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Present Yoga Gifts for Yoga Lovers

هدايا يوغا يوجا yoga gifts for yoga lovers

The best gifts for a person are those related to his main interests, that is why presenting yoga gifts for yoga lovers is always the best choice. However, presenting a gift for yoga lovers may need you first to know little about the tools they use and practice with. Then, you should know what he has and needs while practicing this sport, to choose suitable gift he needs but doesn’t actually have. This makes these presents suitable for close persons only, because it’s difficult to collect information and search for what’s suitable for this sport to non-close persons. But there’s no doubt that if the person you give the present is a yoga lover, this gives you an opportunity to choose new nontraditional gifts for that person.

You can notice that the interest in practicing this sport increases day after day. So people you can give this kind of presents increase. You just have to notice and identify them and know if your gifted person is one of them. After the widespread of knowing and awareness of yoga’s benefits, a lot of people aspire to learn it and enjoy practicing its specialized exercises. They practice it to fit the purpose of the play it for, either at home or by joining specialized courses. They can practice yoga for relaxation that relaxes the nervous system of a person, regain his activity and reinforce his mind and meditation. In addition, some people practice yoga for slimming to burn fats and reach the perfect weight by doing simple yoga movements. They can practice at home instead of exhausting exercises in gymnasiums. The pregnant can also do yoga to help her in making her delivery easier and avoid pregnancy pains. As well it helps her to regain her fitness after delivery.

If you have a friend or a person you know interested in yoga, you can give him presents related to practicing this sport, learn, practice its different exercises and enjoy it. In this article, we will give you some ideas for yoga lovers…

Gifts of yoga accessories

Yoga bag: It’s one of the main accessories to yoga players and lovers to carry their special objects and move with it. They can carry it to go for practice, carry yoga accessories in travelling or even at home to practice in a room or in the yard. The main special thing about yoga bag is that it’s designed to contain all yoga accessories; yoga’s mat, water bottles, towels, small food box and the other objects. That’s because it’s hard to hold yoga’s mat in any traditional bag. So yoga’s bag is perfect for that purpose. It has many types and forms; there are back bags or shoulder bags, leather bags or fabric bags. So yoga’s bag is one of the best yoga gifts for yoga lovers, if the trainee doesn’t have one.

Air freshener: During practicing yoga at home, meditation and concentration need complete psychological and nervous relief. One of the best ways to do this is breathing nice and pretty smells to help entering in meditation mood. So giving  air fresheners as gifts for yoga lovers is a good present for trainees of this sport at home.

Scented candles: Some yoga trainees at home prefer practicing it with special rituals; in  dim-dip to fit the meditation and relaxation in doing some yoga’s movements and exercises. So scented candles provide positive, relief and refreshing state during yoga and meditation. So who practices yoga can use it instead of electric air fresheners.

Water bottle: Because yoga is like any other sport, the trainee needs water bottle with him to drink during or after practice. So you can give him water bottle made specially for practice which has special shape and opens and closes easily and quickly during practice.

Yoga shoes: Practicing yoga needs special shoes to be convenient to use during practice. It has to be comfortable with smooth padding, made of fabric with rubber sole to allow feet to move easily. It’s appropriate to practice all yoga movements, it’s available in different kinds that fits men and women in different colors. It’s suitable for all styles to choose what fits to be yoga present.

Yoga socks: Some yoga lovers prefer wearing socks instead of shoes, to give them more freedom for their toes. This provides greater meditation and relaxation. In addition, they are more practical than traditional socks in practicing this sport. The reason lies in the bottom part in these socks which contains light rubber that prevents slipping during practice. So they work as shoes but has socks’ touch and comfort. Off course they are better than practicing bare-footed even if he practices at home. So they are perfect yoga gifts for yoga lovers.

Yoga towel: The towel is one of the main objects in the yoga bag for yoga’s trainee. Because you may practice yoga with others, yoga towel has been unique and different from traditional towels, to be appropriate for using during practice. It often has special inscriptions and colors in addition to towels in blain colors. However if the towel is the perfect to give as a gift for yoga lovers, it’s preferable to give women a delightful towel with special inscriptions and colors. For men, you can give towels with neutral colors and less inscriptions. This type of gifts is special because if the trainee already has one he may need more to switch between. That’s why this present is always suitable regardless the yoga lover has similar one or not.

Yoga mat: Yoga mat characterizes with its comfortable lining design to help yoga trainee practice simply and comfortably. It’s non-slippery. Furthermore, it absorbs sweat that comes during practice which makes it non-stick when becoming wet of sweat. It’s easy folded to put in yoga bag or keep it in the closet at home if the person doesn’t practice. It’s also easy to put in travelling bag to practice yoga easily there. Thus yoga mat is suitable to give as a gift for yoga lovers.

Yoga pads: Although yoga mats are rubber to be soft while practicing yoga, it may not be enough to stand on with the elbow or the knee. In this case the trainee may feel joints’ pain if he tries to freeze in some yoga movement. That’s why the trainee uses more yoga pads to put them above the yoga mat in the places of fixing elbows and knees. This helps to avoid pain and practice yoga appropriately. It makes yoga pads more suitable than other presents because most of yoga trainees need them but don’t have them. So they are the right yoga presents for yoga lovers.

Cylinder of yoga exercises: It’s a sponge cylinder which  contains small eminence to massage the body while practicing yoga. So it massages the whole body. Therefore it’s special to give as a gift for yoga lovers to relax and stretch the muscles.

Block of yoga exercises: Some yoga movements need special blocks to be fixed to the ground and the trainee pivot on with his hands. These blocks are special because they are light and tough to bear the body’s weight. They also have soft touch to fit practicing sports. These blocks are usually made of thick foam non-slippery to be practical and safe for use. Thus they are suitable as yoga present.

Yoga strap: They are rubber straps made specially for practicing yoga. It has special length appropriate to different body lengths. They are also stretchable. They are part of yoga tools necessary to do some movements and exercises. Giving someone such a yoga present with its special and delightful colors, is very suitable for yoga lovers who don’t have one.

Yoga wheel: It’s a ring made of rubber plastic to do yoga movements. It helps in stretching and enhancing the muscles of the chest, shoulder, back and leg. In addition, it supports balance during pivot on it in different positions during doing different movements of yoga. So it’s a practical and suitable yoga gifts for yoga lovers to relax after long day of work. It’s  perfect for those who practice yoga to stretch muscles and meditate.

Yoga ropes: yoga needs elasticity and flexion of the body. Yoga ropes provide this. They help practicing yoga to stretch the body and make exercises easier which makes them suitable yoga presents. In addition, they are very useful for yoga beginners. The ropes are special because you can add or remove resistance pipes easily according to the kind of exercises you do with soft hand grips. All of this make them appropriate yoga gifts for yoga lovers.

Set of yoga tools: It’s a bag that contains special tools of yoga like a mat, a towel, blocks and yoga belt. This complete set is unique because it’s one group that has the same shape and colors which makes it perfect, instead of buying every tool alone. This present is perfect for yoga lovers and beginners.

Yoga exercises’ ball: Some yoga exercises need special ball to do specific movements. The ball characterizes with being safe and secure to practice the hard yoga exercises easily. It can bear different heavy weights and help in strengthening muscles and their eminence. It’s appropriate to practice at home because it doesn’t take big space. You can pump air out to save it in the closet and blow it again with simple hand blower to use it. This a great gift for yoga lovers to encourage them.

Dumbbell for yoga exercises and movements: Some yoga movements need dumbbells with certain weights to strengthen hands’ muscles and the upper part of the body. They are available in different colors and weights to fit different yoga movements. These colors satisfy all tastes specially girls who prefer nice and delightful colors like red and rose and so on. You can buy light weights to fit yoga beginners for they may not be able to carry heavy weights in the beginning.

Dumbbell weights are often covered with cork to relief yoga trainees: They are soft as well and don’t scratch painted surfaces. So they are non- slippery and can be wiped and cleaned. They are available in groups of different weights or separately which gives you open choices to buy any kind of dumbbells as gift for beginners of yoga lovers.

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