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Murals and Decorative Frames as Gifts

هدايا اطارات وبراويز لوحات Murals Frames


Murals, picture frames -either personal or family pictures- and different artistic drawings are now part of the decoration of any house. So presenting a mural or a picture frame to your friends or relatives usually is the right gift during many occasions such as moving to a new house or renewing the decoration of the house and even if it is just a normal occasion. However, murals vary between the paintings and the decorative paintings depending on the style and the decoration that they will occupy a place among. Also the frames are different since we have the classic and the modern ones in addition to the difference in the material used to make the frame because we have the wooden frames, the metal ones, plus the mirrors that are widely used in this domain. So in this article, you will read about different kinds of paintings and frames to be presented as gifts to your friends and relatives.

Murals as Gifts…

1. Printed Murals

These kinds of murals are printed with persistent colors and they carry drawings, pictures or some special sentences that the gift receiver considers them meaningful. These paintings can be used as murals at home or in the office which will make your gift very special to the person who is receiving it.

2. Indicative Paintings

These paintings are used in the houses or in the offices as decorative paintings that carry some guidelines, quotes or maxims. And they can be placed differently at home according to the painting style itself and what it carries of meaning which might suit the kitchen, the bathroom, the dining room or the bedrooms etc.. Yet, this kind of paintings usually sounds joyful in the house so it is a precious gift to think about. Moreover, these paintings could be made of metal, wood or any other materials with different styles.

3. Murals with Frames for Pictures

Some shapes of these murals are paintings of different-sized trees and they are made of adhesive vinyl and fixed to the wall. Usually they represent the family tree so you can see a tree trunk carries several branches, each branch has a picture frame of the family and their happy memories. Thus, this kind of murals is perfect to be presented to people who have enough blank spaces on walls at home.

4.Murals Made of Stickers

Nowadays, you can find different designs and sizes of stickers that represent beautiful arts which match the decorations of the houses and the offices. For instance, you can find 3D stickers as butterflies or small flowers in addition to the cartoon characters which make this kind of gift the best choice for people who move to new houses.

5. Paintings for Kids' Rooms

If you would like to present gifts to your child, or to one of the family’s kids or to someone who has a baby on board, then you can choose from a wide range of paintings special for kids’ rooms. They are self-adhesive paintings with various designs, colors and sizes that would satisfy the children`s taste; for example, you can find ones with cars, or soccer which makes them the best choice for boys` rooms. While for the girls’ room, choices like birds, dolphins and Disney princesses are the best to be presented. 

6. Home Rules Murals

This is a very nice gift for people who are newly married as they are art writings for some potential rules to be followed at home such as: “No lying”, “Always smile to each other”, “Never Give Up” and other valuable statements that the family would like to teach the kids about in order to improve their self-esteem. Moreover, they can be used for decoration at the entrance of the house, or in the living and reception rooms. Other funny statements can be added also as rules or jokes to educate the kids at home in a funny and effective way. 

7. Frameworks for the Achievements

These frameworks can be hanged anywhere in the house to show the achievement of the family or one of the family members -especially the kids- in order to encourage them to achieve more. Yet, they can also be used in the offices to show the professional achievements which make this kind of gifts convenient to people who have sport or academic awards.

Paintings as Gifts…

8. Art Paintings of Cloth

Those are decorative paintings made of specific cloths for art. What makes them special is that the drawings appear accurately on the cloths and the colors are bright. Plus, they are available in the markets in different and several graphics such as natural views, pictures of touristic places, emotional pictures and oily drawings. Thus, it is a gift that satisfies people who love using paintings in decoration.

9. Metal Paintings

This kind of paintings is drawn on metal plates and they carry different statements and graphics that are meaningful to some people. Thus, you have a huge number of styles and designs to choose among them what would make the target person glad and delighted.

10. Paintings of Photo Collages

These paintings are created by joining the parts of a picture divided into more than one painting -usually four or five- and they are joined together to create a complete artistic mural. Sometimes it contains picture frames and sometimes no, depending on the type and size of the paintings used. But, the length of the paintings is different according to the final mural and its design. So when you get one, you will be able to join the different paintings together according to the catalog attached. Certainly, it would be a brilliant gift for people who enjoy watching the artistic paintings since the market is rich with these paintings and your job is to choose what the target person prefers.

11. Paintings of Wallpapers

The function of wallpapers is not only to cover the dry scene of the wall, but also to create beautiful paintings that match different tastes and decorations. For example, you will find wallpaper with paintings of landscapes for natural fans in addition to the ones with different landscapes around the world. Since these kind of murals can be glued to the wall even if the wall is already painted, so you do not have to present them while people are furnishing their houses. Yet, they can be offered at any time because they just need a professional person to glue them accurately and correctly which does not need too much time. Consider that you should notify the person to whom you are presenting the gift because these paintings are not easily removable like other paintings so what you should do is to arrange with the target person to choose what they like and you pay for that. Consequently, it is the most convenient gift to those who have houses with big blank walls.

A Mirror Frame as a Nice Gift…

Some mirrors are designed to be like murals giving up the function of reflecting images! So you can start offer gifts as murals and mirrors by reading the following:

12. Thermally Printed Mirror

They are mirrors carved with special glass ink offering different inscriptions and drawings. So they are the best gift for people who like creative arts since these people would prefer the existence of these drawings before them on their mirrors. However, this type of mirrors is characterized by its resistance to dirt and its long-term survival-up to ten years- without any fractures.

13. A Mirror with Art Forms

This type of mirrors usually consists of separate pieces that are joined together to form an attractive shape, such as a long feather that stretches along the wall or a pet. Thus, they can be used to decorate walls instead of traditional murals because equally, they will become part of the room’s decoration and a mirror.

A Gift of a Picture Frame…

14. Double Picture Frame

It is usually a plastic picture frame that allows you to place your personal or family photos or even paintings on both sides at the same time. So they are suitable to take place on the tables around the house, or on the bookshelves which are open from both sides. Therefore, the person who receives your gift will find it interesting to be used in decorating his office or house.

15. Triple Picture Frame

It is a picture frame made of wood, and consists of three frames together with joints that allow you to open and close them. Plus, they can be used to place three different pictures, either personal or family pictures or paintings, together to get a beautiful gift to decorate the house or the office.

16. Plastic Photo Frames

It is a group of frames, usually made up of eight, for pictures to be glued to the wall as wallboard for the family album. So various pictures of the happy memories of your family are set together to make the plastic frames a brilliant gift for all your family occasions.

17. Love Messages with Frames

It is a wonderful gift to be exchanged between lovers and couples whereas a romantic love message is written and placed in an elegant frame to be part of the decoration at home or in bedrooms or even to be placed on the spouse’s desk, as an unforgettable gift.

18. Adhesive Painting Frame

It is a picture frame with high-resolution printed paintings. Additionally, it is lightweight, and is fixed to the wall by a double poster located behind the picture frame, so it does not need screws to be installed. However, the wall should not be rough or laminated to hold the poster well. And of course, for art fans, it is a precious gift to get at homes or offices.

19. Paper Picture Frame

Usually it consists of ten or more picture frames of different colors with wooden clips and thread. Nowadays, it is used to design the decoration of most domestic parties such as birthdays, annual occasions, graduation and children parties. So that, photos related to the celebration or occasion are placed in each frame and fixed to the thread with wooden clips hanging between the columns of the house. As a result, the paper picture frame is the most convenient gift when preparing to celebrate any occasion.

20. Romantic Picture Frame

It is a picture frame that is made to keep your marital images designed in a romantic way, such as a heart shape or roses and flowers etc… Yet, you can add different pictures and present it to new couples or when they celebrate their wedding anniversary during their happy marriage years.

21. Multiple Pictures in one Frame

It is a picture frame that is fixed to the wall and consists of a large picture frame, with three or more different frames in different sizes to place various pictures with decorative designs between the frames to fill the blanks. So it is an elegant gift to be used as a special decorative piece on the walls of the house and the office.

22. Antique Picture Frame

For those who prefer monumental pieces and arts, you can offer them a picture frame with a stylish decor to be an antique decorative frame. Note that there are plenty of them designed especially for this purpose and most of them are decorated with very attractive patterns and in different colors to attract the attention. Thus, they are unique decorative pieces to keep your distinguished photographs in a nice way.

23. Box-shaped Picture Frame

It is a picture frame divided into two parts to allow placing two different pictures in each part as a separate picture frame, but they are connected with an iron joint. Again, it takes place on the desk or on the table, plus it can be closed using the joint to get a semi-box picture frame which makes it a unique gift for the office.

24. A Coloring Picture Frame

This is an exclusive idea of gifts for colors and artwork fans where they can paint the drawing of the picture frame before hanging it on the wall or placing it on the desk or table. Of course this will let the person feel deeply connected with the gift which will be a memorable gift.

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