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Is tie a good gift?


Ties are one of the best formal fashion accessories to gift to men, the common use of ties is wearing them with formal outfits, whether to wear with suits or formal shirts, that could be at work, formal parties, or even to attend formal occasions like weddings, conferences or meetings.

But what many people are not paying attention to that some types of ties can be worn with casual or semi-formal clothes, as you can notice some people like to wear them with casual shirts in the casual parties, which gives them a unique look and elegance.

And here comes the question…

Is tie a good gift?

If the gifted person used to wear a tie and like them, whether with a formal outfit or casual outfit, then definitely the tie is a good gift for him, but if the gifted person does not wear ties more than two to three times a year, then it will be better for you to look for a gift from other categories.

Which means that you need to make your research to make sure that the tie will be one of the best gift choices for the gifted person.

It is recommended to gift necktie only to those who wear ties more than two or three times a month, because if you presented ties gifts that can’t be used for two times a year, then the gifted person can consider your gift as a useless one .. which for sure you need to avoid, so make sure that the gifted person wearing ties with formal wear or casual wear frequently.

Some recommendations you need to mind before buying a tie gift

Neutral color: we recommend that you buy ties gifts in neutral colors as a default, especially if the tie gift is for superficial friend or coworker because the neutral colors match with many formal and casual outfits. Most of the men do not like to wear bright outfits especially when it comes to formal. unless you know already that the gifted person is a fan of the bright colors and you are so close to him to be pretty sure that he will like your bright tie gift.

Simple engravings: It is recommended to buy tie gifts with very simple engravings, as many people do not like the ones that have crazy drawings. So even if you like the tie you need to remember that you are not buying it for yourself, so what the gifted person will like is the more important, so you have to avoid any ties with leaves, flowers or characters.

Funny engravings: funny ties gifts can make be a nice funny gift idea for coworkers or friends, which you can buy a tie with cartoon characters for instance or animals, etc… because such ties can be worn in some kind of parties, but then those drawings on your tie gift should represent something for the gifted person, so if he likes pizza or donuts then buying a tie printed with such thinks will so fun to him to wear, or if he likes an animal like a sloth, you can buy him a tie printed with that animal.

But usually, it is hard to find such funny ties in the mall, so you will need to search for it and buy it online.

Tie Sets: you can buy a tie set which includes other formal accessories with it, not only a tie, like a tie pen, napkin, and cufflinks and usually, they all have the same engravings on so that they form a complete set together which increases the value of your multi-part gift.

Types of tie gifts...

Your mission does not end by deciding to buy a tie as a gift because if you didn’t by the proper type of tie then the gifted person may not wear it at all, so based on the age of the gifted person and the kind of events that the gifted person may wear your tie on, you need to choose a tie that fits those events, if the gifted person likes to wear ties with jeans definitely he will need different type ties compared to a coworker who will wear it in work investment.

Four in Hand Necktie: This is the most common type of tie that we all know about, as it is common to wear in offices, schools and formal occasions, and we can consider it as the standard type of tie, which recommended to buy as tie gift for a coworker. 

The Seven-Fold Tie: This type of tie is made of a single piece of fabric that is folded 7 times, which makes it so think and wide, but that makes it not perfect for young aged people, The heavy look will make it does not match the taste of many people, so we do not recommend that type of tie gift if the gifted person is in young age.

Skinny Necktie: This type of ties are popular among who want to look semi-formal, they are unique and attractive, we recommend you to buy the skinny tie gifts over the four-in-hand ties if the gifted person is skinny and has a narrow chest because the wide ties will not look perfect on him compared to the skinny ones.

What disengages this type of tie that they can fit to be worn with formal or casual, where they give a nice look with jeans as well as with the suits, so they can be your best choice of tie gifts to present.

To whom you can tie gifts?

Coworkers: It is one of the formal gift ideas for coworkers, which is either presented individually or with other accessories such as cufflinks.

Boss: It is a suitable gift to present to your managers on their own occasions, where on such occasions you need to choose mainly the formal kind of gifts.

Party Lovers: Usually part lovers like to be involved or invited to any kind of party, and whether the parties were formal or casual, ties are a good gift that he can give him an extra elegance, so even if the gifted person does not wear suits in his work but he goes to many parties, then your tie gift will be proper to him.

Fashion lover: Skinny ties are good gifts for those who like to have a unique and elegant look, plus, it is the best type of tie to wear with casual wear and jeans for the casual parties.

Family (Dad – Brothers): because you are a family member so you may already know that your brother or dad has no single tie already, so even if does not wear suits for work and he is not a party lover, you can gift it to him to attend the formal occasions with even if he will wear it one time a year.

Superficial Friend: Sometimes it is hard to choose the proper kind of gift to a superficial friend, so if you know that his work is office type of work, even if you didn’t know if he wears suits or formal or not, you can make the tie your gift, and it will be accepted as well because he does not know you well either, but in this case, you need to buy neutral colored ones to match all tastes.

Friends: as we mentioned previously if you know your friend will like a certain kind of ties that shaped with something he likes or reflects his character, then it will be a proper gift, even if he does not wear the suits on the daily based, otherwise it is better to choose other types of a gift which are more casual.

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