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Bowl Gifts Idea

BowlBowl gifts are one of the best housewarming gift ideas that you can present, whether they were decor bowls, or candy and sweet storage container or even if it was a fruit bowl, you just need first to decide the use of the bowl before you start searching to be able to pick the right one.

The type of bowl depends on what you know about the gifted person himself or his house, because if you know that he is a popcorn, cereal, chips lover, etc. then you can buy a bowl that he can use in his snack times. Where they are a perfect gift for TV and couch lovers.

But if you are not sure of that, then you can think in the decor bowls instead, which can be a great decorative piece in the living room or on any wall shelves.

We are going to highlight three types of bowls that you consider as a gift…

  • Decor Bowls.
  • Snacks Bowls.
  • Fruits Bowls.

Decor Bowls

The modern-looking bowls can be a great modern housewarming decorative gift to be used as a centerpiece for dining table ensembles, coffee table, office table or reception desk even if it was empty or to put some candy in them. You can find unique and attractive modern bowls made of Ceramic or stainless or even glass or crystal which will make them a distinctive decor piece on any table they are put on.

The decor bowls are a great housewarming gift when you feel so confused about what could be proper to give on such occasion, but it would be much better if you already know the decor style of the gifted person house, whether it was modern or classic, because it will not be proper to gift a classic vintage bowl that does not match the modern style, otherwise you can focus on the simple bowls that go with all decor styles.

Some decor bowls are not meant to be used for food like nuts, popcorn dates or such things, but they can be used only for the wrapped food like chocolate or wrapped candy to not place spots on them and to avoid the need of the frequent cleaning, so if you need to but a food bowl you need to choose the right one that is already made for food use.

Keys Saving Bowl

The bowl will be so practical in this case, where they can be used instead of the wall key holders, and they usually are placed on the nearest table of the entrance.

Centerpiece Table Bowl

Some types of them are only decorative pieces and not meant to save other things on them, where sometimes they even come with some decorative balls or scent balls in them. Other types are proper to put candy and chocolate inside to be easy and quick to present to the house quests.

Bowls for Wall Shelves

If you targeted a bowl to be placed on wall shelves beside the TV or on the side decorative shelves in the living room, or even on the shelves of the home library, then you have to mind that the most seeable part of these bowls is their sides, that may be different to the ordinary table bowls that are usually seen from a high view, so when you buy bowl to be placed on the shelves you need to choose ones that are either have curvy or unique designs that look attractive from there side or to buy ordinary bowl with nice side inscriptions and drawings.

Bowl Gifts For Serving Snacks

This type of bowls are great for the couch or Tv lovers, They are nice to be used in the snack times, whether while listening to the music or watching a movie on TV, plus, they can be a personal gift where the gifted person be the only one to use it because some people like to have their own private snack tools.

Popcorn Bowls

They are uniquely shaped compared to the ordinary bowls, because of the popcorn usually takes a big space so it needs a big and wide bowl to be enough for one portion, and some popcorn bowls are suitable to make the popcorn in it in the microwave then eating from it directly.

Cornflakes and Cereal Bowls

As the cereal is the quick way of eating breakfast in both Home and workplaces, maybe on the couch, the bed or even on the balcony if it was at home, or one the work desk or the pantry at work, then if the gifted person is cereal lover and used to have very often and does not have a unique cereal bowl for it, then popcorn bowl gift will be a nice choice for family members or coworkers.

Nuts Bowl

They are not big sized bowls as popcorn and cereal bowls, and some times they come in a set of small bowls, some nuts bowls have a unique two-part design where the gifted person can put the nuts in one part and eat from it and put the shelled nuts in the other part, which is so practical for the nuts lovers to gift.

Dates Bowl

Many Muslim families have dates as an essential snack especially in the Ramadan month, Some dates bowls come with a cover to protect the dates from any fly, and they are a great way for hospitality at home for quests and to be placed in the living room for the snack times for the family members, that makes it a nice housewarming gifts for Muslim families or and dates lovers.

Chips Bowl

The Chips bowls are a unique type of bowls compared to the ordinary ones we used to use because the chips bowl comes with an attached mini sauce bowl or section so the gifted person can dip the chips in Ketchup or the sauce easily without messing up the ships. That makes this type of bowls great as a gift for teenagers who are addicted to chips.

Candy Bowl

Usually, they are made of glass or crystal because the transparency of the glass shows the candy inside them, plus they come with a cover to protect the candy from any insects, Despite there are some attractive crystal bowl without cover in the market, it is always recommended to gift the covered ones if it meant to a candy or food storage container. Candy bowls are nice and cool housewarming gifts and will be nicer if you gifted them already full of candy.

Food Bowls

You can buy a set of bowls for Salad, Soup or Desert as a housewarming gift, they will be practical bowls to use on the dining tables, That only recommended to buy for a family member like a sister or mother or maybe the best friend, because you will know if they already need one, but it will not be a good gift to present for non-close people, where giving a decor piece will be much better.

Fruit bowl

Serving fruits in a beautiful and attractive bowl catch the eye and increase the desire in eating from it. Because fruits are of the special food for hospitality, you should take care of serving them in bowls and special fruits holders, whether for guests in parties and occasions, or even just for putting fruits on the dining table so that the family can eat some, and here are some examples of Fruit bowls as gifts: 

There are many types of Fruit Bowls, They could be made of metal or wood, but in all cases, if you buying the bowl specifically for fruit, you need to mind that the best ones are the fruit bowls that are full of openings, because the open design allows for even ripening of fruit or vegetables, Plus, it let the air move around the fruit to keep it fresh for longer, and usually if they are metal they will be made from metal wires or lines to give attractive look and design.

We do not recommend the glass or and sold bowl for the previous reasons, but if you wanted to buy a bowl to be used for different for many purposes, then you can buy a sold one so it can be used for candy or chocolate in addition of the fruit when needed.

Bowls Kit

It is a kit that includes a big bowl of the glass and small bowls for serving; it might be used to serve desserts that have small chunks of fruit in syrup. Yet, it is designed for serving such desserts in an appropriate way without being scared of spilling some of the liquid while eating. 

Plus, the gifted person can also serve sliced fruit to children or to guests in such a kit instead of serving the whole fruit, so it would be much easier and quicker to eat them. However, its translucent glass allows seeing the attractive colors of fruit after cutting them into pieces, which forms a wonderful shape when serving sliced fruits with their bright colors in it. 

So the fruit bowl kit is considered a great gift for new married couples if they have not already bought one, or as a housewarming gift, so it is a practical bowl gift for fruit lovers whether to use it by the family or for hospitality and for welcoming guests.    

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