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Is watch a good gift?



Watches are one of the most gifted fashion accessories to gift for men, despite most of the current generation laying on their mobile phones to know the time, watches are still the nice piece of accessory that many like to have on their hand to complete their elegance, so it is not an old type of gift yet..

And if you are thinking of a good gift to present to your beloved ones .. and you are asking..

Is watch a good gift?

Yes, it is a good gift for watch lovers, which means if you noticed that the gifted person was wearing a watch before then picking a decent watch will make your gift is perfect, but if you never saw the gifted person wear any watch before then it would be better to gift other types of gifts because your gift could be just stored in the wardrobe no matter how great it is.

So number one indicator that clears to you if the watch is a good gift for the gifted person or not is to notice by yourself if he used to wear a watch or ask his or her close friends or family if you know any, if he likes wearing them or not, maybe it just happened that you didn’t see him wearing a watch at work, but he likes to wear them in the occasions or parties, and as well he maybe does not like to wear watches while he is hanging out with friends but he likes to wear them at work. 

So your eyes will not be the perfect way to decide if he likes watches or not unless you are already a close friend or family to the gifted person.

The Second indicator that makes you predict if the watch that you will gift will be a good choice for the gifted person or not is the type of watch that you are going to gift itself.

As you know there are many styles and kinds of watches, some are so classic like the pocket watches, and others that are the most common ones to gift whether analog or digital, and the most modern ones which are the touch watches, and your gift will be a good choice when it matches the fashion style of the gifted person and his taste and his needs.

Analog vs. Digital watches, which one make a good gift?

Both types are not for everyone, each one has its fans, and if you gifted the wrong type may the gifted person does not use it at all, as we mentioned before that it is preferable to present the watch as a gift when you are sure that the gifted person used to use wear one, actually it maybe not enough even, because it will be much better if you can know if the watches that he wear analog or digital so you can pick one of the same types..

And because he already used to wear one, that means that he already has an alternative, so if he didn’t like yours he already has other watches to wear, so the best chance to make him like your gift is to be the same type of watch, if he wears analog gift him analog, if digital then gift him digitally, it does not matter the type material where it will not make that much difference compared to the watch reading style.

So if he is an analog fan and you gifted him a wooden or metal one it doesn’t matter, because in some point he will wear it, but if you gifted a digital watch to the analog fan, he probably will never wear it because his eyes and his mind are not used to read it, he will need seconds to translate, especially if all the watches that he already has different reading style than your, which will not make him feel comfortable to switch between them, and the same will apply for the digital watches fans

But at the end, if you were not able to know which reading type of watches the gifted person likes, then you can go for Analog for adults and for elderly because they are more common for the formal appearance and for those who care about wearing a watch as a fashion accessory more than using it to know the time.

Leather vs Metal strap watches, which one is a good gift?

Leather straps are more casual looking, that is why they are more convenient if your gift will be for a young aged person, where it will fit all casual outfits whether it was analog or digital watch, but that does not mean it is not a proper for older as well, but if the gifted person more casual person you can present to him a leather strap watch, It’s preferred to buy a watch of a famous brand to guarantee its quality, in order to get original natural leather that won’t peel off after a short time of use.

Metal Straps are more formal, where they cool to wear with the suits and the formal outfits, but it does not mean as well that it does not fit the casual outfit, but usually it is more convenient to formal that casual, and they usually fit the older aged people.

But at the end, it depends on the type and shape of the gift that you are going to give, where some analog watches are perfect to be worn on both formal and casual, and the same applies on the digital watches, and because many people wear formal and casual every day, then it is up to you to decide which day time you would like your gift to be worn in, and based on that you can choose the right watch style for the right time.

Other types of watches that make a good gift choice too…

Wooden watches are a good gift for handmade lovers.

Wearing a wooden watch is also uncommon; however, it gives a distinct look whether it is worn with a formal or casual outfit. Which makes it a good gift where most likely the gifted person does not have one already, And the wooden color makes it so noticeable and eye-catching, where always the wooden products have their own elegance and appearance, It is lightweight and has a warm feel compared to metal watches whose surface is cold when wearing. You also have to make sure that the
watch is made of genuine wood and not just wooden paint.

And because wooden watches are handmade of natural wood, you will find each watch different in its shape, and you will never find two watches that have the same print as each one is made from a different tree branch that features it from other kinds of watches.

Which makes the wooden watches a good gift for the handmade fans, where they appreciate every minute spent in making this beautiful piece of watch.

Waterproof Watches are good gifts for summer times.

They are a good gift If the gifted person loves spending long times in the water in the summertime, where they will definitely need a waterproof watch and not an ordinary one. Generally, spending a whole day on the beach and in the sea, people need to prepare their objects without risking damaging them, and that is why waterproof watches are great gifts for those people. 

However, when you buy one of these watches as a gift, you should make sure that they are waterproof and not water-resistant as waterproof watches are pretty airtight to prevent water from entering it while the person is inside the sea or the pool. Plus, it tolerates water pressure when the person who is wearing it dives deep down the sea, and good brands of waterproof watches can tolerate deeper meters which is something better, where tolerating diving in deeper distances means more safety, capacity, and efficiency. 

You can figure out the number of depth meters that the watch can tolerate from the instructions that are written in the watch’s features before you purchase it as a gift. As for water-resistance watches, they can tolerate little splash of water in the daily activities only, whether from the faucet or while having a shower. Yet, they may not tolerate getting under the water for meters or even centimeters, so make sure to figure out the differences well between the two types of watches before the purchase of a gift, because it might not be suitable for the gifted person as much as you think.

Smart Watches are good gifts for the modern look lovers.

The touch watches are good gifts for the modern look, especially for the teenagers, and the fact that they are connected to the mobile where they can answer calls and connect with the applications make them more awesome, but people might find this watch more useful than others do, especially sports lovers, where this watch can be used in measuring the heartbeat rate and calculating the steps.

It is preferable to buy a watch that is compatible with the mobile of the gifted person so that they can connect them easily via Bluetooth. Yet, this watch is one of the various gifts that could be presented to everyone who likes to have a unique modern look, you need to mind that not all the older aged people will like such watch, as they used to the ordinary watch as an accessory piece and do not like to complex of this type of watches. 

Pocket Watches are a good gift for the Classic look.

There are people who like buying classic pocket
watches to wear it with suits on formal occasions, regardless of traditional wristwatches, in order to appear in a different classic look. Which makes this type of watch a good gift for those people who are usually old aged people.

In fact, pocket watches were the beginning of wristwatches and they are available in various designs and shapes including metal, bronze, silver, and even gold watches. And they are usually decorated with graphics and designs that add more elegance, such as graphic designs of archeological and historical places around the world, or geometric designs and graphics. So if the gifted person is a lover of classic and authentic gifts, then a classic pocket watch would be absolutely great gift to wear on any occasion.

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