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Candles Gifts are still the most delicate romantic gifts, whether presenting the candles itself or presenting candle holders, candle sticks or candles stands, where they all carry a lot of meaning like hope, love, light, compromising, selflessness and happiness as well. So getting different styles and kinds of candles to be presented as gifts is very adequate for the decoration of the house in addition to several other supplies like candlesticks, candle carriers and candle standards. In this essay, we will illustrate the different styles of candles gifts and their accessories that could be presented for different occasions.

Candle Holders, Candlesticks and Candle stands as Gifts…

Candle holders are one of the most brilliant gift ideas to decorate the house. It can also be presented to your relatives or friends for the weddings or the new houses since it is a very special piece of art to be used in the decoration or the design of the house. However, candle holders shapes vary according to their design and materials used in their manufacture; for example, you can see crystal candlesticks and copper ones, in addition to the wall candle holders  plus the other various kinds, and notably, each kind of them matches a style of decoration according to the house. Moreover, the style of the candlestick depends on how many candles can we add to it as we have the single candle stand that carries one candle only. Therefore, it can be placed on small tables around the house or at the office, while other types of candlesticks can be used as alternatives for the vases on big tables in the house. Thus, now we will be introduced to different types and styles of candles holders that can be presented as gifts..

1. Copper Candlestick

This is the classical style of the Candle holders, so it fits with classic decorations where these pieces of antiques are placed at the entrance of the house or in the main salon and sometimes in the living room. Yet, copper candlesticks are heavy weight and they have a traditional style because they can carry some motifs and old inscriptions that go back to the old era which makes the piece more valuable and elegant.

2. Crystal Candle Stand

Crystal stand differ according to the style; it can be classic to fit the classic decoration, or modern to fit the modern decorated houses. However, what makes this piece so special is the sparkled appearance that is reflected by the candles over crystal in the dark. So it would be the best romantic gift to be offered for newly-married couples.

3. Wall Candle Holder

This one is fixed to the wall and it has different styles such as modern and classic. Actually, the shape of this candlestick is variable because we can find the double one, in which the candlestick consists of two pieces next to each other and fixed with one stick so we will have one candlestick for numerous candles. At the same time, the other style of them consists of two separate pieces but they are fixed on the wall next to each other to create an attractive decoration in the house. As a result, we can say that these candlesticks are suitable for the rooms or the interior corridors; and they can be gifts for bedrooms or offices as well and certainly living or reception areas.

Parties and Birthdays Candles…

Candles, with their different kinds, are the main player during parties since each occasion has specific kinds of candles with various styles. Here are some kinds of them:

4. Scented Candles

Sometimes there are these candles that carry different smells. Yet, they are not only souvenirs, but also special decorative pieces for the house. This candles gift can be placed at offices where the candle will be close to the person in the office which will enable them to enjoy the nice smell. Plus, for new couples, a perfumed candle would be the best candle gifts to provide the house with a romantic atmosphere.

5. Figures of Candles

Candles gifts are memorable gifts that can be presented to new couples. So, among the various shapes of candles, you can get the ones that represent figures such as the wedding cakes, dresses or other different shapes. Certainly, you can present the figures of candles gifts for other different occasions such as housewarming or refurbishing the current house.

6. Birthday's Candles

Birthday’s celebration cannot be without candles. For this reason, there is a variety of birthday candles in the market; most of them are the traditional ones that take place inside the birthday cakes. Nonetheless, they might not be convenient to be presented as gifts since they are way too ordinary; but still you can present the numeral candles where every candle represents a different number. Thus, it is easy to place two candles with numbers on the same cake according to the age of the birthday person. Yet, if you do not like to get a cake because already there is one in the party, then you can buy the small cupcakes with two numeral candles to be the unique gift that nobody would share the target person with.

However, to make the birthday candles more valuable, you can get the ones designed with crystal and bright pieces which are available in different colors; or candles with designs like butterflies, birds or cartoon characters which are special for the kids. In addition, there are the alphabet candles that shape the name of the birthday person and they can also be decorated with the crystal motifs or the other designs.

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