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هدايا حليب ولبن dairy milk gifts


The benefits of dairy milk are countless as milk is the prime source of calcium which is essential to build the body and strengthen the bones in order to cope with the pressures of daily movements and to reduce osteoporosis. Furthermore, drinking milk helps the body to absorb vitamin E which is necessary to the glow of skin and hair. Also in the stage of early childhood, infant milk is considered the only main food component for them. Moreover, In order to make a cup of nutritious and beneficial milk, whether for kids or adults, we need some items and equipment since a cup of milk for each member in the house is a daily thing for many people. So you can present to your friends or relatives some practical gifts that are related to dairy milk and how to make it for these gifts will show the gifted people how much you care about their health and time in making a cup of milk each morning for themselves or for their children. In this article we will present different gift ideas for equipment and items that are used to prepare milk for children or dairy milk such as Nescafe and so on.

Items and Equipment for Milk and Dairy as Gifts…

1. Double Layer Glass

Double-Layer-Glass-زجاج-مزدوجIt is a double glass cup that helps to maintain the milk hot as the external layer does partial heat insulation so that the cup holder will not feel the milk heat. However, this cup cannot be used in heating the milk on the stove or in the microwave because it cannot tolerate the external heat. Yet, this cup is still a great gift that helps the gifted person to enjoy drinking a cup of hot milk each morning. This cup can be sold individually or as a complete kit of cups, so you can choose it as a gift to present it to lovers of drinking milk on a daily basis.

2. Wooden Cup for Milk

It suits both kids and adults as usually it is hard for kids to carry glass cups to avoid breaking them which might hurt the kid! Also, this cup is an elegant and fancy cup for adults to use to drink morning milk which makes it a great and enjoyable gift for adults and kids as well. Yet, it should be noticeable that the wooden cup is suitable for cold or warm milk only as the high temperatures may crack or damage it.

3. Ceramic Milk Jug

Ceramic-Milk-JugIt is a great hospitality gift to present milk to guests on breakfast in the morning, but it might be hard to present milk in it for children because it can be easily broken especially with its high weight on the children’s soft hands. And this jug is made of refractories and can tolerate repeated daily use; plus, it is provided with a comfortable handle. This jug can be washed safely in the dishwasher so it is a great practical gift.

4. Stainless-Steel Milk Jug

It is suitable for daily use or to present milk in it for children because stainless-steel jugs can be used by children safely; and they can make themselves a cup of milk without their parents help. Plus, this jug can be used daily either for breakfast or to make milk drinks all day. Also, this jug can accommodate large and suitable amount of milk that is enough for many people, which makes it a suitable gift of milk-making equipment.

5. Stove Jug

Jug for Boiling Milk on The Stove, When you buy fresh milk, usually it needs boiling on simmer to kill the microbes that reproduce in fresh milk; so a jug for boiling the milk on the stove would be a suitable gift because it is made of aluminum that tolerates direct heat. Also it has a capacity of 2 liters which is suitable to serve milk to many people; and this jug might be attached with a special siren that can be put inside it to warn when the milk reaches boiling before it erupts out of the jug. This jug can also be used to boil infant’s milk that can be prepared by mixing special dry milk for infants with water, and then the gifted person can boil the milk on the stove before giving it to the child.

6. Milk Thermos

It is usually made of stainless-steel and it accommodates a liter of milk, in addition to an ice pack if the gifted person desires to drink cold milk in hot summer days. And this thermos can be used to make milk for kids and for adults. Furthermore, it can be used to prepare various drinks that include milk, which makes this thermos a great gift for any house.

7. Milk Glass

milk-containerTransparent Glass Container to Store the Milk, It helps in storing large quantities of milk in a clean and sterilized way in order to use the milk in all purposes whether for children or adults, or even to use it in making dairy milk drinks and food. So the glass container is a practical and convenient gift.

Gift Tools for Making Dairy Milk Drinks…

8. Milk Foam Machine

Most dairy milk drinks need having foam on the top so that the person can enjoy drinking them such as Nescafe, cappuccino, hot chocolate, and milkshake. So presenting a machine to make milk foam to your friends and relatives who love the former drinks would be absolutely great. In addition to that, this machine could be used to make children’s milk to add more joy and fun when they drink it.

9. Milk Frother

It is an electronic machine which is used to make various dairy milk drinks such as Nescafe, cappuccino, hot chocolate, and milkshake by adding the needed ingredients inside it, and connecting it to power in order to mix the ingredients and prepare the drinks to serve them. So this frother is a great gift for lovers of these drinks especially for people who do not have enough time to prepare them by themselves. Also, this machine can be used to make cocoa, chocolate milk, or any other flavored milk for children to please them and increase the nutritional value of the dairy milk.

Tools for Preparing Infant’s Milk as Gifts…

If the gifted person is having a new baby or if they have a baby already, then presenting them some items to prepare infant milk would be great, practical and helpful so here are some ideas:

10. Baby Milk Feeding Bottles

Collection of Baby Milk Feeding Bottles, They usually include many baby milk feeding bottles with their rubbery heads that prevent air from entering the infant’s stomach while drinking milk, in addition to a special brush to wash and clean those feeding bottles, which makes this collection a great gift to be used in preparing milk for the infant.


11. Baby Bottle Holder

It is a holder that is made of padded cloth to hold the milk bottle while the baby is drinking from it when the mother is not at home or while travelling so there is no need to hold the bottle by the mother while the baby is drinking.  And this holder can be easily kept inside the mother’s bag or in the travelling bag without being afraid of breaking it. Plus, this holder helps to maintain the infant’s milk warm which makes it a great gift for new-born babies in order to use it outside the house.

12. Baby Bottle Sterilizer

It is known that the infant’s stomach is usually sensitive to any microbe; that is why parents need to sterile milk feeding bottles before giving them to the infant to drink milk. So the bottles can be sterilized by putting them inside the sterilizer and then putting the sterilizer inside the microwave to accomplish the mission.

13. Electric Heater for Babies Feeding Bottles

They are quicker and safer to heat milk for babies unlike the traditional ways to do that. The process of heating in this device usually takes only four minutes while it maintains the necessary nutrients to the baby’s growth. And this heater can be easily used because it only needs connection to electricity in addition to controlling the indicator on the required temperature, which makes this heater a great and practical gift for parents of infants as gifts for new-born babies.

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