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18 Funny Gifts for Coworkers

Sometimes you may prefer to give some funny gifts for coworkers or work colleagues rather than formal ones regarding the humor relationship between the two of you. It is always nice to add some sense of humor in the workplace by having some positive and funny items that make people smile or like when they see them.

It is recommended to present funny gifts for coworkers who you are already in close relationship with, or they can accept that from you. otherwise, they may consider it rude of you to gift them such gift whatever it was, and you need to remember that it does not mean that you are seeing it a funny gift, that it will be funny for the recipient, maybe even if he is a close colleague to you to find it rude or disrespectful, and that could happen if you gifted him something mocking his behavior or his character.

The purpose of presenting a funny gift is to add a smile to the gifted person’s face, no to the other coworkers on him, that is why you should gift him a gift that represents something funny that has nothing to do with his habits unless you know well that his character does not feel offended from such gifts.

Usually, the funny items that you can buy as a gift are not so common in the mall stores because the demand for them is not that big, so the best way to find them by searching online on the famous online stores, and there you can choose among hundreds of the funny shapes.

Here you can choose a gift idea of this classification…

Buy from the following gift list as these are some of the recommend gift products that we find suitable for giving as a gift for your beloved ones, browse them and choose what suits your budget and your gift recipient.

1- A mug with a Funny Quote

Mugs are one of the most common gifts in the workplaces, but to make your gift different you can choose the ones that have funny quotes that make everyone passed by the gifted person smile, and it is easy to find words on some mugs that are related to the character of the gifted person that reflects his mood, mind, or passion.

2- Funny Shaped Mug

What makes the mug funnier and eye-catchy is to have a unique funny shape instead of just having just funny quotes, where you can buy a mug in the shape of a skull or toilet, which will make it so funny gift for coworkers to place on their desks.

3- Funny Shaped Pens Holder

Gifting ordinary pens holders is not something so unique or thoughtful, but if you gifted a funny shaped one it will be so cool to place on the desk, and it can make an attractive decor piece on the coworker’s desk.

4- Smiley Face Cushions

For those who sit for long times as a part of the nature of their work, you can gift them a funny cushion to use, for example, you can choose the popular smiley face pillow that comes with different patterns so it is both fun and practical as a gift, especially among female colleagues.

Usually, female people will accept that kind of gift more than men, so try not to present to men as most of them will not like to use it in contrast to women who like such gifts.

5- An Alarm Clock

This is a funny gift for coworkers not because of the gift of it, but because of what it represents. If the coworker is one of those people who used to come to work late, this gift will be to urge them to wake up early as a matter of joke, and since you are going to pay for the gift already it is better to present alarm clock that is usable, so the gifted person can really use it at home.

6- Funny Printed Socks

It is not so common to gift funny socks, like 3D print animal feet socks, or socks that have funny comments or words on the bottom of them, or even have some funny cartoon characters, they may not be proper to wear outside, but for sure the gifted person will wear them inside his house or in a party.

7- Funny Shaped USP

USBs now are not only a necessary piece of tech that every person that his work depends on the computer should have, but also everyone has a computer at home should have too, and having more than one always better, which makes it a good gift idea to present, but what can make it special is to presenting a unique shaped USB, and what make even better is to present a funny shaped one, it may be hard to find such funny USBs in the malls, but you can find easily on the online shopping websites, so you should consider such funny gift for coworkers.

8- Funny Shaped Succulent Planter

Some co-workers, especially women, prefer to see flowers next to them on the desk permanently. For those plant lovers, you can present a funny shaped desk flowerpot or succulent planter, this will me nice funny gift for coworkers especially females.

9- Funny Printed Shirt

It is one of the common funny gifts to present a shirt that has funny prints, and it is practical as well because the gifted person will wear it already if not outdoor he will wear it indoor, but usually, the ones that have funny printed images or drawings are more attractive or eye-catching than the ones that have quotes, so you can pick one online and present it as a funny gift for coworkers in their birthday.

10- Funny Desk Figure

You can choose among hundreds of funny disk figures online, at it would be better to choose one that related or means something to the gifted person, like a cartoon character.

11- Boxing Desk Toy

This can be present to coworkers who are very irritable and nervous in dealing with others and during work, so they can install it on their desks and hit it whenever they feel they need to.

12- Office Pillow

This is a practical and funny gift for coworkers at the same time. Actually it suits co-workers who work hard without taking a rest; also it suits employees who are already sleeping at work, so because the office below is made especially for this purpose that makes it so practical to use for the long shift times.

13- Sand Hourglass

It is a convenient gift for coworkers who do not always finish their tasks on time, plus it is already a good desk decor item that the coworker can have fun with during work times.

14- Sticky Notes

It is a convenient gift for those who forget a lot, and for those who do not do some tasks as a result of forgetting, and to make this gift better to give, you can choose the ones that are uniquely shaped.

15- Money Bank

It is one of the funny gifts for everything related to money, whether the coworker complains about their low salary, or they spend a lot of money; or recently they were promoted or even joined the work. Also, money banks can be presented to those who got a newborn baby or got married recently. So presenting a nice money bank as funny gifts for coworkers is a good choice.

16- Magnifying Glass

It is a good funny gift for coworkers who care much about the details or those who do not care about the details at all, plus it is a fun item to play with on the desk.

17- Food Coupon

Although it is a practical gift for co-workers, yet, it could be nice to present it for food lovers especially if they are already thin, or you may get such a gift for those coworkers who always buy food from the same restaurant every day.

18- Office Stress Relief Toys

Tension ball, magnetic forming cubes, Spinning wheel, Rubik’s cube, all of these are funny gifts for coworkers that urge to relax and reduce tension for people who suffer from the pressure of the work.

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