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Hospitality Supplies as Gifts


Guests are always welcomed in every house and on all types of occasions and festivals. Yet, it is preferable to welcome guests and offer them different drinks or food, which need kitchenware like plates, trays, catering carts, cups and glasses. Generally speaking, presenting a kitchenware gift for hospitality is always a suitable gift for any house, whether the gifted person is furnishing a house or not. And because kitchen wares are always breakable and damageable, they are frequently needed to any house. In this article, we will introduce several gift ideas to present food and drinks to your guests using different tools.

Hospitality Gifts

Coffee Cup Holder

This is an alternative to serving trays and it is used when coffee or drinks are served only to welcome guests without serving food. Mainly, the cup holder allows you to stack the cups inside it, as well as place a coffee pod with them as it gives the coffee cups a higher stability than serving trays, which reduces spill exposure. Yet, it is available in different sizes; for instance, the holder for two cups, or the holder for twelve cups, and prices vary by size. Thus, it is a practical hospitality gift as you can buy the affordable piece to present it to your friends or relatives.

Decorative Fruit Basket

This is a traditional piece for hospitality as overtime serving fruit was essential on the dining table, and it is essential to welcome guests as well. Yet, baskets vary according to size, shape, and materials; for instance, there are the wooden and plastic baskets for a practical and modern appearance, and the glass or porcelain baskets for a luxurious appearance. So you should consider the taste of the gifted person before offering them a fruit basket.

Date Dish

It is a specific dish to offer dates for guests, and it is commonly used in the gulf countries as they are famous in hospitality to use dates. Mainly, it is a metal dish with a traditional curved cover and it can be presented as a gift with a traditional coffee set or a coffee maker.

Nuts Serving Dish

It is a specific dish for hospitality as you can leave it in the guest room to be ready-to-serve when guests come. In fact, nuts are a quick hospitality solution for such visits when nobody is at home to help serving food or desserts. Mainly, the nuts serving dishes are either one piece divided into several separated spaces to place the different kinds of nuts; or separate dishes that can be presented alone or on one tray together.

Cupcake Holder

A lot of people are addicted to cupcake and especially kids, so using cupcake for kids hospitality is a good choice. Because tea and coffee cannot be served for kids, the cupcake holder can be used attractively to grab kids’ attention and during parties as well. So presenting a cupcake holder for a family with a lot of kids would be a unique gift.

Chips Serving Dish

Serving chips and fries to children and adults who are close relatives or friends is one of the great hospitality options so presenting a chips and fries holder will be a different gift. Mainly, it is not only used for hospitality, but also for house members to eat chips and fries in front of the TV as well. However, it is a three-hole holder and it has a long cone-shaped dish to place chips or fries, and two other small bowls for ketchup and mayonnaise.

Sweet Dishes

These are practical gifts as sweets are usually served with tea to welcome guests. Mainly, sweet dishes are of metal or porcelain; metal ones are usually multi shelves to offer much more of sweets. Also, they are not easily breakable when falling or washing them. Yet, the porcelain dishes are only one shelf and they are easily breakable; but, unlike the metal ones, porcelain dishes are more elegant and sophisticated, so more expensive as well.

Catering Carts

They are special gifts as they are not only used for hospitality, but also for decoration whether in the guests room or in the house garden. Because they are equipped with wheels to easily move and drag them from one place to another inside the house, they can be used for several purposes; for instance, in the bathroom to put towels for visitors, or in the kids room to place toys on it. Thus, you can make sure that the gifted person will use the catering cart because it is a multi-function gift.

Drinks and Food Trays

Trays are essential in any kitchen as they are used always when welcoming guests and serving tea, which needs a tray. So food and drinks trays are among the essential gift ideas and here are the types of trays among which you can choose the best as a gift:

Metal Trays

It offers a stylish appearance to provide hospitality to visitors and it is easy to clean when spilled food or drinks. Yet, it is exposed to rust and metallic change color in the case of exposure to too much water, unless it is of stainless steel or rustproofing materials. So you must be careful to buy one of the famous brands to be as a gift.

Melamine Trays

It is characterized by their multiple colors, inscriptions and drawings on the surface. Also it carries paintings on its base so it is a wonderful gift of food and beverage gifts for art lovers. Yet they can be flaking due to frequent washing.

Wooden Trays

It is easy to wash with no fear of flaking or discoloration. It also provides food and beverage stability on the surface of the tray, and it is cheaper as well.

Porcelain Serving Set

They are usually used as dining ware for lunch or dinner. Mainly, the set consists of a good number of dishes, soup bowls, sweet dishes, teacups, tea pot, milk pot and sugar dish. So it is a luxurious gift to serve food and beverage for guests and visitors, especially as it is usually decorated with fine inscriptions of different shapes and colors. Yet, the porcelain serving sets are not to be placed in the microwave and dishwasher in order to maintain their quality and continuation of decorations and engravings.Thus, when you think to present a porcelain serving set, make sure that the target person can wash it themselves otherwise, it would be a tiring gift for them which may lead to ignore the gift after a while.

Electronic Bread Basket

It is a modern hospitality gift as it is an alternative to traditional ways of heating bread using a gas stove or microwave. Yet, it is intended for bread only, and its lightweight makes it movable to be placed in the guest room or dining room instead of going back and forth to the kitchen to bring bread. So it is suitable for those who have a lot of feasts at home and they need to heat the bread every now and then.

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