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هدايا أحجار كريمة Gemstone Gem

No Doubt the gem gifts are one of the best unique gifts to present, as gemstones reflect the beautiful side of change in nature over time. Gemstones are formed naturally as a result of environmental interactions that occur over time. Some of them are extracted from the ground like diamonds, others are extracted from the depth of the sea such as coral, while pearls are extracted from oysters, and ambergris, which is a precious stone too, is made from the liver of the whale. However, there are other types of precious stones that are extracted from plants such as the amber that consists of pine trees gums. Different types of jewelries are made of gemstones such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, rosaries, etc… In this article, you will read about numerous ideas to get gifts of precious stones and how to choose your gem gift to fit the taste of the person who receives the gem gift; so read what follows:

Gemstones Rings as Gifts

Sapphire ring: For women, you can present a sterling silver ring with red or blue sapphire as the bright colors make it a special gift for occasions and a proper gem gift for women.

A pearl ring: Usually these kinds of rings are made of silver or gold, and inlaid with a bright white simple pearl stone; so the ring has a special glamor.

Onyx Rings: Onyx is one of the gemstones that are used in manufacturing men’s rings. Hence, the ring is made of black silver and inlaid with onyx stone. Yet, it is characterized by the traditional designs and the big sizes to fit men’s fingers.

Red Opal Rings: Red opal is suitable for both men and women; however, the designs for both genders are different as the feminine designs are more delicate, accurate, and made of silver or gold.

Diamond Ring: Diamond rings are the most precious gemstones rings as they are so expensive; however, every woman likes and prefers them as a gift. Thus, if you are getting married and you would like to surprise your dream girl, get her a diamond ring!

Different gemstones gifts: You can buy different gifts of gold or silver rings inlaid with different tiny gemstones; for instance, blue sapphire, red opal, topaz, red sapphire, emerald, etc… So this type of rings is unique as it has different gemstones together.

Gem Bracelets Gifts

Open Bracelets: This kind of bracelets is made usually of gold; and at the two ends, it is inlaid with gemstones such as: turquoise, red opal, black onyx or diamond. Thus, it is an elegant gem gift for any woman.

Funny Bracelets: Sometimes, different gemstones like quartz, turquoise, coral, sapphire and opal are designed in fun shapes such as octopus, jellyfish, dolphin and turtles that drop from the bracelet; so it is a nice gift for young girls.

Pure Gemstones Bracelets: You can present a gem gift of pure gemstone bracelets without the use of gold and silver. These are bracelets made of gemstone balls collected together in a rubber band. Yet, the balls can be from one kind of gemstones or a mix between different kinds such as sapphire, coral, pearl, opal, emerald, etc… Thus, when choosing such a gift, consider the preferable gemstones or the preferable colors of the gifted person.

A diamond Bracelet: This is the most expensive gift of gemstone bracelets as diamond is the most precious one. Also, it is the preferable bracelet for every woman; so consider this gift among your choices if the gifted person is a woman.

Gemstone Rosaries

People in some countries usually hold rosaries in their hands even as an accessory; for instance, small-piece rosaries can be used as a hand bracelet, big ones can be used as necklaces and the very large ones are used as a decoration for the wall. Yet, for people who are interested in rosaries, you can present a gemstone rosary instead of the ordinary one; so here are some ideas for you:

A coral rosary: This rosary is made of coral extracted from the depth of the seas and it has different colors, red, rose and white. Also, this rosary is characterized by its oily texture and the count of the beads is thirty three or ninety nine. However, the price of the rosary increases when the number of beads increases too; so consider your budget while choosing the gem gift.

Ambergris Rosary: This rosary is made of the ambergris that is extracted from the whale’s liver, so it smells all the time; in addition, whenever it is rubbed, it smells more which makes it a precious gem gift.

Amber Rosary: Whenever you increase the use of amber, the color and smell of the beads become stronger. Yet, this stone is transparent and glamorous; also some of them have small insects inside as amber is made of the pine trees gums in which insects might fall and die inside. However, having these insects adds a good appearance to the beads of the rosary; thus, it is a great gem gift for nature friends.

Turquoise Rosary: Generally, these rosaries come from Asian countries like Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan where turquoise is extracted from the mountains there. Yet, there are kinds that are made of the unnatural American turquoise which is cheaper. Thus, if you would like to present a turquoise rosary, consider your budget to choose between natural or made-up ones.

Pearl Rosary: This is an elegant rosary with a touch of silver. It is a modern rosary so it is a proper gem gift for guys; even it can be presented to women who are interested in the beauty of white pearl.

Opal rosary: This rosary is made of the green opal and it has the preciousness of the green gemstone with the accurate simple design of its silver elegant chain; thus, it is a suitable gem gift for both men and women.

Onyx rosary: The black onyx gives an elegant appearance to the rosary as it is decorated with silver chains; thus, it is a brilliant gem gift for people who prefer the elegance of the black color.

Gifts of raw gemstones

You can present your gift as raw gemstones in order to enable the gifted person to use them the way they prefer; for instance, it can be used as decorations on the shelves or on the tables at home to enjoy their appearance while relaxing. Yet, they can also be used as a ring lobe, in the necklace, to make a bracelet or in a medal, in addition to other usages where the gemstone itself is a unique gift. Below we will deliver several ideas for you to choose the proper gemstones for the gifted person:

Blue Sapphire Gemstone: One of the most common gemstones in the Arab world as it is used in manufacturing several jewelries. Also, the blue sapphire gives its owner a sense of happiness and psychological relief while starring at it because of its bright colors.

Zircon stone: It is a rare gemstone that is not known to many people. It looks like a diamond but it is cheaper; thus, it is a natural alternative to expensive diamonds. The common zircon is transparent and white; but when it is mixed with natural impurities, other rare gemstones result in different colors. Thus, we have green, red, blue, orange, purple, brown, yellow and other colors of zircon so that it is an amazing gift.

The red sapphire Gemstone: It is considered one of the rarest and most beautiful gemstones on earth. Its purity and luster make it distinctive and attractive; and because red is one of the most popular colors for women and girls, this makes sapphire the best gift for them among precious stones.

Emerald Gemstones: It is considered the most beautiful green gemstone extracted from the ground. One of its characteristics is that emerald radiates green when placed in water which makes it easy to identify if they are original or fake; thus, it is a wonderful gift for all occasions.

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