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42 Small Birthday Gifts For Him/Her



There are many reasons why we prefer sometimes looking for small birthday gift ideas, but actually small here has a different meaning for many of us, it means small in size for some people, small will mean cheap for others, and it means simple for some other people, and we will brief the difference between the three types followed with the small gift ideas that you can consider as a gift.

Presenting gifts with elegant packaging to our beloved ones in their birthdays is something worth thinking carefully even when they are small gifts, because of the moral value that they express between the gifted person and the person who is giving the gift. Yet, gifting is not only a compliment, but also bringing the greatest joy and happiness to the gifted people. 

Whereas we all love gifts and surprises, there is no better occasion than birthdays to present the most gorgeous gifts to our beloved ones. Moreover, there are a lot of small birthday gift ideas that might surprise the gifted person and be a memorable gift. Since gifts are often presented in birthdays, many people may get confused while they are looking for a new and different birthday gift as it is an annual occasion. Therefore, you should ensure that you buy a unique gift every year for people who celebrate this occasion, unlike other occasions such as baby showers or graduation or moving to a new house and so on.

As a result, you need to take more time in thinking about Birthday gift ideas that can be presented for your friends and beloved ones, considering that the gift shall be unique and different.

Small gift as a small size…

One of the reasons that some like to give a small birthday gift is when the birthday occasion is outdoors in some restaurant or celebration halls, where you don’t want to carry a big size gift, and it will not be proper to present a big one in this environment.

So if you are attending a birthday party outdoor, it will not be proper to present a coffee machine, or a bean bag as a gift, for sure it is not the proper type to gift in such place even if you know that the gifted person needs it, otherwise you can arrange delivering it in his doorstep which may not be a good choice for all people.

If the gifted person is a superficial friend, usually the small gifts are the better choice to choose, because they should be a symbolic gift more than being so practical gift, which could be just a wallet or tie.

Small gifts that mean cheap or affordable…

Despite there are some small-sized gifts costs fortune, but usually, the small gifts are cheap, It could be the best choice if you don’t have a big gift budget, or you may consider that the gifted person will not be able to gift you back an expensive gift, or even if the gifted person was a superficial friend that you don’t want to spend much for a gift for almost a stranger.

Some families put a role between them to not gift any expensive birthday gifts to each other, so the family member has to present only cheap or symbolic gifts to not load on their own homes budgets, and to be easier for others to gift back their gifts.

Plus, it could look awkward too if you presented an expensive birthday gift for a family member or for one of your close friends even if the gifted person is special to you for some reason, because you will need to spend a proper amount for the other close friends or family members where they may know the birthday gift that you gifted for the gifted person, and may compare it with what they will get from you later.

Small as a simple gift…

There are affordable birthday gifts that are not simple gifts, for instance, you can present affordable printed mug or shirt that has the pic of the gifted person or a handmade gift that you made yourself, these type of gifts are not simple because it needs time and effort to create, and sometimes you will not want the gifted person to think that you spent much time and effort for making his gift, maybe because he is not so close to you, or because you want to avoid him thinking that you are interested in him, so could more expensive and simple gift be better than a cheap and complex gift sometimes.

And we have some small birthday gift ideas that you can put in your consideration while thinking in the perfect gift…

Unisex Small Birthdays Gifts Ideas…

1. Perfumes

They are one of the first things that appear in your mind when thinking of gifts as they suit everybody. And the good thing about this type of gift that fits all budgets, so you can get a nice perfume at an affordable price where you do not need to gift a very big bottle to make your gift better, but you can choose a small-sized one with a good smell, and that what makes it a nice small birthday gift idea.

Yet, there are hundreds of perfume types that might confuse you where you may not be able to figure out what the gifted person prefers; so consider your budget when buying the perfume and choose a good brand within your budget limits. Otherwise, if you do not know much about the brands you can try to get one of the most sold perfumes because you will guarantee that the smell of this perfume suits most tastes. 

2. Mug or Cup

It is a special and easy small birthday gift idea for both men and women as it can be presented as a birthday gift for coworkers, or for people with whom you don’t have a close relationship. Also, they can be presented as gifts for your relatives and your beloved ones. So you can buy a mug or a cup with an attractive unique shape such as cups in the shape of a camera, a heart, a skull, or any other cute shape to present them as a unique gift to your beloved ones. 

3. Printed Products

Printed Cups or Plates or T-shirts .. you can print pictures or special words to the gifted person on some objects such as cups, plates or t-shirts in affordable prices, so that your gift would be personal, special, and precious because of its emotional impact despite the fact that the printing is on an ordinary object. Therefore, objects that have special prints on them are considered great gift ideas for everyone despite their different ages and their various occasions.

4. Keychain Tracker

Is one of the small birthday gift ideas that not many people already have, which will make you gift unique and simple at the same time, at the same time it is so practical gift for those who used to lose or gorget their keys everywhere, where this tracker can be connected to their mobile phone, so they can now its place quickly and easily.

5. Keychain

They are indispensable accessories to any man or woman; they will be used to carry the keys of the house or for the car keys if the gifted person owns one. 

In addition to its aesthetic looks which adds more elegance to the appearance of its holder; It is a suitable small birthday gift idea for many people all the time. Even when you want to present a precious gift, you can present keychains of gold or silver. Yet, there are hundreds of shapes and types of key chains which you can choose from; also they can be presented with other gifts in one small gift box like a complete kit. Likewise, you can attach the keychains with a pen or a wallet or with cufflinks and other gifts which makes it a suitable small birthday gift idea that can be presented among coworkers or fiends.

Key chains would be suitable gifts if the gifted person has bought a new car recently, and whether the car was new or old, presenting key chains that have the logo of the car brand would be nice and symbolic. And the keychain would have extra value if it could be used for another purpose, where you can buy a keychain that has remote tracker to figure out the keys place through the mobile if the gifted person has lost their keys, or a keychain that has a daily calendar or the calendar of fifty years, or maybe a keychain that has a small compass for people who travel a lot especially in their cars, or even a keychain that can measure tires pressures so that the gifted person can figure out if their car needs inflating or not without the need to go to special places to inflate wheels.

Electronic Accessories as small birthday gifts…

Most of the electronic gifts are high budget, so they will not always be a good choice for most of the people, but what can be a proper small birthday gift idea is the electronic accessories gifts…

Before buying this kind of gift, you should realize something very important which is that the gifted person should be in need of the gift and does not have a similar one already. Otherwise you need to make sure that your gift is already better than what he has, so he will replace his with yours.

In other words, it will not be suitable to present a wireless mouse if he already has one, because at the end he will only use one and will not keep change among them, that does not apply on all kind of accessories like USP for instance, but you just need to mind this point according to the type of small birthday gift that you are going to present.. 

Thus, here are some examples of electronic gifts:

6. USB Flash Memory

You may say that for sure the gifted person has already a USB, but it will be a good gift if you gifted him a unique shaped USP that makes it different from any other ones he probably has, so you can choose a wooden style one that can look luxurious to carry, or you can buy a funny shaped one that makes the gifted person smile when he uses it remembering you, So you just need to choose a unique one to be you nice small birthday gift for your friends.

7. Wireless Mouse

It enables the user to work on their computer or laptop from a distance that may reach up to 30 feet, without being worried about wire entanglement. The wireless mouse is a great small birthday gift idea to people who work a lot on computers, where it allows them to move freely while they are working without being forced to sit in position in the office all day.  

8. Wireless Headphone

It is one of the electronic small birthday gift ideas that are not so cheap, you can choose ones that have a reasonable price but the high-quality ones do not fit the small budgets, but on the other hand it small size makes it perfect to gift in its small box.

Plus, It is very practical for many people. Since many of us have smartphones and laptops, then the need to listen easily to music or to other audio files online and even to make phone calls has increased. Yet, these headphones can be used while being in transportation, driving the car, exercising in the gym, relaxing, and sleeping as there are several designs. 

All the aforementioned types of headphones are wireless in order to enable the person to listen freely. But first you should know what kind of headphones suit the gifted person’s activities, as there are headphones for athletes, which have mainstay behind the ears so it will not drop down during exercising and moving around. 

Yet, there are other headphones for sleeping which can be inside a cover or a head stripe that is made of soft cloth, so it will not drop while the gifted person lies down, and they are usually soft and delicate on the ears. Moreover, there are the traditional headphones that could be worn for longtime, which makes wireless headphones a practical small birthday gift.

9. Rosary

Some people like using rosaries as accessories or for other purposes in different types and colors. Yet, there are cheap rosaries that are made of plastic, wood or metal, and other precious types that are made of various gemstones such as amber, coral, turquoise and pearls in addition to silver rosaries, which makes them a proper gift that suits all budgets and tastes.  

10. Leather Diary for Travelling

It is a diary with leather cover and as an elegant band in order to give the diary the nature of ancient heritage. The leather cover protects the diary papers while the gifted person is holding it and moving, or when keeping it in the bag, because the leather covers the four sides of the diary. 

Furthermore, the leather diary is a special small birthday gift that can be presented to a colleague on their birthday, or to friends who love travelling so that they can write down their diaries and notes or even to draw. Some types of diaries are distinguished because the gifted person can add alternative papers if the papers of the diary are full, so that the diary users can keep it with them without the need to throw it away after its papers get full. 

11. Thermal Cup

It is a cup for hot or cold drinks to maintain its temperature while driving a car, especially in the morning before going to work. And it is a special gift for both men and women so that they can use it in their cars. Also, the thermal cup is considered a common gift among coworkers on formal occasions.

12. Thermal Food Jar

It is a good small birthday gift idea for coworkers, it fits more the coworkers who like bringing their food with them from home, the thermal food jar will keep the food fresh and hot for a longer time compared to the ordinary food boxes, plus it is one of the so practical gifts for work colleagues in affordable price.

13. Water Bottle

Gifting nice double-faced water is a good small birthday gift for so many people, whether the gifted person was sports lover, traveler, camping lover or even a peach lover, because it is one of the necessary items to carry outdoor and to add in our bags, and you can present it as a birthday gift as well for those who have long drives, whether driving by themselves or take transportation, what can make it a good choice that not many people keen on buying one for themselves despite they need it.

14. Leather Wallets

They are of the essential accessories for both men and women. You can choose a high-quality one with genuine leather from a famous brand if you have high badget, and if your budget is small you can find a good wallets in affordable price as well, As for men, all wallets nearly have the same size so that they would fit in their pants pockets, and wallets can be presented from sons to their parents or brothers as a simple small birthday gift. 

As for women, wallets have various sizes because women can hold them in their hands or they can put the wallets in their bags, so there are small wallets that suit the size of a hand palm, and there are other big wallets that have more storage. As a result, you should make sure that you notice the size of the wallets that are owned by the gifted person to get a practical and suitable for them. 

Furthermore, wallets can be presented on mothers’ birthdays, or on birthdays of siblings or friends. Notably, it can be attached with other gifts like pens or cufflinks, or you can present a set of a wallet, a keychain and a pen in an elegant box as a special gift.

15. Scarves

In winter special occasions, you can present a wool scarf to your male friends and acquaintances to protect them from the cold winter. And men’s scarves are usually in neutral colors such as black, brown, beige, blue and grey in magnitude and matronly designs. Some scarves may fit casual clothes, and others may fit suits and formal clothes, and others fit all types of clothes. As for women scarves, they are either in cool colors or scarves with carvings, and bright colors to give a feminine touch to who is wearing it.

16. Gloves

They are winter accessories that many people do not buy despite being in need for them, especially people who work at night and move around a lot in the freezing cold; or even women where they can use gloves to protect their hands from getting dirty while moving outdoors. As a result, it would be a very suitable small birthday gift to present to your beloved ones to keep their hands warm. 

Gloves prices vary based on the quality and the use, so if you have a high gift budget you can buy waterproof gloves that protect its user’s hands in winter rainy days, and if you don’t have that big budget you can find nice gloves to give in affordable prices as well.

It would be preferred to choose gloves of a neutral color to suit all winter clothes and outfits of the gifted person. Moreover, you may take into your consideration that young men prefer leather gloves, while young ladies prefer velvet gloves. As for kids, it is recommended to present them colorful gloves in winter, especially wool gloves with bright and attractive colors. Therefore, gloves can be appropriate birthday gifts that can be presented only in winter especially for countries in which gloves might be used daily in cold weather.

17. Books

Presenting books is one of the most precious small birthday gifts, but at the same time you need to be careful while you are choosing the books in order to choose books that suit the gifted person. However, this requires your research to figure out the interests of the gifted person, besides knowing what is suitable for them. You can present books to people who are passionate about reading on their birthdays, and that is by choosing a group of rare books or the latest versions for the favorite authors of the gifted person. As for people who are not passionate about reading, then you can give them books written about specific domains that they care about, whether these books were about their occupational fields or personal hobbies like books about healthy diets or fashion and so on.

18. Wool Ice Cape

Presenting handmade wool ice capes as small birthday gifts would be special in winter, and if you know how to knit triko or crochet, you can present a wool crochet hat that is made of your own hands, which increases the moral value of your gift. These wool ice caps are suitable birthday gifts for adults and kids. At the same time they can be presented to friends or coworkers.

Ideas for Presenting Cars Accessories as Gifts…

They suit men and women, who own cars, but they are more common as gifts for men. Yet, car accessories are valuable gifts for people who spend long time driving their cars whether when they go to work, or to finish their tasks, or even for daily use, and these gifts include:

19. Car Mirror Hangings

They include a lot of different shapes and types, where the hanging might be a rosary or a chain that has a decorative model at its end. Also, it might have the first letter of the gifted person’s name. These car hangings are attractive decorative pieces that are suitable for private cars, which make them suitable gifts that can be presented in all occasions, like birthdays. These car hangings are also featured in their reasonable price which makes them affordable gifts for everyone. 

20. Sunglasses

If the gifted person has sunglasses already, then extra eyeglasses would be good addition so that they can use them in their car while driving and leave them in the car until they need to use them again. Sunglasses can be classified as car accessories that can be presented in all occasions whether to friends or coworkers; but you should make sure that it is allowed to replace the sunglasses in case the gifted person wants to change them with sunglasses that suit their face and taste.

Small Birthday Gift Ideas for Men…

There are several gift ideas that can be presented to men, and they are related to men’s interests in the first place. Mainly, you might find that suitable gifts for men are mostly related to cars accessories or smart devices. Furthermore, men’s gifts may also be fashion accessories such as watches, ties and so on. Here we will introduce birthdays gift ideas that wives can present: 

21. Executive set

Usually, it contains Pens or a Set That Includes a pen with a keychain or a rosary or a wallet, Although nowadays we use electronic devices most of the time to write down our notes and thoughts, using pens is something indispensable where pens remain a very good classical gift. Yet, in order to add more value to your gift you might think of buying a set that has several gifts, including a pen and a keychain, or a set that consists of a pen with a rosary or a wallet and other things. And such gifts are usually presented in an attractive and elegant pack where you put all the objects in it so that they could be presented as an integrated gift, which makes it a special gift that includes several objects to your beloved ones. Furthermore, such gifts can be suitable for small birthday gifts to coworkers because they are considered more formal gifts. Also, it is a gift that can be presented to parents and friends too.   

22. Ties

They are special gifts for people who wear uniforms a lot, whether at work or on different occasions. And ties are suitable gifts to parents or to coworkers because they are formal gifts. Ties are different in their designs, colors and production materials according to the taste and the style of the person who is wearing the tie. Thus, it is preferable to buy ties of neutral colors that suit all clothes colors such as black or grey. Furthermore, you should choose simple ties or ties that have very simple engravings to guarantee that your gift suits the taste of the gifted person. Moreover, you should ensure that your gift can be worn with most colors and types of formal clothes that the gifted person has.

23. Cufflinks

They are usually sold as a complete set that has two identical buttons, either by themselves or attached with a tie or a tie pen, or attached with a pen that has the same engravings on the cufflinks so that they form a complete set together which increases the value of your multi-part gift. Cufflinks are usually made of metal materials that are scuff-resistance. Furthermore, cufflinks might be made of silver to increase their value. Cufflinks can be presented in their fancy pockets, which make them special birthday gifts for men who wear suits and for coworkers in their various occasions. 

24. Bracelets

Some men like to wear wooden or leather bracelets as accessories, where they are handmade bracelets that come in different shapes and designs. The most popular ones are those bracelets that are made of wooden beads and linked together using a thread, so they are suitable small birthday gift ideas that can be presented between siblings or friends. In addition to the elegant and casual appearance of these bracelets, they are also cheap which makes them an affordable gift. Yet, they are handmade bracelets that increase their luxury and value. Mainly, bracelets suit people who are used to wearing them, so before buying a bracelet as a gift you should make sure that the gifted person usually wears this kind of accessories.

25. Messenger Bags

They are small bags that can be worn around the body or on the shoulder and they are used to carry accessories and small personal belongings such as wallets, power banks, or sunglasses. These bags are very practical for travelling so that passengers can safely keep their passport and personal documents. Moreover, the messenger bags have enough space for a tablet and its related things. Therefore, the messenger bag is considered a suitable small birthday gift for men who travel a lot for long distances. 

26. Waist Bag

It is a wide pouch that can be closed tightly, and it can be put on the waist where men often use it in their journeys or while they are walking around with their friends. This type of bag is practical for short travels so that men can use it to keep their belongings in and be comfortable without the need to put their objects in their pockets. Also, men use waist bags in order to avoid forgetting any of their objects like keys, cellphone or their headphones due to not arranging them in the bag. Moreover, men can keep their passports and ID cards in it when they travel so that they can reach them easily, which makes waist bags suitable small birthday gifts for men.

27. Wooden Calendar

Wooden Calendar (Cubes or Planks) is a special decorative small birthday gift for coworkers, and it has either lunar or solar calendars. For lunar occasions, there is a special wooden strip; but the model of the solar calendar has all days of the year. Yet, dates can be changed by flipping the planks or the wooden cubes according to the day and the month, which makes the wooden calendar one of the gifts that can be presented to coworkers on their birthdays.  

28. Leather Cap

It is suitable for winter more than summer as the gifted person can wear it to protect themselves against rain and to warm their head, besides staying stylish and attractive at the same time. However, leather caps should not be worn in summer since hot sun rays may damage the leather. Leather caps are distinguished because they are more formal compared to traditional sports caps. Furthermore, leather caps can be worn with uniforms and suits when needed, so leather caps can be presented as birthday gifts to colleagues and friends. Leather caps are often simple and do not contain inscriptions or decorations, but they require more preservation to maintain their luster, as it may be damaged or spoiled by the abundance of dust or by frequent use.

29. Canvas Hat

It is the common men’s cap. Yet, it is preferable when presenting a traditional cap to be from a famous brand to increase its value, such as Nike or Adidas or other fashion brands. so canvas hats suit young people and kids who love sports.

30. Men's Belts

Choosing this gift as a small birthday gift depends on the style of the gifted person and what clothes he usually wears. So if his main clothes are casual then you can give him a leather denim belt that suits his pants. However, if his work requires wearing uniforms much then you can choose a belt that can be worn with suits and formal clothes. Also, belts from famous brands usually come in a special and unique pocket which makes it more attractive as a birthday gift. Moreover, belts are fashion accessories that you can easily buy, and they are cheap and valuable at the same time. But you should consider buying belts that are made of natural leather to maintain the value of your gift and to allow the gifted person to use it as much as possible. 

31. Video Game

Adults Electronic Games as Gifts is a good small birthday gift for the PlayStation and video games lovers, so if you know the taste of the gifted person in the games, then you can choose the recent versions of the game that he likes, otherwise, it will not be a proper gift because you do not want to present a game that the gifted person will never paly, and if you can not know by yourself which is better for him, you can ask one of his friend who like to play with.

32. Makeup and Perfumes as Gifts

You can present makeup and perfumes as gifts on girls’ birthdays such as eyeshadow palettes, mascara, lipsticks including liquid lipstick, or a various collection of makeup of good brands; you can pack them nicely as well. Moreover, you can present perfumes with your gift to make it a birthday gift of multi parts, or you can present perfumes by themselves. It is preferable to present famous perfumes from well-known brands and to choose the most popular perfumes of these brands if you do not know the favorite perfume of the gifted person. Furthermore, you can purchase a collection of body splashes and a body lotion with a strong scent. These body lotions and splashes usually are available in one pocket that can be presented as a birthday gift for girls after packaging it, where you can present such gifts and attach them with a nice flowers bouquet or a big toy. This gift can be also presented to girls who are about to get married. 

33. Women's Hats

Women in winter could wear hats or ice caps that are made of wool or fur to warm their heads; thus, presenting a hat would be something special and different as a birthday gift. The hat might be knitted of triko or crochet, and it also may be decorated with some handmade wool bow ties or flowers which give hats an additional feminine touch.

34. Scarves

They can be presented in summer and winter, so you can purchase a scarf that can be worn in the favorite season of the gifted girl. Also you can present her two scarves together, one of them is heavy for winter and the other scarf may be lighter to suit summer. Therefore, scarves are suitable small birthday gifts .

35. Brooches

They are one of the very special fashion accessories, in addition to being the favorite accessories for many men and women, even though brooches are mostly used by women. Brooches are distinguished with a variety of shapes and production materials as there are metal, silver, gold and even diamond ones. But you do not need to buy a very expensive one like the ones with gold, where you can choose a nice and attractive metal to be your gift.

36. Blanket Jacket

Severe cold in winter might spoil the enjoyment of watching TV, and the person might get baffled between the continuation of watching or going to their bed to warm up. However, if they do not have a television in the bedroom, blanket jacket is a great birthday gift in winter for TV viewers; it can be worn as a jacket above the clothes, and this jacket is not long so it will not impede movement because it can be worn as a cape so it covers the whole body to give redoubled warmth while moving from one room to another. Moreover, blanket jackets are distinguished because they are loose and easily worn; yet, the material of the blanket jacket is similar to the bed blanket. As a result, blanket jackets are one of the best gifts in winter as they can be presented to your wife, mother, sisters or even friends.     

37. Jewelry Box

They are available in various shapes and different production materials in the markets such as modern and classic; and they are perfect small birthday gifts for the wife and as a second gift with a jewelry piece. Moreover, there are different colors and sizes of jewelry boxes in the market in order to enable the gifted girl to nicely keep her jewelry. Also, the gifted person can add jewelry as much as desired. However, there are boxes that accommodate a whole jewelry kit and others for a specific piece such as necklaces, rings, earrings and so on. Furthermore, there are boxes in very elegant shapes and fancy production materials such as velvet boxes of silver, wood or metal. Therefore, jewelry boxes are suitable decorative pieces and very practical gifts in ladies’ bedrooms.

Bear toys and Stuffed Toys and Puppets as small birthday gift ideas…

Some gifts keep their glamour and popularity overtime. Among these gifts we have the stuffed puppets that are still popular with their various shapes and kinds. Yet, there are toys that are usually presented to both, adults and kids, such as bear toys and stuffed toys; while other types are only presented to kids like stuffed toys of princesses. As for adults, bears toys are distinguished due to their beautiful shape and soft texture in order to grab the admiration of women and kids. Furthermore, bear toys can be presented as birthday gifts. Also, you can present bears toys without any occasion to your wife or children, since bear toys are kids’ friends in order to enhance their imagination.

38. Emoji Cushions

Who does not love those smiley yellow faces that add joy and vitality to our daily conversations! Absolutely a cushion like that will be a nice small birthday gift. However, they can also be used in making decor cushions with different faces to express happiness, love or fun and all other exciting expressions and they are available in very funny shapes. Emoji cushions are considered sofa cushions too which are used as decorations for furniture mainly because they add fun to it. Also, they are of the preferred types to girls and children in particular for what they have of soft texture, bright colors; also they add joy and fun when the gifted girl hugs them, or lay down on them while she is watching TV in the living room or in the bedroom. Therefore, emoji cushions are one of the most joyful gifts to be presented to kids or adults. Also, they are considered a special gift for the wife whether by their own, or while being attached with flowers or other main gifts. 

39. Flowers and Roses Bouquets

They are considered popular birthday gift ideas for girls. Yet, flowers bouquets can be presented by themselves or attached with the main gift, but you can make them a special gift by choosing the favorite flowers type in the favorite colors of the gifted person. Furthermore, it is preferred to attach the flowers bouquet with a perfume that is made of the same type of flowers, which makes flowers bouquets special birthday gifts for women.

40. Chocolate

They can be presented in an elegant box with a small card that has some nice words. The rose might be in different colors and not just gold or silver as rose colors vary between red, blue, pink, purple and other colors. Moreover, the metal roses are distinguished in their bright shapes so they can be considered decorative pieces, besides being one of the special mementos to the wife on her  birthday.

41. Metal Rose

They are one of the most suitable small gifts for girls’ birthdays, because somehow most girls love chocolate and that is what makes it a suitable birthday or anniversary gift. Yet, chocolate can be attached with the main gift or as a gift by itself. Also, you can decorate a flower box and sprinkle some chocolate pieces in it, or you can present a big box that includes different kinds of chocolate with flowers bouquet and helium balloons to add a romantic touch to your gift.

42. Stuffed Toys for Cars

They are suitable for women mainly for those who own cars, because of their love to use such toys to add more fun to their cars. Yet, these toys can be put on the car interior dashboard, or by using bigger toys to be put on the car seats.

Finally, the bigger gifted does not mean necessary better gifts, the small birthday gifts can worth much more for the gifted person as long as they express all the love and respect from who presents them, small birthday gifts may be cheap sometimes in value are expensive in the meaning if they touched the heart of the gifted person, so don’t worry or hesitate while presenting a small birthday gift because the perfect gift is the ones that more happiness to the recipient not the more expensive ones, that applies only on the true love and the strong relationships, but if you found that recipient was not happy because your gift is cheap or small, then there is no indication more than that shows you that your relationship is not strong enough so he can not feel what worth more than the price of a gift.

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