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How to Choose the Perfect Gift for Your Wife?

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How to choose the perfect gift for your wife?

Choosing gifts for wife is considered one of the most confusing things for some men, because they try hard to choose an appropriate gift for its occasion. The most confusing thing is that the husband finds himself among hundreds of gifts to choose from in order to find the best and the most appropriate one for his wife’s style. 

However, the most important thing in this period for the husband is to think about gift ideas for his wife from the perspective of their categories, divisions and types. Then he chooses the suitable gift ideas and classifies them according to the category she admires most.

For example, the wife may be obsessed with mode and fashion; therefore, this kind is suitable for her. She may be doing great effort at work or at home; hence, comfort and relaxing tools like massage tools are the most suitable. The wife may love romantic gestures more, which makes this kind of gift the first priority to search for wife’s gift related to it. Other wives prefer adventures and trips, and so on.

When you think of the gifts for your wife according to their kind first; then, it’s easy to choose the proper gift. Accordingly, the gift for wife will be appropriate and right. If you are a husband, you are advised to prepare a list of kinds that you should work on, add notes and write down every suggested idea that comes to your mind. This way they become ready when you need to choose a gift for your wife; thus, you won’t forget the ideas and lose the suitable gift in the proper time.

So we will talk in the second part of this article about 13 Types & Kinds in which you can divide the ideas of the gifts for your wife and choose from them the most appropriate one for her.

First of all, I would like to talk in the first part of this article about 7 axles that you have to put into consideration before choosing the gift you want to buy for your wife. These axles will highlight fast these points that you will need to think of during buying and giving your wife any present; therefore, you reach to the most perfect, suitable and rightest gift for your wife. Let’s begin with the seven axles.

7 Axles to consider before choosing the gift for your wife

Gifts for many women are strong evidence of the interested person. If you are looking for unique gift ideas for the wife as birthday gifts or as an anniversary present or any other occasion that belongs to you, you should be aware of her taste and interests well and search for the gift that pleased her. The most important thing is the gift that is compatible with the occasion presented in. For example, Valentine’s Day and wedding anniversary gifts, it should be very romantic to match the occasion. So, to speak, the roses in such situations, the perfumes and the jewelry are the closest gifts for women on these occasions. Furthermore, you have to keep in mind that your interest in the atmosphere is more important than the gift itself. Whenever you care about the details of the day and the occasion, it will be a very special day for her. For example, your interest in putting decorations or wrapping your gift in a special way and the way you present the gift itself are all things that make your gift very special and meaningful.

 The choosing of the suitable wife’s gifts that are compatible with her interests is confusing, however, it is very simple, for example, you can know indirectly about what she needs. Therefore, you can get ideas that you are looking for through your wife’s word and it will have a beautiful impact on her. If you buy a gift that she needs, she will be very happy because you care about the details.

 Gifts have their own and magical effect. In the case of the spouses, the husband’s interest in searching about gifts has a special character, especially if he made an effort and spent time choosing a gift for his wife. This will be very helpful in your relationship and its interdependence and strength because she will make sure how much you love her and how you try to please her.

 It’s not necessary to have an occasion to present a gift. Unexpected gifts that are not related to a specific occasion are the most pampering gifts for the wife, like saying “Thank you” “I love you”. Besides, you can present her from time to another some symbolic gifts such as roses and chocolate or some valuable gifts that your wife may need, or pampering her by buying some Ornaments and jewelry that she loves.

1- Gifts related to memories…

Marital life needs the things that renew its routine and retrieve memories before marriage and the initial love periods because it helps to renew your relationship continuously and better. By that, you have a great opportunity to choose a gift that will make your wife happier and more grateful to you. For example, it is possible to gift your wife something related to previous memories between you, or something she wanted when she was young. Like, if she wishes to have a telescope, or if she wants to travel to any country, you can surprise her by booking tickets for that country. Your interest in old details makes your gift has a very great impact on your wife.

2- Wife’s gift and its occasion…

It seems complicated in the search for suitable wife gifts because you should take into consideration the value and kind of your gift according to the occasion. For example, if your gift doesn’t relate to a specific occasion, simple and symbolic gifts are very appropriate. but if the wife’s gift is related to her birthday, or wedding anniversary, or any special occasion, your gift should be special and valuable. At that time, you will find that it is complicated and needs to be patient to get a good gift.

3- What makes your gift more valuable…

The wife’s gift is not always material. Some touches increase the value and beauty of your gift, whatever its price, for example, attaching a card within words of thanks, love and praise or special phrases. Also, wrapping the present and the way you present it to her make the wife’s gift cause of her pleasure and happiness.

4- How do you present your gift? …

Gifts are one of the most romantic initiatives that carry many deeper kind meanings than its material value. You can do many things for your wife and are considered more valuable than its material value. For example, invite her to an outside dinner in a restaurant she loves or a romantic dinner in a high-class hotel. Also, prepare dinner by yourself and surprise her, or plan a party with the help of her friends and the presence of the family. All of these initiatives are among the strongest moral presents that women love, appreciate, and make them pleased.

5- Non-traditional occasion for gifting the wife…

You can take advantage of many occasions to delight your wife. If you present your wife an estimated gift to celebrate her success when she gets a new job or promotion at her work, it is considered to be a strong message that carries many meanings of love, appreciation, support, and encouragement, which helps her to success and feels that you support her. Also, you can support your wife in many situations such as if she was sad due to failure in work, or the sick, or you wrangle her and want to apologize or other many daily situations that could be a good opportunity to express your love and gratitude to her or present some simple and appropriate gifts.

6- Surprise Gifts…

The unexpected gifts are the things that women love most because they prefer this kind of surprises and planning that make them happy. You should keep in mind that multiply your surprises because the repetition of them, especially if it is at close intervals, will reduce its value, over time it will be a normal thing, and even the gifts will lose their importance. Therefore, you should choose timely to do this, make the periods far apart relatively and focus on not all gifts being valuable, not all simple, and it is always varied and renewed as long as you want to please your wife besides choosing the appropriate for her and the occasion.

7- Make an effort when you intend to buy your wife’s gift…

It seems complicated for many men because the husband differs from the wife in the way he presents the gift and his interest in remembering all the special occasions between them. But for the woman, this matter considered the most important thing, when she decides to buy a gift, she does her best to express the extent of her love. So, you should make some effort, exchange the same interest with both of you and express your love with many of the wife’s moral, material and practical gift ideas to increase your wife’s happiness and mutual appreciation between you.

13 Category Types in which you can divide the ideas of the gifts for your wife and choose from

Now we will talk about the thirteen Types which you can start with in thinking of suitable gifts for your wife.

1- The Gifts for Your Wife Should be Personal Gifts…

When you search for gift ideas for wife, it’s preferable to give her a gift for her personal use, not a gift for many persons’ use. It’s not appropriate to give her a gift and think that you will use it with her or any other member of the family. The more special the gift is, the more appropriate it will be. Here are some examples….

Coffee or Nescafe maker: If your wife adores special kinds of coffee, it will be suitable to give her a special machine for making that kind. In effect, your gift will be highly appreciated for giving her something she loves and uses all the time.

Cups and Mugs: Giving your wife mugs with special paintings, shapes and  colors will always be an appropriate gift; nonetheless, try to buy a mug of untraditional shape to give your gift special glamor and brilliance.

Home Robe: Buying a luxe robe that fits her style in wearing clothes is a unique and special gift for your wife.

2- Gifts That Your Wife May Not Buy It For Herself..

One of the best gift ideas for wives are those that they want but don’t buy because they are considering them as nonessentials or luxuries; in addition, they may give priority to other things they prefer to spend money on. For this reason, giving such presents is the most pleasurable thing for them and has a greater impact than any traditional gift. This way, these kinds of gifts are so special for her. Here are some examples of these gifts:
Jewelries’ box: It helps the wife to bind all her accessories and jewelries in one box in a regular and unique way.

Make-up Organizer: It’s divided accurately from inside in a way that fits make-up purposes; therefore, She will put all make-up kinds and tools inside it.

Memory box: It’s made for her in order to gather all her memories in it like gifts she had from friends, pictures for her and her family, or her personal stuff which she wants to keep away from anyone.

3- It could be a Nominal Romantic Gifts…

In some occasions the gifts for wife should be more romantic to express how much you love and appreciate her, especially in valentine day, wedding anniversary or her birthday ; therefore, the simpler your gift is, and expressing your love clearly, the more successful you will be in choosing the suitable gift which makes your wife happy. Moreover, there are special dates between you two, away from the other occasions, in which you can give nominal and romantic gifts as an appreciation for your wife. For example, you can remind her of the first day you met. Here are the most common presents that women love and are pleased with…..

Roses and flowers: You can give your wife roses and flowers on your special occasions as a gift for wife on your wedding anniversary, or to make  things up with her if she is mad about something. And to make the present delightful or delicate at the same time, you should realize the importance of wrapping gifts and the way of presenting it. Not only that, but you can also give her roses and flowers as secondary gifts beside the main valuable gift like jewelry; thus, you increase its beauty and spiritual value. You can buy non traditional bouquets of flowers even if they are small because you should take care of the spiritual value of this kind of presents more than material value.

Metal flower: Instead of buying natural flowers that wilters in several days, you can buy gold in color, metal flower as a symbol of its occasion like the wedding anniversary or your wife’s birthday.

Perfumes: Especially the perfumes that are special and famous for their romantic odor; therefore, it is suitable to give it to her on Valentine’s day or your wedding anniversary. Thus, it may be more appropriate to give her bouquets of flowers with it.

Jewelries: Jewelries of necklaces, bracelets and rings with their different shapes and types, decorated with gemstones, are very valuable gifts. As a result, you can give them on important occasions or to express your appreciation and gratefulness for her.

Chocolate: Most women love chocolate which is considered a symbol of love for them; so they love who gives them such a present. Even if they are on a diet, they keep it to eat later. Thus, you can from time to time give your wife different kinds of chocolates she loves. It’s not a must to give her chocolate for a certain occasion; however, you can give it to her with another gift.

Medals: There are two-part-medals or two parts completing each other, one for you and the other for her. Some people prefer these nominal gifts which have a nice romantic meaning.

Bears and stuffed toys: They are one of the most known gifts as special romantic gifts on Valentine’s day or wedding anniversary. You can find them in different shapes and colors of bears, pandas, rabbits or cotton dolls.

4- Memorial Gifts…

Some gifts’ real value lies in what these presents mean, as the simple memorial gifts which may not be expensive; otherwise, they are special in their abstract value. These gifts are divided into two parts:

Memorial gifts to the current event and occasion: This gift is related to this occasion in the current time with your wife which she will keep for this beautiful memory. For example, a honeymoon gift, a gift for wife on a trip or a journey,  gifts for wife on your first wedding anniversary or her first birthday after marriage and so on….

Memorial gifts related to past memories for the wife: They are gifts that are related to her childhood memories, school days or memory of old adventure.

As for the first kind, there are lots of kinds of gifts that you can buy for your wife and become a memory; however, you should remember that it’s preferred that the gift be symbolic more than material. For after a while, she will keep it and won’t wear it so much…..Some examples of this….

  •     Accessories and jewelries: You can buy one of them with gemstone like a ring, necklace and so on…
  •     Car’s suspended chain: It would be appropriate for the first day driving or the first day having a car.

As for the second type, it’s related to old memories; therefore, it needs close observation from you to have suitable gift associated with a past memory she likes and present it in the suitable time.

5- You Can Choose Practical Gifts..

Your wife may be a practical person because of the accelerating life among work, home, children and other things. That’s why, gifts for the practical wife that are used in daily life, while at the same time she doesn’t buy to herself, are very good gifts for wife. There are a lot of practical and special gifts that you can choose from; however, these gifts have another dimension aside from being just a gift you give to your wife on an occasion. It’s your admission that you know your wife’s interests well because when you search for such a present, you ought to know what she needs of special tools which she uses in daily life or her using will facilitate her life. Some examples of this include….

Wireless headsets: whether were headsets or headphones, they are usually used on the daily bases; hence, they are appropriate to use inside and outside home. So it would be a suitable gift for wife to give.

Kindle: If your wife loves reading as well as a working woman, it’s sometimes hard for her to move with a set of books to read during waiting or during her free time. Accordingly, the kindle will help her a lot in reading all the books she loves easily and practically and she can use it anytime at anyplace.

Leather diary: You can give your wife presents like a leather diary, especially if she works in order to write down her thoughts or notes continually in all matters of life.

Sunglasses: If your wife drives daily or has to walk in the sun; otherwise, she doesn’t have appropriate one or not good enough, this gift becomes very practical for her.

6- Ideas of Gifts of Dressing and Personal Care…

Despite all women love dressing and beauty care, some of them become obsessed and adore all what’s related to this kind. For this reason, choosing a gift for your wife of accessories, jewelry, different cosmetics and personal care tools of skin and hair, is the right choice. All of these gifts for wife that women love, especially those who are obsessed with these stuff. You can buy them for your wife at any time without any special occasion because most of these gifts your wife doesn’t buy all for herself or doesn’t buy all the quantities or brands she wants. In addition, she may not ask you for them, so it will be nicely appreciated if you give her some of these choices…..Here are some examples for this….

Cosmetics and their tools: you can give your wife some famous brands and tools that she prefers and suits her of the different kinds of cosmetics.

Jewelries and accessories: You can choose from hundreds of the shapes and ideas of jewelries’ gifts, starting with brooches to decorate clothes, up to rings and necklaces with gemstones or in attractive and unique shapes.

Personal Care Sets: you can give your wife a basket of spa needs which contains a set of creams, shampoos, oils and skin care tools which you can buy combined in a wooden basket or metal tub in the shape of the bathtub. Thus, they are specialized to give as a gift for wife as a luxury gift and personal care.
Personal Care Sets-مجموعات العناية الشخصية
Personal care tools: Either your wife is interested in having most of personal care tools, or she is a saver where she buys the necessary ones only, giving her one of the famous kinds and brands as a gift for wife on anniversary would be a good choice..

  •     Electric toothbrush.
  •     Hair drier.
  •     Hair iron.
  •     Stream set of skin.
  •     Massage set for feet.
  •     Hand massage sets.

Or any other tools of personal care of skin and body that your wife uses and prefers.

7- Gifts She Uses in Making What She Loves and Makes Usually…

Some women are special in cooking some foods and drinks or they adore some kinds of them; therefore, they usually make and prepare them. They may love specific kinds of foods and drinks; whereas, they are hard to make, so they can’t make them a lot. For this reason, if you can buy and give your wife some of these tools or sets as a gift  on her birthday, it will certainly be a very good choice. It will make her happy and make things easy for her. Here are some examples of that…..

Popcorn maker: If she loves popcorn and eats it while watching TV, favorite movies and series.

Ice-cream maker: Because lovers of ice-cream eat it in winter and summer, it will be a suitable gift for your wife. She is one of the ice-cream lovers. Moreover, it will be appropriate to make ice-cream at any time in big quantities, enough for elders and kids.

Cotton candy maker: It’s a kind of special sweet which is sometimes hard to make without its special maker.

Coffee and Nescafe maker: If your wife prefers a special kind of coffee, you can buy a maker specialized in this kind of coffee and give it as a present for your wife on any special occasion.

8- Gifts That Save Effort at Home…

Your wife may be sometimes suffering from having no time and being so busy doing essentials, especially if she works. When she comes home, she needs to do so many things in a short time. Accordingly, it will be appropriate to give her some nonessential gifts which help her to save time and effort. This way your gift will not only be very practical, but it will also show how much you care about her comfort and appreciate her effort. Here are some examples of that…..

Robert Vacuum Cleaner: It will help her in cleaning floors easily and continually with no effort. So you can give her a high quality kind which can do a complete map of the house, clean it according to timelines and recharge itself without needing so much intervention from  the wife. Thus, The wife can save her effort to do other things.

Robert glass cleaner: The wife only puts it on dirty glass, then it will wash and clean glass automatically from both sides; therefore, it will save  great effort for her if she does it herself.

Dish washer: It’s one of the main sets that wives need; whereas, they don’t buy. 

9- Relaxing and Pampering Gifts…

You can notice that women are more interested in means of relaxation than men, inside or outside the house. Hence, this kind is very suitable especially if your wife works, you can provide this kind of gift inside or outside the house…..

Firstly, inside the house by providing necessary tools of relaxation, like…..

Massage sets: They can be hand massage sets or specialized sets like feet massage, back massage or neck ones.

Massage chair: If your budget is a little big, this kind of chair is considered a very unique gift, which your wife won’t refuse.

Rocking chair: It’s one of relaxation means inside the house after a hard day as well as a special fun mean.

Hanging chair: It’s a special means of relaxation during reading, watching television or sitting in the garden.

Secondly, outside the house. You can provide this by booking several days in a special hotel of relaxation. It’s preferred that the booking includes all the meals to ensure the wife’s complete relaxation. This kind of gift of relaxation and pampering is so special because it will make freshen up and will give a complete lucidity to any person who wants to relax and amuse.

10- Entertainment Outdoor and Adventures Gifts…

The best gift idea for wife is providing and reserving fun time outside the house, because long hours of work, even outside or inside the house makes everyone under pressure for a long time. This is what your wife needs to relieve all pressures and refresh her mind to keep going. So you can give her such a gift on weekends or as a special vacation. We can classify this gift into two parts…..

An adventure for a short time or one day outside the house: There are so many entertaining adventures that you can do in a few hours; however, you can specify the most thing that gives fun to your wife and choose  according to this. Here are some simple gift ideas for wife to think about first of all; then, hundreds of other adventures will come to your mind which can be suitable as a gift…..

  •     Reservation in a luxurious or suitable restaurant.
  •     Reserve an interesting movie if she isn’t used to going to the cinema.
  •     Reserve a day-use in a hotel.
  •     Visit a museum if she likes art or history.
  •     Reserve fishing trips are on a boat or yacht.
  •     Reserve amusement park or city.
  •     Adventures of balloon or parachute, either from over a mountain,  behind a sea boat, or as skydiving.

Long trip for more than one day: you can take her on a new adventure or trip, either she hasn’t tried, or she desires to. A lot of women love going out in fresh air and seeing all what’s new and exciting. If your wife is one of them, you can take this into consideration…

  •     Camping adventure for more than one day in an attractive camping landscape.
  •     Travel for several days for one landmark or city where she didn’t visit before as a discovery trip.

11- Hobbies’ Gifts…

They are one of the most special gifts that expresses important things to its recipient, or suits his needs and interests because it shows how much the first part cares about the other person’s character. As long as you have decided to give your wife a gift in an occasion such as her success at work or birthday, you have to know your wife well and know what she likes and cares for, especially if your wife has certain talent. You should know all the details about that talent in order to give her a present related to these tools that she wants or uses. Here are some examples….

DIY tools: If your wife loves handmade industries, you can give her a complete set of the tools that she needs to do this hobby; in other words, what facilitates innovation in her craft.

Professional Camera: If your wife loves photography, buying her a  specialized and more advanced camera will be the right choice. You can also give her advanced tools of photography, for example, drone camera or electric tripod.

Gardening tools: This hobby is not only for those who have gardens, but it’s also for women who love planting inside the house, roofs or balconies. You can give her a set of planting tools as a complete set assistant to lovers of planting flowers and plants themselves.

Drawing tools: If your wife loves drawing, you can give her a set of aiding tools for drawing that she doesn’t have or high quality tools better than what she has, for example, brushes, coloring pens, note books and other things. Furthermore, you can give her unique tools like a folded coloring set which contain tens of pens and special painting tools that she can take with her in travelling and moving with an elegant leather notebook. So she can take these tools with her anywhere to draw at any time.

Pens and Leather Diaries: If your wife loves writing, there are a lot of pens and elegant and great Leather diaries to give as a present. This kind of diaries can be refilled with papers; therefore, she won’t get rid of the diary after filling all its papers, which makes this kind of diaries more practical for her.

12- More Advanced or Higher Performance Gifts…

There are some things that your wife already has; however they are old-fashioned or overused. Hence, you can give her more advanced brands and shapes. This case can be applied to a lot of electronic machines like mobile, tablet, professional camera or even laptop. Accordingly, her use improves with new improvements and facilities that the new gift provides. The most special thing about this kind as a gift for wife, that if your wife didn’t ask for it before, it will express how much you care for her and how you noticed what interests her….But, if she asked to improve or renew any of these products, it won’t be considered a suitable gift that you can surprise her with of the other kinds. This is because you should buy anything your wife asks for anyway, in this case, you can’t consider it a gift.

13- Untraditional gifts (Free coupons and free vouchers)…

There are some non traditional gifts which you can present to your wife for an occasion or no occasion, especially if you give her the chance to choose what she needs by herself. That’s why most women like to buy their special stuff themselves, especially if it’s related to mode and fashion. So you can give her one of the shopping cards which you can buy online from shopping sites and offers a lot of free shopping cards to give them directly to your wife.

Free shopping coupons:  They should be for some of the places and brands where your wife likes to buy; in addition, they are always fashion shapes, so she can choose the clothes she needs. To add, she can buy bags in their different shapes and colors according to mode and the latest styles. Almost all women are obsessed with buying new clothes; therefore, this gift will make her happy more than any other kind of gifts.

Gifts of websites’ cards: For example, Amazon website and different shopping sites that your wife prefers to buy from. That’s because these sites offer unique discounts in order to be able to buy a lot of things at good prices. Thus, it will be a good opportunity for her to buy what she finds suitable for her which you may not think of to buy for her.

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