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15 Best Unique Pen Gift ideas

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Pens gifts were classic gifts which we used to choose in the past, especially adults. Before the widespread of computers and mobile phones, the pen was a main present. No house had no pens gifts that we got in school, university or work; therefore, in the past, we used to take fast notes in small pocketbook only. Everyone needed a pen with him outside because Computer was not available at work; accordingly, all dealings were done only with pen and paper. In our modern age electronic machines are our diaries; in addition, the days pass, but weeks without holding a pen, especially those whose work is mainly on computers.

We don’t want to make it commemoration to the pen, but we want to reconsider the pen as a main present; thus, have special pen to give as a present to your lovers, relatives or even your kids. The most thing that makes the pen special is its appropriate prize and a suitable present for everyone.

In addition to traditional pens that you can give as a present, there are other kinds of pens with different nature. First of all, there are different electronic pens which we will highlight as well as the pens that are used to decorate sweets, cakes and other things. So continue reading this article to know special kinds and ideas of different kinds of pens.

Ink Pens

Fountain pens are very special because they are the oldest pens that have been used to write on paper; though they are used now as special pens for signatures, writing diaries or scribers to write on panels. Some of these kinds are:

Quill Pens

They are feathers with pointed heads and industrial quill that were used to write in the past. They are one of the suitable pen gifts for lovers of heritage and authenticity. In addition, quill fountain pens give greatness impression. You can write with them by indulging their pointed end in the ink, then write. When you finish writing you indulge them again and so on. It’s a unique gift because it can be put in the office as a décor.

Fountain Pens with Inkstand

They were used in the past. They are liquid fountain pens which you indulge their end in liquid ink, then you can write with them like the quill, they are commonly used and still in our time. The fountain pens are available with traditional inkstand for daily use. Some of them are especially made for scribers who love handwritings painting.

Traditional Fountain Pens

They are like the quill pen; however, they can’t be indulged in ink. They have an internal pipe to be filled with ink. They are suitable gifts for lovers of writing with pens and can’t deal right with ink remains because of indulging quill pens in the inkstand every once and while.

Quill pens or ordinary fountain pens with the inkstand can be considered a special décor piece on the office. The fountain pen and the inkstand can be put in a holder on the office as décor pieces until you need to use them.

Other kinds of pens

Drawing Pens Gifts

If the person you want to give the present loves drawing; hence, you can give him a set of coloring pencils, special for drawing. Some of them are available in a great folding leather case to be held easily in traveling or going outside. It’s an appropriate pen gift for drawing lovers of adults and kids.

Traditional Writing Pens

You can buy traditional pens gifts that have marvelous look and present them in great and attractive cover, whether were pens or pencils. You will find thousands of shapes and kinds.

Electronic Pens Gifts

Digital Pen Pen for Digital Writing

It’s an electronic pen that connects to Wi-Fi by smart phone or laptop in order to transmit all what’s written on paper to computer programs like word even if the writing is muffled. It doesn’t translate what’s written on paper; whereas, it translates the hand’s movement with the electronic pen. For this reason, It’s considered a great present for college students and journalists who are always fast in writing notes and reports during lectures, symposiums and important conferences. Accordingly, they can revise them later on their laptops.

Drawing Pen Tablet

It’s a pen associated with an electronic board which you can write or draw on with a pen; in effect, what you draw on design and graphic programs appears directly on the computer. Graphic designers use it to mix between handwriting and electronic drawing in their designs and painting. Thus, they are special pen gifts for lovers of design and graphics.

Tablet Pens

They are made for tablet device users; therefore, you can buy iPad pen or any other kind of tablet device, if the person already has a tablet. For it facilitates writing his notes and browsing. Besides, it’s a cheap gift and simple if you don’t have enough budget for a present.

Mouse Pen

It’s a computer mouse in the shape of a pen and works as Bluetooth. It can’t only be used on any roof hard, from cloth or others; but it also gives freedom and elasticity in browsing anywhere when using with a laptop. Moreover, it overcomes the problem of needing a flat surface to use the traditional mouse of the computer.

Digital Pen

It’s digital electronic pen with the touch mood to computers’ screens instead of the mouse and keyboard. Thus, it’s suitable gift for users of the computer for a long time.

Electronic Pen Reader of Quran

It’s an electronic pen that reads Holy Quran from the Quran which can be done by pointing by the pen on the words to read them. Furthermore, Holy Quran is often recorded in many sounds of the most famous readers of Holy Quran. It’s attached to Qur’anic exegesis books and right Hadiths; thus, it’s a great present for those who can’t recite and illiterates who can’t read and write. It’s also great for new Muslims who can’t speak Arabic, or elders who can’t see well and can’t see the Koran’s letters. So you should take into consideration this kind of pens when you buy presents for those who need them.

Children's Pens

Coloring Pencils

Coloring pencils are the children’s favorite gifts. They have different kinds, crayons, coloring pens and wooden coloring pencils. You can choose the suitable kind according to the child’s age. Coloring pencils are not only one of the common gifts for kids to develop their expressive abilities, but they also give them an amusing and fun time. They are available in hundreds of shapes; therefore, you can choose among them. You can present them with coloring books and notebooks to make your present complete.

Pens for Kids

You can buy toy-shaped pens, like a pen in the shape of a car, magnetic pens that can be dissolved and combined, or folding pens. These pens are attractive and amusing for kids during their school day. Thus, you can give them in the beginning of the year instead of traditional pens to give them more fun and amusement during the study.

Pen for Decorating Cakes and Tart

Pens of Decorating Sweets

It’s a pen filled with cream or chocolate to write with it on sweets, as if you are drawing on paper or boards. You can write the phrases you want on the tart or draw lines and paintings that give special hand touch of decoration. It’s a special gift you can give to lovers of making sweets at home, especially if they have kids. Hence, they can make the kids draw and write on the sweets themselves and to add fun and amusement in preparing their favorite sweets.

Coffee Decorating Pen

It’s a pen filled with coffee powder or chocolate to write on cappuccino and latte. It makes light shakes while writing to push the powder out like ink. It’s a special gift for coffee lovers to have a fun time while drinking their coffee.

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