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The best gift for nature lovers is definitely the adventures in the arms of nature. This is actually   to give the gifted person a real chance to enjoy the amazing nature that may be difficult for many in the light of the hustle and bustle of our daily life and also to give him a life experience that he may not practice before. So, if the gifted person  is a nature lover and also a close person to you or a family member, you can think of one of these adventures to be his gift on one of his special occasions. And because it may be a slightly expensive gift, it is one of the most appropriate gifts for those people who are close to you and not to those people who are not close to you. But, if the gifted person is not close to you, but you know about his love and passion to nature,  you can gift him one of the products that symbolizes nature and reflects its beauty and splendor ..

So, in this article, we will deal with gifts of nature lovers in two parts.

  • Adventure gifts for nature lovers.
  • Tangible gifts reflect the beauty and splendor of nature.

Free Tickets for Adventures and Excursion Tickets

And because nature lovers are always a fan of staying outdoors, enjoying landscapes or whatever reflects the splendor of life in the arms of nature, such as animals, plants, etc. At the same time, he may be missing that as a result of living in one of the crowded cities full of the hustle and bustle of daily life, which most likely contains hardly any aspects of the picturesque nature of trees, roses and others. Therefore, offering gifts that give the gifted person an opportunity to spend some of the times in the picturesque atmosphere of nature will be a very correct option, and here are some gift ideas that may be appropriate for that ..

 Forest Camping Trips: Camping trips among the trees is one of the most fascinating aspects of nature that give pleasure to nature lovers.  This is because it provides the ability to meditate on the elements of nature, such as trees and flowers with attractive shapes and colors, as well as birds and their fresh sounds, various animals and reptiles, and others ..

So giving nature lovers free tickets for a camping trip of this kind, or take him on a family camping trip or with friends if he is close, will be a special trip to give him the opportunity to reflect on nature and life sometime between it.  Actually, it would be very appropriate if the trip was for several days and not for one day, which enables him to fully relax and practice all possible activities in this atmosphere.

Safari Trips: Safaris show another side of nature that might not see very often.  After spending a long day or several days in the desert and not looking at the dunes and the types of animals that live on them from camels or reptiles and others.  Then he will feel another side of nature that may not have been thinking hard about before, so giving a gifts or taking the gifted person to safari trip might give him a life experience, getting to know more, and adventure in another aspect of nature. Feeling of it will increase the practice of some safari activities, such as riding sand dunes and driving in the sand, or camel or horse riding and wandering around in the desert with a guide.

Free Tickets for Zoos: It is one of the fun and  entertaining ways to see one of the best aspects of nature, by seeing directly hundreds of different types of animals, birds, and reptiles, which may have been gifted to him and did not even see it on electronic screens. Seeing it on the ground is completely different from seeing it on TV or on electronic screens.  And if the park has guides, they will give some details about how these animals live inside nature and how they coexist with other types of animals. Therefore, giving free tickets as a gift for both adults and children will be a good gift for nature lovers.

Excavation Museum Tickets: It shows an aspect of nature that we have not seen with our eyes, like dinosaurs and animals extinct thousands of years ago. Giving tickets to such museums to nature lovers will give them the ability to see skeletons of their natural sizes, and to learn more about how nature has changed over the years and its impact on living creatures over time.

Tickets for Plants and Flowers National Gardens: Traditional forests or gardens may not provide the opportunity to see many kinds of plants and flowers,  because they are often specific to certain types according to the environment in which they grow. But in the gardens of plants and flowers, specialists work on the cultivation of hundreds and thousands of species, which need special attention and which may not be seen in public places and may not have been heard of before. In addition to smelling the scents of plants and fragrant and fine flowers directly from the types of plants and flowers that are characterized by this,  they will be a special gift for nature lovers, as they will give them a view of one of the most fascinating aspects of nature from vivid flowers and plants that will help them to reflect and relax.

Underwater Adventure Tickets: This is one of the aspects of nature that we often see only in electronic screens, and feeling it in reality is quite different when we see it directly with our eyes. So you can offer nature lovers a gift that is tickets to go through this adventure to see this aspect of nature and life directly. This is either by diving directly in water with professional divers or by riding in a dedicated tourist glass submarine. Although diving does not require from the person to be able to swim, some people fear and fear diving on their own. Therefore, there are some tourist submarines whose walls are glass to give a full view of the depths of the water, including fish, animals and attractive  corals.

Air Adventures Tickets: Seeing the Earth from the air is one of the breathtaking scenery that delights us, and makes us see nature from a completely different angle. It makes it even more enjoyable for an individual to be among the clouds, to watch the clouds below or watch birds fly by his side, which gives us a vision of another side of nature that we do not see directly with our eyes  so much. Therefore, giving one of the free tickets for one of the activities that provides this will be a very special gift for nature lovers. Examples of these activities are ..

  • Skydiving: It is an exciting activity for adrenaline adventure lovers.
  • Balloon Riding: It is one of the most exciting, quiet and honest experiences for those who fear to jump off the plane or jump by parachute.
  • Paragliding: It is a unique type of adventure that may be available in mountainous areas and is suitable for adventure lovers.
  • Sky Sailing:Riding an open gilder, this adventure offers flying alongside flocks of birds and feeling directly of flying in the clouds.

Kayaking Adventures tickets: These adventures give the vision of nature from a different angle , when riding the kayak and rowing inside the river and contemplating the trees or forests on its sides gives a special feeling for nature lovers. Likewise, sea or river trips  that are on board a ship or yacht roam the seas for hours or days, so that the person sees only the calm waves of the seas around him everywhere. Reflecting on this aspect of nature is unique, so free tickets for this kind of adventure are a very suitable gift in summer for nature lovers.

Gifts to See Space: The space world has its lovers , and it is one of the very complex aspects of nature, but the gifted person  can be given a close look at it by gifting tickets to the space museums. Which can then be used by one of the great microscopes to see the stars and planets around us and the moon up close, as well as to learn more about this distant world that calls for contemplation and reflection a lot.

Hiking and Trekking Adventures as Gifts: This adventure is characterized by carrying the  adventurers their own food, drink, walking on the plains, hills or even mountains among trees and greenery.   This makes it a wonderful gift for nature lovers, because it gives them a vision of wide green spaces over the sight if hiking in green areas. Or give them a view of sand dunes and mountain tops if trekking in dry mountainous areas and it’s actually  one of the most appropriate adventures for athletes as they need a little physical effort.

Waterfall Travel Gifts: This is one of the most fascinating aspects of nature, which may not be available in all countries. If the waterfalls are a little far from the gifted person who  he has never visited them before, you can provide that to him, some of the waterfalls need to climb the mountains to see him and others can be reached by vehicles. But there is no doubt that the enjoyment of seeing it with the naked eye has a special luster, which makes it one of the gifts for nature lovers, which you must take it into consideration.

Snow Adventure Gifts: Can you realize how many people have never seen Snow before? ..  There are hundreds of millions of people, although there may be snow in one of the regions of a certain country, but there are many people in the same country on the hot side of it that have never been Snow before. So if the gifted person was one of those who had never seen Snow on nature before, it is one of the special gifts for them to see another side of nature completely different from what he lives in. Certainly, it should be practiced for some of the activities that characterize these areas such as skiing and hiking in ice.

 Adventure Gifts for Open National Parks: National Parks are different from zoos, which is to give their visitors the ability to see animals in flocks, not alone.  Instead of seeing a single giraffe, elephant, or lion, you can see whole herds walking, roaming, and eating. This makes it one of the means to see the charms of nature and how animals live in it in its natural environment. So giving free tickets as a gift to nature lovers to visit such National Parks is an exciting and enjoyable experience.

 Trip gifts to see the distinctive natural tourist areas: There are so many fascinating natural features that may be a good destination for nature lovers to reflect on their beauty. These features may differ from country to country and city to city. So you can provide an opportunity that you may see as suitable for gifting according to where you live. Examples include:

  • Caves: Many magnificent mountain caves and water caves are worth visiting if the gifted person has not visited them before.
  • Sculpted Rocks: Over hundreds of years, the wind makes the rocks sculpture  so that rocks have a very unique shape and features that are worth visiting and reflecting.
  • Therapeutic Sulfuric Lakes:  Some countries have natural lakes distinct from traditional lakes, which have sulfuric water and are considered one of the most natural treatments. You can visit one of the spas  nearby resorts for a few hours to enjoy.

Tangible Gifts Which Reflects the Beauty of Nature

You may not be able to give nature lovers one of the trips and adventures mentioned earlier .. Indeed, only a small percentage of those who are able to give such an expensive gift. So if you are looking for less expensive gifts, you can give another kind of gift entirely.  They are gifts that reflect the spirit of nature to be a symbol suitable for the beauty of nature .

 Landscape Decor Gifts:

There is no doubt that the presence of some aspects of nature in the home adds a touch of warmth and beauty , and you can try to achieve this by gifting one of the distinctive pieces of decoration that breathes this spirit in the house or office of the gifted person . Here are some examples of that .. 

Home Stone Fountain: Stone waterfalls: It is one of the distinctive decorative gifts to be a gift for the new house or a gift for the garden of the house.  Some of them are small in size, which is suitable for placing it on a small table inside the house, and others are larger in size to be placed in the yard or garden of the house .. It is one of the most wonderful ways to reflect nature inside the house, its magnificence are not only in the water’s ripple, but in its distinctive voice..

Decoration Plants: It is one of the most gifts that may reflect nature at homes and offices,  Although it needs special care and attention from the receiver of these gifts  , it is a gift that reflects an essential aspect of nature for its fans. Actually, caring and observing their growth day after day increases meditation and reflection on the elements of nature and the importance of caring for them. Ornamental plants  can be given according to where they will be placed, there are plants that are suitable to be put inside the house and there are plants for the sun that can be put on the outside terraces. In addition, there are small sizes of them to be placed on the desk or table and other large sizes that are placed only on the floor. So you have to choose carefully what plants might  fit the gifted person if he is a nature lover and meditating on it.

Fishbowl: This is a vivid picture of underwater nature.  So, raising, nurturing and contemplating fish is one of the best natural touches you can find in any home or office. Also, you can gift a small aquarium  to be a convenient and inexpensive gift.

Flower Pots and Vases: Whether it’s vases with flower bouquets or just individual cases, it’s a convenient gift in both cases.  Many nature lovers like to have a permanent natural appearance around, and enjoy having it. Also, decorating the sides of their homes and their places to make them feel comfortable with their bright colors and smart scents, so it is a good decorative gift for  home or office.

Lampshades with figures for nature photos: The lampshades of this type vary in their designs and the figures they carry. They include satellite-shaped minutes, stars, plants, animals, birds and other designs. Some of them are made from natural materials such as Himalayan  salt lampshades, which are made of natural stone salt that gives it a unique and natural decorative touch inside the house or books, which makes it a unique gift for nature lovers.

Sand hourglass and solar office clocks:  Are the hours that depend on nature to determine the time represented by the sand. It is a great gift for lovers  of historical things with pictures of nature and brings them back to the ancient times where the hourglass and the sun were the only way to know the time.

Personal Gifts for Nature Lovers

It is the product that they can use to reflect on nature whether they are abroad or inside the house.

Camera:  You can gift a professional personal camera to take pictures of nature from the ground as seen by its fans during their tours and transfers between landscapes, to keep it as a special memory for them, making it a wonderful and unforgettable gift.

Drone with Camera: Those who love to visit the natural open areas often love to see the scene from the air to show them the full picture of the neighborhood, and also take selfies from the air with a wonderful portrait scene to commemorate this beautiful anniversary.

Stargazers:  The love of astronomy and space may make some people  obsessed with seeing stars at night in the clear sky days,   And the telescope can be a lot of lovers looking at the stars a lot by being able to see it more clearly and see the moon and the moon: keep up with the other a lot more than the naked eye, so it is a very special gift for space lovers, especially young ones.

Personal Accessories Gifts Made of Natural Materials

Products made from natural materials appeal to many because they carry a special luster other than products made from chemicals.  Nature lovers are more interested in this type of product because they have a great appreciation of nature’s resources, and everything that is directly manufactured from them without being extracted with industrial inputs .. Examples include:

Wooden accessories ..

Wooden Watch: Wooden watches that are made of natural wood are considered as unique products and not uncommon at the same time.

Wooden Glasses: They are also made of natural wood, and their color and appearance are distinguished by the unique wood color which is very suitable for those who want the unique and new look of nature lovers.

leather products.

Natural leather shoes: It is one of the most important and famous types of classic shoes, which are characterized by long-lasting while preserving their luster and elegance, so it is known for its high prices, which makes it a valuable gift. There are men and women natural leather shoes vary according to designs, colors and sizes and also there are  different types of natural leather shoes, including the desert shoes made from the buck, the Louver, which is considered one of the official shoes for men. Oxford shoes that incorporate fabric in the design alongside natural leather, as well as winter boots and medical shoes that treat foot pain when walking and many other things that suit different tastes and needs.

Natural leather wallet:  A valuable gift of clothing and accessories made of natural materials and varies in designs, sizes and brands for men and women,  and they are characterized by the appearance of the natural and attractive leather.

Natural leather belt: It’s well-known that natural leather belts are always the highest quality of the synthetic leather, even those who are not obsessed with nature prefer to buy the belts made of natural leather due to their quality. Therefore, nature lovers will greatly appreciate  your gift of this kind, as it reflects how much can we use it in our lives.

Prints and Pictures of Nature

You can gift from hundreds of gifts  the one that contains pictures and posters of nature that may be appropriate to add to your home or office.   Such as:

Natural wall paintings: It is one of the best decoration gifts for all homes. The only thing that are you required to do is  checking the right size to fit the home of the gifted person. Among them are several partial paintings, which are collected and hung adjacently to form a large natural image, which gives it an attractive and unique shape from the traditional paintings.

3D wall posters:   It is a gentle gift of nature that decorates the sides and walls of the rooms with an attractive view. They are usually in the form of insects and small pets, such as butterflies, bees, cats, rabbits, etc., in normal size. This reflects a living state of the natural environment, a special gift for use either as a decoration in the public rooms of the house or in special room of the gift person.

Landscape wallpaper photos: This gift is different from the paintings that we  can buy a natural image to be pasted on the whole wall, which makes it a magnificent embodiment of nature inside the house to look like the house overlooks a garden or forest full of trees and flowers. As it transports the landscape to their homes and their private places, it is a suitable gift for those who are preparing to furnish their own house or move to a new house and also for the decorations of the work offices.

Roof stickers with pictures of nature: It gives to the roof a romantic look similar to the open sky as it embodies stars, planets, moons or even trees. It is a favorite appearance for lovers of meditation on the beauty of the sky and its stars, which makes it a suitable gift for decorating bedrooms especially for newlyweds or living rooms where the family gathers to intertwine at night. As well as children’s rooms where they are provided with dim lighting during sleep if they are afraid to sleep in the dark.

Natural photos on some gifts…

Pillow printed with pictures of nature: It is a decorative gift suitable for use in different homerooms, whether for sleeping or decorating chairs and sofas for living rooms.

Printed mug: You can offer your gift to landscape photo lovers as a printed mug with different landscape pictures from green forests, ripe flower gardens or various nature animals and other various landscape photos, which makes it a wonderful personal gift.

Pictures printed with nature t-shirts: They are T-shirts that carry pictures of nature with their spectacular appearances, such as green forests, ripe flower gardens, butterflies and birds of nature, making it a wonderful gift for nature lovers, camp lovers, forestry adventures and safari among others.

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