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Remote Control Toys as Gifts

ريموت كنترول - هدايا التحكم عن بعد

remot control-التحكم-عن-بعد

A lot of people like the electronic wireless games as it keep up with the technological development of our time. Also they seek to obtain and play these games rather than the ordinary games whether the players are kids or adults. So if the target person that will receive the gift is an e-games fan, remote control games can be among your choices for them, no matter what was the occasion; a birthday, a success or a graduation. In this article, you will learn about different gift ideas to get remote control games as gifts, so continue reading:

Getting Supplements for Remote Control Games as Gifts

Remote Control 3D Glasses

These are 3D glasses that provide an amazing and realistic viewing experience as they bring the viewer to an exciting virtual reality world as if they are inside the game although they might be away or close to the movie or the e-game. They are easy to be used, and they do not cause dizziness or eye fatigue. Also, they can be used with all e-devices such as TVs and smart phones as they come with a Bluetooth remote to help easily edit the settings on smart phones which makes them a great gift for the fans of remote control games.

Remote Steering Wheel for PlayStation Games

 PlayStation games include a lot of car racing games and sometimes they may not be enjoyable using the normal controls; so a special steering wheel remote control was designed for the racing games in order to give the players a pleasant feeling of real driving. In other words, they can drive cars through a real steering wheel with feet brakes and a speed changer that can also be purchased to give a typical driving adventure for the fans of these games. Thus, the player feels like he is driving a real car. Likewise, the steering wheel is connected via Bluetooth to the different TVs and computer devices.

Remote Control Games as Gifts

Remote Control Kids Car

It is a small car that is battery-operated for kids, with a light weight in order to enable the kid to carry it. It is an amazing toy to entertain the kids inside or outside home as they can control the directions of the car by using the remote control, which makes it a wonderful gift among the remote control kids’ toys.

A Helicopter with A Remote Control

It has different sizes to be indoor and outdoor toys and it has the exact design of the real helicopter. Also, it works by charging through a USB connector that is connected to a battery-operated remote control. Identically, most of the brands of these helicopters are equipped with night lights and they are resistant to shocks or breakage. Also they can move to different direction, up, down, right and left, using the remote control so they are a proper gift for different ages and to be used anytime and anywhere.

A Drone with a Camera

It is a special type of aircraft drones equipped with a camera and it works via a remote control to fly, observe and shoot far places; for instance, it can be used to observe the kids in the garden or while they play in the street. Also, it can be used for entertainment and to shoot funny videos. Thus, it is a multi-purpose gift among the remote control gifts.

Remote Control Racing Cars

For those who prefer to play with remote control racing cars you can offer these gifts as they can control the car with a wireless communication capability of 100 meters and a speed of up to fifty kilometers per hour. Also, these cars have shock-absorbing wheels with high speeds and they are designed to be outdoor toys. Thus, they are a special gift for kids and adults.


It is a special gift for flying games fans as it is a balloon in different forms of birds, fish and clouds and it is made of light plastic; yet, it needs to be filled with helium gas and it can be directed via a remote control. So it can be used in open areas or at home without being afraid of collisions as it gently hits items or people. Moreover, its light material does not cause any wounds for people or things, so it is a brilliant gift among the remote control toys that is suitable for indoor use and equally for adults and kids.

Automatic Ball

This ball works via Bluetooth through an application on your smart phone to remote control the ball in order to perform different acts like jumping, sinking in water, moving to several directions and other kinds of activities, which makes it a funny energetic toy for kids.

Robot Car

It is an automatic car that works via remote control and it beeps sounds of speeds and engines that simulate real sounds. Also, it can switch from a car to a speaker robot with specific sentences like: “I am strong, let’s go to the battle, we should achieve peace on Earth.”

All of this fun is by clicking the bottoms on the remote control; so that it is an entertaining gift for kids above five years old.

A Car Wheelie

It is a car that can perform different acrobatic movements through being controlled by remote control to move right, left, backward and forward. Also, it can stand on one of its wheels as it is equipped with five different sized wheels. One can use this car in different places since it can work in closed areas, on solid roofs and even on the carpets. Thus, it is a suitable gift for the kids who prefer to play with remote control cars.

Advanced Robot

It is a special gift among the e-remote control games as it is amusing for both kids and adults. It has the ability to execute several tasks and movements; for instance, some of them can do more than sixty automated acts such as picking things up, kicking, dancing, knocking and voicing. Also some of them are programed to do different Kong-Fu exercises or to work for long periods of time -up to six hours in a row- via batteries.

Robot Dog

For kids who like to obtain a dog at home, yet you cannot offer them one, here is the solution! It is a remote control game that looks like the real dog, and it performs several activities that a real dog does such as chasing things, jumping, sitting, yapping and raising the leg as if it urinates. You can enjoy all these activities by clicking the bottoms on the remote control attached.

Getting Supplements for Remote Control Games as Gifts

The Talent of Drawing

There are many types of children’s gifts that support and strengthen their talents, and these gifts might be a good and useful choice for your kids. For example, if you see that your kid has the talent of drawing, then you can present him some books for coloring and drawing so that he can practice his favorite hobby, and this will always be the best choice, and it is preferable to present coloring tools types that are suitable for the child’s age in order to make your gift integrated.

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