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Everyone is interested in decorating their favorite place where they spend most of their time, whether at home or workplace. Although there are many pieces of decor that can decorate the place, however, leaving the walls empty may spoil the whole appearance. Thus, there are many wall decorations that can be used to decorate different walls to bring life and joy to the place. So it could be an interesting Gift idea to present one of the types of wall decorations for your friends and relatives on different occasions.The magnificence of this gift lies when moving to a new home or furnishing their marital home at the beginning of their lives, or furnishing a work office to start a business. It can also be a great gift to decorate the walls of their current house. Actually, it is one of the gifts that must be arranged with the gifted person to ensure that it suits their taste and the decorations of the target place. Therefore, it is one of the gifts for a close family member of your brothers and sisters or close friends; and in the following article, we will try to give you ideas about different gifts of wall decorations such as wall stickers, wallpaper, wall backgrounds and many more; and how to present them to your friends and relatives on their different occasions.

Wall Stickers as Gifts

3D Wall Stickers

It is a wonderful gift of wall decorations that can be used in all different rooms of the house. Usually, it is in the form of insects and small pets such as butterflies, bees, cats, rabbits, etc. And mainly it is suitable to be presented to kids’ rooms or living rooms to add an attractive and delightful touch in the room. 

Kids’ Room Wall Stickers

Kids’ room wall stickers can be presented to your kids or to a child of the family and friends; yet, you can present it to someone who is preparing to receive a newborn baby and they are furnishing the baby’s room. Actually these wall stickers are self-adhesive and available in different sizes, shapes and colors; for instance, there are wall stickers for kids’ rooms in the form of cars or football so they are appropriate for baby boy rooms. However, the girls’ room wall stickers might be in the form of pets that baby girls like such as dolphins, birds, or their favorite cartoon characters like Disney princesses.

Ceiling stickers of Stars

Ceilings need to be decorated with attractive decorations especially for kids’ rooms. In fact, stickers in the form of stars might be a proper choice to decorate ceilings as they give a romantic look similar to the open sky. Therefore, they are suitable gifts to decorate kids’ rooms, bedrooms or living rooms where the family gather and meet at night.

Silver Wall Stickers

It is a suitable gift as wall decorations for living and TV rooms because they form a beautiful shape and design; also silver color allows it to form a mirror reflecting the appearance of the room, which increases its elegance and shows it wider.

Golden Wall Stickers

It is a stylish gift to decorate different walls by creating a golden frame of wall stickers around different pieces of furniture; it can be used around TV in the living room, or around the mirror in the bathroom, or around the back of the bed in the bedrooms, etc. They are usually made of plastic and are sold as small pieces of separate squares where the needed quantity is purchased to make the desired wall decor frame according to the area.

Circle Acrylic Wall Stickers

It is a suitable gift as wall decorations for living and guest rooms because it reflects lighting in all aspects of the room. Also it decorates the walls without hiding the wonderful paint colors since they are usually vicious to allow the appearance of the wall behind them.

Romantic Wall Stickers

It is a suitable gift for newly married couples to decorate the walls of their home with wall sticker that contains flowers and roses in different colors. Sometimes they are attached with romantic love phrases to always remind a couple of their happy moments.

Trees and Butterflies as Wall Stickers

It is a fine gift of wall decorations that generally suit women, especially girls who love to see fine scenes and simple wall decorations. Yet, figures of them are also available and are made of wood or cardboard so it gives the sticker a realistic and three-dimensional appearance to look like the truth.

Wall Stickers of the Rules of the House

It is a wonderful gift as a wall decoration for newlyweds. They are artistic inscriptions in beautiful handwriting that state the laws of the house to be followed. Yet, they can be placed as a wall decoration at the entrance of the house, the living room, the guest room or any other place where gifted people prefer.

Countries’ Names as Wall Stickers

Is a suitable gift of wall decorations for those who like to travel and discover the world. They can decorate the walls of their room; also they can create the world map by ordering the names of the countries in their places. So it is a special gift for decorating the walls of living and guests’ rooms, as well as offices and workplaces. It also has a formal style that gives the place seriousness and ambition, especially with the black color that is associated with seriousness at work.

Stickers with Touristic Places around the World

It is a special gift of wall decorations where you can find out the most famous tourist places that gifted people like; for example, the Eiffel Tower, the Pyramids of Giza, the Statue of Liberty, Taj Mahal and other places. Similarly, it is good to present wall stickers in the form of the favorite place of the gifted person to decorate the walls of their room. Yet, if they love traveling in general and like to see all the landscapes, you can present wall stickers containing all these attractive spaces in relative small sizes to paste them together in one place.

Adhesive Decorative Mirror

They usually mirror with decorative or geometric shapes, or even medium-sized stereoscopic shapes. Likewise, they are in the form of a large feather or a cartoon character to be a mural besides being a mirror. Equally, they are glued as wall stickers to decorate the walls and usually they are divided into parts and assembled next to each other to form the final target shape; so it is a suitable gift as a wall decoration for the entrance of the house or hallways.

Wall Papers as Gifts

Decorations of Acrylic Wallpapers

Acrylic wallpapers are usually silver in color to allow reflecting the appearance of the room which gives different decorations to the walls. In fact, this gift is suitable for use in all rooms whether living rooms, guest rooms, bedrooms or even bathroom; yet, you should choose the appropriate corner to be used as wall decorations.

Stone Wall Decoration

This kind of gifts is suitable for living and guest rooms as it gives a prominent stone appearance for the walls in silver color. It also works as a thermal insulation and has the possibility of self-adhesive. Thus, it is a practical gift where you do not need a technician to install it in the target house.

Landscapes Wall Decorations

It is a wonderful wall decorative gift for those who love to live in the middle of nature. This kind of gifts provides gifted people with the atmosphere of nature in their homes by decorating the walls with it.

Korean Wallpaper

It is an official type of wallpaper decoration that is characterized by its quiet geometric designs and neutral colors so it is appropriate for the reception of official guests and work offices. Mainly, Korean wallpapers are thick papers and they are resistant to heat and humidity and can be wiped and cleaned easily; so they are good gifts for those who furnish their offices or decorate the reception rooms in their homes.

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