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Gift Headphones Headset Earphones or a Speaker

هدايا سماعات Gift Headphones Headseat Earphones Speaker


Gifts are of the lovely things that increase intimacy and coherence among people, they also express appreciation and good treatment, and they are also simple represent message of love that signifies caring. And in order to present a gift to someone, you only need to recognize his interests first so you could present him the perfect gift that pleases him. 

Since we are in the century of modern technology, and the widespread of smart devices and modern electronics, in addition to the competition between companies to produce the best techniques of mobile phones, the mobile phones have become an integral part of our daily use, and our mobile phones accessories have become very important, such as headphones, power banks, and phone cases in addition to other accessories. And since our subject is about gifts, then headphones would be a special choice, especially if they are wireless ones. And at the same time you can choose any other kind of headphones which are suitable as gifts, such as sports headphones, or cars speakers, or even headphones for the house such as home theater speakers, and loudspeakers for televisions and computers. And if you choose to present someone a headphone, you only have to continue reading this article to figure out several gifts ideas of headphones that could be presented as non-traditional gifts.

Types of headphones that could be presented as gifts

Wireless Headphones

It is one of the perfect gift ideas that are featured in their modern technique which makes them suitable gifts in birthdays, or in any other personal occasions, and these headphones have many features where they will not force the gifted person to sit beside the mobile phone, or to move while he is holding them, or even being annoyed because of the headphone wires overlapping. this kind of headphones has a more pure voice, because it does not have acoustic pressure as other headphones do, such as Bluetooth hands-free headphones for instance, and you can do your various activities while wearing them in the range of ten meters, and this is what features this type of headphones because they give you a large freedom and flexibility while the gifted person is using them, whether for making calls especially if they are long phone calls, or even for listening to music. Although the battery work duration of the headphone might last for two hours only, but they are long enough to listen to music and to make the needed calls.

Sleeping Headphones

They are non-traditional headphones that have been especially designed to be used during sleeping, and they are Bluetooth headphones inside a cover or a head stripe that is made of soft cloth, which can be worn while laying down, and this headphone could be used with the majority of smartphones to enjoy songs, and the favorite music while putting it, and the purpose behind having the headphones inside the head stripe is in order to be comfortable with it while laying down, or sleeping without being annoyed or worried about the headphones dropping off the head, and it could be used inside the house during the times of relaxation, or when the gifted person goes for a walk, or in daily activities such as going to the market or to work. And this headphone can work up to three continuous hours, and its Bluetooth signal reaches up to ten meters, and the gifted person can remove the headphone easily to wash any possible stains on the cloth, and then the gifted person can get the headphone back into its place after the cloth dries. There are various colors of headphones that suit all tastes in the market, so it would be a special fashion accessory, and it provides a comfortable and calm atmosphere to help on sleeping, or to have a relaxation time, and you can present these headphones as a gift in different occasions, such as birthdays or in anniversaries since it is a non-traditional gift.

Home Theater Speaker

These speakers create a different and unique atmosphere, and they give the listener the feeling of being inside the television while he is in the house since the sound surrounds him from all sides, and these speakers give a great stereo sound with the most precise details, and also they create an unforgettable amazing atmosphere while the gifted person is watching a movie, so these speakers are suitable to be presented as gifts for new-married couples as a complementary accessory for their new house.

Sports Headphones

They are perfect gifts for sports lovers, because they help them on doing their exercises comfortably since they are wireless headphones, and they have many features where some of their types have a battery that lasts for about twelve hours, plus that their designs are comfortable and does not obstacle doing hard exercises and moving around. These headphones usually have a mainstay behind the ear, so it will not fall during violent or surprising movements while the gifted person does exercises, also some of these headphones are resistant to sweat, so you can choose an elegant sports headphones and present it as a gift for sports lovers, whether for outdoor sports or in the gym.

Gaming Headset

They are suitable gifts for video games lovers, such as PlayStation or Xbox. And these headphones can be presented as gifts on birthdays or in graduation parties, and you can present these headphones for people to use them they are playing their addicted games, in order to give them a real experience in simulating the game through getting into it, and touch its details as if it was real. Furthermore, its accurate sound effects, lights and vibration enhance merging into playing with full enthusiasm and enjoyment.

Bluetooth Headphones

They are elegant headphones and one of the great gifts for lovers off using headphones, because of the enormous development in producing Bluetooth headphones.  The traditional shape for Bluetooth headphones where they used to be connected to the mobile phone, was replaced with wireless Bluetooth handsfree headphones, because it allows the person to make calls, and to listen to various sounds, or using the radio while doing various activities in a wide range that reaches up to ten meters. Also, one of these headphones features is its battery where it saves power, but at the same time it compresses the sound which somehow reduces its quality.

Foldable Headphones

They are suitable gifts for traveling lovers because these headphones can be carried and used easily, because they have been specifically designed to fulfill that purpose. Furthermore, this kind of headphones doesn’t take much space in storage, and they also maintain their great potentials which include the sound quality and purity, in addition to the feeling of isolation while using them as a result of its complete cover for the ears, which provides a calm atmosphere that is away from turbulence.

Sound Speakers

They are one of the most elegant gifts that can be presented as graduation gifts, because they could be used as speakers for televisions, computers or for mobile phones. these speakers extend the sound and broadcast it with a high resolution and a high quality. There are wired speakers that could be connected to the television or the computer, and there are other wireless speakers that can be easily moved, plus other types of speakers that have been designed as waterproof speakers, in order to use them freely during travelling and in journeys, also they are featured in their battery strength where it lasts up to twelve hours.

Stereo Speakers

The amazing development in producing these speakers which used to be giant and heavy and its sound may not be pure previously, was followed by different stereo speakers, where they have various attractive designs with pure and an excellent quality for the sound. Also, this type of speakers is lightweight so they can be easily carried, and you can present them as non-traditional gifts.

Cars Speakers

They are one of the beloved gifts for people who have private cars who always seek to upgrade these cars and to buy different accessories to add them to it, and these speakers are provided with high sounds that increase enthusiasm and enjoyment as though they are moveable stereo speakers.

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