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Is a drone a good gift?

drone-تحكم عن بعد

Sure yes, Drones are one of the best fun, amusing and interesting gifts for both kids and adults, which makes it a good gift choice to present to your beloved ones, but at the end, your budget will be the one to determine if it is the best choice or not based on the age of the recipient.

For kids, it will be enough to present a remote control drone to fly as a toy around indoors, whether at home or in the garden, basically, it will be a basic drone which usually you can find cheap with a reasonable price in the mall or online.

There is no need to present an advanced drone for a kid, as it will be much more expensive and it will need to be registered as well and need to follow certain rules that may the kids do not commit to it.

For teens or adults, you will need to buy proper ones that have advanced features, because their use for the drone will be different, for sure they will fly it around for fun, but as well they will use it for selfies and video recording too… Which makes presenting a basic drone not enough or interesting to them, so you need to consider having a camera on your drone gift for adults, but for this kind of drones you need to be aware and clear to the gifted person some rules that he has to mind before using your gift around.

Rules and Safety tips

Whether the gifted person is a new pilot or having years of experience, he needs to follow the rules and safety tips to fly safely in the national airspace. And that depends on the type of drone user the gifted person is and you can check the types of users from the UAS site  .. but in the USA, for instance, the user can download a mobile app that can show him if there are any restrictions in the area that he will fly the drone over or not .. 

Before the gifted person flies the drone he should register it, and carry the registration with him whenever and wherever he is flying the drone. So if the gifted person is not aware of that then you have to tell him so he avoids any problems..

Plus, he has to follow some rules while he is flying his drone which you can check it detailed in UAS as well from this link .. UAS Drones Rules

And those rules are different from country to country .. but all are for drone safe and to keep the airspace available for everyone .. and here only an idea of the type of restrictions that those rules are ( not the exact words of the rules and not all of them )..

  • Carrying proof of registration when the user is flying the drone.
  • And flying below a certain level of feet above the ground.
  • Do not fly at night unless the drone has lighting that allows the user to be located at all times.
  • Never fly over a person or moving vehicle.
  • …  

An important thing you have to be aware of before you buy the drone as a gift, that in many countries it may be hard to get government approval for flying a drone especially in the city, which may cause a problem for the gifted person if he was not aware of that.

If you are abroad and will buy the drone as a gift to family member or a friend back home, you have to make sure that the airport inspection will pass that, wherein some countries it is not allowed, or you may face a quick investigation in the airport asking why did you buy it and to whom and where it will be used and so on .. so you need to mind this point if you want to bring it with you as a gift from abroad.

Despite it being a fun and amusing gift, but you should present with your gift all the precautions that the gifted person needs to care about before flying the drone.

To whom drones are a good gift..

Drone-تحكم-عن-بعدOutdoors & Adventure lovers: Drones can take photos from different angles and places, the ordinary person can’t take photos from, and they will use it in documenting journeys and adventures and taking a selfie from the air while climbing mountains or being on safaris. 

Traveling lovers: If the gifted person is a traveling lover and he will use it in his journeys, then it will be preferable to present a small and foldable drone, so it does not take much space in his luggage.

Photography Lovers: The attached cameras to the drones give a fascinating and unique vertical view and shoots. The height of photography depends on the Drone’s ability to fly. 

Nature lovers: Drone with cameras are a good choice for those who love to visit the natural open areas where they often love to see the scene from the air to show them the full picture of the neighborhood and also take selfies from the air with a wonderful portrait scene to commemorate this beautiful anniversary.

Family trips: It is a good gift for families that used to go outdoors together, where it can be used to observe and photograph children in the park or in their outer areas or while they play in the camp. Also, it can be used for entertainment and to shoot funny videos to record the memories.

Event Organizers: Whether it was the job of the gifted person, or he just used to do it among the family and friends to celebrate birthdays or to party from time to time, the drone will be a perfect gift to record those happy moments, especially if they are outdoors.

Fishing Lovers: There are Drones for fishing, did you know that where they are a salt water-friendly, where the driver can precise bait dropping over the water and by the camera of the drone can see the fish underwater, but this type of drones are so expensive compared to all other kinds of drones.

Who has a backyard: if the house of the gifted person has backyard or landscape front of their house, the drones will be a good gift to use from home, but if the gifted person is living in a crowded city, then it may be hard for him to use freely in his area, and may not be proper even to use it to not annoy the neighbors with it ..

Features that can be helpful if you are looking for an advanced drone to gift.

drones-تحكم عن بعد
Some drones can
automatically return home when it is with low power or weak signal or lost, and actually this an important feature to avoid losing the drone when it is out of range, or the user didn’t mind that it has not enough power to fly for long.

Drones with follow me mode are amazing to use outdoors and adventures, where the drone automatically follows the user, simultaneously capturing all the videos & photos, and it is a great feature for mountain climbers or bikers or other sports where the person will already have his both hands busy and he needs to record of photographs at the same time.

One of the good features is to customize the light path for the drone, where it can fly this path alone to document or record videos for an event that is happening within this area, and it is a great feature for the event organizers to record it from all angles in a short time.

Some brands have bright LED strips included in the drone, so it can be easily seen at night.

Some drones have Infrared motion sensors to detect obstacles which is a good extra protection feature.

There is a new control method to make it a more cool hand-operated drone. Where the user Just wears a watch and the drone will fly as he wishes. So he can control the movement of the drone by moving his fingers or waving, and it is a very good feature to use in adventures, where the gifted person will not be able to hold the remote control all the time.

Most of the advanced drones have different speed levels, to be proper for kids, beginners or skilled users, and this is an important feature that you need to have in any advanced drone you will gift.

Some drones can be controlled with smart voice control and gesture control, where the gifted person can speak to control the flying direction.

You can choose a waterproof drone the gifted person is living near a lake or river or coast, where there is a probability that it falls in the water while he is flying it, and many rivers buried many drones underneath them already..

There are Drones for fishing, did you know that where they are salt water-friendly, where the driver can precise bait dropping over the water and by the camera of the drone can see the fish underwater, but this type of drones are so expensive compared to all other kinds of drones.

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