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Carpets as Housewarming Gifts


Carpets are among the traditional decorations that are essential everywhere, whether it is a poor house or a luxurious palace. They can be placed on the floor or on the walls. They are also used to decorate work offices, companies and hotels. So far, carpets are considered precious gifts as delegations between countries and kingdoms used to bring different types of local made carpets among their gifts. In this article, we will introduce you to different gift ideas including carpets in our choices to be presented to our friends or relatives. Moreover, we will know how to perfectly present carpets to people depending on what suits them as we have the Oriental, Iranian, Caucasian and the modern carpets. Yet, types of carpets are different according to the material and the way the carpet is produced; for instance, there are the hand-made carpets, wool carpets and mats. Also carpets are different according to their usage, as we have the kids’ room carpet, the entrance carpets, kitchen carpets, bathroom carpets and the prayer rugs.

Decoration-based carpets

If the gifted person is furnishing a house or changing the decoration of a house, then it is better to present them a new carpet as a gift. Mainly, carpets are important to the decoration of the house so you have to choose what fits the decoration of the gifted home. In general, carpets in the living room, at the entrance and in the saloon are the most essential ones at home; so try to choose what matches the taste and the decoration of these places. However, you can get a gift coupon to enable the gifted person to choose their preferable carpet; otherwise, you can present other types of carpet such as the kids’ room carpet, the entrance carpet, the kitchen or the bathroom ones since these types of carpets are less risky into matching the decoration of the target house. Briefly, we will indicate the types of carpets that fit the decoration of the house.

Living Room Carpets

The most suitable types of living room carpets are those rectangular carpets of medium size to cover the floor only in the middle of the room. Yet, it is preferable to be with soft colors and simple designs away from the forms of wooded carpets that were common and popular long time ago.

Kids’ Room Carpets

Mainly, kids’ room carpets are colorful and cheerful, and their designs can be associated with cartoon characters or animals that children love. Moreover, there are some kids’ carpets as a large game boards so kids can run their games on it as it is a game board. In general, kids’ carpets are usually easy to wash and clean and they are considered among the modern types of carpet in the markets. Therefore, they can be used as a proper gift for those who have moved to a new home, or even as a gift for a newborn baby, especially for the first baby, because kidsroom in the house is often unfinished when receiving the first baby.

Home Entrance Carpets

There are two types of home entrance carpets; the first one is for the external entrance where mats can be floored in order to enable guests to clean their shoes before coming in. Usually, they are made of wool, canvas, mohair and plastic. The second type of entrance carpets is the internal ones that differ according to the decoration of the entrance. Mainly, if it is a classical design, it is preferable to present classical designed carpets. But if the entrance of the house has a modern design, then modern carpets is the best choice.

Bathroom Carpet Kit

Bathrooms are the most places where water is used so bathroom carpets should be waterproof. In general, a bathroom carpet kit is made of plastic or waterproof mohair, and it consists of four pieces; one next to the bathtub, one before the basin, and two pieces for the floor.

Kitchen Carpet

The kitchen carpet is important because it keeps the kitchen floor clean and prevents coldness in winter. Also, it protects against slipping on the floor due to water, oil, etc. Therefore, it is preferable to choose a kitchen carpet with dark colors to withstand dirt and kitchen accidents. Generally, the most suitable designs for kitchen carpets are modern carpet designs and they are a great gift for housewives.

Hand Made Carpets as Gifts

This is one of the most valuable gifts especially for those who like handicrafts despite the simplicity of the gift. In fact, a lot of people prefer handmade carpets more than industrial ones. Thus, if the gifted person is a handcrafted fan, here are the available types of carpets that you can present:

Kilim Carpet

It is one of the most famous types of Egyptian handmade carpets. Mainly, it is a hand-woven wool carpet in the countryside and it is characterized by its rustic designs with calm patterns and colors, which range from ancient Egyptian drawings to the drawings of rural nature. Yet, it is suitable for wood floors, tiles and furniture made of leather and cloth so it gives the house a simple rustic atmosphere.

Aubusson Carpets

This is a handmade wool carpet made of knitted and characterized by its soft texture. Also, it is free of the usual carpet hair and it is available in multicolor. So this gift is proper for the lovers of art handmade carpets and knitting at the same time

Different Mats as gifts

Mats have recently been used as an alternative to flooring installation thanks to its multiple benefits since mats cost less. Also mats are sound-absorbing which helps to not annoy neighbors because of the kids’ noise; so it is preferable to have mats in kids’ rooms. Moreover, mats prevent slippage to keep kids and the elderly safe when walking. Yet, the most famous mats that you can present are:

Ringed Mats

This type is the densest type and it has high potential for continuous movement on it.

Cut Ringed Mats

This type is made of equal cut mohair rings.

Carved Mohair Mats

In this type, mohair rings are ornately cut to give several styles and designs. 

Pasta Mats

It is one of the modern types of carpets as it has modern designs and bright colors with a soft texture and stain resistance and it is one of the most recent styles of carpets.

Material-based carpets as gifts

Oriental Carpets

They suit classic designed houses as they give the furniture originality and tradition and they become more valuable over time. Yet, the prices of orient carpets are usually more expensive than the normal ones and they differ according to the size, the quality and the design. Likewise, whenever the designs are more complex, the prices become higher and more valuable too. However, oriental carpets vary from geometric inscriptions such as squares, rhombus, hexagonal star and triangles, to drawings reflecting nature’s shapes such as trees and plants, as well as carpets with integrated paintings that tell a story or a particular situation. Moreover, oriental carpets differ in terms of the material used in the manufacture, including pure wool carpets, cotton and silk. Mainly, the huge variety of oriental carpet designs makes it not only a wall-mounted painting, but also for flooring; so it is a great gift for art and luxury lovers.

Turkish Carpets

Turkish carpet is characterized by its bright colors and traditional decorative designs with Ottoman inscriptions. Also, it is made of silk decorated with gold lines which makes it one of the most luxurious types of carpets in the world; likewise, the price is higher as well. Thus, it is a suitable gift for lovers of traditional and old designs but expensive too.

Iranian Carpets

It is also known as Ajami carpets and it is one of the oldest types of carpets in the world. Yet, this type of carpets has high prices as it is made by weaving wool carpets with silk threads and cotton up to one million knots. Also the designs reflect the ancient Persian civilization and Islamic civilization in Persia from palaces, museums and mosques.

Caucasian Carpets

It is a wool carpet in different colors such as yellow, blue, pink or green and it has special designs like geometric symbols, flowers and animals.

Chinese Carpets

It is the least valuable type of carpets as it loses its luster over time making Chinese carpet prices lower than other carpets. Yet, it is characterized by the colors of its classic calm patterns that can be embroidered on high-quality wool carpets.

Modern Carpets

This is the most recent available type of carpets and it has modern designs that correspond to the modern house decorations. Mainly, they vary between regular geometric designs or the chaotic ones in bright colors. Also, their prices are affordable and cheaper than other carpets.

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