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22 Leather gifts for Him & Her

Leather gifts


Leather gifts have special glamor which is different from the other gifts, especially those made of natural leather. In fashion’s tradition, leather and splendor are two paralleled lines and attached to each other; therefore, when we go shopping or to choose a gift for a close person, we should take into consideration the splendid pieces of leather in all different kinds of clothes and accessories.

When you choose to buy a leather gift, you should choose what suits the recipient of the gift, its design, shape and style. Despite leather products being valuable and brilliant, like leather clothes, not everyone prefers wearing them because they may not fit their characters. On the other hand, they like having leather accessories because leather gifts, especially clothes are closely related to the person’s character. So you should first know this before buying a leather gift. 

There are a lot of clothes or leather accessories that you can buy as gifts, like jackets, shoes and bags; in addition to, several kinds of décor accessories that you can add to your house’s decor to give it magnificent charming touches. We will talk about them in this article to be able to have a simple and clear idea about the gifts you want to buy…

General Leather Accessories…

1. Leather Diary

It’s a good gift for your coworkers to write down their notes. In addition, its leather cover will give it splendid and classical glamor which makes it a valuable leather gift. Moreover, it’s suitable for those who travel a lot to write down their diaries and important notes, even to use them in drawing and designing. It’s suitable to put it in the bags of work to write notes, and it’s appropriate for women or men. You can give it to youths and university students to move with a notebook or elegant leather diary in lectures, or employees at work.

2. Leather Belt

The leather belt made  of natural leather is more special than the other kinds because it can last for long periods, so it doesn’t tear fast as a result of daily use. In addition, it has a special and unique look. Surely, you should choose the leather belt that suits the style of the person you want to buy it for. You should buy leather belts made especially for either casual jeans or the other ones special for official trousers. This kind of leather gifts suits men as well as women.

3. Leather Gloves

There are various kinds of leather gloves according to their usage and the person you give the gift to. There are gloves of natural leather for women which present the rich and elegant look in winter. That’s why it’s a very special gift for women. There are also other kinds for men in winter to keep the hands warm during driving, so it is a piece of special fashion accessory, especially if you give it to a person who loves wearing leather jackets a lot. There is another kind of leather gloves which is made for athletes, motorbikes’ lovers and riders generally. This kind of gloves is designed to protect hands from any accidents or bruises; furthermore, they keep hands warm. In addition, there are  special gloves for weightlifting players in gymnasiums who use them to hold weights in order not to slip over and be in danger during practicing sports. Accordingly, leather gloves are special accessories in winter which you should put into consideration when you think of suitable leather gifts ideas.

4. Leather Cap

It’s one of the most suitable gifts for sports’ lovers, youths and university students, especially if it’s made of natural leather. Moreover, it’s appropriate for those who like to complete their look with a leather cap to fit the leather jacket or shoes. It’s also suitable for girls. Leather cap is one of the most suitable accessories in winter more than summer because the main reason for wearing it is not for protecting from sun; otherwise, it may protect you from cold winds and rains in winter beside its special and different look.

5. Leather Watch

Watches are main gifts for men and women. You can buy watches gifts that suit both official and casual wear to fit the person who will have the gift. It’s preferred to buy a watch of a famous brand to guarantee its quality, in order to get original natural leather that won’t peel off after a short time of use. It’s an important accessory to complete the leather fashion that leather stuff’s lovers like to have. 

6. Leather Stationery

It usually contains a wide leather board to write on,  leather pencil case to keep pens, leather board of daily calendar, and some other leather tools like papers’ incisor, papers’ keeper, and other things. It’s a special gift for a person who got a new job, a new promotion, has started his own project or for a colleague on different occasions like a birthday.

7. Leather Wallet

Like the belt which is necessary for men’s accessories, the wallet is equally important. A man who cares about his look and elegance will certainly appreciate having a wallet of natural leather which he gets from a friend or close person. Hence, it’s necessary to keep his important cards, papers and money safely. It’s an inexpensive choice of leather gifts suitable to give to all men.

8. Leather Mobile Case

It’s a small inexpensive gift, children can buy it for their father or their mother on Mother’s Day. You can give it as an additional gift if the main one is a mobile to make it a perfect gift.

9. Leather Tissues Box

It’s a special decor which you can give to complete the house’s décor or as an accessory for the car. The tissues’ box depends of course on the shape, kind and style of its place. In the house you can put it in the living room, saloon and bedrooms, while in cars it gives further luxurious glimpse, especially if the car is leather from inside.

10. Leather Watches Case

It’s a suitable leather gift for the persons who like to have several watches to switch between according to the clothes’ style. In addition, you can put it in the travelling bag to keep the watches. It’s a suitable leather gift for men and women.

11. Leather Accessories Keeper

It’s a great gift for those who wear accessories a lot, generally men, like sunglasses, watches, cufflinks and ties’ pins. It’s also suitable for persons who have several pieces and need to keep them at home. Because this keeper is suitable to keep several kinds of accessories at the same time, it’s a very practical accessory. So it’s one special and main gift for official men who like to wear accessories a lot.

12. Jewelry Box

It’s a special accessory for women that the husband can give to his wife to organize her accessories inside even if she doesn’t have too many accessories. That’s because a luxurious jewelry box is an accessory in itself. So when you think of giving women a leather gift, this is a very good choice.

13. Leather Bean Bag

Giving someone a bean bag is not so common; however, it’s a mean of rest and relaxation. You can give it as a housewarming, especially the leather one which has special glamor. Otherwise, you should know first if the weather in the person’s country is suitable for it or not, for it may not be suitable for countries of much humidity.

14. Leather Relaxation Chair

Relaxation chairs are valuable gifts that give both specialty and comfort in living rooms or bedrooms. If the chairs are made of leather, this will not only give them more splendor and decency, but it will also make them more suitable to place it in the office. They are special gifts that help its owner to relax and rest after a long day of work which you can give to a close person as a housewarming gift.

Leather Gifts of Clothes’ Accessories…

15. Leather Jacket

It’s one of the leather gifts suitable for winter. It has several shapes that can be either from natural leather or industrial leather. It differs according to the time of wearing during the year. There are very heavy leather jackets that suit cold winter and light ones to suit moderate weather and daily works. In addition, there are different designs and shapes to choose what fits your friend in college. You can give this kind of gift to men and women; otherwise, female leather jackets differ from those of men. For women, they are used as fashion pieces, while men use them as practical jackets for daily use. So when you buy a leather jacket for women, you should buy what has different fashion glamor, and it has to be made of natural leather. As a result, it’s one of special gifts for graduation to give great gifts that lasts for years and years.

16. Leather Shoes

There are so many shapes of leather shoes. For example, there are sports’ shoes to suit athletes, official practical and comfortable shoes of natural leather which are suitable gifts for official work and travelers as well as casual leather shoes suitable for students or everyday use for elders. They are suitable for both men and women. Of course, they are more suitable to give to members of your small family a because you have to know the person’s size and style before buying.

17. Leather Shoulder Bag

It’s suitable for students and employees to put the laptop, papers and files inside and hold it on shoulder. It’s an appropriate gift for the husband, students and businessmen who need an elegant bag to keep their laptops at work, and to add touch of elegance to their external look with a leather bag made of good materials. So it’s an appropriate leather gift for colleagues.

18. Backpack of Leather

If the leather back bag is for men or women, it’s one practical gift. A lot of girls depend on female backpacks instead of traditional bags; therefore they give them casual and practical quality at the same time, especially for university students. Backpacks are special in their attractive female shapes and forms. As for men, they are also practical to keep the laptop and other personal stuff either for going to work or daily mobility when they need this. They are available in many sizes to fit the different needs of persons. Thus, try to choose the backpack suitable for its recipient’s job and age. If it’s smaller or bigger than the recipient’s need, he will not use it a lot. It’s preferred to give this present to members of the small family or close friends in order to know their tastes more easily than others. 

19. Leather Briefcase

Lawyers, accountants and others use these bags as well as official bags in their moving and essential needs. The leather ones characterize with splendor and attractive look which make them special and official leather gifts.

20. Leather Bags of Women

There’s no doubt that despite a lady may not like bags, she certainly has one in her closet. Therefore, it’s an accessory necessary for any girl or lady. So giving leather bags in famous brands is considered the right choice among ladies or a man for his wife, sister or mother. So it’s one of the best leather and more practical gifts for women generally.

21. Leather Purse for Women

Indeed, holding bags is not always suitable for women. They may need to hold a small wallet to keep their essential accessories. This wallet is cheap compared to traditional bags; therefore, it’s suitable to give if your budget is not big.

22. Waist Bag

Small leather bag for the tools of personal and healthcare, It’s a bag that men use to put their personal stuff like shaving and personal care. You can easily put this small bag in any big bag during mobility, travelling or trips. You can also use some kinds outside the house to keep your main needs like chargers, keys, headphones and other things instead of holding them in your pocket. So you can choose one of these kinds to be your suitable leather gift for the uses and needs of its recipient.

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