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Usually, geek gifts are hard to buy from elders to young people, but it is much easier to present from young age to young age as the most of the new generation aware of the basics of the electronic devices and from where to buy them, In the middle of the technological development era that we live our lives in, computers, whether desktop computers or laptops are indispensable in running and facilitating our daily work as most professions use computers to be accomplished in order to save time, effort, and to achieve more accuracy; in addition to the fact that many works cannot be achieved without computers. Yet, studying, Internet searches in various fields, entertainment, general culture and knowledge of the world, all of these activities require computers and Internet access. Thus, computers are one of the necessities in our houses nowadays. However, the upgraded versions of computers, the laptops, made it easier to use this invention as it can be carried and moved to get things done quickly and easily anywhere. So if you want to present a gift to a daily computer user, whether to work, to develop a skill, to search, to browse or even to play, it would be a good idea to consider among your choices a computer, a laptop, or one of their accessories. Also, your gift could be one of the drives that the target person might need or prefer, such as graphics or motion programs, or even a modern computer game in order to increase their leisure time if they are gamers. In this article, we will try to give you several ideas to choose different types of these gifts for computer geeks and how to present them as gifting is diverse and varied, including:

Laptop Gifts: Laptop – a laptop bag – laptop accessories, laptop bed table – laptop protection cover – laptop mac bag

Computer Gifts: Laptop Stereo Speaker – Computer Headphones for games – Wireless headphones – DVDs and Hards – A Keyboard with a Touch Pad

Personal gifts for frequent computer users: Desk chairs – computer chair – game chair – An Armrest – A Medical Office Chair

Special Gifts for Frequent computer users: Graphic and Drawing Control Computer Pad – Presentation’s Pointer

Here are some gift ideas that you can present to the people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer and geeks…

Which is better to buy as a geek gifts, Laptops or Desktops?

In general, buying a laptop as a geek gifts is better than a Desktop, except in specific cases where the desktop is a better option, and we will explain the reasons behind that.


If the target person is an employer, a self-employed or a university student, the laptop is certainly a better gift as it allows the user to move around easily outside home to complete their work, studies and research. In other words, it is more practical especially when the user is not usually at home due to study and work. Thus, getting a desktop rather than a laptop as a gift for these people is useless.


If the target person is a kid, a young youth or a graphic designer, the desktop is better for them. Mainly, children use computers for playing games and they will not need to use it outside home. Moreover, we can avoid breakage by using desktops which may happen when they move with a laptop.

Graphic and motion designers prefer desktops rather than laptops because they usually higher specification compared to laptops, plus they usually use different tools while working such as e-boards and e-pens that connect to the computer via Bluetooth as these tools are necessary to accomplish work quickly. Furthermore, they need to use a mouse instead of the touch keyboard; so they need to sit on a desk to work easily. Consequently, a desktop is more appropriate for them.

Laptop Related Gifts

Laptop Bags

Laptop bags are among the laptop accessories that are used always outside home for protection except if the laptop is used in a private car. Moreover, a laptop bag provides capability to carry other laptop accessories as the charger, mouse, headphones, screen cleaner, etc… Also, tablets and other accessories can be carried at the same time. However, there are different types of laptop bags such as the back bags that are usually bigger to carry other stuff like books and cloths; so they are suitable when people need to spend long time outside home travelling or doing other things. Yet, there is a laptop case, which only fits the size of the laptop, to protect it from shocks and to save it from dust; chiefly, it is used for short trips outside home or to keep the laptop clean inside home.

However, the laptop user often needs the two bags together; the large one for being outside home for long periods of time, while the small one is to save the laptop inside the house. Thus, if you notice that the target person has one of them, you can present the other.

Laptop Protection Cover

The laptop protection cover is an amazing gift for frequent laptop users as it is fixed on the surface of the laptop to protect it from scratches and fractures when it hits any sharp item or falls at close space.

Laptop Bed Table

After a long hard day at work, one might not be able to sit at a desk to surf Internet before going to sleep, so a laptop table for the bed or before TV will make it easier for computer lovers. Moreover, medically it is unhealthy to place the laptop directly on the legs. So laptop owners will appreciate such geek gifts as these types of tables are designed especially for this purpose in order to fit the laptop and its attachments. However, avoid getting low qualities because the frequent movement of the table needs a solid and stable material in order to not be damaged after a short period of use. Yet, the price of good qualities tables is affordable and inexpensive.

Mac Bag

The Mac Bag is a laptop bag that is made specifically for Mac laptops in order to suit its small size compared to other laptops. Also, Mac bags are designed to accommodate some of the additional stuff that a user needs such as pens, papers and laptop accessories. Thus, the Mac bag is a great geek gift for those who have these types of laptops.

Computer Accessories as Gifts

Bluetooth Mouse

The Bluetooth mouse enables users to work remotely on a computer or a laptop and up to 30 feet of distance without worrying about the wires’ tangling, disconnecting, etc… Moreover, the battery-powered Bluetooth mouse works for up to six months; yet, when the battery is running low, the Bluetooth mouse announces it through the battery status indicator. Because it allows users to move around easily while working, Bluetooth mouses are great geek gifts and frequent computer users.

Computer Headphones

Computer headphones are amazing geek gifts for people who play video games on their computers, or who work in audio music works, and even for those who surf videos online. Computer headphones provide the freedom to listen to different sound tones and their details that might not be clear with ordinary speakers so they are appropriate to be used at home in order to avoid disturbing others. In addition, computer headphones are leather padded to be gentle on the ear when listening for long periods.

Wireless Headphones

One of the most special headphones that have been launched recently as it gives free movement before the computer without worrying about the wires’ tangling whether the person is playing, watching programs and videos, or listening to music; for instance, if you want to eat while watching your computer and you do not want to play the loud speakers, wireless headphones are your typical choice as you will avoid the wires’ tangling. Moreover, these headphones enable you to sit away from your laptop, or computer, while eating.

Hard Disks

It is common that most computer or laptop owners have external hard disks to save backup copies of their files or to use them as additional storage space. Yet, hard disks are available in different store capacities that might be larger than the computer ones; thus, buying external hard disks to present them for frequent computer users could be a good idea. And it can be offered together with the case of a hard disk in order to save them and move them safely.

A keyboard with a Touch Pad

It is an additional keyboard with a touch pad that can replace the mouse, and it is used only with a desktop since each laptop already has one. Overall, this geek gift is not suitable for those who only have a laptop. However, the keyboard with the touch mouse is characterized by its capability to be connected to a computer, or a laptop, and even to Android devices that are connectible to Box TVs, PlayStations, Xbox devices and smartphones.

Stereo Speakers

The loudspeakers or stereo speakers are great geek gifts for fans of movies, music and e-games as the speaker gives a stereo sound that doubles the pleasure. Also, speakers are useful during parties and festivals where the speakers can be connected to computers or laptops to play music loudly.

E-pen for e-typing

It is an e-pen that is connectible via Wi-Fi to a smartphone or a laptop in order to transfer what is written on papers to computer programs like Microsoft Word, even if the writing is not as much as clear. This pen does not translate what is written on paper; yet, it translates the hand movements. So it is a proper geek gifts for university students and journalists who type notes and reports during lectures or important conferences, in order to enable them to read their writings later on their laptops.

Tablet Graphic Design Pen

This is a pen that comes with an e-board on which you can write and draw using the same pen in order to show what was drawn by graphic and design programs directly on a computer. Yet, this pen is used by graphic designers where they mix between manual and electronic drawings in their designs. So it is a special geek gift for graphic design fans.

Games’ Mouse

This mouse is designed specially for playing games as it contains some buttons that replace the normal keyboard to increase the speed of playing. Moreover, the design of this mouse is attractive for young people and its size fits the entire palm of the hand for longtime usage.

A Mouse Pen

It is a computer mouse in the shape of a pen that works via Bluetooth and it works above any surface whether it is a solid surface, a fiber, etc… Plus, it gives freedom and flexibility to surf anywhere when it is used with a laptop; thus, you can avoid the problem of having a flat surface to use the traditional computer mouse.

A Digital Pen

This is an e-pen that is touch-working for computer screens instead of using a mouse or a keyboard; and it is a proper geek gifts and frequent computer users.

A Presentation’s Pointer

The presentation pointer facilitates the explanation process on PowerPoint so it is the best gift for companies’ employees whose work is based on presenting projects and explaining the work process through presentations. Moreover, pointers are appropriate for teachers and university professors who use advanced explanation ideas through modern e-devices.

Personal Gifts for Computer Geeks

Desk Chairs

Sometimes, people use an ordinary paperwork office to work on their laptops or computers instead of buying a special computer desk; in this case, the computer is placed on one side of the desk so the user needs a comfortable swivel chair to move easily between their computer and their paperwork. Thus, the swivel desk chairs are the best geek gift for them.

A Computer Chair

This is a special chair designed for people who use their computers for long periods of time as it is made of natural smooth materials that prevent long sitting pains. And usually, the computer chair is supplied with a neck cushion to prevent neck pains.

A Medical Computer Chair

This type of chair is adjustable to take the exact shape of its user. Yet, you can change the height of the chair, the arch of the back, the height of the armrests, and the neck position. Also, the chair is made of proper materials to be used for long periods of time.

Gaming Chair

The game chair looks like the computer chair; however, it is designed especially for e-games players. Thus, it is usually connected to a computer and it allows the user to imitate the movements of the game, which makes it an amusing gift for e-games fans.


It is a cushion fixed to the table or the desk cross to the armrest of the computer chair in order to rest the whole arm while using the mouse. Whereas, the armrest prevents permanent contact between the hands and the desktop which may cause skin roughness. However, this kind of gifts gives the target person an impression that you care about their comfort.

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