, where the fancy look that it has makes it perfect for the formal meetings.

Boss: Leather Diary are great formal gifts for bosses, where usually you will feel overwhelmed by thinking in the right gift for your boss, as the other types of gifts like ties or cufflinks could make you a little hesitated, because they may not match the taste of the gifted person. 

Writers: there is not a certain writing time for writers, they may have great ideas that they need to write down immediately, then they can add to it later, that is why they always move with notebooks for this reason, which makes the leather notebook a perfect gift for them to carry everywhere. 

Superficial Friend: For sure if you have been invited to an occasion of a superficial fiend, you will realize that your gift options are a bit limited, and accully the Leather journal can be considered one of those type of gifts that you can present on such occasions.

Drawing Lovers: It is a nice gift for drawing lovers where they can record their nice moments in drawing whether in their travel trips or in the unique places that they visit.

Students: You can give it to youths and university students to move with a notebook or elegant leather diary in lectures.

Wife: You can give your wife presents like a leather diary, especially if she works in order to write down her thoughts or notes continually in all matters of life, or to record all home related needs or notes.

Unisex: it’s appropriate for women or men. You can choose diaries with the colors and inscriptions that suit men and women; likewise, diaries with simple designs and inscriptions suit men, and colorful diaries with stark colors would suit women.

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