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Cameras gifts for photography lovers

Cameras Gifts for photography Lovers


One of the most reasons that makes us think of giving cameras gifts for a lot of camera lovers is that photography has become the hit of the age. With the appearance of the internet and social media, people are competing in taking photos and videos to record their memories and adventures and share them at their accounts in social media, whether by phones’ cameras or professional cameras. In addition, professional photography job has become attaching to many youths every day. They start it as a hobby, then it attracts them to be professionals. If  the person you want to give a present in an occasion is photography lover, as an amateur or professional photographer, there won’t be greater present than a camera. There are different kinds of cameras gifts of famous brands or their accessories and objects. You can choose any camera to give according to the main purpose he uses for. If his camera is not modern and advanced, it would be suitable to give him more advanced and professional one. The camera may be for professional purpose, in this case you can give him…

  •     Photography camera 4K, Full HD
  •     Specialized video camera to record movement.

You can give camera gifts specialized for trips and adventures to adventures lovers, like…..

  •     Selfie Camera.
  •     Underwater Cameras.
  •     Drone Cameras.
  •     Night Camera.
  •     Adventure Cameras with wide angle lens.
  •     Instant cameras which can print pictures immediately.

You can give other kinds of cameras for other purposes like….

  •     Computer Camera.
  •     Home Camera.
  •     Digital Cameras.

If the person you give the camera already has modern camera, you can give him one of its accessories or objects of the camera like….

  •     Camera lens.
  •     Cameras bags.
  •     Camera holder.

There are other camera’s accessories which can be often   lost or damaged fast. So giving such a present is always cool for photography lovers.

In this article, we will give you some ideas of cameras gifts  of different types which cover the needs of photography lovers. We will explain to you how to give them to your friends and relatives of amateurs or professionals of photographers in their special occasions. You will also know what suits them of the various kinds of cameras and suits their style and needs. So continue reading this article…

Professional Cameras Gifts…

1. Adventure Camera

Adventure cameras record adventures and enjoyable trips like climbing mountains, camping trips, Safari, skydiving and other interesting and exciting activities. So adventure cameras should have characteristics and traits that can’t be found in ordinary cameras. This makes them great presents for these activities and adventures’ lovers. They allow them to record their adventures professionally, post them and share them with their friends on social media. Adventure cameras are available at the markets in different brands that are suitable to present as cameras gifts like: Gopro Hero and HD cameras Like Nikon, Canon and Sony.

This kind of camera taking adventure’s photos characterizes with its ability to take photos in high resolution, ranges from 12 to 16 megapixels. It also can be used as a video camera to take different videos. The main trait of this kind is the wide angle of photography which photographs big background area which covers an angle up to 170 degrees. So it gives opportunity to cover as much as possible of landscape or photograph many people together. It can also use slow motion photography technique of video clips. The screen of some cameras is special with touch mode to make dealing with it easy. Some cameras are also able to give vocal commands of photography without using buttons which facilitates photography during outside activities. This kind of adventure camera can connect to Wi-Fi to share photos and videos immediately on social media.

Some kinds of cameras can work as water cameras. They are waterproof and can work effectively ten meters under water. So you can use it as an underwater camera to take photos during swimming, snorkeling or different water sports or during heavy rainfall. Some kinds can’t work under water, but they are accompanied with a waterproof camera bag to photograph from within this bag under water safely to reach forty meters deep sometimes. This adventure camera’s design and small size makes its handling easy during trips and moving. It can be put in clothes’ pockets without concern. For it’s designed specially to take no big space in holding or storage, to be more professional than traditional professional cameras.

Some kinds of professional cameras are accompanied with some accessories like the camera holder which allows fixing HD camera to the bag, the shirt or the helmet with the digital camera screws. So it’s a great gift for lovers of photographing their trips, activities and recording their adventures.

2. Drone Camera

They are special kinds to photograph activities and landscape. They are also luxurious, amusing and fun because they are small attached to a drone which works with remote control to photograph and record from air. This gives  fascinating and unique vertical view. The height of photography depends on the Drone’s ability to fly. In the advanced kinds, there is remote control directing the plane remotely which makes it the most exciting and unique way of photography at the same time. You can use it in open places, adventures and trips, especially mountain places. In this case, Drones can take photos from different angles and places, the ordinary person can’t take photos from. So it’s one of the perfect gifts to photography lovers and adventures at the same time.

3. Digital Cameras 360 Angles

They are cameras that can photograph with angle 360 to cover the whole scene around from all angles. So it can record videos and take panoramic photographs with high accuracy and clearness. Some of them are professional water cameras which work three feet under water for a period that reaches half an hour. In ordinary cases it works outside water. It can also take photographs during recording a video. It can take five sequential panoramic photos which is called series system, and it takes personal photos as selfie camera.

It contains GPS system, furthermore; some kinds work as night camera to be able to photograph in bad and low light. It also works as a battery to record videos and take pictures for sufficient period, up to two continuing hours. It’s available in different brands; KFCN mobile, Samsung, Canon, Sony and Nikon. So it’s a great Gifts for photography lovers, professionals and amateurs.

4. Professional HD Camera

It’s high quality camera. Most of its kinds characterize with small size and brisk design; it reaches 72 grams weight and 0.98 inches height. Its advanced kinds have two camera lenses which allow photography with 360 degrees angle. One camera lens can also photograph with 180 degrees only. It can be used as Selfie camera for personal photos. This kind of HD cameras with batteries, gives opportunity to record videos that reaches seventy continuing minutes with storage capacity that reaches four gigabytes. This capacity can be increased by memory cards, and it connects to mobiles like traditional digital camera by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi through specialized applications.

5. Video Camera

They are specialized cameras to record videos. Even in their design, they are designed to be held by the one palm and move easily with its lightweight. We can compare them to cameras made mainly for photography, which need to be held with both hands and it’s hard to hold with one and move with them. That’s because they are heavy and have different design, made mainly to be used in a fixed position. Video cameras are available in high HD resolution 1080 megapixels and take photographs in 3456 megapixels resolution. This kind of digital cameras at the entry of HDMI allows you to watch videos and photographs on television or computers directly from camera. These digital cameras has integrator connect to Wi-Fi which allows posting and sharing photographs and videos directly from the digital camera to social media.

Some kinds of video cameras characterize with being water cameras too to be able to take photos and record videos thirty meters beneath water. In addition, it can take personal photos as selfie camera. Because of its small size and cylinder design, it is easy to hold while moving everywhere. This kind of digital cameras work with lithium Ion battery which can be charged any time. Although the digital camera has self-memory, its memory can be increased by adding additional memory card to have more storage capacity.

All of these traits make them an excellent professional cameras Gifts for photography lovers and amateurs specially who like  recording videos.

6. Thumb Video Camera

It’s a very small video camera that reaches the size of the thumb. It weighs fourteen grams with resolution that reaches 480 megapixels. It works with lithium battery which can be charged and work for two continuing hours. This kind of video camera is not appropriate for luxury photography or recording movies. But it is suitable for fast photography to record events in media work or surveillance. So it’s suitable for those who need that kind of specialized photography.

7. Camera Lenses

Lenses of photographic cameras: The advanced camera lenses give better control of optic concentration to photographs. It gives more balance to color and variance. It’s perfect in photographing landscape, travelling, media reports or even sports events. It can photograph in bad and low light in high quality to turn the camera to night camera. Its most famous brands are Canon, Nikon and Sony. Thus, it’s a great present for users of professional cameras of these brands.

Lenses of video cameras: They can isolate the thing you want to photograph and makes special foggy backgrounds in shots and videos. They can take photos in low light like a night camera. Furthermore, they limit the deviances during recording a video or taking a digital photo. It’s available in Canon, Nikon and Sony. Thus, they are special accessory for lovers of recording video.

Camera lenses to add effects during photography: They have anti-reflex layer to decrease deviance during photography and give high focus for distant photographs in 1.6 feet. The round cover contains nine codes to add great effects to photos. They are resistant to dust and humidity; furthermore, they reduce flaming and shadows and increase colors’ deepness. They are available in famous universal brands like Canon, Nikon and Sony. So they are special professional camera lenses suitable as presents.

8. Instant Camera

They are the oldest selfie cameras, and give Instant photographs. They work with the film system not the digital one to give immediate photos with high clarity in the size of credit cards. Their special flash allows taking great pictures in the circumstances of bad and low light; also, it contains counter to know the remaining number of photos in the film. It’s excellent present for lovers of the Instant traditional photography and for lovers of tangible photos to hang them or give as a memory instead of digital photos.

9. Computer Camera

While making video call in chat via conversation applications or the various social media sites, these cameras are suitable to show the speaker’s image during contacting the other part. They are also used to record direct videos to upload on social media sites or special blogs. Thus, giving computer camera to your relatives and friends interested in making video calls or transmit videos on social media sites is cool, even if he has one. You can give him more accurate and effective one.

10. Camera Bag

Cameras’ bags are personal camera accessories’ gifts. They allow the lovers and professionals of photography to take their cameras with them everywhere easily. They have special design to keep the camera safe as well as its lenses. Camera’s bag  is often accompanied with lining belts able to modify to hold on shoulder. Sometimes the camera’s bag has lining hole to put iPad, google nexus, kindle fyre or the different kinds of mobile. Camera’s bag is wide enough to put the camera, lenses and various supplies of chargers, cleaning and caring tools and other things. If you want to give it to a person, you have to know his camera’s kind and the size of lenses used, to be suitable in shape and size to the size and kind of the camera and its accessories. 

11. Security Cameras

Some people need to put security camera at their houses, offices or cars for security and protection purposes. You may think to give him such a present of the different camera shapes if he wants to put security cameras in his properties. You may also advise him to own some. So you can give him one of its kind, which are:

Wireless home security camera: It records videos for surveillance, in sound and image with mobile application to be able to see the videos on mobile through the internet. You can also see live images from the camera’s place. It can send notifications and electronic messages if there is unusual movement in front of it. The lenses of the security camera is wide angle which gives vision angle that reaches 180 degrees. It has a memory that allows keeping videos to be able to see them again at any time. Thus, it is  a great gift of security cameras to secure important properties. 

HD home security camera: It’s often wireless to record videos for security in high HD quality. The angle of its recording reaches 100 degrees. It can record videos effectively in low light which makes it night camera too. It has inside memory that allows keeping the videos to watch them later. You can also add memory cards to increase its storage capacity. It has a special application that allows its connection to mobiles to send direct videos to watch the place anywhere. A camera strap is attached to it, USB cable, energizer and camera holder. So it’s a complete present to the people who want this kind of camera shapes.

Hidden Security Camera: It’s a home camera to watch in the shape of  smoke detector which doesn’t allow anyone to find or notice it. So it’s a secret watching to the house for protection and security from any stranger outside. You can also watch the children when leaving them alone or with servants. You can use it at work to see the workers and employees at the office or any strangers for your office. It has high visual range which reaches twenty five meters with high resolution lens. So it’s a great gift as security home camera in open places in the house, its entries or its yard.

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