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Surprise Gifts Always Have a Unique Taste

Surprise Gifts


Surprise gifts often have a special and distinctive taste than traditional gifts. Actually,  Not expecting to receive a gift doubles the feeling of pleasure when receiving it, even if it is a symbolic gift. As looking for the right gift is not easy, so do not make the way you present your gift simple, either. Surprise gifts are not only in giving gifts at inopportune times, but also in presenting the gift in an unexpected way !  The more surprising and convenient your gift is to the recipient, the more he feels happy and it will become an unforgettable memory too.

There are many ways  to make your celebration special and the way you  present the gift, and all of that depends on the recipient of the gift .  You must keep in mind that not all methods are suitable for all people. In this regard, if your gift is presented to your wife, the matter will differ if you give the gift to your sister, mother or friend ..

One  of the most frequent & traditional methods, especially between husbands or couples, the common method here is often being a romantic dinner and presenting the gift in a different way or, such as presenting it wrapped with candy or roses with candles and so on …

But actually it’s also important for your gift to be distinctive and think thoroughly of how you can make a suitable surprise for the recipient of your gift. So, in this article we will help you with some ideas that you can use …

Some Tricks to Surprise the Recipient of the Gift…

You can do some tricks to make your gift a surprise & unforgettable one and to create a pleasant atmosphere as if you are presenting a shocking, unexpected or inappropriate gift in the beginning and then changing the situation and providing the main gift. 

Another trick is that you pretend to your wife that you forgot the occasion and thus didn’t buy a gift and then you present your gift that you attended earlier and many of the delightful tricks that you can take and we will list some of them …

1. Delivery Agent

Resorting to the delivery agent to deliver your gift, Usually, if the gift was to your wife or a member of your family, they will be expecting your coming at the time of the event with the gift.  But they wouldn’t expect the delivery agent to be the gift holder. You can arrange with someone to bring an empty box to the same restaurant where he works and to put your gift in and deliver it to the gift owner, stop away until the moment of surprise is reported and then show  to them.

2. Gift Search Adventure

For instance, in celebrating the birthday of one of your brothers, you can add a pleasant atmosphere to the celebration and make a plan to find the place of the gift and make everyone share seeking for the gift by figuring out the puzzle and going behind the clues until the place of the gift is discovered. An adventure like this will increase the element of surprise with the gift, especially if your gift is precious or you know your brother needs it.

3. Shocking Gifts

You can make a box full of strange and unexpected gifts for your friend. For example,  you can put household cleaners, plastic toys, and tissue paper. At the first moment, your friend will be shocked with these strange gifts, but with the search in the box, he will be surprised that there is a more valuable gift than all of these, such as a wireless headset or one of the electronic gifts he wants.

4. Sudden Cannon

A box with a spiral game and some shiny decorative cards. Put your gift and present it to one of your friends.  He will be surprised when he opens it with the shiny leaves and spiral game scattered in his face, then he will find the gift you brought to him.

Unexpected Surprises…

Un-arranged celebrations or without a specific occasion have a very special effect on the recipient of the gift, because that proves that you really care about him and likes seeing him happy. Actually, these sudden or unexpected celebrations are very successful especially between the spouses, when each party surprises the other with an unexpected thing that helps them to change the pattern and routine of normal life and increases the interconnection between them, and in that also there are some The suggestions …

5. Unexpected Celebration

We all expect someone to celebrate us on our birthday, wedding, holidays and expected celebrations, but being surprised by someone who celebrates you on a promotion on your work  such as going to your office and finding signs and decorations on it,or if a member of your family celebrates you on the occasion of your success and get surprised by the celebration appearances in your house with different gifts. 

6. Sudden Travel

Surprise your wife that you have arranged for her a travel without a specific occasion, whether the travel was inside or outside the same country no matter how long it lasts. In reality, Sudden travel is one of the favorite things that gives an atmosphere of happiness and joy because you helped her get rid of the trouble of homework and to renew her activity, especially if the travel was to those places she really desired to visit.

7. A Sudden Celebration Without a Specific Occasion

You can make a surprise for one of your friends, especially if she suffers from something that disturbs her. assemble her close friends and do a celebration for her without a specific occasion, she will really appreciate that from you and it will be a nice day added to your list of memories together.

8. Giving Roses

Give your mother roses as a surprise gift without occasion as thank you gift for her efforts with you, she will be very happy especially that the roses always have a magical effect on the soul of most women as it brings happiness and contentment.

9. Video Recording

One of the most delightful things is the collective celebrations that are held for friends. You can record video clips of all the friends of the celebrator saying words of love and greeting and surprise your friend with them before his birthday.

Romantic Surprise Gifts…

It is very nice to provide romantic surprise gifts, which also does not require a specific event.  But if the gift is on specific occasions between the spouses, it must have a different character from the others. For example, being presented in a creative way as one of them celebrates his wife’s birthday through one of the radio stations and others who showed this through signs in the street and other surprises that you can think of to make your gift special and creative …

10. Written Speech

In light of technology and the spread of chat sites from Messenger, WhatsApp, and others, we all used to send daily emails and even romantic ones in the same way. But you can surprise one of your friends or do it for your husband by writing a paper letter, as paper letters have always had a different effect in the past and its value and surprise are different from electronic messages.

11. Painted Portrait

If you are an artist, you can provide a hand-made gift to whom you love as the surprise here that you’ve made something yourself with your hands for the one you love who will really appreciate that for the effort that was made in it and it was made with love.

12. Special Wrapping for Gifts

Actually, the way you wrap the gift may be a surprise in itself! You can present your gift for example inside one of the stuffed cotton toys, such as different beardies,  especially if the gift is a ring or jewelry in general. Also, you can present your gift with some roses and chocolates that the gift recipient prefers, so you gave more than one gift and it is enough that you made the recipient happy.

13. Collection of Event Photos

You can do an additional thing to your gift, as collecting photos related to a special memory between you and making an album and putting it in a large frame for the house. Actually, by doing this, you made a new memory for the same photos. Over time,  you can provide different pictures with new occasions occurring between you.

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