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Is a compass a good gift?

Compass Gifts


Compass is one of the emergency and survival tools that usually camping and travelling lovers are using in their journeys .. plus you can consider it as one of the accessories that should be added to the travelling bag..

So If you are wondering ..  

Is a compass a good gift? .. 

the answer Yes, For all adventures and outdoors lovers, as it is a very important emergency tool that they should have, because they can lose signals of their electronic devices for many reasons .. and then the compass will be the old school guide that can lead them to their directions.

To who you can gift Compass ..

Camping lovers: All campers groups would have a compass, maybe it is not necessary for every camping member, every group should have one.. And usually it is one of the emergency tools that the camp leader has, but if the gifted person is going with his family and he is the camp leader, then he should have one .. and if he has not .. then compass will be a recommended gift that you can present.

Hiking and Trekking Lovers: Some hikers are walking over 8 hours a day in the mountains and or woods, where having no connections or signal with their electronic devices is something more likely going to happen, and then it i will be really not save to be without compass if they got lost .. 

and for hiking lovers it is recommended that every member to have his own compass in case he got lost from the group, Since usually if the hiking group has a big number of hiking they split into smaller groups following each other based on their strength and the break times that they need .. which increase the chances of losing the connection of the other groups that they are following ..

Cyclists and Bikers: the risk is higher with bikers and cyclists if they are used to having adventures in the woods, where driving a long distance in the wrong direction will put them in a critical situation, and your compass gift could be the only guide that they can depend on if there have no signals or advanced tool.

Hunting Lovers: hunting is little like hiking, where sometimes hunters need to walk a big distance to find an animal to hunt.


Sailing Lovers: despite every ship or small boat having his own equipment, compass is a survival tool that they should not miss on their trips as well.

Safaris lovers: Many safaris lovers like to drive off the safari camp and maybe for login distances, especially if they are driving buggy cars that are so exciting to drive on the big san hill, which make it a necessary to have compass as a survival tool in case they get lost in the desert.

What you need to care about ..

1- Shockproof: And since the Compass are usually used outdoors, you should buy a compass gift that can be used in all circumstances, where most of the valuable ones have a metal shockproof surface.

2- Waterproof: It is necessary as well to make sure that it is a waterproof compass to be practical in the emergency situation, whether in the rainy wither or even if it fell in the water..

3- Fluorescent Design: It is an important feature that you need to care about while buying compass gifts, where it will allow the compass carrier to read the data at night without a flashlight, but the Camping Compass must absorb enough sunlight to achieve a good glow.

4- Clinometers Function: this feature makes the compass user make sure that the compass is in the right position, especially if he is using it over heights or slopes.

Some of compasses has an extra metal or leather cover to give it extra protection in all situations, plus, you can choose between two types either the classic or the modern looking ones, where you can buy a compass with a classic and vintage and antique look with a chain which imitates the traditional pocket watches, or you can buy a modern one with a military look.

Compass gifts with other tools ..

You can choose compass gifts that are handmade as well, where you can add an extra touch to the metal surface by writing on the back of cover a quote or add some handmade Inscriptions.

Despite it being recommended to buy a professional compass, you can buy it as an extra feature in some other gifts, where you can buy the following ..

Whistle: since the compass is already a survival gift, then it will be an extra feature if you can choose one of the compasses that has a whistle attached to it already.. Definitely it will be practical and helpful in case the gifted person loses..

You can present it included in an emergency kit gift, where it will be a great gift choice for the new camper to have on their first camping trips.

Thermometer: you can give the compass gift with a thermometer as well to measure the temperature of the place as well.


Keychain with compass: it is a nice way to have two gifts in one, actually we do not recommended it because it is not so save as usually not a shockproof, because usually the surface is not strong enough so after it fall you may find a bubble of air on the top of compass dial which prevent it from being accurate.

Rug with a compass: usually is used for praying where the prayer will need to know the right direction that he needs to pray to, which makes good gift for the religious people

Locker with a compass: it will be another way to gift two gifts in one, but it is not a professional tool as well, as it is usually not waterproof or shockproof, so it can be just an extra accessory, but not for emergency use.

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