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what is corporate gifting?


corporateCorporate gifts are the gifts that companies give to their clients, employees or partners for different reasons, some for a branding marketing tool to attract potential customers, others to build or enhance the relationship with the current clients or VIP clients, other times it is for breaking the ice or for pushing forward some deals with the clients, in other cases the company gift it to their big clients to show them how they are appropriating the client being with them, other companies present them to their employees to enhance the loyalty for the company.

The budget and value of the gift are different based on the purpose of the corporate gift, where for the VIP current clients the corporate gifts are not a symbolic gift cheap gifts, but usually, they are precious ones, and that could be from company to company or from company to person, on the contrary, the symbolic corporate gifts like usually are cheap ones like a mug or a pen which are gifted for a potential customers who may or may not be a customer, or if they already a customer with small deals.

The simple corporate gifts are usually products printed with the name or the log of the company that presents them, and some times they are unique items in the shape of a toy or figure that are made specially to represent the giver company to be a decor piece.

Some companies consider the free samples as their corporate gifts, but that actually need some thinking, but what they do is gifting unique samples of their products which are made specially to be gifted and they are usually in a different size compared to the original product or maybe even in different shapes.

Corporate gifts usually are one of three kinds…

  • Practical Items: that the gifted person can use it during his working day or even off work, like a pen, mug, notebook, cardholder, etc.
  • Decor Items: that can be placed as a decor piece on the office or the desk, like calendars, figure or a toy.
  • Fun Items: that can be used to have fun with on the working times like stress balls or any other desk gadgets or toys.

Each one of these types has pros and cons…

Practical corporate gifts…

some times they are consumable items like pen or calendar of the specific year which will be get rid of once they are consumed, and then the purpose of the gift will end once the gift is consumed, or it could be a gift that can last for long like keychain or mug that can last for years, both are good to use but the ones that last longer for sure they are better unless the cost of the consumed ones is much cheaper for the company to make then it is ok to go for it, but if the cost of the consumed items is higher than not consumed items then the how long it will last is very important to consider as a corporate gift.

How long it will last is more important if the budget for each item is high, so if you will spend a big amount to make a very unique looking pen that can be consumed in a few weeks, then it will not be the perfect marketing strategy.

The good thing about the practical corporate gifts that they can be used all the time whether they are consumed or not, and when you find something useful to you for sure it will be better than something else you may even not touch more than a couple of times.

1. Pens

They are one of the most common corporate gifts to present in the office environment, they are so cheap and easy to make and proper to present for any visitor to the company.

2. Notebooks

Despite it is more expensive but it is worth it, so if you created a high-quality one, for use the gifted person will use it, although it is a consumable type of gift, it is a good gift to have for the desk type of professions.

3. Mugs

One of the most common not consumable gifts, they are so practical and will last for long, and the gifted person can use it daily whether at the office or at home.

4. Keychains

It is a nice choice if it was very high quality because keychains usually are a personal accessory, so if the company wants the gifted person to use it instead of any other keychains, then they should be so unique and distinctive to be able to do so.

5. USB

It is a good corporate gift for all jobs that require a computer as the main tool for work, like programmers, designers, or engineers, plus they can be good as well for the young aged recipients so they can use it in their own home computer, but will not be a recommended corporate gift if the recipients will be are old aged people where they may not into tech.

6. Caps

It is a good corporate gift for companies that depend on outdoor activities or events, plus it can be a good choice for all sports companies as well.

7. Bags

It is a good gift that usually presented either from the sports or fitness companies, Laptop bags are good as well for the customers who depend on their work on laptops.

8. Water Bottles

A good corporate gift from all the kind of companies, as a way to raise awareness for hydration.

9. Thermal Mugs

It is more expensive than the ordinary mug, but it is a good gift for the VIP clients to be used in the work environment or car or any outdoor activities.

10. T-shirts

It is a common gift from the companies to their employees, some companies especially in the cold weather companies they prefer to present sweaters instead.

Decor Corporate Gifts…

The challenge in this type of corporate gifts that they need to be perfect and high quality and attractive to be used as a decor piece, which usually makes them more expensive than the practical gifts, so if you will gift for instance a desk calendar and it is not high-quality and all the paid ones in the market are better than it, then more likely the gifted person will see that and it will not attract him to put it on his desk, then your money will be wasted because your gift has not been good enough to be a decor piece, and the same applies on any decor corporate figure gifts.

11. Desk Figures

Desk Figures

If the company has a character or model that represents it in the marketing streams, like if it was a rocket, bear, car or ship, etc… some company go for creating a very attractive figure of it to be placed as a piece of decor and to be their marketing tool at the same times, let’s say if you had a meeting in google’s company and they gifted you a figure of the robot of android or apple company and they gave you an attractive apple figure, for sure you will keep it at your desk, and probably everyone pass by will ask you about it, the same will happen for any other attractive figure as well.

12. Pen Holders

When it comes to pen holders you can have different styles that you can present, you can present a funny looking pen holder, or a decorative and luxurious looking one, or a unique shaped one, that will depend on the budget of the company or the abilities of the creator, but at the end, it is one of the nice desk items to gift as corporate gifts.

13. Calendars

There are three types of calendars that can be presented as a gift, wooden desk calendar, paper desk calendar, wall calendar. Each one has different features, either in luxuries look for the wooden, or the lower price as in the paper desk ones, or even for the family use like the wall calendars. 

The big advantage of the calendar as a corporate gift, that usually people be so lazy of buying one, and if anyone gifted them a calendar they most likely will use it, which makes it a good choice to present before the beginning of the year of the new year before they think even in buying one.

14. Wooden Docking Stations

It is a nice decor and practical piece at the same time on the desk, where the gifted person can save his small personal accessories on it like the keys, watch, glasses, wallet, and mobile phone, etc… it is not common as a gift, but it so nice to present especially because the wooden look and the color of the wood gives a luxurious look in the office, and it is a good corporate gift for the VIP clients.

15. Desk Clocks

It is a good choice to present buy usually it has one disadvantage, that when the company hame a deal to create them as corporate gifts, usually the maker goes for reasonable price machines, which usually be not accurate or does not last for long, which will make it not good to use, so if it was the choice for being a corporate gift, then the company needs to make sure that the clock is very high quality.

Fun Corporate Gifts…

This a type of gifts that some companies like to present to either for their employees or their clients to place a smile on their faces or to try helping them to have a good mood, which will be a great way to remember the company, so the company can create a stress ball printed with the logo or the name of the company then distributed on their coworkers to be their stress relieve gadget on their desk, and that applies on all other fun gadgets that the company finds it fun to present as corporate gifts.

16. Desk Toys and Fidgets

Desk toys and fidgetsThere are many types of desk toys that can be a gift, like a fidget spinner, roll spin, stress ball, Rubik’s cube, etc.. These type of corporate gifts are nice to present for either employees or clients, they are different and nice to have, they just sometimes be a complex to create to make a high-quality one that works correctly.

17. Desk Figures or Model Kit

It is a unique type of corporate gifts as well that are not so common, the desk figures can be in the shape of any nice model you like, car, ship, plane, etc…, and you can make a model kit of it, which has this model in pieces and the gifted person has to collect them for having the final shape of the model, usually they are a wooden made piece, and be a nice decor piece on the desk. 

Most of the time the bigger challenge in having good corporate gifts that you want, Is to find the creator that can make and can do it in high-quality, and if the manufacturer is local, usually you find yourself limited in few types of corporate gifts that he used to make, and then you may not have the proper product that serves you marketing plane, and that happens for the small companies which willing to create a limited number of corporate gifts…

But for the Bigger companies that want to make either a very high-quality pieces even if they are limited in number, or creating a big number of corporate gifts, they can go for the international makers, so they can connect online who provides this service in other countries in reasonable prices, which could be China, then manage it from there, by providing their vision to the manufacturer then receive a sample of it then moving forward with the full order or not… that can take a longer time to create, but definitely will give the company wider choices and the ability to create high-quality corporate gifts.

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