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Is a purse a good gift?


What makes the purse good gift choices to give, that It does not matter how many handbags the lady has if she does not have a purse, because not every time the shoulder bag will be proper carry, many times all the lady needs to carry is only a small purse to put only the very important stuff in, and that clears how important for any woman to have at least one purse, and have more than one is always a better thing.

Purses are a practical gift that every woman has at least one of them, it is like a wallet for a man but just a little bigger, It is a way to carry only the important stuff like a key, cash, or credit card and so on. sometimes the lady adds the purse inside the shoulder bag to be able to find those important items faster. which makes it a good and simple and on budget gift to present to ladies and girls.

If you already decided to present a purse as a gift, then you will buy one of two kinds of purses…

Two types of Purses are good gifts…

  • Everyday use purse.
  • Evening Purses for Parties.

You can decide which one is better as a gift based on the character and the style of the gifted person…

Everyday use purses are good for everyday use like while going to the grocery or for any short walks, and they usually are not fancy ones, as they practical items more than being an attracive accessory.

They are the recommended type of purses to present from man to woman because it is easier to choose and as long as the purse is a neural colored, it is more likely will go with all the casual wear, so it will have a higher probability to be a good gift compared to the party purses.

Evening Purses for Parties are usually a fancy kind of purses that has attractive and elegant patterns that makes it suitable for wedding parties or evening parties, and the downside here is in two points compared to the everyday purses…

  • They are not proper to use every day, so if the gifted person is not used to attend parties a lot, then your gift could be used only a couple of times a year, which makes you rethink if this is the best gift choice to present, unless you already know the gifted person has already many casual purses and she already needs a fancy purse for parties even if she will not use it that many times a year.
  • Parties outfits usually need the purse to match the dress, which will lower the chances of your gift to be used, unless you chose a very simple patterned one that can go with many dress styles.

And with evening purse you need to imagine one thing. if you gifted the party purse for someone does not party that much, Plus, the purse does not match that many kinds of dress that she has, then you will know that your money is wasted.

So it is not recommended to gift evening purses unless for the very close people to you, like daughter or sister or the mom who you already know the styles of dress that they have that can match with the purse that you will gift.

What else makes everyday use purses are a good gift?

It is on budget kind of gift, Despite there are many expensive brands, you can choose a good one with a reasonable price, and when you compare it with other fashion accessories like shoulder bags or shoes, you will find much cheaper which makes a good option if you don’t have a big gift budget.

It is for Everyday use, if you want to know how good your gift is, you need to see how often it will be used, and the purse is one of the items that can be used every day when the lady leaves the house, either in the short walks or by putting it inside the shoulder bag to be able to find the important stuff quickly, which makes it a good choice as a gift as long as you choose the right one that matches the taste of the gifted person.

Because it is a very important fashion accessory for the ladies, many shoulder bag brands sell their bags with the purses as a bundle that matching each other, so if you have a bigger gift budget and decided to buy a shoulder bag then buying the ones that have a purse with it will be a better choice than the shoulder bag alone.

A good thing about the purses these days that they are made to fit the cell phone in it as well, where it will make it much easier for the gifted person to carry all the important items in it if she is not going for a long time outside.

Purse style, Some women like the purses to match their outfits even for the small walks, which makes it recommended to gift the purse in neutral colors like the black or the dark gray, because if you gifted for instance a bright yellow one, it may not be used most of the time if the gifted person is not a bright colors fan.

Purse is a good gift to those people…

Mom, It is a proper gift from the son or daughter to their mother, because it is not so expensive a kind of gift, plus it is so practical.

non-worker women, It happens a lot that they need to go out to buy something from the grocery or to visit a neighbor or such things, and all they need is just the main important stuff with them. 

Sisters, Purses are one of the good fashion accessories that even the young sister needs to have.

What can I put in a purse as a gift?

Purse-كيس-نقودCash: It is one of the most common things to present with purses, exactly as it is with wallets.

Gift Card: You can present a shopping gift card, whether it was online shopping gift card or offline, the more important thing that it should be from the places that the gifted person likes to buy her stuff from.

Keychain: She already will need a keychain for a key to put in her purse, and it will a nice idea to add a keychain inside of it.

Silver Coin: For sure golden one will be better, but silver coins can be on budget to attache inside the purse

Candy: It is something nice and sweet to add to the purse just to not present it empty, and for sure you can present some of the best candies that the gifted person likes.

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